The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 5 – The Beginning of the Revenge ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 1)






In a forest 10 kilometers away from the lake where their base camp is in.

Today, Junpei and his company have come to investigate the elves’ village.

Surprisingly, there is also quite some rule for hunting the elf race.

Following the circumstances, the reason or origin of this matter, was the war between humans and demi-humans that happened in the past.

The human race invaded the territory of the demi-humans one next to the other, using the violence through numbers. And when the situation where the defeat of the demi-humans became inevitable had come, a cease-fire agreement was made, and the cease-fire condition was to deprive the demi-humans of their human rights.


Since then, the severe legal repression towards the demi-humans had started.

And the best example for that was, the oppression of the rare species, elves.

The elves who had become the target of hunting because of the rumors that they could be used as medicine for longevity, and from how superior their looks are, their rights to live and die were given to humans, and had an explosive decrease in their population.

And in the recent years, they were finally designated as endangered species.


With those circumstances, recently, there was finally a protection policy for the elves as resources that were draught out.

The human’s side had tried and experimented to increase the numbers of elves, but in the end, the bottleneck was that their reproductive ability was absolutely low.

There was once a case where 30 pairs of elves were prepared, they were stripped naked and for a year, they were given drugs and nutrition using the Mandragora and other dangerous drugs that would increase their libido and they were placed in a narrow room, but the results were disappointing. They had been in terrible conditions in the meaning of sexual conditions, but there were not a single one who became pregnant.

In the end, the situation right now is that, it was concluded that it is needed to abide the elves’ breeding season with the cycles of 250 years.


Because of those circumstances, there were currently no more hunts other than the hunting plan created by the order of knights.

Even if it is done, it would be after the investigating the size of the settlement and the expected numbers of elves before hand, or……when a great noble would come in their vacation, using money their money to do it.

And thanks to that, there was finally an end to the overhunting of elvesーー




Within the deep forest, Junpei who was middle of the investigation of the elves’ settlement asked while leaning his back on the trunk of an ancient tree.


「Hey, senpai」


On Junpei’s side, Sakakibara who was also leaning his back on a thick tree answered.




At the night, during that dayーーJunpei hit it well with Sakakibara during a drinking session, and Junpei was then assigned to be Sakakibara’s chores attendant.

Honestly, Sakakibara’s attitude towards his work was being free and leisure to himself and the other people……so working as his attendant was not that bad. It was a lot better than being sent to other duties of miscellaneous jobs.


「Senpai……how has it passed, since you’ve come to this world?」

「Four years……no, five years, I guess? And then, a lot of things happened……and that’s why I’m working here right now」


“As I’ve thought……”, Junpei thought.

It looks like there was a difference on how time would pass between inside and outside of “that” labyrinth.

From how Junpei felt it, only a month or several months had passed since he had come here, but time had passed outside that Kido and his companions could grow so much that they could become S-Rank adventurers……it seems like actually, 4 or 5 years had already passed.


「That “thing” that could be seen there, they’re elves right?」

「Yeah, I guess so. Looks like they’re in the middle of hunting the orc’s degraded species」


“Hmm……”, Junpei placed a hand on his chin.

In front of them, the black pig monstersーーseveral orcs were making their nest by opening a hole in the tree, but they were now being chased by more than ten elves.

The orcs received arrows on their backs and their blood had dripped away from their whole body, they had wounds all over their body.


「Elves……aren’t they stronger than humans? At least, I can see that E-Rank adventurers wouldn’t be their match at all. Why……does are the elves letting the humans dominate them……?」

「They was a treaty was made, as the result of the war between the humans and the elves you know〜……you don’t know it huh?」



Making an ambiguous smile, Sakakibara curved his lips.


「……intelligent orcs……you know what that is?」


「It’s a jargon that demi-humans use. It’s a derogatory term for humans. Well, for example you know, we can’t hit nobles. We can’t go against them directly. And for elves, they can’t even show a rebellious attitude and expressions, or even talk back to nobles」


Sakakibara continued.


「ーーusing their vigorous reproductive abilities, the humans won the war. And then, so〜……in exchange of not killing all of the elves, we gained the rights to treat them as livestock. Well, that’s about it」

「And so, this time is a fox hunt, or rather an elf hunt huh?」

「As long as that honorable noble is with us, the elves could only run away〜. If they would counterattack……their whole settlement……it would be a massacre」

「I see……」

「Well, living things, well……how can I say this, they should be happy what they have right? Well, that……it’s important. It’s very important……to check carefully……the opponents you could win against or not, the ones who you can’t defy and rebel against. And so……you should look down on the ones you could look down to, and……exploit them to their limits, I think. Just like how the elves treat the orcs……or how the humans treat the elves」


Junpei was looking at the male elf splitting the head of an orc.

Its brains were smashed and scattered, and to that orc collapsing to the ground, the group of elves raised happy cheers.

Looking at that scene, Junpei let out a light sigh.


「Well……elves who hunts orcs to eat, being hunted by humans, with a meaning, it could be said that it’s a food pyramid……」


“By the way”, Junpei asked Sakakibara to change the topic.


「Hey, Senpai?」

「You have too many questions you know……well, whatever. I’ll be kind to you, since we came from the same place……and then, so, what is it?」

「That……what are they doing?」


Junpei and Sakakibara looks to the left.

In there, there was the elf princess that was caught days before and a different female elf that seemed to be caught before as well, and they were facing each other holding a sword.


「They’re being forced……to kill each other you know〜……」

「Why is that?」

「The elves’ liver, do you know that it’s a medicine for longevity?」

「I think I heard it before」


Sakakibara said while shrugging his shoulders.


「If the elves are forced to kill each other, you know……it is said that the one who survives……their livers would be more effective」

「……and the authenticity of that is? I mean, is there really an effect for longevity?」

「A thousand years before, you know, a senile old woman said it, it seems. Well, it’s something like a religion. And then, it is really nasty, because it has now spread as the beginning of the holy church that spread across this world」


「……you also came from Earth right?」

「Yes, that is true」


While holding his laugh, Sakakibara said.


「Will you be convinced if I say, a cult became the world’s religion?」


“Ahh”, Junpei puts a fist in his palm.


「It’s very like “that” huh……I see. In this world……it is very congratulatory in the meaning of despair」


In Junpei’s look, he saw the elf princess stabbing her sword to her brethren while crying, and she has just beheaded her to finish her off.


「That’s about it」


“Fu〜n”, after Junpei became silent for a while, he opened his mouth again.


「Hey, Senpai?」

「You really have too many questions……although we came from the same place, give me a break? Well, whatever……and then, what is it?」

「Why……is she being forced to cannibalize?」


Making a grin, Sakakibara cheerfully answered Junpei’s question.


「That is, well, it’s my hobby」



Looking there, the elf princess whose equipments were taken off was being picked on by the sturdy men.

No, being picked on is too soft to describe it.

More specifically, she’s being violated by kicks and punches.

She lost several teeth, and her whole body was branded by scars and bruises.


「Please……please stop……bihhyra!」


The huge man’s kick hits the side of her head perfectly.

When she collapsed to the ground, she was furthermore kicked to the stomach.


「I cansh e-eat……please……don’t……I……I can’t……. please……help……help me……anybody……gya!」


Following that, her fingers were stepped on by the heel of the boots.


「I-I, I w-will do anything……anything, if yo-you want me to lick……I-I’ll lick it…… one night……ho-how many comes, I-I won’t mind……I’ll s-serve e-everyone……. b-but……please……just……just don’t make me……don’t make me eat elven meat……please……please……」


Her eyes had completely lost its shine, and only a dark expression could be seen.


「It has only been three days since right? That……elf that seems to be very proud……what did you do to make her like that?」


“n?”, Sakakibara laughed cheerfully.


「Drugs and violence. That’s all it is you know〜…… well, normal ones……they wouldn’t even last for 24 hours. That girl, she’s endured pretty well, I think〜……she was still rebellious for about 36 hours……」

「……really, you have some hobby there」

「Women who are……well, strong-willed, you know? Doesn’t it excite your……man’s heart, making them submit?」

「In the past……did a strong-willed woman did something to you?」


Looking far away, Sakakibara opened his mouth.


「My mother, you know……she was a good for nothing……」

「Your mother?」

「Since I remembered……I, have only memories being hit by her, you know」

「……and then?」

「At that time, you know……my mother and father were always fighting……. and because of that, she probably released her stress through me, you know…」


「Well, in the end, they divorced, and including me……until I was teleported here, I was spending some good times. That doesn’t matter anymore though〜……a child’s memory is scary right? Your sexual disposition is fixed because of that」


「And, that elf, you know……after I let her eat her race’s flesh, I’m also thinking like, throwing her into a horde of orcs in heat while naked……I’m also thinking of other things」

「Really……you have quite a hobby there?」


Sakakibara picked up a squirming insect from the ground, and reached it out to Junpei.


「You know what this is?」


It was an insect that was a dung beetle and centipede divided and added up together, shining with oil.

Tens of its feet move disgustingly, one would have their hairs standing just by looking at it.

「……I don’t know」

「It looks like a dobsonfly right? And so……just like in Earth, some regions in this world, have bizarre foods」


「And, that living organism……it has the characteristics of parasitizing humanoid corpses」


Junpei who figured out what he was saying, blatantly frowned hearing that.


「And so, normally, this is an insect that only parasitizes corpses but, if someone were tied up in a tree unable to move……they would misinterpret that they were already dead, and they would parasitize, entering from the vagina, anus, and mouth」


「Why do we do that, if you want to know……the elven cuisine is quite deep you know〜……. in short, we’d intentionally let the insects eat their flesh, making their meat……soft and tender. When their muscle tissues are damaged, after the insects has passed through them, it would make the whole meat’s flavor better, and the meat would become tender」


「So, well, it means that, half of it is for processing elf meat……honestly, the other half would be my hobby though〜…… I, you know……like it very much」

「……by like it, you mean?」

「When the insects crawl under their skin from their wounds or vagina, their meat are also getting eaten. And then……you know……strong-willed women……? They would cry out all their tears, and beg……”please save me”, they’d say……」


「I really like it you know……on the top of the head of those women……pissing on their head while laughing out loud」



Grinning, Sakakibara laughed.


「And then……anywaysーーit would be a spectacle」


「When the insects have increased to a certain number, what do you think would happen?」


「They would bite out a hole. Their stomach, you know. It would be like *Dopa!*. Anyways, they would come out like *Dopa!*. Countless insects, dyed with blood and flesh……at once……you know……how can I say this, it would be like *Dopa!*…….! They would come out like that! And that is, really, so……you can’t think that it’s a scene happening in this world right? And……so, I really like that whole process, that’s why even though I’ve become an S-Rank adventurer, I’m working in this place」


Letting out a very, very deep sigh deep inside, “well then”, Junpei clapped his hand and stood up.


「……this would be the last question」

「You, give me a break okay? Even though we came from the same place, we have a different status, you know……. question, question……how many times has it been in this short time? I’m going to get angry you know?」

「Senpai’s skill, it’s called【Acceleration】, this ability, in short, it could change your own time axis……meaning, you could get a super acceleration by extending 1 second to 3 seconds. However, its time limit is 30 seconds per day……is that right, Senpai?」

「Yeah, that’s right, why?」

「Telling someone your skills……aren’t you a little incautious?」

「I, you know〜……I’m not thinking of working on the line of S-Rank adventurers after all, and guys below the A-Rank, they can’t do anything even though they knew this information you know」


“Then”, Junpei grinned.


「What would happen, if a person who exceeds the level of S-Rank adventurers appear?」


“Haa〜?”, to Sakakibara who was making a dumb expression, Junpei made a mocking smile.


「Even though we came from the same place, you really talk too much. You idiot……and also……your crazy fucking hobby……it’s just so disgusting you dumb fuck……. well, whatever. Well thenーー」


And, he continued.


「ーーthe fun is just starting, you know?」











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