The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Chapter 7 Part 1

Chapter 7 – B-Rank Adventurers Selection Exam ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 1)






Ten days after finishing the quest in the ancient forestーーin the counter inside the adventurer’s guild.

Junpei shows the proof of identity that he got from the underground guild on the table counter.


「……I want to register as an adventurer, and request to join the B-Rank selection exam」


A receptionist lady with a small chest and flax hair color made a smile after confirming Junpei.


「Ahh, it’s you huh〜…… you know〜……I……I have been interested in you quite a bit」


「The receptionist lady wearing glasses before……she has quite a bad〜, part-time job you know〜?」


*Pikuri*, Junpei’s ear moved.



「And, for some reason, she’s been missing since she has met you……. Well, a female elf living in a town, although money could guarantee her identity, it’s quite common to get caught in an accident……well, you could really say that it’s a common thing if you want」


The woman took out a book from the table drawer below.


「And then……surprise!〜 here’s a report that I got with quite a bad〜 way……it’s from the underground guild you know〜?」


「I read it, but, you……you’re quite ridiculous?」


Since earlier, Junpei has not changed his expression.

He had maintained a perfect poker face with the【Mimicry】skill.



「A group with the cousin of the Sacred Emperor……including an S-Rank adventurer, they were all annihilated during the elf hunt in the ancient forest after an attack of the dragon species. And the only survivor of that……is you, right?」


Junpei shrugged his shoulders and said.


「Yeah, I was very lucky. It’s the same with the liver, they were already hunted, gathered, and reserved by the noble-sama, so it was just a baggage carrying job to the underground guild」


The woman with flax hair color giggles, she laughed joyfully.


「Oh my, see how shameless you are, you really have guts saying that huh〜. Onee-san, honestly……she’s quite surprised you know?」

「……what is it with you since earlier, what do you want to say?」


“Un”, she nodded, the woman said.


「It’s not like I want to report you to the city guards or something. So you can be relieved with that……I mean, you’re going to take it huh? The B-Rank adventurer selection exam」

「Didn’t I say that from the beginning」


Once again, the woman opened the drawer, and took out a piece of paper from there.


「This is the exam’s outline. The scheduled date, well, around ten days I think」


Skimming through the paper, Junpei made a frowning face.


「Outline you say……all that’s written here is the map to the examination place. What the heck is this」

「It’s because, you don’t need to know anything. The only things you need to know, is the date, the place, and this, that’s it」


The woman with flax hair color took another piece of paper, and placed it on the counter table.

Junpei who looked through the paper raised both his hands to the annoyance.


「Pledge letter……huh」

「Right. It just says……you shouldn’t have claims if you die or something, well, that’s not all though」

「You mean by that is?」

「In short……well, the possession of the body shall be given to the guild, I guess?」


To those words, Junpei thought rolling his eyes weren’t enough for that, so he made a wry smile.


「……oi, that is……?」

「Well, I can just say, since elven liver could be sold, human liver also, yup, it’s just that」


Junpei spat out after clicking his tongue.


「……damn it really, both the surface and the underground, all of it’s full of shit. Oi, lend me your pen」

「Ara, you didn’t get frightened huh? Most of the people who wants to take the test, after receiving this threat……well, with their lacking brains……they would think about a lot of things though〜」


After receiving the pen, Junpei signed the papers.


「Well then, I’ll confirm it, it should be 3 days after, in the place in this map right?」

「Yes, that’s right〜. Well then, I’ll be waiting for you on-site okay」

「Oi, waiting you say……what do you mean by that?」


And there, finding the answer to his own question, Junpei places a fist on his palm.


「Ahh, I see, you’re saying, you’ll be cheering for me as a receptionist on the examination grounds……is that it?」


Making a mischievous smile, the woman tilted her head.


「Well, you should just look forward thereーーon what kind of situation I would have with you……I guess?」

「Honestly, I want to say “no thanks”. I have enough of troubles……I don’t want to get involved with troublesome guys more than this」

「Ara, you’re so snobbish……well, I mean, how about we go for a meal right now? Onee-san’s about to finish working, so there’s no problem?」

「Who’d go with you……and, so, excuse me then」


Junpei quickly turned around, and went towards the door.

And while looking at his back going away, the woman with flax-colored hair licked her lips.


「Oh my, I was turned down……well, whatever」


And she took another piece of paper from under the table.


「A special pen-shaped status gauge. It’s quite expensive you know……hmm, his status……a very normal, average D-Rank adventurer……」


The woman continued joyfully while laughing.


「I will surely……uncover your identity okay? Darling?」








The human race in this world, they are divided by three powers.

One is the Holy Church of which the Sacred Empire supports. The Holy Church, being the world’s religion, the Sacred Empire sphere of influence is the most powerful by a lot.

And following that, the coalition of kingdoms where although the national religion is the Holy Church’s, the church’s control is comparatively lower.

This sphere of influence is second to the Sacred Empire.

And the third, the coalition of countries where the main religion is not the Holy Churchーーthis could be called the Manacuth Union.


The Manacuth Union, their ethnicity are different, and their religions are also different. They are the genuine mish-mash third sphere of influence, and up until recently, they did not have the right to speak in the international politics.

However, in recent years, the different ethnicities and different religions created an iron pact, their powers increased just like a growing bamboo.

And the country that became its center, it is the Manacuth Empire that once ruled over 60% of the continent.

The Manacuth Empire’s territories have decreased by a lot together with the Sacred Empire’s increase in power, but two generations agoーーin the appearance of the emperor called Martial Light Emperor, they have put together the neighboring countries very quickly, and once again appeared in the international society as the head of the third power.




ーーthe scene is, in the capital of Manacuth Empire, Brunsel.

In the great hall of the imperial palace, that has the size of a national gymnasium in modern Japan.

A party with a buffet is being held, dishes and alcohol that shows luxury are being lined up.

Fat nobles wore glamorous clothes, and they are making plans that are not good at all in the guise of pleasant talks.

The difference from it being a common noble high society, is that the clothes the attendees wore have no uniformity.

This is a scene that could only be seen in the Manacuth Union that has different ethnicities and religions.


And, there, the nobles halted their pleasant talks, the hall was filled with silence.

The place where all of them are looking towards to.

On the stage in the front of the venue, a man wearing clothes full of gold and gemstones from top to bottomーーthe current Light Martial Emperor took a deep breath, he was just about to speak.


「Everyone! We, the Manacuth Union is currently being shunned by the international society, we are being looked down upon on, and we are receiving disadvantages starting from the unfair treaties we signed on!」


All of them became silent. In the great hall, a low voice echoed clearly.


「Sacred Empire, and coalition of the kingdoms……to those whose master is the Holy Religion, we have named ourselves as an independent nation, but in fact, we are treated nearly as vassals……! Why, why do we need to receive the short end of the stick?」


Taking a deep breath, the Light Martial Emperor’s voice was filled with held back anger.



「ーーーーーーーーーーstrength! It’s because, we do not have enough strength!!」



He continues as if to scream.


「Wealth!! Farmlands!! Hunting grounds!! Fishing grounds!! Mines!! All of them, we lack!! Our national strength isn’t enough!! That is whyーーour fighting strength is not enough!」


Everyone who was in the venue held their breath.

Nominally, it is the assembly within the Manacuth Union, but who knows if the Sacred Empire has sent spies.

In other words, the speech, while it shows antagonism towards the Holy Church’s side of powers, its contents could also be taken as a declaration of war.


「They……they created a system where they would squeeze out what we have as much as they want! If soーーwhat do we need to do? Should we continue to spend our days being extorted like this?!」


Shaking his head fiercely, the Light Marital Emperor shouted while raising his middle finger.



「ーーーthe answer is NO! It is no!」



“Ohh……”, voices of approval were raised from the corner of the venue.


「There are many things that the Sacred Empire has, and that we do not have. That is why, we do not have enough strength. If so, what should we do?」


Nodding hugely, the Light Martial Emperor continued.


「Something that only we have, and the Sacred Empire does not haveーーwe only need to create it!!」


Pausing for a moment, *Pan*, he sounded his palm, and slowly opens his arms wide.


「ーーancient civilization!! The human race’s lost wisdom! The countless forbidden techniques! In short, the dragon species, to the the region they controlーーーーーto the forbidden land!! We shall advance forward!! Wealth!! Power!! Strengthーーeverything is in there!!」


Cheers were raised from everywhere inside the venue, and in some places, worried voices were also whispered.


「There should be ones who are worried within you. However, I want to ask you. Since ancient times, the dragon species are called as the ultimate organism that overwhelms every other living thingーーbut, is that really true?!」


Everyone held on to their breath, they watched every move the Light Martial Emperor did.


「Since time immemorial, it has been said that countries shall be destroyed once they touched the dragon species’ reverse scaleーーbut, is that really true?!」


Exaggerated gestures, loud voice that passes on clearly.

Expressions that shows extreme emotions, it changes freely together with the intonations of his words.


「In the history up until now, there are only countable numbers of S-Rank adventurers who have challenged the dragon species……within the long history, curious adventurers, by themselves…… and including that, there are only some」


Everyone in there were already drunk to the speech the Light Martial Emperor did.

Compared to the most of the attendees who have, frankly speaking, have only ruled barbarians, the bloodline of the Light Martial Emperor is that of the ruler that once controlled 60% of the continent.

The Light Martial Emperor who has been taught about the importance of speeches and the art of brainwashing since he was a child, he has no errors.


「As the history shows, the whole humanity has treated the dragon species as a fragile glass up until now. As if to cover up something that smells…… not noting the fact that the resources exist there……they have never seriously tried to annihilate them……that is all that there is!!」


Breathing in a deep breath, the Light Martial Emperor shouted with the loudest voice up until now.


「And because of that, this time, I decided to request a group of our highly respected S-Rank adventurers to investigate! Comeーー!」

The Light Martial Emperor called out towards the side of the stage. Receiving that call, one man appeared on top of the stage.



「The continent’s number one swordsmanーーSword Emperor Cagnas!!」



*Gachari*, *Gachari*, the man in his prime wearing a platinum armor.

Is he a very popular guy, or a famous person, everyone raised cheers like huge waves.

And after the man bowed his head to everyone in the middle of the stage, he goes behind the Light Martial Emperor.



「The UndefeatedーーSamurai Mifune!!」



It was lesser that earlier, but still, cheers rained.

The one who appeared was a one-eyed man wearing an eyepatch, clad in Japanese armor.

That guy who seems to be around thirty did not bow towards the audience, he just made a fearless smile.

And after that, he went behind the Emperor’s backーーon the left side of Sword Emperor Cagnas.



「The Torrent of DeathーーNecromancer Martina!」



When an old man clad in a black-colored robe appeared, screams echoed throughout the great hall.

Thinking of his infamy and evil deeds that he did, it was a natural reaction.

There are even people who try to run away from the venue. Was the noisy venue became unpleasant even for him, the necromancer raised a brow and at the same time, raised his staff forward.

However, in an instant, the Sword Emperor Cagnas puts a blade on the necromancer’s neck, and the Samurai Mifune placed the edge of his sword on the back of the necromancerーーthe edge was pointing towards his heart.


“Hmph”, the necromancer scoffed, and seeing that, the sword saint and the samurai sheathed their swords, and the three stood obediently behind the Light Martial Emperor.

And even after that, other than a beautiful blonde haired woman who is in middle twenties the「Right hand of healing and left hand of destructionーーthe Great Sage Nabuna」, famous S-Ranked adventurers appeared one next to the other, and each time, cheers rained.


-Thousand Killer Berserker

-Dark Knight of the Tempest

-The Iron Wall Holy Knight famous with the other name of Diamond Giant  etc


After a total of ten of them being introduced, the Light Martial Emperor nodded with satisfaction.


「The ones that I gathered, five of them are counted as the ones at the top within the S-Rank adventurers, and although they are not up to par with them, the other five are skilled S-Rank adventurers!」


Within the thundering claps, the Light Martial Emperor continued.


「The opponent is not a coalition of countries……it is nothing but one living thing!! Is there a living thing that these 10 cannot defeatーー? No! The answer is no! I shall declare that it is no!」


The venue reached its peak voltage, and a rhythmical call for Light Martial Emperor and Manacuth Union started.


「Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!!」

「Manacuth!! Manacuth!! Manacuth!! 」

「Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!!」  

「Manacuth!! Manacuth!! Manacuth!! 」  

「Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!!」   

「Manacuth!! Manacuth!! Manacuth!! 」   


Was he affected by that, the Light Martial Emperor reached out both of his hands and shouted.



「Infinite Glory to our Union!! Praise it! Celebrate our name! Celebrate it!! Praise Manacuth! And praise and celebrate! Our Union!!」



Incited, everyone in the venue shouted with screams.


「Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!!」  

「Manacuth!! Manacuth!! Manacuth!! 」  

「Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!!」   

「Manacuth!! Manacuth!! Manacuth!! 」  

「Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!! Light Martial Emperor!!」    

「Manacuth!! Manacuth!! Manacuth!! 」   


In the venue that almost became a revelry, the first ones who noticed were two.

ーーSword Emperor Cagnas and Samurai Mifune.

And after a few instant, the other S-Rank adventurers sensed that presence, each of them placed their hands on their weapons, making a fighting stance.

When they have readied themselves, Cagnas had already jumped towards the stage wing holding the Light Martial Emperor, and Mifune had advanced towards the intruder.

And there, finally, the civilians have noticed the change in the stage.



ーーin the place where the Light Martial Emperor was standing an instant before, a man with a waxed long hair that has the color of gold and silver mixed between, wearing black suits and purple inner shirt with flower designs. Several pierced earrings on his ears.



Black suits.

Thinking that this world’s theme is a middle-aged fantasy, they were clothes that were completely out of place.

If it was in Shinjuku Kabukicho in Tokyo, it might have fitted in, but……

Anyways, when Cagnas and Mifune have noticed an instant before, he was already in a place 50cm away from the Emperor.

And even those two fell in panic in an instant, but, they are seasoned heroes.

Cagnas moved thinking of the Light Martial Emperor’s safety first, and Mifune immediately moved to a place where he could attack the man. And, in the instant that he confirmed that the Light Martial Emperor was evacuated to the stage wingーーMifune attacked the man wearing black suits.



ーーLightning God’s Slash.



Throwing away all of the defenses, the first move of the battle that assures victory with godly speedーーthe one-hit-one-kill undefeated skill activates.

But, in the next instant, the man in black suits annoyingly waved his hand.

And then, *Bechari*, a ridiculous sound echoed.

When they have noticed, there was the Samurai Mifune with a crushed nose convulsing on top of the stage.

The attendees in the venue, they could not understand at all what in the world happened in that instant.

And faster that everyone understood, the man in black suits said.


「Ah〜, sorry although you’re just getting fired up……I am, well〜, I was sent by my master to tell you〜, don’t put your hands on those dragon species〜…… everyone, this is really hard to say……since you’ve all gathered here……」


No one in the other S-Rank Adventurers moved.

No, they can’t move.

That legendary samurai that has said to slice into half anythingーーMifune. He is currently convulsing on top of the stage as if he is a dying cockroach, he was unable to do anything.

The reward for him this time……every other S-Rank adventurer knows that it was to fight the number one swordsman of the continent Cagnas……and they know that Cagnas also agreed on the condition that it was after the dragon species investigation.

“If Cagnas and Mifune are going to join, maybe, even if it’s a dragon species, even if defeating it would be impossible, it shouldn’t be a one-sided massacre. If so, at the least, our lives would be protected……”, there were some of them who have joined because of that. And there were also ones who thought, “Maybe we can see the serious fight between the human’s greatest warriors closely……”.



However, right nowーーthat Mifune, he is in a “dying cockroach” situation on the top of the stage.



Within everyone who was scared out of their wits, the only one who moved was the Sword Emperor Cagnas who have sent the Light Martial Emperor safely to the stage wing.

He slowly walked out from the stage wing, and ordered the other adventurers while pulling out the platinum sword from his back.


「Mifune was defeated with one hit……most probably, I wouldn’t be able to win as well. However, I should be able to stop him on his feet……the other guys are on the way. Go down the stage. And the ones who wants to be called as cowards, you should just run away. The ones who doesn’t want to be called as cowards……go escort the nobles out of here」


“Fuu”, letting out a sigh, Cagnas asked the man in black suits.


「And then……you are wearing some weird clothes, but……who in the world are you?」

「Harada Ryouichi……well, I’m in the group that wants to clear the labyrinth……oh, I don’t think you understand though, huh?」


“Ahh”, and there, Cagnas nodded understanding the point.


「Dragon species and Interstice Labyrinth……huh. And, this might be something different, but……well, just listen, my elder sister is a very skilled fortune teller」


“He〜”, the man who named himself Harada whistled.


「The labyrinth……you know it huh? And so……fortune telling huh, I also know a lot about it you know? After all, a long time ago, I have worked in night entertainment for women……women, you know, they’re stupid so they really like fortune telling right〜……」


“And so……”, Cagnas continued.


「Dragon species and the labyrinth……she told me don’t get anything that has to do with it……since I have the worst compatibility to both of them……but, well……I didn’t think that it would come true……」


“Un”, Harada nodded.


「The amazing things with fortune telling is that, well, they are sometimes correct……I really wonder why?」

「……what are you going to do from now on?」

「Well, let me think〜……I have come to negotiate, or should I say……well, threaten you guys〜……and so, I’m thinking of making you, who seems to be the strongest, die first, I think?」


Cagnas who seemed to have given up something, readied his sword towards Harada.

Most of the other S-Rank adventurers were urging the nobles and servants to evacuate.

The ones who were not joining them are the necromancer and the berserker.

Seeing Cagnas’s stance, Harada made a slight smile.


「You’re a very good classic kind of guy huh♪」


Not lending ears to the words the man said, Cagnas shouted with all his will.


「ーーskill【Sword Fighting Spirit Method】. Skill【Diamond Martial God】. Skill【War Fighting Spirit Method】」


Every time he chanted the skill name, Cagnas’s body was covered by aura.


「Your skills are also classic ones♪」


After Cagnas had raised his sword upwards, he leaped towards Harada. And, at the same time, he shouted towards the back of Harada.




The berserker with a huge body that silently went behind Harada swung down his axe using brute strength.

ーーit was a double attack from front and behind that is unlooked for.

However, Harada said with a slight smile.


「ーーyour tactics are, unexpectedly……practical (lol)」


And, he continued.



「ーーbut, too bad!! Skill【Physical Attack Reflect】♪」



Cagnas’s head was split open, and the berserker was sliced through his shoulder up to his heart.

*Dosari*, the two fell down.


「……haa……? What the heck……was that……?」


Together with those words, the contents of Cagnas’s head dropped out, and with that, the continent’s number one sword emperor was lost.


「And I am……a very good cheater or I should say〜♪」


While looking at the crowd that is running in confusion, Harada said with a somewhat light tone.


「The king isn’t here, but……whatever……somebody would tell him anyways. And so, this is a warning〜.  I’m going to go and kill you straight and head-on okay?」


And, taking a deep breath, he said with a voice that has a heavy tone.


「……well, we are the ones who are in charge of observing and “taking care” of the dragon species, you small fries should shut up and get out of the way, well, that’s about it」


Lastly, the man left 「ーーwell, goodbye〜」, and disappeared to the wing of the stage while waving backwards.








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