From top left
Hermes McKinley – S-Rank Treasure Hunter. Meets Nazuna in the 「Interstice Labyrinth」.
Sakaguchi Nazuna – Ami’s little sister. One of those who are clearing the deepest parts of the 「Interstice Labyrinth」.
Charnaught – A red-haired bishoujo. Her real identity is the fused dragon species Flame Dragon Empress and Earth Dragon Empress
Sakaguchi Ami – A japanese girl who allied with Junpei in the B-Rank Selection Exam.

From bottom left
Tatsumiya Noriko – One of the betrayers who pushed Junpei into the 「Interstice Labyrinth」 with Kido.
Kido Shouta – The leader of the delinquent group who pushed Junpe into the「Interstice Labyrinth」.
Takeda Junpei(【Mimicry】ver.) – Junpei who had disguised himself with 【Mimicry】 to not stand out. A blue-eyed blonde-haired rookie adventurer.
Takeda Junpei – A boy who was thrown into another world. Temporarily left the 「Interstice Labyrinth」, and is currently striving to raise his Status in the outside world.

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