The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 2

Chapter 3 – Satori ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)





Haha〜! Hello! It’s me! Ossan!

This floor’s boss is troublesome right! Honestly, it also really made me sick!

Japanese clothes! Black hair! Long hair! Loli! For big friends, it’s mouth watering YOU KNOW!

I mean, the popular-everyone-knows, mind-reading youkai Satori-chan……no, maybe a God?


Well, whatever, either way, there’s not much difference, and it’s troublesome anyways.

Just how she looks, Satori-chan’s body is delicate. It’s what you call the paper armor……she has no durability.

If any A-Rank adventurer around there was able to hit her, wouldn’t one hit be enough? Something like that, Satori-chan’s brittleness is at that level.

Her attack powers……well, it’s very decent. However, if based on Satori-chan’s abilities……her level is so disgustingly high.


And……next is the method for clearing.

The way to defeat these kinds of monsters, it’s been determined.

First is outdoing them with speed.


Next is, crushing them with area attack instead of a point, stamp them with strong fire power that is impossible to evade.

As a strange way, think of dirty, luscious things, and do her while she’s disturbed.


Well, the last one as a joke, it is impossible to do those things on this floor.

First, to outdo her with speed, the status of speed required is too high.

For Satori-chan, it’s an attack that she’d know coming, so unless something tremendous happens, it’s easy for her to dodge……well, that’s natural right.


And, next is……the strong firepower that is impossible to evade.

In reality, there are a few those who came to this floor having those kinds of abilities.


During that time, what do you think Satori-chan would do? It’s hilarious you know?



ーーshe hid in the hole that she dug herself.



That’s right, there are several holes surrounding at that place. It’s the holes, that she had prepared assuming those kinds of things happening.

It’s hilarious right? With her way of speaking and character, she runs away when she needs to.

Really〜, I saw it with【Past Peek】, but it really took me when she was really desperately digging a hole by herself.

Surprisingly, that brat’s ability was full of defects……she cant use it to several people, and on top of that, she has a few minutes of time lag before she could use it again.

But even so, she’s acting like a bossy loli granny you know?


How can I say this? Uhmm……gap moe?


For Ossan, she’s a character in my strike zone you know〜. She’s a Japanese clothed loli you know, a Japanese clothed loli


Eh……it’s a crime, you say?


Don’t mind the details. In the first place, she’s a loli granny!! She’s what you call a legal loli!

No……well, even if she’s a legal loli, this is a different world so something like the concept of child pornography doesn’t exist you know.

In the first place, child porn is said only recently……and during times like the Sengoku period, marriages for around ten years old is a typical story you know?


In a biological point of view, younger girls have the higher abilities to give birth to a child safely. That’s why, isn’t there a trend where men seek for younger girls right?

Although the word lolicon is major, the reason why shotacon isn’t that much probably has something to do with that.

Meaning, if they would only have their period……if only, they have their period……it’s common for men to like that kind of girls……it’s not something really weird, it isーー





Reading up until there, Junpei had a headache.


「Ossan……you were a true lolicon huh……」


There was also the lack of blood for him, that he almost collapsed to the ground.

Within the mountains with morning fog.

On top of the river sand, Junpei was warming his body with a bonfire. *ChunChun*, the chirping of the birds were comfortable.

“But……”, Junpei spoke to himself.


「Yesterday……I clearly received fatal wounds right……? My organs even popped out……」


It looks like he had lost his consciousness for one night, and when he noticed it, Junpei was washed to this dry riverbed.

He thought about it within his head, but he had no memories about how he got saved.

But, as a fact, although he had a few wounds remainingーーhis fatal injury in his stomach disappeared, and doesn’t even have a scratch remaining.


「I passed to the safety area along the river……? My wounds got healed in the middle of that……I can only think of that, but……well, I probably was lucky……」


Pain run through his left shoulder. The bandage he wrapped it tightly were dyed with blood.


「Even so……it doesn’t look like I’m fully healed huh」


And, there, Junpei strangely narrowed his eyebrows.


「……n? My left shoulder……? Was my left shoulder……the one wounded? In the first place……why are the worst wounds in my stomach……」


*Zaza*, a noise run in his sight. At the same time, a light headache.

In only an instant, a scene that was like a grainy television controlled the surrounding world.




When he was standing there with an expression that was caught by surprise, the grainy effects cleared quickly, and the scenery earlier spread once again.

And there, *Pikon*, a sound something like that rang, and an announce of an electric sound echoed.



ーーthe doubt to one’s self. In consideration of the doubt held to one’s self that is reaching the core of the system, in exchange for the thesaurus points decreasing by 9 points, reconstruction of the memory circuit would be executed.



But, it seems like he couldn’t hear that voice for some reason.


「I lost too much blood……huh? My memories are vague after all……」


Junpei who was not entirely satisfied with that, once again dropped his looked to the note that his predecessor left.


「……I mean, I wonder why half of it’s torn off?」


Unlike up until now, the parchment that left by the man who calls himself as a treasure hunter, half of it was torn apart.

The other half is probably somewhere around this floor.


「Well, all of the important parts are written so it’s fine though. ……but……even so……Satori huh」


He checked the contents of the note once again.

It seems like trampling her with area attack is effective, but Junpei doesn’t have the means and the skills of doing that.


「I can’t outdo her with speed……poison also doesn’t have an effect……on top of that, she wouldn’t go away from the entrance to the next floor……isn’t it hopeless」


“Really……”, Junpei bitterly spat out.


「Other than doing “that”……there’s no chance of winning right. Really……it’s hopeless. On top of that, it takes time for reactivation……huh. The winning rate is near a 100%……if that is so……there’s no other way but doing it huh」


He gathered strength to his left hand, he made a first.

He closed and opened his hand as if to confirm it and nodded. Somehow, his left hand hasn’t lost its function as a left hand.


「First, she completely read my mind……however, that monster let me go away. That’s really weird」


He continued as if to make himself listen.


「In the first place, the last three fans. That was really weird. Right, left, and the middle……if she’s able to read my path on escaping, there’s no need for her to throw it at the same time at different directions」


“As a conclusion……”, Junpei shrugged his shoulder in melancholy. And took a veryーーvery deep sigh.


「Probably, she had canceled her abilities in the middle. Because, she is……. If that is so, I can only do “that”……」


With an indescribable expression, Junpei once again entered the mountains, starting to walk the mountain path towards where the Satori was.





Within the twilight mountain where cicadas cry, the time was completely dusk. (逢魔が時)

The safety area behind Satori, and the door that leads to the next floor.

Facing each other, Satori, and Junpei who had a very long and narrow thing around 20 cm.


「Hou. While being beaten up to a pulp like that, coming again huh? And……the reason for that is?」


The distance between them was about 30 meters.

Junpei said while measuring the distance that he can measure with his eyes.


「Within this distance, you can’t read my mind huh……. And……of course, I have a winning ticket this time yo?」


Junpei started to walk carelessly, that it can be taken that he was incautious.

Receiving that, Satori took out her fan, and fanned it gracefully.


「Kufufu. I do not know what kind of plan you have, but……humans have shallow wisdom, that is determined for everywhere at all times. You will not say, that that thing that you hold is, a weapon that has the special powers that would defeat me? Well, whatever……the instant you enter the absolute territory of my powers, I will crush that winning ticket of yours」


The distance between them became 20 meters, and her eyes were filled with red colors.

And, Satori declared.


「Well then, I shall use my powers. Kufufu……I wonder what kind of plan it is? Kufufu……kufu……FU?!」


Junpei smiled fearlessly.

In contrast to that, Satori’s expression was mixed with clear colors of fear.


「Hehe, are you surprised?」

「Not a winning ticket……you……are you sane? Are you sane? Impossible……that is, impossible……」

「I’m sane of course, I’m very serious. At that time, you let me escape. And also……if you’re able to deal with my speed, area attack isn’t needed in the first place, right? On top of that, the last one was an attack from all directions……why is it like that……thinking of it honestly, at that instant……you……I can only think that you cancelled【Satori】’s ability. So……if that is so, the reason for that is?」


Junpei continued.


「That as the base, right now, what you’re currently reading, I had reached that conclusion. And also……when you canceled your ability once, you can’t activate your ability once again immediately right?」

「……most of your reasoning is correct, but……how foolish……you’re insane……that……is not something……a reasonable person can choose?」


“Ha!”, Junpei smiled deprecatingly.


「If I don’t get insane……I won’t be able to survive here……right?」


Junpei grasped the knife he had in his right hand with both of his hands.


「You fool……stop!!」


He gripped the knife in front of his own stomach very, very strongly, and one breath for his resolution.



「I told you to stop!!」

「It’s what you call……Japanese seppuku!!ーーtake that!」



Satori cried a high-pitched voice as if a joke.




Junpei also, at the same time, let out a low voice. After a blink of an eye, *Dosari*, the sound of the two collapsing.


「You……you share your target’s heart with your own……and read their mind. In there……you also share the pain……that’s why……you……cancel……your……abilities……before……you kill」



It is because she knew that her reading is 100%, she felt fear from the thing that was going to happen next.


「And……how about……this……?」


Junpei narrowed his eyebrows. Took a breath, and gathered strength to his hand with his resolution.

*GuriGuri*, he stirred his organs with the knife.




Once again, Satori cried with a high-pitched voice that was like a joke.

Satori opened her mouth, with short breaths.




While shedding her tears, Satori asked with full of sweat.


「Why……can……you……move……in……this……pain……? Why……continue……it……?」


Junpei also, although full of sweat, he said his words a little more fluently than Satori.


「Hey……? Until now……you……have……not……received an……attack……properly……right?」


Without strength, Satori nodded with a cold blue expression.


「Between you……and meーーthe resistance for pain……are different」


“Funn”, grinding his teeth, he continued to put strength to the knife that was in his stomach.




It’s true, as Satori had said, Junpei also, might have thrown away his humanity for some meaning.

Scraping one’s own stomach with his own handsーーsomething like this cannot be done for show or a whim.

The thing that makes him move is the thirst for living, and the revenge to the ones who betrayed him……however, can a human really have their resolution, and take it to action with only that.

Junpei threw away the knifeーーand stuck his own right hand into his stomach.


「KUAAAAAAAAA! ……KUA!!……GA!……GI……KI……KIIIiiーーーーーーー!!」


Within the shrieking, Satori writhed in agony.

She had foam from her mouth, shedding tears with her eyes showing its whites, with water coming out of her nose, her beauty couldn’t be found anymore any longer.




And she threw out.

*BechaBecha*, the vomit mixed with stomach fluids flowed to the ground.

The sharp smell filled the surroundingsーーand, at the same time, she immediately calmed down.

Her eyes returned to normal, and the red from her eyes were lost.




Towards Satori who was deeply breathing with her shoulders, Junpei said.

After a while, Satori regained herselfーーalthough covered with vomitーーand asked Junpei.


「It’s true that although I have expected it, I did not think you would take it in action. But as a result, I do not have any wounds……compared to that, you have one of your feet stepping in the Sanzu river……and from here, doing “that”……I wonder if things would go as you have expected?」


Junpei who lost his blood and had his mind worn out, his face colors went through blue, becoming pale, and losing life.


「If I can’t do it……it only means……I ended……here」


In a state weakened and in agony, cannot even stand.

However, Junpei took out a syringe from his waist, and smiled without strength.

And he pierced it to the vein in his neck, and injected what’s inside of it.

His vitality returned instantly, and while standing up, he took out a bandage from his waist.

He tightly tied up his wounds where his organs almost flowed out, and faced Satori.

Junpei who was about to dieーーwhile his own blood flowing from his stomachーーwhispered with a calm expression.


「You know what I did right? Well, the result is as you can see」

「Injecting Mandragora powder mixed liquid to the veins……in the first place, that action itself, it’s too risky……」

「They say that it’s a few hundred times of morphine after all. It’s even lucky being able to maintain my sanity……but, that’s why, its effect is enormous. Right now, I feel no pain……I can move my body until it reaches the point where it reaches its limit physically. And you, have canceled the【Satori】ability. If that is soーー」


And there, Junpei ran.

Without any sluggishness with his movements, as he had said, it seemed like he had no wounds.

And the instant he reached Satori face to face, as if to repeat what happened before, he disappeared.

Of course, the result, it did not repeat what happened before.

Full of composure, he spoke to Satori from her behind.


「ーーinevitably, this happens」

「Ku! Behind me!!?」


Satori, turning around.

She took out her fan with impatience, and using the actions drawing a circle, she threw it towards Junpei.

But the fan only cuts the air.

Junpei was already not there. And, once again, she heard a voice from her behind.


「If you won’t use the【Satori】skill……if it’s only between our speeds, you completely know, there wouldn’t be a match right?」


「Once again, the words taken from beforeーー」


Satori who had lost her composure completely, took out a lot of Origami while turning around, and threw all of those towards Junpei.


「If I cannot catch you with a pointーーI only need to attack as an area!!」


But, as the obvious result, all of those Origamis also only cuts the air.

Furthermore, Junpei’s voice that can be heard from behind.


「If that is so, I should only dodge before I got attacked in an area. And……it’s the continuation. Last time, I heard it completely from youーー」


For the third time, Satori turned around.

But, Junpei wasn’t there.

She turned around once again. But he wasn’t there.

“Ha!”, she held her breath, and looked up.

As the twilight his background, Junpei who was soaked with his own bloodーーfrom above diagonal to herーーhe jumped for 2 meters.


「ーーCerberus’s Canine……you can’t block this!!」


And, at that time, Satori’s eyes were filled with red flames.

With a face with a broad smile, she shouted.


「……the time has passed! Skill【Satori】ーーreactivate!!」


That smile, Junpei slashed and spat it off as if it was useless.


「It’s already too late! What kind of evasion will you do from here?」


Her face gradually clouded with hopelessness.

Distance 2 metersーー

And, 1 meterーー

Junpei, he swung the Cerberus’s Canine towards her throat.


「Right now, what you can read isn’t my mindーーit’s only the future of your defeat!!」


And a single horizontal slash.

Her carotid artery was taken off together with the flesh surrounding it.




The blood that was like a fountain, it spurted with a fan’s shape.

In a blink of an eye, *Dosari*, she fell from her knees.

Her face was towards Junpei, and opened her mouth as if to say something to Junpei, but it wouldn’t become words.

She was immediately enveloped by light particles, and changed her appearance to one piece of card.


He quickly picked up the card shining with gold colors, and he immediately started to walk towards the safety area.

Even though he couldn’t feel the pain because of the narcotic substances, in the standard of surgery department in modern earth, his organs are so messed up that 80%, it can be said that he was already out.

Entering the safety area, after taking a breath, he stared intently at the card.


「【Satori】’s ability……huh. If I have this……it would be very easy from now on……no, if things go well……combined with my speed, wouldn’t I be invincible?」


But, Junpei’s expression looking at the card gradually clouded.


「……what the heck is that?!!!」


And *Gakkuri*, Junpei could only drop his head there.





【Satori’s Magic Eyes】

Skill Rank ▼▼▼ Super-Class

Characteristics ▼▼▼ Assimilates the target’s mind with one’s own, enabling one-sided sharing of the target’s thought, senses, and even its past.

Has the demerit of having to share all of the negative emotions including pain, and having the prior constraint of needing to explain the ability to the target.

The rarity and utility of the magic eyes are low within the magic eyes skills, but compared to the skills except for magic eyes, it has an atrocious level of function. (※Race Unique Skill. Physically impossible to be gained by humans due to the huge difference between body structures.





Within the mountains of the same floor.

Underground, for about three meters, the remaining other half of the note that the treasure hunter left, it is still sleeping within there.

Its contents are the following.





Sorry about that, really.

If it comes, to things about lolitas, I get really excited……I got distracted, sorry.

And, I’m changing the topic, but……however, I wonder why this labyrinth even covering Japanese youkais?


It’s Satori you know? Satori……


Something like Cerberus or Kraken……thinking about it carefully, don’t you think it’s strange?

It’s the world with a medieval Europe theme, but, this is completely not medieval Europe.

It’s the world that has a completely different culture.

If that is so, monsters from such mythologies coming out, is also……very strange right?



I thought about it before, but……



……don’t you think that there are too many strange things about this labyrinth? In the first place, ecosystems and food pyramids, completely ignoring the power balance within inside this and outside, why the heck that a labyrinth like this exist?

On top of that, in the deep floors, they say that there’s a group that is aiming to clear the deepest floors with a clear purpose.

The clearance of the labyrinth that they aim forーーwhat in the world is in there?

Hey? What in the world is this place?



Isn’t it about timeーー



ーーthat         you         also         think         it         is         strange?











c3 Part 1The Dungeon SeekerChapter 4

*Sponsored by Sean Emanuel-sama


Name : Takeda Junpei                                              Thesaurus Points : 67

Level Up : 1079 → 1150

Bonus Points Gained : 355


Job : Skill Hunter                                                        Level : 1150

HP : 1840                                                                           MP : 180

Attack Power : 300 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 175

Evasion Efficiency : 4000


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Infused with God Killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Armor : Sword Saint’s Light Armor (Rare : Rank S)
※Defense Power +145 / Attack Power +45

Mantle : Cloak of Evasion (Rare : Rank A)
※Passive that increases the basic Evasion Efficiency to 1.5 times

Shoes : Tenma no Tabi (National Treasure Class    Stolen from Satori)
※Defense Power + 30 / Evasion Efficiency + 245

Skill (Skill Slot: 6 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance
  • Butcher (Super-Class)
  • Monster Tame (Beginner Class)
  • Mimicry (Super-Class)


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

Tamed Monsters

  • Pure Slime
  • Pandemic Slime
  • Sand Slime


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