14 comments on “The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 5 Illustrations

  1. I Kaith says:

    Bitch noriko and duchebag kido are gonna get their ass kicked

    • Marlah says:

      Probably its on volume 6 this volume probably result by ami’ s or her sisters death

    • Noriko is a bitch says:

      is that who the long hair chick is? seems rather out of the blue and convenient if she just appears out of no where infront of MC

    • AHFAN11 says:

      I haven’t read the LN but in the manga (MASSIVE SPOILER) turns out kido died, as well as another one of kido’s group, both perishing by noriko’s hand (in the manga it shows massive holes in their stomachs, we see how noriko kills people in the manga when junpei gets sent out of the dungeon temporarily to get a stats boost), and kind or ironically, this actually directs all of junpei’s attention towards noriko. At one point, during when junpei is in the dungeon, and noriko is on her, shall we say killing spree, she says something along the lines of wanting to apologize to junpei, and meanwhile im thinking “apologize? btch you made junpei have to sacrifice his very humanity to get a chance to live on for his revenge, and all you want to do is apologize?” anyways, we get to see someone inside the dungeon, who want’s to kill the final boss of the dungeon, which gets stronger by absorbing the despair of others, and the person who ends up helping junpei, tells him that he and noriko have enough despair to undo all of her hard work to get rid of despair. She decides to help junpei solve the despair issue instead of simply killing them, as she thinks it will end better then simply killing them both, mostly because she want’s junpei to help her kill boss afterwords. Now, this is pretty much all from the manga, and sometimes the manga differs from light novels so take it with a pinch of salt.

      • TruthSpeaker says:

        In truth, Junpei was just a loser that actually offered his own life. If he had just bee forced into it then it would be another thing, but he willingly chose to go into the labyrinth in order to save Noriko. That was his choice. That he was tricked is irrelevant, it still doesn’t make him any less responsible for his own faith. So no, it was not Noriko’s fault that had to sacrifice his humanity. Or are you saying he had no agency of his own? No, Junpei should just stop being such a whiny little loser and feel sorry for himself. He is powerful now. If he really want to blame his childhood for anything, he should blame her for giving him the opportunity to grow stronger.

  2. cbfarrar says:

    What’s Ainz Ooal Gown doing in this series?

  3. Obscuro says:

    I see Noriko and No Life King *-*
    oh shit, has everything to bee a amazing chapter *-*


  5. Mcdigger says:

    MC looks pissed. seems like shit is going to go down

  6. lighning says:

    so noriko has now blond hear?