The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 3

Chapter 4 – Great Noble’s Elf Hunt ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 3)






Two hours of walking through the highway after passing through the citadel gates.

Then forty minutes of walking through the side road……when he noticed it, it the surroundings was covered by deep green.

The light coming from the sun above was blocked by the overgrown leaves, it was very dark and dim although it is still in the afternoon.


「According to the map……it’s here……」


And at that time when Junpei whispered that to himself, a lake could be seen.

He checked the surroundings carefully.

About 10 tattered tents that were like patched cloth. And within those, there was one cottage which one could really see as grand and expensive with a glance.

It looks like, this was the base of the guys hunting elves.


「Just as I arrived, there’s already nothing good……」


At the place where Junpei looks at while whispering that, there the appearance of a fat nobleman wearing good clothes.

Surrounding that man was several men with frightening looks that seem to be his followers.

And the thing that they are looking at, was a female elf in her mid-twenties wearing a light armor that shows more skin than covered, holding a bow in her hand.  She was surrounded by more than ten men who were very eager to jump on her anytime.


「The words Tsuwarf Village……have you heard them before?」


To the female elf’s question, the nobleman tilted his head.


「No, I do not」

「I am Tsuwarf Village’s……elf princess. Because of you bastard……my fellowmen……three hundred of them died!! There should be no gains for you even if you attack elves right?!! No, it might have been better for those who we were able to confirm their death. The ones missing exceeds a thousand…… why do you take away elves, and rape them? Why do you take away elves, and eat them? Why do you hunt elves……just for fun? I cannot think that this is an act of an intelligent species with a civilization……!!」


“I see”, Junpei analyzed the situation.

ーーmost probably, she tried to kill the mastermind of the elf hunt using a surprise attack but that ended with a failure……well, I think that it’s along those lines.

The fat nobleman made a ridiculing smile towards the female elf.


「……you are in the presence of cousin of the Sacred Emperorーーin front of the I, the Great Noble. You insolent elf princess, your head is too high. If you are willing to say anything……is it not proper to do it while kneeling and with your head on the ground?」


Receiving those words, the female elf pulled her bow’s strings, and shot an arrow at the fat man.


「Die! You pig! To a bastard like you……there is no right to enjoy living!!」


“I completely agree……”, Junpei thought.

But, the world is not that naive that that arrow would pierce through that man’s head.

The instant after the female elf shot her arrow, there was already a trimmed hair bald monkーーmost probably, having the job of a Martial Artist(Monk)ーーstanding in front of the fat man.

ーーreceiving spin.

Just like that, he diverted the arrow’s trajectory.

After diverting, thirty degrees backward.

The arrow flew away to a misdirected direction.


「Not too bad. Aiming at the great noble……that resolution of quickly pulling your bow without thinking of the consequences…… un, as an action of an amateur who is not even an assassin……well, your movements weren’t so bad」


The bald man nodded, and knocked off the following arrows, the second, the third, off the air.


「It is just, well……your opponent was too bad」


The female elf threw down to the ground her bow while clicking her tongue.

And took out a cloth bag from her waist, removed its string using her mouth, and threw it to the fat manーーshe threw the cloth bag 30 meters away, The string got loose, and the contents of the cloth bag were scattered in the air.


「The great noble’s protege……of course, you have elite guards. If so, it cannot be accomplished using bow and arrowーーI have expected this much!!」


The thing that she scattered, were fine gunpowder.

Just right now, those powder were scattered around the great noble, and a huge explosion is inevitable with just a small spark.

The female elf lighted the oiled cloth she prepared beforehand using a flint, and threw it.


「With just a melee job Monk……you can’t avoid an area attack!!」


Junpei who was observing the situation from faraway, thought while placing a hand on his chin.

ーーdust explosion……no, that’s a little different? Well, whatever, having noble client has nothing to do with me. In the first place, however you think of it, the one’s who’s in the wrong is the human’s side after all.

What Junpei chose was, to be a spectator.

However, when the oiled cloth in fire was in the air, there was a strong wind that passed through the surroundings.

It was an updraft similar to a tornado.

The gunpowder was taken by the wind, and was taken up, up in the air.

After few moments, a spark created by sorcery appeared in the air, and a huge explosion occurred up in the air.

As a result, all of the dust that the female elf scattered were lost.




Towards the panicking female elf, one man walked forward from the back side of the fat man.


「……keeping the gunpowder in distance using the wind, and from a safe place, making it explode using elementary magic」


Then, the female elf spat out full of hatred.


「Multiple Chants(Double)……? A technique equivalent to an A Rank Adventurer……damn it!!」

「Fufu. Well, I will soon become A Rank, but right now, I am still B Rank. Although it depends whether you would still be alive from now on……well, please take care of me」

「Damn itーー!!」


Having veins popping out of her temples, the female elf became half frenzied.

Continuously, she took out seven knives from her waistーーwithout aiming properly, she threw them towards the fat man.

However, all of the course that would have a direct hit was deflected by the monk. And after throwing away all of the knives, the girl fell to her knees to the ground.


「……it’s over……it’s already……over……」


The fat man having men with frightening looks as followers, opened his mouth while having a smile of an absolute victor.


「Striking against this Great Noble is a huge sin. I will let you feel what hell feels like……yes, it is all over, for are, that is」


The female elf slowly stood up, and raised her middle finger.


「The thing that ended……is my revenge. Come nowーーscatter your brains, and show it to death!」


Other than two peopleーーno one understood what the female elf was saying in that place.

*Hyun*, a wind cutting sound.

The female elf had plotted something in this place beforehand.

And that plot, it was arranged that it would end with the knife throwing earlier.

That is right, everything was all according to plan.

That was, a kind of a wire trap. The trap would activate by cutting the wires arranged within the forest beforehand using throwing knives.

The number of traps placed, there are tens, hundreds of homemade bow guns, and the ones that the girl activated were allーーpointing at the place where the fat man was standing right now.

Junpei who has inhuman reflexes and perception abilities were able to notice them immediately, but being a guard is not included in the request he had taken this time.

If so, he is not a person who has a bad hobby of being on the side of that foolish noble……and with that, he continued to be just a spectator just like earlier.

And there was another one, there was a man who was able to react to the bow gun.

Behind the fat man, there was an arrow flying towards his head.

When that black haired young man ran towards the arrow, and grabbed that arrow with a smug face.


「Hahaha! Gunpowder. And traps after the throwing knives……just like that old man monk said, you aren’t so badーーhowever, in the end, just like that old man monk saidーーー, this timeーー」


At the same time when the black haired man started to laugh, the monk had dashed towards the female elf.

After he had grabbed the female elf’s wrist, he locked her arm at lightning speed.

He locked it.

Threw her.

And broke it.

After those flowing like action, *Bogu!*, there was that strange light sound.

It was the sound of the elf’s right elbow joint getting destroyed.

And to that elf facing on the ground, the bald man rode her with his body, and locked her right arm’s joints. It was a situation where she couldn’t move anymore.

When the situation was completely finished, the bald man grinned, raising the corner of his lips.


「ーーthat’s true, this time, your opponent was really the worst. I who is A Rank, and B Rank young genius magician, andーーthat guy who can be counted from above within the S Rank adventurers……he is in this place after all……」


An uncomfortable sweat passed through Junpei’s back who was watching from start to end.

ーーthe magician and the monk……these guys, I’m very confident that I can kill them within seconds. But……that black haired man……

Very carefully, Junpei checked the black haired man from top to bottom.

ーーthat speed right now……I don’t know what tricks he used, but………… with just speed, that guy……isn’t he faster than me?

Junpei’s level easily exceeds 1100. Converting it to the status of an S Rank adventurer, it is near 400, a level out of common sense.

Thinking that the level of the continent’s strongest sword saint is about 200 to 300, the range of that black haired young man should also be around that.

In the first place, to exceed level 300, there is a need to defeat a monster of a very high level, and guys like that can’t be seen other than inside the Interstice Labyrinth.

“If so……”, Junpei made an expression that it was as if he had eaten a bitter bug.

ーーit doesn’t match with the calculation. Even if he placed all his bonus points in evasion efficiency, he shouldn’t exceed the 4300 stats that I have……on top of that, I have the passive effect of increasing it by 1.5 times all times. With that, it’s substantially over 6000 you know?


At that time, the fat man let out a very……very deep sigh.


「B Rank Adventurer……magician Marcus right? Come……come……come here」

「As you wish」


The young man named Marcus had an excited expression, and trotted to the great noble very quickly.

He probably thought that since he blocked the attack using the gunpowder, he would be given some rewards.

He kneeled near the fat man and bowed his head.

But opposite to him, the fat man opened his mouth with disappointment.


「……oh really……I am disappointed with you bastard」


Marcus raised his head, and tilted his head, as if he did not know what he was told.


「……that explosion earlier. In my cheeks, there was slightly……I was hit by a very light heat wave. You have done it, you have done it to this great noble……? This sin is equal to a thousand deaths」


Marcus, seeming to have his blood drained out in an instant, stood up in a hurry, and tried to run away from his place.

But, when he noticed it, there was the appearance of a black haired young man holding a large sword standing in front of Marcus.


「And so, with that, it’s what boss wishes, so……it can’t be……helped right……? Don’t hate me for this okay? Well, you wounded a great noble, so even if you were able to run away from here, it’ll be the start of a fugitive life being chased by the government and the adventurers guild at full force. If so〜……well〜……I can say that it’s a blessing if you can die here」


When the black haired young man made a friendly smile with that, Marcus fell to the ground with his ass.


「Mercy please……have mercy……」


Without caring to him begging for his life, the black haired young man swung his large sword just like swinging a metal bat without changing face colors.

*Pakyo!*, together with that ridiculous sound, the magician’s head exploded.


「This world’s amazing…… how ridiculous are these nobles……haha……what a fucking joke」


Junpei said his honest comments with a silent voice, but no one heard those words.

And furthermore, the black haired young man walked towards the female elf being suppressed by the monk, and asked.


「And then, what would you do now? Dear knight princess? What will you do in this situation hmm?」

「I thought that I could at least return a slash, but…… ku!……kill me if you will……rape me if you want……! However, I will bite off your thing if I am able to. The ones who have that courage……come if you will」


The head of the woman who still shows her pride, the black haired young man stepped on it.



「Who……? In the world……? Would fuck you……? Risking that much……nn? In cities……your value is less than one large copper per night you know?」


*GO!GO!GO!*, with those sounds, the elf’s head was being sandwiched to the ground with the back of young man’s feet.




“Fuu〜”, the black haired young man called out to the fat man with a sigh.


「And then……danna-san? What should we do with this thing?」


And to that, the fat man laughed with a giggle.


「As expected of an S Rank Adventurer……to call ME danna-san……」


And then, *Kuwa*, he glared at the young man, and shouted with a loud voice.



「I amーーa Celestial Being!! Be careful with your wordsーーーーyou……fool!!!!!」



Instinctively, most of the ones in that place prostrated, and took a dogeza position.

Other than the elf, there were three people who did not prostrate.

One is the monk who was currently suppressing the elf. For this guy, it can be said that it couldn’t be helped.

The other one, was the black haired young man who was the one being told to be careful with the way he spoke.

And the last one was, Junpei who was looking from afar, not knowing anything of this world’s common sense.

The sharp-sighted black haired young man who saw him, run towards Junpei with a surprised expression.


「You……sorry if I’m wrong but……you came from Earth or something?」


After thinking of something, Junpei replied to the question.


「……why did you think so?」

「That blonde hair……are you from America or Europe? Well, that doesn’t really matter though〜……in this world, the great noble’s authority is like invincible, so……I think you’d better bow your head?」


*Kokuri*, Junpei nodded, and prostrated at his place.

And then, the fat man started to laugh pleasantly.


「Fufu!! Hahaha!! I heard you? And so I ask! Knowing that it would be for the best that you bow your head, why do you not do so?」


Making a fearless smile, the young man said.


「I, who is an S Rank adventurer without increase of equipments, I am someone……who possess the super-class, super rare skill【Acceleration】after all you know〜……? And so, if danna-san really hates it, then I can stop being a guard here……and just go to a different place, I really don’t mind you know?」


The fat man who heard the young man’s words started to laugh while holding his stomach.


「Oh well……you bastard, you’re really interesting. After I hire you in my place for a while, want me to write a letter of recommendation to my cousin the Sacred Emperor?」

「I told you this earlier right〜……I have a lot of acquaintances in the Sacred Empire’s center of command you know……. how can I say this, things like about the dragon species……thinks like that, it’s because of troublesome things like that that I’m having a wanderer’s life, so…… and then, about this elf……can I train it myself?」

「Yeah, I do not mind, do what you like」

「Then, for the mean time, I should make it obedient, using ordinary soldiers to give it a beating……all day and all night. Oh really, I have trained a strong willed woman like this before. That was very fun really〜……well, it’s a girl from my hometown……though」


After that, the two of them talked to each other about things, but Junpei could not listen after he heard that skill name. If he was able to hear about training a girl from hometown, maybe, Junpei had quite a different feelings for “her” from now on.

Well, putting that on the side, the instant that he heard the word【Accelaration】, Junpei’s ear winced, and he was stunned.






On the back of Junpei’s mind, Noriko, Kido and his entourage appeared.

The violence of hitting and kicking was very normal, and their bullying even progressed to things like dirty things.

And at the end of that, those guys had pushed him to the Interstice Labyrinthーーhe thought of their faces, and many, many times, he matched it with the person in front of him/



ーーit is decided that I would kill this guy. On top of that, I will not let it be so easy with just killing him using poison. I will kill him……the worst way possible.



“But”, Junpei shook his head.



ーーnow is not that time. It will be after……I have properly planned for a countermeasure to that uncertainty called【Acceleration】. Up until now, while going deeper to the labyrinth……I have already waited for so long for this chance. If so……let’s stop being sloppy, right, Takeda Junpei?



Junpei controlled his trembling body because of that waiting chance.

It seems like the conversation with the great noble just finished, Junpei stood up, and asked his last question to the black haired young man.


「Hey, did you also come from Earth? Black hair……are you Chinese?」

「Haha, I’m Japanese. But still, I wonder why in this world, all of the languages are fixed to a common language……」


Junpei made a friendly smile, and reached out his hand as if to ask for a handshake.


With a similarly friendly smile, the young man answered.


「ーーI’m Sakakibara Kazuya」


“I know……” without saying that, Junpei nodded.

Thanks to【Mimicry】, Sakakibara had not noticed at all that the man right in front of him was Takeda Junpei.

However, Junpei has not forgotten that man’s face.

He could not forget it even if he wanted to.

Even if he became muscular, some of his face features change, and even if his air around him changed……Junpei noticed that it was him.



ーーBingo. I finally saw you……Kido’s companion……you rotten bastard!











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