Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 2

Chapter 02 – I asked kids a lot of things



The town of the royal capital is like a medieval Europe townscape.

I first called out to the street children who had been hanging around here.

「Can I ask you a little bit? I just came out of the countryside, and don’t know much about this country. In exchange of treating food from the skewer stall there, can you teach me a lot of things」

They felt suspicious at first, but seemingly unable to win against their appetite, they gave me an ok.

I gave the kids two skewers from the stall and listened to what they said.

First, the thing that calling it the most important thing is not an exaggeration,  monetary value.


1 iron coin → 10 YEN → 0.1 USD (TL: not accurate ofc)

1 copper coin → 100 YEN → 1 USD  

1 silver coin → 1,000 YEN → 10 USD   

1 gold coin → 10,000 YEN → 100 USD    

1 large gold coin → 100,000 YEN → 1,000 USD     

1 white gold coin → 1,000,000 YEN → 10,000 USD      


Judging after asking a lot of things, it’s probably like this.

The stall’s skewer that I treated the kids was 5 iron coins for each.

With a family of 4, it might be possible to live for a month in the minimum with 6 gold coins.

Other than that, there’s also the nation independent adventurer’s guild and merchant’s guild (this is a staple in fantasy novels), and when you belong to either of these, the movement from town to town and country to country will become smoother.

In short, it seems like it would cost cheaper.

It seems like in the cases with people who don’t have identity cards other than the guild cards from adventurer’s guild or merchant’s, or do not have one (according to them, country bumpkins or street children like them doesn’t have identity cards), although there’s a difference whether it’s towards a country or a town, one would need to pay taxes to enter.

This part’s also in the cliche.

Also, I asked about this country.

And then, it seems like it’s true that there were battles against the demon race, but it looks like, it’s something that this country started.

It looks like the reason was something like destroy the demon race who resents the human race or something, but in the end, they were only aiming for the land of the demon race’s country.

The relations with the neighboring countries that the human race governs has also become suspicious, and people who have started to run away from this country have begun to appear.

They said that they’re also orphans who lost their parents due to war.

The kids were unexpectedly well-informed.

They said that they did multiple jobs to earn money to live, so they had heard a lot of things.

Street children, how strong-willed.

But anyways, I will stay in an inn here for the night, and leave this royal capital tomorrow.

When I asked the kids about it, they said that there’s a stagecoach that is operated everyday that goes from the royal capital to the town of Keels which is on the border with the neighboring country, so I’m planning to escape from the royal capital using that.

After that, I will go to the neighboring country, and think again after that

Anyways, the first priority is to get away from Leyhesel Kingdom.

I will need capital for that, but I have an idea for that.

Besides, there are also the 20 gold coins that I got from the country.

The reason why they gave me a lot more for a single person, is probably they at least have some feelings of apology for summoning like kidnapping due to their own circumstances.

It is very advantageous for me that this suspicious country gave me this.

For the meantime, I should hold out with this for a while.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


I came to the fair and reasonable priced clothing shop that I heard from the kids.

It couldn’t be helped for me to stand out wearing the suits I had when I was summoned.

I bought brown shorts and shaded shirts just the same as the people walking on the street.

The clothes were more expensive than I thought and took me 7 silver coins, but the suits, white shirt, and business bag that I had were bought by the store for 3 gold coins, so I now have an extra 2 gold coins and 3 silver coins.

I thought of placing the small things like my smartphone, paper files, and writing utensils that I had in the business bag inside my item box, but it is still unknown how item box is treated in this world, so it would be better to not show it carelessly here.

In novels, there are patterns that item boxes are a valuable skill after all.

Thankfully, the store owner gave me a shoulder bag made of cloth so I placed them inside there.

My shoes, there should be no problem with these leather shoes.

Before I left the clothing shop, I asked about a staying inn that has a reasonable price.

I was told that the third inn ahead from here was recommendable, so I went towards that inn.

The inn the clothing shop’s store owner recommended was 4 silver coins per night with a meal.

I returned to my room after dinner, and did what I needed to confirm.

First is……

「Open Status」


【 Name 】 Tsuyoshi・Mukouda

【 Age 】 27

【 Job 】 A person from a different world who got caught

【 Level 】 1

【 Stamina 】 100

【 Magic Powers 】 100

【 Attack Powers 】 78

【 Defense Powers 】 80

【 Agility 】 75

【 Skill 】 Identify   Item Box

【 Unique Skill 】 Net Super


When I chanted “Open Status” just as explained in the castle, a transparent window where my status is written on appeared in front of me.

According to what I was told, only summoned heroes (although that was said, I’m not a hero though) with an identification skill, are able to check their own status anytime.

They said that one would normally check their own status using status checker magic items placed in the guild branches or churches in towns.

Come to think of it, they were boasting like “this status checker magic item was invented by our country’s magic item craftsmen” or something.

Well, leaving that aside, they said that the status value of a civilian in this world is more or less 70, so I’m slightly stronger than a civilian.

About the skills Identification and Item Box, the other three also have them so it’s probably a privilege for someone who was summoned.

When I was in the castle, they casually said that in the case of a summoned person, the capacity of their item box was a lot, and there was even a legend that a summoned hero from the past had placed more than 1000 monsters inside.

In addition to that, about the language, they also said that a person who was summoned to this world would understand this world’s language the moment they are in this world.

I think that this is also some kind of privilege for someone who was summoned.

That is also a cliché for the different world genre.

The number one problem, is that my unique skill is Net Super.

What in the world this is, of course I know.

I, who is a type of person who would want to stay home during his rest days, had used it quite a lot of times.

I don’t dislike cooking, so I would order ingredients, and would eat the food I cooked from that while watching dramas I recorded beforehand, or spend time reading whatever web novels there is while drinking beer.

That’s my routine during my rest day.

It’s just, the problem is, how to use this unique skill Net Super.

「Net Super」

Nothing changed after I chanted huh.

Then, how about touching it?

When I touched the unique skill Net Super’s words, the screen changed.

「Isn’t this exactly like a Net Super’s website」

It’s exactly like the site Eon that I use quite often.

For the meantime, I placed a 500ml water worth 8 iron coins, and one sweet bread worth 1 silver coin into the cart.

It looks like the price is reflected from the price in Japan.

When it came to the purchase procedure screen,『Insufficient Balance. Please charge』, there was a rectangular frame under that display.

「It means put money to charge right? It it to this rectangular?」

I slowly moved a silver coin near that rectangular frame, and then……the silver coin was absorbed into the frame.

And when I confirmed the order, silver colored particles gathered in front of me, and gradually showed its appearance.

It’s the cardboard box that is delivered when ordered.

When I opened the cardboard box, there was the sweet bread and water that I ordered earlier.

「Ohh! This, this is very usable!」

The big shots of this kingdom don’t know anything about this Net Super other than it isn’t a combat skill, and the three heroes that were summoned with me were laughing, but this is a great skill that is very useful.

As long as I have money, I won’t have problems with things to eat, and I might also be able to earn that money using this skill.

It isn’t a cheat for something like a hero, but with this skill, I might become rich in this world.

According to the information I got from the kids, it seems like salt is expensive in this country that does not connect to the sea, and only nobles can put in their mouth spices like pepper or sweets.

With this Net Super, I can easily buy salt, pepper, sugar, or whatever in the same price when I was in Japan as long as I want.

But, those salt, pepper, sugar, or whatever, they can be sold for a high price in this world.

If that is so, I will gain a considerable profit.

Besides, if I search carefully, there should also be other merchandise that would make a profit.

After all, Net Super in this age handles not only food ingredients, but also a very wide variety, from daily necessities to clothes.

Thinking of that, it makes me want to register to the merchant’s guild, but it would be bad registering in this country.

In the case where something happens and they found out about my skill or how I can earn money from it, there’s the possibility of interference would come from this country.

If I’m going to register, it should be when I entered the neighboring country.

Anyways, tomorrow.

I will get away from this town quickly, and then, to the neighboring country.

It would be a journey starting tomorrow, and I would not be able to sleep in bed for a while.

I fell asleep for tomorrow.









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