The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 2

Chapter 4 – The Witch of Petrification and Dragon of Flames ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)



The man had tears while talking. It probably comes from the man’s heart, while having many emotions, he said that to Junpei coldly.


「……I see now. And……because you love your daughters so much, with that kind of reason, am being set up right now?」

「Frankly speaking, that would be correct」


Was he disappointed to the man’s casual answer, Junpei shrugged his shoulder while being amazed ambiguously.


「……you’d return that there……really……you’re a fox like guy」

「However, how did you notice that you’re already within the search range of the Witch? I did not tell you her【Clairvoyance】ability, and there was no way for you to know her aggressive personality right」


After thinking for a while, Junpei opened his mouth.


「I asked this earlier, but did a guy who has weirdly cheerful tone come before? A treasure hunter in his thirties……and once a neet……」

「No……I have no memory of that」


Thinking again, Junpei shrugged his shoulders.


「For the meantime, you should really take a look at the letters left on places that stand out you know」

「Letters? Left……? I’m sorry, I cannot really understand, what you’re talking about」


“Yareyare”, Junpei took a giving up pose raising both his arms.


「……really, you’re a shrewd guy」

「Aren’t you shrewd yourself too? I have confidence that I am an excellent alchemist at least. Other than the【Appraisal Eyes】that you have too, I have other different person appraising skills」

「What do you want to say?」

「Acting like an ordinary adventurer……【Skill Hunt】ーーthe rare skill that is being called the strongest and the worst within the seven selection of magic eyes,【Skill Hunt】……on top of that, you are hiding other tremendous skills right? And also, the ki wavelengths that you possess……I can see as if you have spent decent years. Maybe, you also took Soma?」

「……? I’m truly a 17-years-old yo? Your person appraising skills are really fishy huh……in the first place, I only have skills that I stole」

「Well, I wont inquire too much. For my part, I have no complaints if you subjugate Sanya」


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded.


「As for my part, I would get a match easily, so I got until here」


And there, the man stopped and turned around to Junpei.


「An easy match……? I was thinking that I will tell you the way of subjugating her……」


Calling out his item box, Junpei took out a mirror from it.


「Ahh, I know it even if you don’t tell me? And, before that, I’ll just confirm it……you’ve finished evacuating the homunculi right?」

「The witch is able to use wide-range magic after all. Well, I closed them in a facility placed pretty far, to not let them die from flying sparks」

「Then there’s no problem……and, about the witch subjugation, most probably……you’re telling me to use this right?」



The man whistled who seemed to get surprised.


「Well, it’s a famous mythology in the world I was in……there was defeating Medusa while looking at the mirror. It’s something like cheating」

「I’ll continue what I’m talking about? Normal attacks won’t get through Witch Sanya’s defensive magic. But even so, it is only a child’s compared to the defensive barriers that the gods have. Andーーyour Cerberus’s Canine has a god-killing attribute. Even how powerless you are, the opponent is a magician job, not a melee-type job. On top of that, she completely relies on special abilities, so if you attack that, she is very brittle. How I see it, if you do well with your speed……you can obtain victory for about 60%」


“No”, there, Junpei shook his head sidewards.


「It’s 100%」



They climbed up on the stairs at the end of the corridor.

When they reached the second floor, they advanced the long corridor again.

Marble stones and red carpet, and stone statues placed beside them. Who knows, if these stone statues were the fate of the intruders, or just art objects……but anyways, human, monsters, or maybe animals……the common thing among all of these statues, was that they were having an expression of fear and agony.


「You had talked about the perfume before we entered the mansion right?」


With the statues at the side, Junpei said that.


「Perfume……ahh, the third important thing needed by the homunculi to live on this floor……the perfume to evade the flame dragon. I spent a hard time developing it……well, it’s because the preparation for the mass production of this perfume has been established, means the resistance act right now against the witch……」

「Ahh. The instant I heard that, my chance of winning became 100%」

「……what do you mean?」


And there, the man and Junpei stopped at the same time.


「……it looks like she’s welcoming us」


The large hall of the mansion spread before them.

About 20 meters vertically, 30 meters horizontally indoors, the stained glasses colored the room with seven colors.

The reason why Junpei was able to notice her entrance, was because of the intense smell of perfume.

Junpei and the alchemist man, they are confronting Witch Sanya, but of course, they cannot meet their sight with her, so Junpei can’t see her upper body.


ーーif Junpei was able to look at her directly, he would’ve held his breath.


Her silk-like silver wavy hairーーthe tips of her hair were squirming.

As a sense of fashion, she clustered her hair with wax just like in modern times, but in her case, it was leaning to the side. If said frankly, her hair was made up of hundreds of snakes.

Squirming silver hair, an unyielding gaze, it matches her thick eyebrows.

Clad in a simple violet dress, her abundant chest was being emphasized. Her artistic body lines and buttocks, it was as if it is a greek sculpture.

While looking at her feetーーwhile looking at the red high heels, Junpei activated【Appraisal Eyes】





Danger Specification ▼▼▼ Mythology Class (Lower Ranks)

Characteristics ▼▼▼ A witch who has magic eyes of petrification that even appears in the greek mythology. They are three sisters in the mythology, and the youngest one is called Medusa. Medusa’s head that was subjugated by the hero Perseus, after it was offered to the gods above, in was placed inside Zeus’s shieldーーthe Aegis Shield.

Also, even within the western mythology’s arms and equipments, Aegis Shield is being called the strongest, but the name of the Aegis Systemーーthe integrated naval weapons radar comes from that.




“What”, Junpei’s eyebrows narrowed.

ーーexplanation of Aegis System in the【Appraisal Eyes】……? On top of that, most of it are only explanation of the mythology……it means that this ability is the optimal explanation that comes out of my knowledge……?

“Well, anyways”, he started to speak towards the witch.


「You know what we’ve come for right?」

「Ufufu. Oh yes……murdering Onee-san……is it? Together with that alchemist burning with justice……Zafie, you’re the cute little boy that was deceived by his words right? At times like this【Clairvoyance】is really useful right」


With a sweet voice that tickles his nose, Witch Sanya replied.


「Then the story is fast, I want to ask something before we bring it on」

「Ara, time for questions already? You’re pretty much……hasty huh? I don’t hate men who want it while it’s hot you know」

「Just answer the question……in the deepest part of this labyrinth……what in the world is ahead of there」

「Ara, even Onee-san don’t know what’s in there you know? What is in there……Onee-san’s curious about it too」


“Hmm……”, Junpei placed his hand in his jaw, and asked once again.


「Then, I’ll change the question. I want to know the situation of the group that is clearing the deep floors. Within your knowledge would be fine enough」

「Ara, even Onee-san don’t know about that you know? What kind of people and what they’re doing there……Onee-san’s very curious about it too」


“This isn’t going anywhere”, Junpei tilted his head a little.


「Hey, you……you’re not planning to answer questions……right?」

「Ara? How did you notice」

「I guessed so」


Junpei, just like that, took a step forward towards the witch. The distance between them is 10 meters. It looks like they haven’t entered both of their attacking range yet, there was no tension on the two’s expressions.

One step further, and another step.


「Ara ara, well, well. Really, you’re really hasty ……but, little boy, hey? Are you planning to fight in close range with only looking at my feet?」


“Kusukusu”, Sanya lusciously brought her snake hair upwards.

In the blink of an eye before she finished those words, Junpei kicked the floor.

While leaping, he twisted his body.


「Oh my, this boy……you have a great mindset huh……」


Landing after leaping.

Junpei held a hand mirror in his left hand, and without looking at the witch directly, he was able to successfully look at her appearance.


「Well, it’s something like cheating though. I hadn’t been grateful for the mythology’s hero-san this much」


Junpei charged at the witch’s back with the Cerberus’s Canine.

The witch splendidly dodged with a sidestep.

But, following that, thrusts aimed for her vital parts flew.

And while dodging all of that, the with said while being ambiguously amazed.


「To fight while looking at a mirror……you’re really a dexterous child huh? I had an image that thief types has high parameters for evasion though……」


“And……”, the witch laughed highly.


「Ufufu……don’t tell me, that you had captured me with only that? If so, it would be really cute though……」


Crouching down, the witch turned using her hands as support.

She sent out a circular leg sweep with a meter in radius.


「……well, it’s also a first for me fighting using a mirror. Honestly, my evasion ability probably has gone below half?」


Junpei dodged the leg sweep sent by the witch.

While fluttering in the air, he whispered while making a wry smile.


「Ufufu. I’m not talking about that. You’re slightly off huh……I’ll teach you then. Hey? With that……let’s say that you were able to touch me, how does powerless little boy plans to defeat me? It’s true that you can wound my skin with the Cerberus’s Canine thoughーー」


Towards Junpei, the witch chanted something.

And, at the same time, several arrows of flames were sent out.

Junpei twisted his body in the air, and landed while dodging the arrows.

But when he noticed it, additional tens of flame arrows were attacking him.

All of the arrows’ path were aimed at Junpei, but with zigzag movements, he easily dodged them.


“Hou……”, the witch held her breath with that.


There was no blaming her for being surprised. Junpei’s speed is already reached inhuman levels. With straight attacks that don’t reach the sound of speed, there was no way to catch him.

At the same time he finished dodging all of it, Junpei charged at the witch straight.

As quick as lightning.

He made it as if he was going at her head on, but he went to her back at lightning speeds.


ーーI killed her.


The Cerberus’s Canine was really able to catch the witch’s medullas.




But, it only wounded the surface of her skin, and the blade didn’t reach deep inside.


「You should listen up to the end you know? Well, you have great speed and dexterity, butーーlittle boy is really powerless you know」


At the same time she turned around with a smile, the witch caught Junpei’s wrist.




Junpei who had his wrist twisted, dropped the Cerberus’s Canine.

He even dropped the mirror, and it was immediately destroyed by the witch’s high heels.


「With this, little boy couldn’t even dodge, let to say win against Onee-san. You got it? Onee-san’s win is already inevitable」


She grinned, raising the end of her lips, the witch continued.


「……letting my guard down thinking of that……you really think of that huh?」


Without leaving her sight from Junpei, she let out a kick to the back.




With a dull sound, an invisible something was blown off.

Junpei who couldn’t understand the situation, could only widen his eyes.


「My magic eyes have also shown your plans. This boy is only a decoyーーand the real thing, is aiming at the chance when I’m focusing on this boy, your surprise attack……if you were able to do that perfectly, you might’ve been able to make me unable to fight though?」


It looks like he had a decent amount of damage. The alchemist who released his invisibility, asked the witch while sweating and making an expression of agony.


「How did……you know?」

「ーーAra? Haven’t I told you? My right eye is the magic eye of petrification. And the left eye is the magic eye of distant view. And……I have a third magic eye you know」


“Ufufu”, the witch laughed lusciously.


And she turned her sight to Junpei.

She kicked Junpei’s jaws, and pierced his stomach with the Cerberus’s Canine while in the air.

*Dosari*, Junpei collapsed to the ground forwardly.

At the same time that ended, she once again looked at the alchemist.


「ーー【Magic Eyes of Time Reading】. You know what that means right?」


“Game over……” hinting that, the alchemist made a wry laugh.


「【Future Sight】? ……seven selections of magic eyes……」

「Oh no. This isn’t an absurd thing like【Future Sight】you know? Specifically speaking, it’s an extreme advance reading ability……And, in this magic eyes, I can’t read in advance with nothing. Inevitably, some information from the target is needed. That is why, for example, this little boy’s movements, Onee-san couldn’t read all of it」


“Although……”, the witch added.


「If it’s your movements and how you think, I can read it correctly you know? After allーーwe had with each other for long」

「……petrification, distant view, and time reading……all of it……you say……? Ridiculous……such a……ridiculous thing would……」

「That’s why I’m able to live inside this labyrinth for thousands of years, and I also have an independent authority for the development of homunculus. Additionally speaking……after the development finishes, I am also going to return to the frontlines. Well, compared to when I was still on active duty, the clearing group’s level is very high, but……that gap will shrink immediately with the experience points meat bags」


And there, *Pan*, she clapped her hands.


「The story’s finished here. Ufufu? Your coup d’etat failed huh……? Ne〜, what would you do? Ne〜? How does if feel? How does it feel?」


The witch walked towards the alchemist who laid on his side. *KotsunKotsun*, the witch’s heel echoed loudly, walking on the marble floor.

When she reached to where she could look down at the alchemist, the witch stepped on his little finger with her heels.



「……you’re really hilarious you know……not noticing that I was only letting you do your thing, thank you for all of your hard work」

「Letting me……?」

「Ara? Haven’t you noticed? No, I didn’t think that……as I’ve thought, you lack brains up to that point huh? Then, I’ll explain it to you. ……this place, isn’t it very boring? The sprouting of fatherly love for the homunculus, feeling of protecting themーーand also the rebellion, I knew all of it. And while knowing all of that……I was having fun with it. Your resistance was very entertaining……」


Founding all about everything, the man spat out as if to give up.


「All was on the top of buddha’s palm……or the witch’s palm……huh」

「Well then, next is your ring finger」


The witch raised her feet high, and when had aimed at the man’s ring finger with her heels, a voice echoed from her behind.


「……wait……, granny」


Silence that came for an instant. And the witch let out a surprised voice.


「Oh my. This boy, he’s still alive?」


With eyes as if she looks at a dirty cloth, she turned to Junpei.

Junpei checked the current situation.

It’s true that his bleeding is terrible, but he was able to let his organs avoid it.

“Yosh……”, he nodded, took out the mandragora powder. Sucked it with his nose as a substitute for a stimulant, and stood up.


「Hey, little boy? Ne〜? Getting messed up to that point, even though there’s no chance of winning……why can you do your best like that?」

「How can I say this……I, you know, I was a bullied kid. And, you……however I looked at you, you’re the tyrant of this floor」


“Hmm”, the witch tilted her head.



「Physiologically, I can’t accept it. That’s the reason」


The witch broke into a smile, and started laughing while holding her stomach.


「Kufufu, hahahaha!!」


Her muscles convulsed, and crouched in her place.

As if it was really painful, she continued to laugh while catching her breath.


「Hey, are you stupid? Idiot? Are you and idiot? Is little boy really that stupid? You’d die for that reason? You’d die with that?」


While wiping off her tears of laughter with her little finger, she continued.


「Well, there’s not much information, butーーyou can’t defeat me with your strength. Even if, it was a Cerberus’s Canine, not mentioning defeating meーーyou wouldn’t even be able to give me a lethal blow」


Junpei answered as if it’s nothing


「Ahh, that’s true. On top of that, the mirror also……it was broken earlier, and I can only look at your feet」

「Then, are you saying you’d fight against me with your eyes closed? An idiot? Are you stupid? How idiotic could you get?」

「The first reason that I can’t win against you……first, I can’t deal a decent blow……was it that, you say? And, if you’re saying that even though I have the Cerberus’s Canine……the basis of that is probably……your magic eyes」

「That is correct, so? It’s true, that with the clash earlier, I at least know what you can and cannot do」

「Your hometown is?」

「Outside……it is the Armenia Republic……what’s of that?」


“I see now”, Junpei made a smile full of composure.


「……bring it on, you shit. With that, you’ll absolutely be unable to catch my movements」

「It seems like you’re confident, but……what will you do against me, with that state near blindness? Even though you’re fast a little……and also, I thought of this since earlier, little boy has a foul mouth huh? You should speak more respectfully to your elders you know?」

「I’m telling you to hurry up and bring it on……you son of a bitch. It seems like you’re proud that your tits are big, but it’s pretty much sagging you know? In the first place, a granny who uses drugs to become young, you’re so unsightly I feel like throwing up」


*Pikiri*, veins popped out of the witch’s temples.


「……fufu……I was planning on killing you, but I changed my mind. I will play with you before I kill you」


In a blink of an eye, the witch ran towards Junpei, and took out a short sword from her waist.


「Now then, it’s true that you’re in a state that you can’t see with your eyesーーlet me see what you can do from here!!」


At the same time with the flashing slash of the short sword, Junpei stepped forward and moved his body.

Inevitably, the short sword cuts the air.


「Something can be done unexpectedly, though my eyes can’t see huh?」


“Hmph”, the witch scoffed at Junpei.


「You’re a dexterous boy, so maybe you can do that at least, even looking only at my feet……I guessed that much. That’s right, if it’s for once or twice……though……well then, how about this?」


*HyunHyunHyun*, the witch started to swing her short sword indiscriminatingly.

But all of those slashes, Junpei continued to dodge gracefully, half of it as if to dance.

And looking for a chance, Junpei who grabbed the witch’s wrist, was face to face with her.

The witch opened her mouth with tone mixed with confusion.


「Why……why can you move with your eyes closed……?」

「My evasion efficiency isn’t normal you know……when it exceeded around 2000, I guess? My sensory organs other than my sight, I started to use them unrelated with my consciousness. Hearing and smell not to be mentioned, the flow of air, with my skinーーI can feel it with touch, and my pure intuition sharpened. All of my senses, right now, it is heightened」


“If that is so”, Junpei continued.


「Fighting without using my sight was possible from the start. It’s not like, your speed is fast or anything……frankly speaking, it’s not something much」


And there, with a surprised expression, the witch asked.


「Then, why, did little boy……gone his way to use a mirror……?」

「Are youーーan idiot? An idiot? Are you an idiot?」


Junpei continued with a tone of sarcasm.


「Of course it’s a fake to let your guard down!」

「It’s true that I can admit that little boy’s speed and dexterity is appalling. However, to do something to Onee-san, Cerberus’s Canine is needed」


While grabbing the witch’s arm, Junpei nodded.


「It’s true that my strength isn’t enough to wound you」

「If that is so……ne〜, holding Onee-san’s wrist like this with no weapons, what are you going to do with that?」


“Haha!”, Junpei scoffed at the witch.


「Well, of course, you know……you’d react like that right? In the first place, there isn’t a concept of karate martial arts in this world. No, even if I just don’t know about it, even if it exists, it wouldn’t be a major thing. And, your advance reading could only guess from the things you have in your knowledge」


To the witch who had a dumbfounded expression, Junpei continued with a fearless smile.


「If that is soーーfrom here, I will take another step!!!」


As he said, Junpei took a step forward with his cheering roar.


「The development from hereーーread it if you can!!」


Junpei grabbed the sleeve on the witch’s right hand, and pulled it.

The witch’s balance broke……and at the same time, Junpei made a u-turn with his body using a special step, and closed into her waist at once.

And she carried the witch while getting her right arms caught with it.



「This is a martial art that doesn’t exist a little in this world right……with those magic eyes that you’re proud of, were you able to guess up to this? Onee-san!!」


Her center of gravity broke, she was carried on Junpei’s back unable to do anything, into a state where her movements have been fully stolen.

To the witch’s first experience, she raised shouts of pain.


「Hi!……what’s this……what……is this……?」

「Now, behold! This is the JapaneseーーYawara no Waza!!」


While drawing a circle, the witch flew in the air.

One-armed shoulder throwーーand that which he threw her freely.




In normal judo, the rule is, they would adjust their powers to not let their opponents get injured, and to not let go of their arms until they landed.

But, in this case, he doesn’t need to worry about his opponent getting injured. That is why, he threw her freely.


Inevitably, the speed that the witch flew in the air was quite significant.

What she was going to, was the stained glass window.

She crashed through the stained glass window with rumbles, and the witch was thrown 20 meters below outside the mansion.

But the witch laughed while letting herself freely fall.


「It’s true that I was surprised……to think that there were also martial arts like this huh? However……well, it’s true that this is high enough, but……are you gonna kill me by falling? That’s really too……」



While watching the witch fall, Junpei who was standing by the window made a mischievous, sweet smile.


「ーーare youーーan idiot? An idiot? Are you an idiot? Are you really thinking, that I uselessly threw you without chances of winning? Didn’t you say it yourself? That I……no, that I can’t wound you by myself」


*Dosa!*, the witch fell. And the result, with the assistance of magic, the impact of falling wasn’t that much. But even so, to Junpei who was very confident, “Is he stupid”, the witch made a dumbfounded expression.


「Why did you think that……I would go on my way faking death once? Of course, It was to make all of your magic eyes’ powers, make you spend it on petrification and advance reading “under limited situation”, and disable your magic eyes of far sight!」


「You still don’t get it……?」


*Gui*, he pointed with his jaw, and prompted her to look to her left.




Looking to her left, the witch got frozen.

Her expression, with her astonishment, it was gradually dyed with violet colors.


「What? What? What is this? Ne〜, what is this? What is this what is this? Ne〜? Ne〜? Ne〜ne〜ne〜? Why did something like this? What is this what is this what is this?」

The scenery the witch sawーーno, that creatureーーis according to the treasure hunter, it was written like this.




Its body length exceeds 30 meters. It breaths fire and fly in the sky. Well, with one word, it’s a giant monster.

Speaking seriously, it’s the level that I would want to call for fighter jets and destroyer ships. This one also hadn’t had a case that it was subjugated.

And, the adventurers that went through this floor safely.

It’s a ridiculous thing, but they completely ignored the witch and its assistant, and no one also dealt with the flame dragon and passed them by.

Well, dragon species has higher ranks than the Demon King outside……it’s like they’re being looked at at the same level as gods so it’s very natural if you say so……

And with that, I recommend that you pass through this floor.




In short, the scenery that she sawーーit was the flame dragon flying from afar.


「Hey, witch-sama? The drug that calls out the dragon, made by your partner, you know……」

「……eh? ah? uh?」

「It’s danger, you lethally couldn’t understand it completely. Well, it was always your partner’s work to put perfume on the sacrificial homunculi, so it couldn’t be helped I guess……you’re too naive! Your recognition of it……!」


And, he continued.


「You didn’t think……that it would work to your disadvantage, didn’t you?」


Also, this was written by a certain treasure hunter.



Right, right. I’ll also write this down……the perfume that the witch’s assistant develop is amazing yo? There’s two kinds of them, one of them, you can only say that it’s intense.

How amazing it is you ask……it will stimulate your appetite until you lose your sanity, and the distance that it could call out its target has a radius of tens of kilometers, it’s that amazing.



And, its effects, the alchemist said, it even abnormally promotes even the dragon’s libido.

Even exceeding the differences between racesーーindiscriminately.

The witch who finally grasped the situation, asked while trembling.


「You……did you use that perfume on me? When in the world, on what timing?」

「Haha, you’re panicking enough that the way you call yourself had changed huh?」

「But……something like putting perfume on me, immediately, on this timing, to make the dragon aim for me……such a favorable thing……there is no way……?」

「It’s true that I put the perfume on you?」


“However”, Junpei winked at her.


「The perfume isn’t just here……it’s in this whole area.」


“Tch!”, the witch clicked her tongue.


「The dragon……to this mansion……no, it is a wide-range attack to this whole area……you say?」

「That’s right. After that, I only needed to measure the timing that the dragon would come here……it just means that」


The dragon has already closed in within a few hundred meters. It flew violently that its intense libido and hunger could be felt where they are. And its target, as Junpei has planned, it was completely fixed to the witch

The situation boiled downーーfor Junpei, that was a fire across the shore, although it’s a one-sided story for the witchーーthe place tensed.

It’s not something that she could run away from if she starts now.

The witch released a strong gaze to Junpei as if it was her last resistance.


「……if you are going to offer this whole area to the dragon, you will have the same end……if that is so, although it is sooner or later……I will……make you wait in hell……」


“Unfortunately, tto……”, Junpei took out a small bottle from his waist, and raised his middle finger to the witch with his other hand.


「We have the perfume that the dragon avoids……. that’s right, it’s something that you don’t know. Oi! Alchemist Mister! We’re going out! A〜also, dear witchyーーI’ll go collect your drop items so don’t worry!!」


The witch who heard that froze for a while, and finally, she made a red face and started to scream.


「Ki……! Ki……! Kiiiーーーーー! You……pieces of shitーーーーーーーー!!」


And the distance between the witch and the dragon cuts to a hundred meters


「Well then, see ya later!」


After he had called out to the witch with a face full of smile, Junpei turned around, and started to run with the alchemist.

After they escaped, without taking an hour, the witch’s mansion, as if a super huge tornado passed byーーit got destroyed leaving no traces behind.





In the lakeshore of the forest about ten kilometers away from the witch’s mansion.

As if to cut through the dark, dim, and cold air, the sunlight passed through the gaps of the trees. The chirping of birds echoed peacefully within the forest.

The alchemist, he dubiously asked Junpei.


「……were you……able to expect all of that? No……even so……it feels like……it was done to good……. And to think, that you had spread that perfume……to the that whole area」


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded.


「As you said……we were really lucky. For example……even though there was the support of the speed status, even though I only learned it a little in class……it really went too good……like that. I mean, I did that with the chance of it failing, and I had also thought of several other ways, but……well, the dragon flew properly, so the result was good huh」


Before entering the mansion, Junpei approached the activity area of dragon that is outside of the witch’s【Clairvoyance】meaning, out of her 500 meters radius range, and spread out an enormous amount of perfume. Of course, it’s the perfume that strongly calls out the dragon.

That problem was the speed that the dragon would reach the mansion from its nest, meaning, the speed of the dragon’s flight, but by gaining that information from the guy who knew the time the dragon flew when he sent the homunculi as an offering, it went better than expected.

After that, he only needed to measure the time that the dragon would arrive and the time spent fighting against the witch, and enter the mansion.



「n? What happened? Making a face like you were a pigeon hit by a pellet?」

「You……with that kind of ways, you reached up until here of the labyrinth?」

「……no, but it’s true that this time……honestly, I feel like it went too good……」


The man shrugged his shoulders as if to get ambiguously amazed.


「Without the help from the group in the deep area, it’s a human who had cleared the labyrinth with his own strength……well, it might be true that you are loved by luck, but……no, even so, it went way too……」


“No……”, the man shook his head as if to deny.


「It’s not like it’s something that has an answer, so I’ll stop the inquiry with this. Whatever your background is, or whatever place did you come fromーーif you’re someone who could deal with the deep floors ahead of here, you probably have something on you」

「I don’t know the heck you’re talking about, but……I’m just a brat you can find anywhere you know?」


*Kusuri*, he laughed, the man made a pleasant smile.


「Let’s leave it with that」


“And then……”, after taking a breath, Junpei asked.


「What are you planning to do with those brats?」


The shadows that hide behind the trees, there were more than a hundred homunculi that sat on the ground there, measured with the eyes.

It looks like……they were looking how they seemed with fear.

“Let me think……”, the man placed his hand to his jaw.


「I had spread them in different facilities to evacuate them after all……with this, their numbers are around half huh……first, the means of self-sufficiency. Anyways, I need to hurry……. if the supply of Soma completely stops, my remaining life would be short. Handing down advanced knowledge and techniques, and the production of the perfume that the dragon avoids are needed. Naturally, it wouldn’t be done overnight」

「Ah〜……also, you?」

「What is it?」

「You tried to kill the witch using me as a decoy right? Specifically speaking, you tried to deceive me right?」


To Junpei who glared at him, the man scoffed.


「……so what? And……as long as there were real results, you aren’t seriously planning to blame me……well, it’s because you are like that, that I chose you as my partner this time」

「You’re really sly……a fox-like bastard」


Junpei reached out his right hand while making a fist, as if to surrender.

After the man had thought for a while, *Kotsun*, he hit Junpei’s right fist with his own.


「So, you’re going to continue on this labyrinth?」

「Ahh, I’m planning to continue going deep. Until I got released……it is」

「Even though that even if you had reached the deepest floor, you wouldn’t know if you’re really going to be released? And……most probably, in the deep floors, only the worst guys, and the worst damn events are only waiting for you, you know?」

「If there’s……even a single glimpse of hope, I will. I’m not planning to spend my whole life here……there’re guys that I really need to hit in the face at least once after all」


Junpei who had that resolution, searched his waist, and gave something to the alchemist man


「This……what are you planning?」

「It’s one of the Cerberus’s canines. It’s not like I have plenty of them, but……I’ll share one to you at least」


After the thinking of something, the man asked Junpei.


「The reason for that is?」

「If it’s the Cerberus’s Canine, even how weak you are……you would be able to injure someone who is far more stronger than you.……the homunculi that you’d leave behind, they would probably need it」


The man nodded, getting his point.


「I see……hope……huh」

「It’s not something much, but……it is a signpost, and a small possibility. The means of standing against the flame dragon that would nest here from now on, or maybe, as the means of resisting crazy adventurers that would pass by this floor……you know」

「No, it is something much. If those girls are going to live here, it’s true that they should run away forever. Even if it’s a small possibility, humans, and living creatures are able to move on」


The man nodded, received the canine, and shook his hands with Junpei.


「I will thankfully receive it. AndーーI will let the girls hear about you with a lullaby. The labyrinth sprint of a man, who is powerless and weak just like them, and……the feat of subjugating the witch」








ーーa few days after Junpei left, all of the homunculi gathered on the lake shore in the lake in the forest.

Black, red, blue, yellow, violet.

The various colors of gothic lolita attires, was it the preference of the witch, or was it the preference of the alchemist.

All of those were over-decorated with frills.


「Ne〜ne〜, Oji-san? Oji-san? Where’s Mama? Where’s Mama?」


One, within the group that reached the lake the last, asked that to the man who was taking his seat on a boulder.


「Ahh. Your Mama……she’s gone」


The unrest that spread, and the wave of anxiety.


「The only one remaining……is it only Oji-san? Is it only Oji-san?」


Receiving the worrying gaze, *Kokuri*, the man nodded.

The man slowly stood up, and lightly spread his arms.

With the every move of that man, everyone who was there held their breath.


「……I will speak of the truth that happened in this floor」





ーーtens of minutes, or maybe it was for hours.

The man spoke.

The experiments that were being done on this floor, the human sacrifice to the frontlines, and the truth of the offering for the flame dragon.

All that the things the man spoke ofーーit said, that the witch that they beloved was the true villain.

Within them, there were those who made an expression that they couldn’t believe it, and there are even those who shook their heads in tears.


「ーーthat is all of the truth of this floor. And……from now on, you’re going to need to survive. For that, the perfume to protect you from the dragonーー」


At that time, from directly behind the alchemist man, one of the girls shouted.


「A lie! That’s a lie!」


First was heat……and next, pain came.

*Zakuri*, the alchemist man was stabbed from behind.




It looks like with that one attack, his lungs got done.




He tried to whisper something, but it wouldn’t turn into words. He only, let out air.


“Damn it……!”, the man grinded his teeth.

While enduring not to fall down, he confirmed the homunculus that stabbed him. It was the excellent individual even within the battle experimental types……her combat level is more than a hundred, and equipped with the Cerberus’s Canine, it’s true that if was possible for her to give this man a lethal blow.

The Cerberus’s Canine, even how far more stronger the opponent is, it is a godly weapon that can tear through their flesh……that only means, that even the weak homunculi, are able to injure this man.

And the worst thing on top of that, it seems like vitals, from his lungs to his heart, were precisely pierced through.


「Everyone, everyone! Listen, listen! I saw it! I saw it, I heard it, I heard it I saw it!」


While getting covered with the spurting blood, that girl raised the Cerberus’s Canine and shouted that.

「Fue?」, unable to understand what was happening, the remaining homunculi in that place watched what was happening dumbfounded.


「The one who came here before, that Onii-chan you know! To Witch-sama you know! He put perfume on her! And after that you know! Vuwaa, you know! The dragon came you know! It came, it came you know! And the Witch-sama you know……the Witch-sama you know……」


And there, suddenlyーーthat homunculus started collapse in tears with deep emotions.

Within the man’s fading consciousness, “Damage in emotional controls, requires improvement huh……”, as if it was someone else’s business, analyzed the particular homunculus.

And finally, the man regained himself, and deprecatingly laughed.


「In other words! If you wear the perfume that Oji-san said, you know! Immediately you know, immediately you know! You’re going to be eaten by the dragon!」


Her words were overwhelmingly not enough, but to everyone in this place, it seems like it was sufficient to make them recognize that the alchemist man=evil.

Originally, the popularity of the witch within the homunculi is high, and the way they hated the alchemist man was also as high.

If there was an individual who lead them, it was natural for the things to go this way.

“I need to say something……”, he tried to open his mouth. Butーー


ーーkohyuu. kohyuu.


It wouldn’t become words.

He had so many things he wanted to say.

However, all of them wouldn’t become a sound. It wouldn’t turn into words that have meanings.

Did he lose too much blood, the man finally collapsed.


「Ne〜ne〜? Everyone? What will we do? What will we do?」


The man who moved his limbs in his place as if a dying insect, the homunculi surrounded him.


「The one who killed Mama……is the Onii-chan who is Oji-san’s comrade right? Right?」

「Uhmm. Uhmm. Oji-san asked Onii-chan, to kill Mama I guess? I guess?」

「So? So?」

「What do you think? What do you think? Who is evil?」

「If Mama is gone, it’s sad right? It’s sad right?」


One of them whispered sadly, and immediately made an innocent smile and continued.


「If Oji-san disappeared, no one would care right? No one right?」

「Is it okay if we do it? If we do it?」


That was withinーーthe man’s assumption.

From the time that he lost his words from being stabbed from behind, he somehow knew that this was going to happen.

Originally, the design of the homunculus girls, and their personalities are from Grimm’s Fairytalesーーthe original source of dark fantasyーーit was based on the characters that appeared there.


「Let’s do it? Ne〜, Let’s do it?」


No one wanted for it to be like this. No one wanted an ending like this.

There were so many things that he needed to tell them.

However, all of those, after allーーit wouldn’t turn into meaningful sounds. It wouldn’t turn into words.

A certain homunculus held a fist size rock, raised that highly, and innocently shouted!




「Do it!」

「Do it!」

「Do it〜!」

「Do it〜!」


All of the homunculus held a fist size rock, and shouted with their mouths.


「「「「「(Kill)Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」」」」」


When all of their eyes were dyed with murderous violent colors, one of the homunculi walked towards the alchemist man.


「Ne〜ne〜, Oji-chan? Oji-chanーー」


She adorably tilted her head, and continued.


「ーーyour brains, gimme?」











C4 Part 1The Dungeon SeekerChapter 5

*Sponsored by Shin Amazake-sama


Name : Takeda Junpei                                              Thesaurus Points : 67

Level Up : 1150 → 1150

Bonus Points Gained : 0


Job : Skill Hunter                                                        Level : 1150

HP : 1840                                                                         MP : 180

Attack Power : 300                                                       Defense Power : 425
(Junpei’s basic stat : 5)                                               (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)

Evasion Efficiency : 4300


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Attack Power + 250 / When Equipped as Sub Weapon + 245 / God-killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※No strengthening. Bullets replenished using magic powers.

Armor : Sword Saint’s Light Armor (Rare : Rank S)
※Defense Power +145 / Attack Power +45

Shield : Aegis Shield (Legendary Class    Stolen from the Witch)
※Defense Power +250 / Evasion Efficiency +300

Mantle : Cloak of Evasion (Rare : Rank A)
※Passive that increases the basic Evasion Efficiency to 1.5 times

Shoes : Tenma no Tabi (National Treasure Class)
※Defense Power + 30 / Evasion Efficiency + 245

Skill (Skill Slot: 6 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance
  • Butcher (Super-Class)
  • Monster Tame (Beginner Class)
  • Mimicry (Super-Class)


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

Tamed Monsters

  • Pure Slime
  • Pandemic Slime
  • Sand Slime

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