The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Chapter 7 Part 2

Chapter 7 – B-Rank Adventurers Selection Exam ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)






Inside the shaking carriage, the Light Martial Emperor is trembling while hiding in a blanket.

Since he was making the horses run towards the military facilities through the road when the rain had just stopped, the carriage was shaking very badly.



ーーwhat the hell, what in the world was “that”……? What in the world is that……why, why did it become like……?



Mifune who was famed for being undefeated was incapacitated in a blink of an eye.

The Light Martial Emperor was saved by the continent’s number one, Sword Emperor Cagnas, but he said something like this after telling the Light Martial Emperor to run away.



ーーmost probably, I am going to die……however, I will try to buy time. Just hurry……please, hurry……



While trembling, he tries to analyze the situation.

“It is unknown what happened to Cagnas after that. However, in any case, we are entangled with an overwhelming existence that treated those two who are within the ten strongest in this world like a child.

That kind of existence, it only exists in legends and myths……impossible, that is, that is impossible……” and there, he finally realized.



ーーDragon Species



The Martial Light Emperor ran away from the castle with only the clothes he is wearing. He took a servant with him as a coachman, but he didn’t take any aides. And inside that carriage alone, the Light Martial Emperor whispered this.


「I-It’s because……we tried to, do something against the dragon species……? Is that so? Was it……was it because we tried to, do something……to them?」


*Gakon*, the carriage bounces hugely, and his head hits the back of the chair.




The Light Martial Emperor couldn’t help but to be annoyed to the coachman.


「You bastard, what the heck is with your driving!! Who do you think I am! You lowly peasant……do you want to die!!」


However, there was no reply from the coachman.

Not only thatーーthe scenery that passes through the window had stopped when he noticed it.

It looks like they went to a stop.

And when he was dubious to what have happened, *Gachiri*, the door opened.

The one who entered was a girl that has flaming red hair and golden eyes.


「Umu? Did the ruler of the human world change again? In my memories……you should have the bloodline of the Emperor that governs the whole world……」


While taking of the stole that she was wearing on top of her cloak, “one-two”, she entered the carriageーーshe sat in front of the Martial Light Emperor.


「You……what are you?」(TL: the words used here could be translated as “who” or “what”)


“Un?”, after tilting her head once, the girl answered together with a sweet smile.


「I am……a dragon」


When the Light Martial Emperor looked up to the ceiling, for the first time in his life, he prayed to god.


ーーI really, shouldn’t have……done anything towards the dragon species.


Normally, he would’ve laughed off the words of that girl, however, the timing was just too good that he did not have any doubts.


「Dragon-sama……is it. About the matter this time, I cannot do anything else but ask forgiveness……」


When he tries to bow his head, the girl tilted her head thinking of it strangely.


「What do you mean by……the matter this time? What are you talking about?」

「Did you not come, yourself……to destroy our plan……our plan to gather S-Rank Adventurers, and……investigate or subjugate the dragon, species……?」


“Kuhaha”, the girl laughed while she furrowed her brows.


「You said, S-Rank class huh? Are you talking about those small beings, that enters our domain every once in a while? Although you are gathering them yourself, trying to make them attack us, so whyーーwhy should I need to do anything beforehand?」


Towards the girl’s words, the man tilted his head, as if to show that he could not get the point.


「However, the dispatch of more than ten S-Rank Adventurers this time……it is at the level that is equal enough to subjugate the Demon King…… that is why you(-sama)……before that……felt threatened, and……」

「Kuhah……kuhahah!……threatened……you said? With just the strength enough to subjugate that Demon King, why do I need to feel threatened……? Even as a joke, you……that’s too ridiculous……kuhaha……kuhahahaha1」


She took out a fan from her waist, and fanned herself while laughing. However, deep in her eyes, it does not show any pleasantness.

And there, *Bishiri*, she closed her fan, and said while lowering the tone of her voice.


「Do not look down upon us dragons」


At the same time, she opened the skill【Haki of the Dragon Emperor】. She continued while sending out overwhelming pressure.



「Do you want your whole country burned without ashes remaining……you brat?」



Together with a bewitching gesture, the girl placed the closed fan on the chin of the Light Martial Emperor.

And moving the fan from there, she placed it on the cheek of the Light Martial Emperor, and, *Pachiri*, she slapped.




The Light Martial Emperor cried like a small animal.

Confirming that he had received the【Haki of the Dragon Emperor】straight on with his wet crotch, the girl nodded in satisfaction.

Following that, she reaches out a paper where an ancient language is written to the Light Martial Emperor.


「And so……as you can see. I’m leaving it to you to have me registered to the adventurer’s guild, and register me to participate in the B-Rank adventurers selection exam. The guild I will be registered to……the closest branch to the great forest that I live in should be the best」

「Forgive me, but……I can’t……I can’t understand what you mean……the words, it’s also written in ancient language……no one, no one can understand it unless it’s a scholar……」

「Think of the meaning by yourself. And if a scholar can read it, then call a scholar, you idiot」


After saying just that, the red-haired girl opened the door of the carriage, and disappeared to nowhere.

Inside the carriage that had stopped, the Light Martial Emperor grabs his head with his hands.

And finally, he went outside.

On the back side of the carriage, there was the minced coachman lying on the ground.


ーーaccording to records, the dragon species are harmless unless we do something to them first.


If those records were correct, the coachman must have ignored her who appeared in front of the running carriage, and tried to run over her. After all, the Light Martial Emperor had ordered the coachman to hurry up at the fastest speed, and for that coachman, that must’ve been an absolute order.

Why did he need to think of the safety of a girl, that coachman needed to follow the command of the Light Martial Emperor at all cost.

However, as a result for that, that coachman became an unsightly minced meat.

The Light Martial Emperor kneels down, he whispered while getting washed out.



「Today……what……what an unlucky day」










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