Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 6

Chapter 06 – My ridiculous skill demonstrated ridiculous powers



The third day since we departed from the town of Keels.

Actually, if we have used a stagecoach, we should’ve already entered the Feenen Kingdom.

And a half day more, we might’ve reached the Feenen Kingdom’s border town Faliel.  

However, we are moving by foot. We have just finally finished half of the journey.

We are taking a lot of time because we’re moving by foot, but there were no special happenings during the journey.

The Iron Will were quite excellent, they would immediately defeat the goblins and monster wolves that came out.

As expected of a C-Rank, they said that this level of monsters couldn’t even be used to test their strength.

「The sun will set soon. We’ll stop here for today」

With Werner-san’s words, each of us started our preparations to camp.

I’m also preparing dinner.

The menu’s a little different.

Food that is too strange or had been prepared very well would be bad when it comes to this world’s standard, so I will try to make it as simple as possible.

I think that it would be fried sausage, pot-au-feu, and bread for today.

Everyone here likes meat so they should have no complaints.

First, I put the sliced bacon on the heated pan, then put the vegetables and the sausage. After slightly stir-frying that, I put water. When it starts to boil, I put a consommé soup cubes into it, and make it boil on a low fire.

「Un, it tastes good」

I tried tasting it, and because of the saltiness of the bacon and sausage, it tastes good enough doesn’t have a need to adjust the taste.

After that, I’d lightly fry sausages, and then.

「The dinner’s here」

I passed them the wooden plate with bread and fried sausage on top of it, and a wooden bowl with pot-au-feu.

「Ah〜, so delicious. Mukouda-san’s cooking is delicious as usual」

Vincent said that while wolfing down on the food.

To those words, “Un, Un”, Rita nodded.

「It’s really good right. Is it because of the good food, I feel that my moves are sharper than usual after all」

「I also felt that my strength increased compared to usual after I started to eat Mukouda-san’s meals」

Franca responded like that to Rita’s words.

「Eating is the most important thing to a person. And if food that you eat tastes better, people would feel different」

Ramon-san who was usually quiet said that profoundly.

Un, you mean you really like my cooking right, Ramon-san. Thanks, bro.

「That’s true. People can’t live without eating. And it’s natural that eating good food rather than bad food is better. It means that being able to eat this good food on this journey, we are very lucky and happy」

Werner-san said that at the end.

Somehow, being praised this much, it’s a little embarrassing.

It means that it’s a victory for Japan’s food industry.

But, I wonder what it was that Rita and Franca saying? Something like their body movements is sharper or have more strength than usual.

I didn’t make such extraordinary things though……

It looks like it isn’t a bad effect, but, I somehow feel curious about it.

I should use identification just a little bit.


【 Name 】 Rita

【 Age 】 16

【 Job 】 Scout

【 Level 】 18

【 Stamina 】 135(+27)

【 Magic Powers 】 64(+3)

【 Attack Power 】 119

【 Defense Power 】 107

【 Agility 】 138

【 Skill 】 Short Sword Techniques   Eavesdrop   Silent Steps



「Hey! What is it so suddenly?」

「*Goho!*, *Goho! Goho!*, N-No, the soup just got stuck in my throat a little, I’m fine, *Goho, Godo!*……」

W-What the heck is this, +27 and +3.

I couldn’t help but blow off yo.

Is it from the food that I made?

Is it this? Is it really this?

I identified the pot-au-feu in my hand.


【 Pot-au-feu 】

Pot-au-feu made with different world’s ingredients. Increases stamina by about 20% for 1 hour.


My god…………

My foods are entirely the cause.

Wait, wait, if the pot-au-feu is the reason for increased stamina, which one’s the magic powers? Is it the sausage? Is it the bread?


【 Sausage 】

Different world’s sausage. Increases the magic powers by about 2% for 10 minutes.


【 Bread loaf 】

Different world’s bread loaf. Increases magic powers by about 1% for 10 minutes.


Un, the sausage and the bread loaf was the cause

This, thinking of it carefully, isn’t it very bad.

Something like increased stamina or magic powers just by eating.

If someone founds out about this…………

UOO! I felt cold shivers.

If this were found out, it would be, absolutely, very, very, very bad.

Fortunately only summoned heroes would have identification skills, and identification magic items are on the level that countries or guilds would have them.

Besides that, people needs to use status identification magic items to confirm their own status, so there is no way that it could be found out.

If I shut my mouth, no one will know about this absolutely.

I zipped my lips.

I will never mention a word about this!









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