The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Chapter 8 Part 4

Chapter 8 – Dragon Species▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 4)






In the end, the second exam ended with Junpei and Ami taking the 8th place and 9th place respectively.

It was a result announcement with Judy having an enormous adhesive plaster on her nose and wrapped with bandages, but no one mentioned about that topic, and Judy did not mention it as well.

And the time isーーdusk.

Running away from Ami who was excessively touching him, getting near him, and talking to him, Junpei leaned his back on a big tree in the garden in the guild.

He eats the sandwich that the female owner of the inn where he is staying at made in the morning.

When he looked up, there was a beautiful setting sky. While letting out a deep sigh, he said to himself.


「……both inside that place and outside, there really isn’t anything good……huh」


“Elf meals or rookie hunting, and slave trade……even Ami who he just met for a while, she had scars that showed she tried to suicide some time ago.

In fact, there was really nothing good that happened ever since I came to this world.

No……” Junpei shook his head.


「The food that miss hostess made tastes good…… that’s right…… I still have……I could still be grateful……I could still say, that the food tastes good」


Junpei looked up to the sky as if he was reminding himself.


「……I am still……alright…… my hands are……already bloody, but……I’m still okay…… I’m different……I’m different to those psychopaths that I met in the labyrinth, or those crazy guys who have authority power in this world……it’s alright…… I am still……alright……un……」


While whispering that, he laughed with disgust to his own words.

At that time, he saw 10 adventurers who were lined up passing through the corridor that could be seen from the garden.

Suddenly, Junpei raised his body, he focused his eyes, looking at one of them.


「……hehe!……in things like this……I’m really soo lucky…… to think that I could see you here……!」


Junpei slowly walked towards the building where the group from earlier disappeared to.

He couldn’t keep his calm because of his excitement, but he thought that he shouldn’t fail with this.

Holding back his eager, Junpei raised the corner of his lips.


ーーI longed to see you……the second one……!! Kido’s henchman……Nakabayashi Yoshihiko……!!


“I need to enter that building as soon as possible……”, while holding back the feelings he could not, Junpei carefully followed them.

However, at that time, a high-pitched voice called out to him from behind.


「Kufufu……a horrific qi of hatred……huh」


Junpei instinctively jumped forward, taking distance.

And he turned around, and shivered.

That was something that is inevitable, Junpei who supposed to have his evasion efficiency in an inhuman level……could not feel her presence at all until she called out to him.

In other words, his back was easily taken from himーーit only means that.


「From how it looks, you have deep hatred……with him. And, that is……the seeded group」

「Seeded group?」

「Isn’t it an exam that promotes the rank of excellent adventurers as a special case in the first place? That’s why, the ones who are really excellent are treated as a seed」

「……and, you are? Though……I’m well away that you’re not so simple」


Junpei took out the Cerberus’s Canine, and faced the red-haired girl.


「Hmm. That weapon……I see, god killer……huh」


“Kufu”, she laughed, and the red-haired girl flips her hair.


「I am a dragon species…… a primordialーーwell then, you are?」

「Dragon……huh. And so……what then?」


Suddenly, Junpei felt all the hair on his body standing up.

It was an overwhelming pressure, just like the time he first met the No Life King inside the labyrinth, or when he was confronting the Cerberus.


「I shall, test you a little bit?」


Shivers run down through Junpei’s back.



ーーI didn’t think that I would receive such an overwhelming pressure in the outside world……I’ll can only go with full throttle from the start!!





He runs to take the back of the girl, and immediately tried to stab her neck with the Cerberus’s Canine.


「Hou……what a surprising speed……however……how naive」


When she whispered that, the girl suddenly thrusts her palm.

However, with just that gesture, Junpei was blown away 10 meters backwards into the air.




Flipping in the air, *Zuzazaza*, he landed while killing the speed.

ーー7 meters of distance between them.

“Well, what should I do now”, in a blink of an eye when Junpei thought of thatーーwhen he noticed it, she was already 1 meter close.

Even though it was Junpei, he could not see her start moving. It was a teleport-like movement.

It was as if the cause was skipped, and the just the result suddenly appearedーー.


「What the fuck did you just do……?」

「【Physics Law Calculation Intervention】ーーin easier terms, it’s Shukuchi. That’s the thing that made you get blown off earlier as well」

「Shuku……chi? Physics Law Calculation Intervention?」


“Un”, nodding, the girl said.


「……it is a power that disrupts the world’s laws」


Sweating profusely, Junpei said as if to spit out.


「Damn, don’t say something ridiculous so easily? You loli grandma……!」

「n? I’m not speaking of something ridiculous? After all, this is a ruler’s authority……ultimate……it’s called an extreme skill. If that is so, isn’t this kind of normal?」


Towards Junpei who tries to take distance by jumping backwards, “Kufufu”, the girl laughed.


「Well, originally, you are someone who is participating in the festival in that placeーーin the Interstice Labyrinth, so……you should be able to us it though……」


Junpei asked with a dubious expression.


「You, you know about that labyrinth?」

「It was a very long time ago, that……I almost forgot most of it」



Looking up to the sky, the girl said with distant eyes.


「I am a dragon. One who lives for eternity」



A certain god’s face appeared on the back of Junpei’s mind.

The god was also, one who lives in eternity.

And from that god, the only things that he could feel is a 100% pure insanity and malice.

“However……”, Junpei asked the girl.


「I don’t know what kind of existence you are, but……at least, I can’t feel madness or psychopath-like feeling that I could get, just by talking to you」

「Well, in fact……I’m not planning on killing you at all. I do not like killing without cause. Although, if there is a reason, I would not be reluctant on killing humans like squashing bugs……I mean, how rude you are, treating me as a psychopath……I am not insane」

「……isn’t the time for eternity, the worst evil that harms the mind……?」

「I have discarded evolution, half of my thoughts are naturalーーit is assimilated to the universe’s collection of unconsciousness. I am just here in this place because I am, I only live, without resisting the flow……the only thing I wish is tranquillity. Inevitably, time for me is not a prison. I am not locked up in a cage」

「……I don’t get it at all. You can speak with words I could understand though?」

「Kufufu……well, I am not planning on explaining it to you after all」


While making a wry smile, Junpei replied.


「That shota god, and you as well……you guys who live for a long time……you’re really like that huh」

「Even if I am not on the level of that god……well, of course, I would be a little eccentric as well right?」


And, the girl, she suddenly had serious eyes and stared at Junpei.


「However……there is one thing, that I cannot understand」

「……what do you mean by can’t understand?」


She walked nearer, before Junpei’s eyes.

And she held both Junpei’s cheeks with hand, and said while tilting her head.


「Hey, you……?」



The distance between their faces is near.

Junpei could not help his heart race to the face like a young, beautiful doll.

The girl who observed Junpei’s face for a while, finally asked the question that she had from the bottom of her heart.



「Up until now, how many times, are you repeating life and death? Your karma is twisted that……it would be impossible to be fixed anymore you know?」




At the same time when the girl’s lines reached his ears, an announcement-like electronic voice echoed inside Junpei’s head.



ーーIn addition to murdering Sakakibara Kazuya and chance meeting with a dragon species, words that reaches the core have been received, the Thesaurus Points would be reduced by 70

The thesaurus points became 0.

In exchange to resealing, a skill shall be released. Furthermore, a part of the memories shall be released.

Extreme Skill【Trash Box】has been released.

From hereafter, optionally throwing away loaded skills is now possible.












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