16 comments on “The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Illustrations

  1. th3bl4ckf0x says:

    So the blond haired guy is Junpei using the dryad’s skill he stole.

  2. freakman45 says:

    Happy new years and thanks for the treat. I’m looking forward to him meeting with the elves rather than his childhood friend.

  3. zarvii says:

    I actually don’t want him to meet his childhood friend anymore
    trust can only be given once

  4. popmycorn says:

    My inferences:
    The blond guy is MC disguised. He exited the dungeon and bought a bunch. The sword guy is the bully, who after seeing the money tried to rob. I think this is still the villiage shop. Obviously, he was killed in some way (provoking the MC is how most enemies die). The girl is the betrayed raped girl who used her special foresight power or something to find out clues that MC is alive. Or she found out bully is dead and is like ‘WTF who stole my prey’. MC then goes into some sacred forest or something and is found by elves. Possibilities include that he merely trespassed to there being some kind of warning from some deity they worship or prophecy. Girl in last picture could be simply a guide or something to a thief. IDK about that. The fat guy is an introducer, a merchant or official. He is minor character pointing MC towards perfect job. Of course, he got some ulterior motives too. Probably gets killed. Skinny guy is maybe a ‘rival’ of MC. Super weak but annoying. Might got some heritage thing. And that’s about it. IDK if it’s right, but it’s something to think about. These are all my personal guesses so no spoilers(probably)! Anyway kudos to u if you read all this.

    • crywolf641 says:

      give me a busty elf for reading through the end hahaha

    • if you go back to vol 1 picture you can notice that the last girl is Noriko for pretty sure, look at the shirt and boob and hair style. Fuck man it means that Noriko won t know that he is Junpei.

    • can anyone tell me if mc has beaten the crap out of noriko yet? That chapter is the one i want to see most. started reading the manga, then i started searching for LN and i found this. So as a guy who is about to read this, Is the chapter where mc gets revenge on noriko translated yet? if not, what chapter it is so i can wait in anticipation of when it comes.

  5. rockleethal says:

    man this art isn’t great haha

  6. crywolf641 says:

    hmmmmmm Big Busty Elf? Ok you got my attention >:3

  7. Junpei better kill the childhood friend as soon as they meet.

    • huh? where would the revenge be if he did that, with as much as he suffered. wouldn’t it be better if he tortured her for as long as possible, then killed her. I would say this is a likely possibility considering what happened to him. I mean i would certainly do it, especially if i went through something like that.

  8. In the end no comrade huh dis.

  9. Time to kill this damn traitor.. DIE NORIKO DIE!

    • Kuroh143 says: