The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 2

Chapter 5 – Phalaris’s Bull▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)






ーーPhalaris’s Bull.


Ancient Greece’s Sicily Island. It is the torture device that was selfish order「I want to see new torture ways」by the tyrant Phalaris.


Humans placed inside the bull mold, and its purpose is to kill by burning by setting the fire under the stomach.


However, because the shape of the tube inside is like a trombone, fresh air from outside can be placed inside.


That is why, one wouldn’t be able to lose one’s consciousness inside the flames, they will be burned, while living, and having their consciousness.


Also, the inventor, Perillos, during the development of the device, it is being said that he was made to be the first victim by Phalaris.


Furthermore, Phalaris himself in the after years, he himself became a victim when he got overthrown.


「Hey……are you……serious?」


His usual strong gaze had completely hidden, Junpei asked with an expression that was like a scared puppy.


Compared to that, the man stared intently at Junpei while placing firewood, and just nodded.


The man in front of him, although he cannot be compared to the God, his mentalities is quite disordered.




ーーwhatever I say or do, this guy won’t listen.




With feelings that were like resignation, Junpei, he only left it to his fate.


The chains that bind him to the chair was removed.


As long as the man’s level is over 2500, there’s nothing that he could do.


In fact, he tried to resist in tooth removal in the past days but it was useless.


It seems like he also has resistance to poison, and that also did not work.


As long as Junpei’s blood was not drank or placed in the wounds of the man, the neurotoxin would probably not have an effect.


After the handcuffs and shackles had been removed, the man put Junpei on his shoulders.


「Hey, oi, please……I’m begging you……. I’ll do the manicure with you as many times as you want. So……so……」


Even to Junpei’s begging, the man wouldn’t react.


He only, held the handle without expressions, and opened the door that connects to the bull’s compartment without emotions.


「Please……please……excuse me……from going inside this……」


The man laughed with a dry voice.


「Hahaha. What are you saying? After Phalaris’s bull, eyedrops of molten lead……I’m also thinking of other things. And also, Phalaris’s bull is my favorite torture after all. Not only this once, but it will also be done, twice, thrice, a lot of times」




「In the safety area, one wouldn’t die other than starvation. That’s why I’ll give you food. I’ll continue feeding you. If you’re not willing to eat, I will feed you a smoothie through your rectum. I will no let you die……not so easily」


And the man casually threw Junpei inside the Bull.


「Don’t worry. You won’t die. It’s made like that after all……so, you can be relieved」


“Instead……”, the man continued.


「Cry for me with a good voice okay?」


After saying that, the man closed the entrance, and locked it.


He had already confirmed that the bull itself is made out of orihalcon with his【Appraisal Eyes】, so it would be impossible for a human to destroy it.




What came first, was the heat that he couldn’t even open his eyes too.


After that, the skin that touches the metalーーfrom his palm, *Juu*, the sound of burning came out.




When he tried to breathe, the heated air burned his lungs.


As if he couldn’t hold it in, Junpei’s eyes opened wide, and checked the surroundings.


ーーthere it is!


He bit the breathing opening that was like a tube without hesitation.


Cold have flowed, and his lungs didn’t burn. “To think that breathing normally is this much……”, he felt that there was an oasis for an instant.


However, this is the hell’s cauldron, no, this breathing opening is the devil’s trick.


The life prolongation device that only exists for him to continue sufferingーーthe proof appeared quickly, from the tube that connects to the breathing opening, Junpei’s scream of pain from his whole body burning echoed.








The desperate cry of a bull being strangled, it echoed throughout the basement.


And after that, the man’s voice connected to Junpei’s ears who was suffering inside the bull.


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Well well, what a beautiful cry……you know, I really, really like this. Ahh……I am……with this crying voice……I’m in love with it!!!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」


The man who had his poker face up until nowーーhe was laughing to his delight.


The voices that show happiness that it seems there is none above it.




Skin scorched, and meat burned.


Pain comes around, the breath comes out.


The bull cries.


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」


Meat melts, bones burns.


Pain comes around, the breath comes out.


The bull cries.


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」  


The meat melts, the bones burns.


Pains comes around, breath comes out.


The bull cries.


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」   




The man’s voice that was strangely high-pitched echoes through his nerves.


From when his bones started to scorch, his consciousness slowly fades away.


“I see, I’ll finally lose consciousness with this huh……”, Junpei thought as if he wasn’t concerned with it, but, however, at the same time, the silver particles repairs his body.


His consciousness that had finally started to go away has revived.


「Rege……neration……damn it!! Don’t mess around!!」


It looks like, so that he wouldn’t fall out of his consciousness……the flames area being adjusted.




Skins scorched, and meat burned.


Pain comes around, breath comes out.


The bull cries.


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」    


Meat melts, bones burns.  


Pain comes around, breath comes out.


The bull cries.


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」     


The meat melts, bones burns.


Pain comes around, breath comes out.


The bull cries.




The consciousness that starts to fade away, however, the silver particles that appears. Regeneration starts. Consciousness revived.




Skins scorched, and meat burned.  


Pain comes around, breath comes out.  


The bull cries.  


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」


The meat melts, bones burns.  


Pain comes around, breath comes out.   


The bull cries.   


「Kuhaha……fuhaha!! Hahaha!! Kuhahaha!!」  


The meat melts, bones burns.   


Pain comes around, breath comes out.    


The bull cries.    


And silver particles that appear. Regeneration starts.




“I wonder how long it has passed”. Inside the scorching orihalcon, while suffering, Junpei thought.




ーーwhy is this happening.


Is it because I got careless on this floor? That’s for sure. I will be deprived if I fail, that’s the rule of this world.


But, the reason that this is happening……that isn’t the root of the cause.


ーーwhy am I being imprisoned in this labyrinth.


Inside the scorching hell, Junpei thought.


Noriko, Kido, ahh, I need to hit those guys at least once huh. Un, just like what’s happening to me……making them experience things worse than death might be good too.


But, the reason that this is happening to me……that’s not the direct cause.


ーーwhy am I so weak.


Right, that’s right.


The reason that I am being pathetically burned right now, and the reason that I was thrown into this labyrinth, and wandering aroundーーweakness, that’s the cause.




He gripped his right hand that was burned, and had bones being exposed.


Something blazing comes up out within him.


ーーthat was anger.


Anger to his own weak self, blazing anger to this world’s cruelty.


「Damn it, damn it, damn it……damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」


Without using the breathing opening, he screamed with all of his strength.


His lungs burned, and he coughed, but he didn’t mind.


And using only his strengthーーhe punches the orihalcon place with his right arm.


He knew that it was useless resistance. However, he couldn’t help himself but to hit something.


*Gakon*, a metal sound, and at the same time his fist burned. It was something that he knew that would happen, however, even soーー


However, Junpei noticed something strange.


The feeling that he had expected, it wouldn’t come however he waited.


And, he dropped his jaws to the scene in front of him.




ーーit was because, the bull mold, from its right shoulder to its stomach……it blew away.


He didn’t knew what has happening, but to escape from the heat, Junpei immediately rolled out of the mold, and landed on the ground.


Junpei himself, of course, but the one that was more surprised was the man named Jyr.


「That’s orihalcon you know……deterioration through ages? No, that’s impossible……what in the world……what does this mean……」


To the man who had an expression that was like a pigeon hit by a bean, Junpei smiled fearlessly.


Junpei who was scared to death up until just now, he declared while laughing to his lungs.


「Come to think of it, that God was also saying don’t count on it huh. The activation requirement and also the effects……what a tremendous skill. I mean, I don’t know who it is, but someone’s body, without permission……don’t put in some tremendous things」


With Junpei’s own【Appraisal Eyes】, after checking the skill that was placed to himself, what he knew was an alien existence.




【The Devil’s Right Hand】

Skill Rank ▼▼▼ Cannot be appraised

Characteristics ▼▼▼ Objects and body without exceptions, can destroy most of the things that take contact with it.  Asdqnl wqerqndf  werq dkapj  wjkadfaoho peuhjnafe kjnkdfn  j. Okpaweklnf jffne ajnskdf fewfeoisd. Ehawuhoaweruoh;aeln@ dlnf;a3 fdajnfeuin. Awlenr23 f lskaklwou ois;jnmetuo ouaoenon#oing 2jndf0uha lanlksneonre. (※Activation requirement: Pain to extreme state. Strong anger against the world. Thesaurus points below 80. Also, skill activation through the user’s will is impossible)




Junpei continued to laugh out loud.


That was laughter that comes from an overwhelming position, a winner’s laughter.


「Kuhaha……really. Can destroy most of the things you say……isn’t that terrific. Don’t write dreadful things so casually you bastard….…on top of that, what the heck’s with those garbled characters……don’t tell me there’s also other things hidden. Really……I really don’t fucking get it. But……well,  if you’re saying that, I’ll thankfully use it」


Those words of Junpei as the signal, the man started to run away towards his back.


The place he ran to was the torture device collectionーーwithin those, he took out a huge saw.


「Well, your level is only more or less 1000……anyways, you’re not my opponent」


The same time he said that, the man charged to Junpei while holding his saw, and swung it down.


*Shun*, together with the sound of wind getting cut, the dangerous weapon cuts nothing.


「ーーunfortunately, this one is proud with his evasion. It looks like I can win in terms of speed」


After dodging the direct attack of the saw, Junpei casually grabbed the saw that was swung down to the ground.




ーーblinding flash.




In the next instant, the materials that composed the saw changed into light.


And continuous to that, Junpei grabbed the man’s right shoulder.


Flash once again.


*Botori*, the man’s right arm fell to the ground, and fresh blood splashed out to Junpei’s cheeks, making blood cosmetics.


「I see……this is really, a cheat skill huh」


The corner of Junpei’s lips curved up.


The man’s wounds also, it was shrouded by the silver particles, and the loss of blood stopped.


Impatience came out of the man’s face for the first time, and he had sweat dripping out of his forehead.


「Well, as long as you’re not an idiot, I think that you know the difference with out battle strength right now」




After silence for a while, the man made a surrender pose raising his hands.


Playing around insects with absolute powerーーfor him who had done that throughout his life, losing his own right arm was enough damage for him to lose his will to fight.


「I surrender……I’ll admit my defeat」


And then, the man worryingly asked Junpei.


「Oi……you……. you……what are you planning to do to me?」


Junpei answered with a kind face.


「It’s okay, I’m kind after all」


The fear from the man’s expression disappeared, and immediately returned to his expressionless face.


「Tha……that’s right. It’s true, you’re someone so kind that you even tried to save me who you saw injured……」


“Ahh”, Junpei laughed wryly.


「If I’m correct, the things needed for recovery in the safety area is water and calories, that’s all right?」


Unable to understand the point of Junpei’s question, the man tilted his head.


「Yeah, that’s true……」


The man worryingly continued.


「Why do you ask something like that? Don’t tell me……you……are you really going to have revenge against me……?」


Once again, Junpei made a kind smile.


「Didn’t I tell you. I’m very kind……unlike you, I won’t do an unfathomable thing」


「……thank goodness」


“Un”, Junpei continued.


「Unlike you, I’m very kind. That’s why, I won’t give you food. I won’t give you water. Well, don’t worry, the pain……it won’t continue forever」




To the man who had a dumbfounded expression, Junpei refreshingly continued.


「I also think that you know this. Phalaris who ordered to invent this bull, after getting overthrown, he himself was placed inside his bullーーand became its last victim. If that is so, the last victim of this device, shouldn’t it be you?」


And, curving his lips upwards, Junpei made a cruel smile.




「Well now, cry me a good voice okay?」




“Hii!”, the man raised a voice that couldn’t be distinguished between a scream and husky voice. For the first time, his expression, it was dyed with clear colors of fear.








Chapter 4The Dungeon SeekerEpilogue

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