The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Chapter 5 Part 2

Chapter 5 – The Beginning of the Revenge ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)






Taking out a gun from his waist, Junpei shot everyone excluding the elf princess.

Only Sakakibara who knew what kind of equipment the handgun is, was able to evade quickly.

Of course, the remaining others cannot dodge. Although, even if they were able to react, there was no way for them to deal with the speed of sound world.

In a blink of an eye, a total of six corpses were created.

The female elf seems to have lost her consciousness due to the violence early on, so the situation was, only Junpei and Sakakibara remained.


「A handgun……huh. Is it the real thing?」

「S&W M57 comes out from my super class appraisal so, isn’t it the real thing?」


“Well, whatever”, Sakakibara seems to be very content, being able to dodge the handgun’s bullet with his peripheral vision.


「You, you know……have you also thought of it?」

「Thought of?」

「With the powers we got right now, you know……if we return to the modern times……don’t you think that’s fun?」


“Ha!”, Junpei snorted at him and shook his head.


「If we return with our current powers……won’t we just get treated like monsters, we’d be unable to live properly」


“Yeah”, there, Sakakibara made a huge nod.


「I see. Come to think of it, you’re a small fucking fry that’s so shitty you were forced to register in the underground guild……. If so〜……just like me, you won’t know how it feels to look down on everyone huh〜……」


*Shun!*, the air shook and Sakakibara disappeared at the same timeーーit would have probably looked like that for common people.

However, Junpei saw it in slow motion with his eyes.


ーーhe won’t use his skill……huh. He’s damn looking down on me.


Sakakibara goes to Junpei’s back, but he intentionally didn’t react.

And in the next instant, the large sword’s blade was on Junpei’s neck.



「With this, you know〜……it’s check mate right? Well, that’s right I guess……if you return to the modern world with that tiny bit of powers……you can’t do anything huh〜. Ahh〜, I wanna go back〜……kidnapping idols that are shown in tv, sneaking into banks〜……even if the police catches me, it would be so easy to escape after all……」


Junpei made a deprecating expression, as if he was looking at an unfortunate child.


「Your imaginations too shitty, it’s so childish, and the scale is too small……if you’d say something, at least say something like annihilating the american army」

「Retorting to me in this situation huh〜……you, can you understand the situa……tion?」


In an instantーーJunpei appeared at Sakakibara’s back.


「It seems like you have confidence in your speed, but this timeーーthe opponent’s too bad huh?」


Without a moment’s pause, Junpei places the Cerberus’ Canine on Sakakibara’s neck.

Not knowing what just happened, Sakakibara said with a panicked tone.


「You……an illusion user……? When did you fucking cast an illusion on me?」


To the very inaccurate question, Junpei couldn’t help but laugh out.


「If it’s hallucination drugs……I have a lot of mandragora if you’d like to know……?」



He swung his large sword at the same time he turns around.

To this reaction, Junpei rolled his eyesーーand dodged the slash by back flipping.


「……that attack right now……0 points」

「0 points you say?」

「You, you never had a life or death battle right?」



Sakakibara glared at Junpei with a dubious expression.


「The situation right now, if I wanted to kill you, I could’ve easily done so. After all……I had a sharp object just above your artery right? But without caring about that, you attacked without thinking」

「Didn’t you also took my back from the same situation that you had? You’re just a small fry, what the fuck are you saying? Eh? Bastard? Who do you think I am? I am counted as an S-Ranker even without using skillーー」


“Ahh, this can’t be saved”, Junpei raised upwards both his hands.


「You’re so dumb, you talk about all the critical things…… I really thought you’re so stupid……but I didn’t think that your head’s this empty……」


「I’m saying, you aren’t my opponent if you don’t use acceleration. You dumb idiot」


Junpei’s appearance faded, and a gust of wind was raised.

In the next instantーーhe appeared at the back of Sakakibara.

Grinning, raising the corner of his mouth, Junpei declares.


「First, I’ll take your finger」


A flash with the Cerberus’ Canine. Sakakibara’s right thumb disappeared from its base, and blood gushed out from the wound just like a fountain.


「What?!!! GUーーーGUAAAAAAAA!!」


Finally, it seems like Sakakibara started to take Junpei as a threat.

He jumped back taking enough distance, and glared at Junpei.


「You, who the hell are you……?」

「Ha!……who’d tell you that. No……just hurry up and remember」

「You’re saying bull……well, whatever〜……. alright……I’ll show it to you……if I use this, even S-Ranked Adventurers would only have death as an end. Meaning, you’re gonna die nowーー」


Sakakibara closed his eyes, and whispers this.








The ability【Acceleration】extends one’s own timelineーーspecifically, it extends 1 second to 3 seconds.

For example, there is a highschool student who can run 100m in 15 seconds, if he were able to have this ability, he would be able to run through it in 5 seconds.

If it was learned by a skilled person like an S-Ranker, one could say that it is a cheating ability.


「Originally, you know〜」


This is Junpei’s words, but it sounds like Sakakibara’s low, weird, extending tone.


「I thought of a lot of plans…… for example, making you unable to move using poison, or making traps and……well, I thought of a lot of things, but……I didn’t think that it was such a simple ability」


The large sword and the Cerberus’ Canine, they have already clashed tens of times.

The large sword, a flashing slash from above. Junpei dodged that with his quick footsteps.


「You……you……why……why, why……why the fuck? You……you, right now, you can match my……speed?」


Sakakibara’s surprised voice, Junpei could hear it at a strangely high note, and fast forward.

“Haha!”, Junpei shook his head.


「No, I can’t match you at all you know? There’s no leeway for counterattacking」


Parrying the large sword’s stab using the Cerberus’ Canine, he took a sidestep to take distance, then faced him again.


「Although……the point is, I only need to endure 30 seconds, right?」


「If I focus on defending, well……it isn’t much」


The sword slashes through many times, but it all ends with a disappointment.

With Junpei’s godlike dodging skills, it would justーーcut through the air.


「Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!」


A sword slash once again. However, it would never reach Junpei.

If this has no time limit, later on, he would be losing concentration, and lose the ability to evade.

However, in this case, there was no need to worry about that.


「In the first place〜……it’s a skill for speed bro, why the fuck are you using a large sword?」

「Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!」


Without leeway of hearing Junpei’s words, Sakakibara could only swing his sword.

However, it could not catch Junpei’s movements, it could not match it.


「Come to think of it, the guys who are in a biker’s gang, although they are using motorcycles, they are only using custom made flashy bikes without thinking of speed……. you’re just like Kido, in the same yankee group……so in short, it’s like that huh. Well, if your equipment was a knife……I probably would’ve died by now」


And, Junpei’s timeline and Sakakibara’s timeline matches.

ーーtime’s up.

Exceeding the 30-second limit, the side effect of using the skill attacked Sakakibara.

A very heavy muscle strain, pain that is as if his whole body was being tightened up with herculean strength.




He fell down to the ground, and Sakakibara crawled on the ground just like a caterpillar.



「It’s just, how can I say this……biker gangs, guys like that, they’re just getting full of themselves because the police or adults won’t manage them seriously…… if they were seriously doing it, like rebelling, they’d be full of holes with automatic rifles and tanks……. Or maybe, even civilians who doesn’t have guns, making traps using a piano wire on the national road, or pouring gasoline on the road and igniting it……well, they could do a lot of things」


Junpei took out a gauze from his waist, and covers Sakakibara’s mouth with it.


「And so……a large sword for show, that yankee style coming from a place where society had an easy way for you, if you do that in this cruel world……seriously, it’s a fatal mistake right」


Sakakibara’s expression that was distorted with pain, it softens very quickly.


「You……what the hell did you just do……?」

「A diluted Mandragora’s essence……and mixing that with a highly volatile alcohol, I soaked a gauze on it. It’s the best painkiller right?」

「Why……a painkiller?」


Without answering Sakakibara’s question, Junpei opened his mouth.


「Living things, it’s very important to check carefully whether or not they could win against an opponent, or whether they could rebel or defy……was it? And then…you should look down on the ones you could look down to, and exploit them to their limits……was it like that?」


“Un, Un”, nodding, Junpei said.


「I completely agree on the first partーーandーー」


A kick using his whole strength was thrown to Sakakibara’s nose who was lying on his side.



「ーーthe last part, it’s just fucking disgusting」

「You……who the hell are you really? What do you want, doing something like this…」


After a breath, Junpei said very quickly.


「Sakakibara Kazuya. Second Year of High School. His club activity is football, just barely unable to become a regular player……and then, despairing on his lack of talent……he started to intermingle with delinquent groups. Grades are just in the middle for low grades. And, as a fashion model of a magazine, a little famous……hobby is picking up girls. Has three girlfriends……was it right?」


Sakakibara’s complexion started to get blue.

Well that could not be helped, a blonde young man who he doesn’t have any memories of, knows very well about his self in Japan.

It exceeded disgust, and it was nothing other than terrifying.




Suddenly, Junpei deactivated【Mimicry】.

Black hairーーblack eyes with a brown hue.

A flat shaped face similar to Sakakibara.

However, that face, it was different from the one that Sakakibara has memories of, he was extremely thinner, butーー


「And, in another world, an S-Rank Adventurer. I don’t know what happened, or why you aren’t with Kido, but right now, you’re shitty bastard who’s an errand boy of an idiotic wealthy man……am I correct?」


Sakakibara started to tremble while looking up towards Junpei who deactivated【Mimicry】……and said this with a trembling voice.


「You……Piggy……? Are you……Takeda……Takeda……Junpei?」


“Yeah”, Junpei nodded. While making a terrible smile, he says while raising his middle finger.


「Correct. I’ve come backーーfrom hell」






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