The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The Traditional Village and Dragon Claw Troupe ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼





Inside the tent that it looked like he was warmly welcomed. It looks like it’s the largest tent even within the settlement. It probably has about the area of a 20-tatami-room.


There’s a simple carpet was spread, and some kind of various kinds of food on a place was on top of that. It looks like this settlement doesn’t have a culture of using tables.


The suffocating smell of the wild vegetables being fried in oil, the very strong smell that stimulates appetite coming from the dried meat sauteed with garlic.


As if to surround Junpei, about 30 people. In each of their cups, something that’s probably grape wine was poured very plentifully. A few people who were drinking at a high pace was cheerfully laughing with a loud voice.


This current situation, it isーー


ーーa banquet.


「Well well, please help yourself」


As he was told, Junpei drank until his cup was halved, and received a serving of wine from an old man.


While the bald old man was pouring the wine, he was making a friendly smile making the wrinkles in his face more wrinkled.


The clothes that the old man was wearing, it’s a native costume made of hemp fibers dyed red, in Earth, it might be close to stole that India’s Buddhist priests wear.


Everyone other than Junpei is wearing that, but the tint of the old man in his side has especially stronger redness, and vibrancy.


That means, the old man has a high statureーーit means that he’s the settlement’s chief.


Confirming that that Junpei was eating the food that they took out very pleasantly, the old man nodded very contently from the bottom of his heart.


「Isn’t it delicious?」


「Yeah, it’s yummy? I mean, are you that happy with me eating it very deliciously?」


“Haha”, the old man broke into a smile and nodded.


「Making our guests pleased is the meaning of our existence after all. If we cannot make the guest content, we cannot do our job」


「Making them pleased is your work?」


Was the fermentation of the wine poured not that good, there’s a flavor of acetic acid mixed in it……but his eating habits weren’t that good, so that tasted not that bad strangely.


The food also, there were very delicious.


If there’s a good food it’s natural for the liquor to get fast, so Junpei’s cup immediately got empty.


Even just looking at the banquet, the level of this floor’s lifestyle is very clear that it’s high. The quality of food might even be better than the outside world’s. Well, compared to Japan it’s very lower though.


While thinking of that, Junpei heard the old man’s story unconsciously.


「……and, it was like that. Wanderer in the interstice……dear traveler. Can you let us have your cooperation?」


After thinking for a while, Junpei opened his mouth.


「Is everything that you told right now is true……? It’s unbelievable……」


「Everything is true」


「No, wait a minute……really, in the deepest part of this labyrinth……a group that aims to clear it, is moving as an organization……do they really exist?」


「In the meaning, in the deepest part of the range that humanity have reached, that group exists……the answer can only be yes. Their total number is about 100. And that group is called the Dragon Claw Troupe. In the floor far deeper than here, although slowly, they should be breaking through while taking a safety margin. In the time that they have cleared a high difficulty floor, they might even create settlements or towns there……even if it would take a long time」


Junpei placed a finger between his eyebrows, and asked further while trying to be very composed.


「Since it’s deeper than here means it has incomparable difficulty right? I can’t think that a hundred people can reach the place that different in dimensions」


The old man mischievously smiled.


「Well well. Isn’t it true that you have reached here right now?」


Once again, Junpei’s cup empties, and grape wine was poured.


To the way Junpei drank it down, the old man nodded many times very happily.


「No, well, that’s true though……I mean, I’m not normal, I mean, I didn’t come with normal ways……」


When Junpei got stuck with his words, the old man smiled again.


「The probability of being able to reach here, is only a few percent even more than ten S-Rank adventurers grouped, it’s that kind world. If you’re solo, the survival rate would be cut to below one percent. Without needing to say, that number just shows how much you’re in a different dimension」


「Then, why……more than a hundred in that place……」


Even while asking that, Junpei has grasped most of it from what he heard from the God earlier.


The Sage that the God spoke of, and the group that aims to clear it called『Dragon Claw Troupe』.


It’s impossible not associating both of them. Spending unimaginable lengths of time to improve his skills, if it’s that Great Sage that has gained that enormous amount of knowledge and strength, even regular way of attacks might cut through. It’s natural to think of that.


And not caring about Junpei’s speculation, the old man innocently smiled.


「This village’s meaning of existence……it is to send warriors to the『Dragon Claw Troupe』, no, to the deepest part of this labyrinth」




*Kokuri*, the old man nodded.


「The strong ones that were able to clear various kinds of ordeals up until here, they probably wish for them to be their strength. It is an evident truth that the deeper this labyrinth goes, the more people die right? Really as if they were trash」


「Well that’s true. In short, they need to resupply their combatants huh?」


「That is correct」


「But, how will you take me to the deepest part?」


Even while saying that, Junpei already had something in mind.


It means, in the middle of the tent. There, extending to a huge pillar, that pillar as the center, there’s a magic circle drawn. And, on the east, west, south, north of the magic circle, there are magic tools that looks like suspicious jars or parcels that were placed.  


Actually, he was activating【Appraisal Eyes】at those, but the results aren’t good.


Long story short, the appraisal result wereーー



ーーCannot be Appraised.



Junpei’s【Appraisal Eyes】skill level has the highest point of super-class, so he should be able to measure most of the materials in this world and their effects.


Most probably, that magic circle is the one that would send them to the forefront, but he couldn’t see at all what kind of magic technique are placed in that magic circle.


The old man’s words continued as Junpei’s guess.


「They have gained numerous techniques that transcend human knowledge. That is one kind of itーーit is the magic circle for teleporting goods. If the conditions are met, it is possible to teleport adventurers to the deepest part of the front lines of the clearance anytime. And a few times every year, that magic circle shines, and sends goods from the deepest part instead」


「The goods reach them?」


「It is not like were are doing this for show or for madness. First, the thing that this floor overwhelmingly does not have enough of……is salt. And we also lack sugar as a luxury item」


“Lack of salt……”, Junpei’s jaw dropped.


That is, more than the lack of protein in Katrina’s Village, isn’t that lethal in a meaning, Junpei had a cold sweat.


It means, every resident of this village, their lifeline is being held by the group that they say is in depths of the labyrinth……


「The difficulty of this labyrinth can only be called as a nightmare. The group aiming to clear it in the front lines is always beside death, and they should have a deep problem for lack of people. So there……we are searching for new warriors」




「It is, between the deepest part of the labyrinth and this village……give and take. First, we will send high leveled strong ones to the front lines」


Junpei continued those words as if he got to the point.


「And they will send daily necessities like salt and sugar」


「If we were not able to send an adventurer more than level 500 in a certain after a certain period……the salt that is sent would decrease. And the result of that, ten percent of this village’s population will die from lack of salt content」


“And there……”, the old man continued.


「I will ask you again. Can you let us have your cooperation? That magic circle……only ones that have exceeded level 500 can go through it. If that is not exceeded, we can’t send people even if we want to」


The group got quiet, and gave their attention to Junpei.


In their bloodshot eyes, it was very clear, that right now, they have not sent an adventurer before the time limit of the next goods will be sent.


But Junpei smiled carelessly and spat out.


「My bad……but I’ll refuse」


「That is, with what reason……」


He took a glance to the food that was taken out, and Junpei shook his head sidewards.


「Everything’s something I heard for the first time. Where does an idiot who would risk their life for that ridiculous thing exist? And, the authenticity of the teleportation magic itself is doubtful. If you guys were trying to kill me……for example, if that magic circle is an activation of a magic that forcefully paralyzes, I won’t be able to do anything」


Inside the tent, echoed a few sighs.


Junpei, in the case of something happens, he gripped Cerberus’s Canine that he hid in his waist with his right hand and got cautious of the surrounding.


If it doesn’t go the usual way, make them follow using force, that’s a popular way to negotiate in this world, so he got cautious of the danger of that.


But, opposite to his expectations, the old man didn’t lose his smile, and said as if to feel too bad for a little.


「I see, what you say is true. Well well, it is the banquet that we had prepared for you. A guest is a guest even if he refuse. Please enjoy for today」


Junpei nodded lightly to the old man’s reaction, and glanced at the food once again.


And smiled.


No, it might be more correct to say he gloated mischievously.


“Yareyare”, Junpei shrugs his shoulder, activated【Appraisal Eyes】, and once again, observed the food that was taken out.


And spoke to himself with a small voice.



ーーwell, really, in the situation where people might die from the lack of salt and other things in the future……you can only do that huh……



「That’s thankful. I haven’t eaten proper food recently you know……I’ll say thanks honestly. So, the goods that are being sent from there……it looks like it’s not only salt. Are women also being sent?」


While pointing at the one that exclusively serves Junpei and the old man from earlier, Junpei said with an astonished face.


A beautiful girl that you might look back if you meet her in the town.


Her age was probably about latter teens. Silver hair that looks like silk dyed thinly and brown skin, she’s wearing see-through clothes that have frills just like an Arabian dancer.


The color of her eyes leaves an impression, it has colors that’s about in the middle of silver and deep blue.


「I don’t know how this village was created, she’s the only girl that I saw since I came on this floor. And I can’t even see the sign of children. If that is soーー」


「You are correct. There’re only men on this floor. And it’s true that women are also being sent. but it is only for thanks sending high-level people……they are luxury goods, and doesn’t have reproductive ability itself」


「Luxury goods……huh. There’s really nothing good in this damn labyrinth」


The old man’s expression, there was vulgarity mixed with it for the first time.


「That’s right, they don’t have reproduction abilities, but they have genitalia」


Junpei’s head started to hurt a little, but the village chief continued his words without minding that.


「Well, that’s why……there’s no children on this floor. But, young and healthy children is needed for the village’s survival. So there……the young ones that are going to be the villagers in the future are sent, but together with them, there’s also mixed ones that are sent」


「Mixed ones?」


「Yes, cursed children」


「Cursed children?」


「That’s right, cursed children. Children with silver hair, blue eyes, and brown skin. And they would be at the lowest level of the class system of this floor, meaning, slaves」


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded.


「And so? What happens to that cursed children or whatever?」


「Hmm……the total number of this village’s men is 200. The total number or cursed children are few……every night, it is waiting for their turn」


Inside this labyrinth, it is an environment where the people would be in abnormal states as if it was normal.


For that, Junpei doesn’t have anything to say about it, and doesn’t feel like intervening with it.


If there’s a woman in an environment where there’re only men……it’s probably a natural phenomenon. Or maybe, it might be a little bit gentlemanly since they are waiting for their turn instead of attacking them the whole time.


Gentlemanly?……no, that’s wrong, Junpei didn’t miss it.


When the old man said “waiting for their turn”, the girl’s shoulder that was pouring wine in Junpei’s cup trembled.


And that there were blue bruises and wounds are showing in the skin of the girl that can be seen through her clothes.



ーーit’s not only for the night. I’m sure that they’re being abused with violence daily.



「And, she is……the reason that she’s being treated like that is……other than her gender, it is only because her hair is silver and her eyes are blue on top of that huh?」


「Yes, that is correct. It is the rules from a long time ago」


“Ha〜”, Junpei took out a sigh.


While staring at the girl, Junpei thought.


ーーShe’s similar……he thought.


Fat, or maybe introvert. For himself who was bullied with only that reason and was thrown here, it was very similar.


Not only that, every night, she is being disgraced and on top of that, she is receiving violence daily because of ridiculous reasons and creates wounds all over her body.


「Oi, you……what’s your name?」


With a little troubled face, the serving girl looked at the old man.


Probably, she’s not being allowed to talk to the guest by herself.


*Kokuri*, the old man nodded, and the girl faced Junpei.




The girl answered bluntly and with a cold voice.


The instant their eyes met, Junpei felt that his heart was gouged.


They were eyes with beautiful deep blue colors that would make you hold your breathーーbut in those eyes, there were no “colors” at all.


They were, the same eye colors that he had seen every time he looks at himself in the mirror when he was a high school student, he thought.


「Oi, you……?」




「Are you……okay with that?」


“What is it”, the girl narrowed her beautiful eyebrows and shut up.


Was she trying to understand the meaning of the words she was asked, she was tilting her head lightly. That gesture was very lustrous.


And then, Kishin nodded as if she got it.


「……today’s partner, you mean? If it’s about that, if you’re going to be my partner, I probably wouldn’t need to do it with tens of people today. If it was going to be enough with one, I would even like to ask from my side」


To those words, Junpei shook his head sidewards.


At that time if he was correct, Noriko told him.


『Why aren’t you fighting back? It’s because you let them do all that they want that they escalate』


To those words, what he would’ve thought himself.


And, even if he argued that with the girl who grew up in a very different environment and common sense, what would it be for.


He is only a passerby for the people who are living on this floor.


He doesn’t have the rights or the duty to do something for this girl himself.


Thinking up until there, Junpei took out a few pots from his item box.


They were pots that he took from Katrina’s Village that has a height of 50 cm and 10 cm diameter. That, to the girlーーhe gave it to Kishin.




「……this is?」


「What do you think?」


「……a pot」


Kishin answered Junpei without changing her expression and a cold voice.


「Isn’t that just how it looks……there’s salt inside. I refused to go to the front line……but I’ll give you this in the return for welcoming be this much. I’ll give half to the old men, and half to you」


There was a commotion within the group.


Salt really is probably a valuable thing on this floor. Very carefully, Kishin opened the lid of the pot, plunged her finger in the white grains, and tasted it.


And her eyes widened to the stimulation of the salt, and said this.


「……can I……really take it?」


「Yeah, I don’t mind. You probably don’t know about it……but something like this, it literally has mountains of them in some place」


Even if he said that Kishin and the villagers would have half each, Junpei doesn’t think that that would be protected.


However, even if everything was taken by the villagers later, her treatment might change for a little, and if there was this plenty, it might be able to go around and reach her.


ーーthis isn’t likely for me.


It’s just a whim, Junpei smiled deprecatingly.


However, receiving that smile, Kishin also smiled.


It looks like her cheek muscles were crinkling for a littleーーit means, that she, in living on this floor, had not used the muscles that are being used for smiling at all.


Clumsily and awkwardly, but really making a wide smile, she said with her usual small tone of voice.


「……thank you」


It was an unrealistic smile, that almost gouged his unguarded heart.


While Junpei was being flurried, the old man talked to him while bowing down.


「Thank you for giving us this much salt……it looks like you have taken a liking of Kishin……please enjoy for tonight」


And there, Junpei stood up as if he clearly got offended.


「……I mean, I’m already full so I’ll leave now. I also need to go to the next floor」


And then, the village chief stood up in a hurry, and took Junpei’s hand.


「No way, you are rushing too much. Please at least stay for the night, at least the morning tomorrow……and also, it is more if you have salt with you. We are going to list up and check the food and goods that can be exchanged until the morning. Of course, the exchange rate will be up to you……so please……please think of it as saving lives, please stay for the night……」


Junpei who heard that scoffed.


「No, it looks like “that” is in all of this food, so I’ll decline to exchange salt modestly」


「”That”……you say?」


He checked the route up until the tent’s entrance.


As if there was no problem even if things get rough, Junpei made a fearless smile.


「Don’t tell me……are you really thinking I haven’t noticed? I’ll tell you this, even if I stay here not only for a day, even a week, to meーーI won’t have addiction symptoms you know? And with that, it’s better for yourselves to step back while I’m still smiling」


The old man got a cold sweat.


「On the top of knowing that……you drank that, you say?」


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded and smiled innocently.


And, pointed at containers of the wine and food placed there.


「Really, the one called the Great Sage on the front lines is ridiculous……the drugs mixed with this……it’s not a kind of magic or alchemy at allーーit’s the result of chemical reactions, it’s something that absolutely wouldn’t be produced if it’s not aimed for……it’s amphetamines」


While the group was stunned and dropping their jaws, Junpei continued without caring about that.


「Even if I tell you oral intake stimulant, you won’t know it huh. Or maybe, are you using needles usually? Well, that doesn’t matter. Most probably, you were just using the luxury items as drugs that can make you feel good without anything. I have【All Status Ailments Resistance】after all. This level of poison won’t have a damn effect. Of course, I also won’t get drunk」


While the old men were looking down, they could only hear Junpei’s talk.


“Anyways”, Junpei continued further.


「Letting them stay for a few days to a few weeks pretending it’s an invitation. When they noticed it they’re already pretty much drugged so they can’t run away anymore. And if you finish them there, well, you can just say whatever and send them to the front lines huh. For example, after making them completely addicted to a stronger addictive drug, you’d tell them that they can only gain the drug if they go to the front lines……something like that」


As if he couldn’t say anything back, the old man’s face wrinkled.


“And, with that…”, *Pan*, Junpei clapped his hands loudly.


「I ate good food after a long time. Thanks. The salt, you can just think of it as my thanks」


A situation that can get to worst in an instant. But, as if Egypt’s Moses, the people opened their way. In reality, there isn’t anyone who has enough strength to do deal with Junpei in this village.




While everyone was stunned, Kishin stood up, and run with a trot, chasing after Junpei who left the tent.


But, the village chief’s voice echoed inside the tent.


「No! Do not touch that person! Do not chase after him! You would not be hurt if you do not touch him!」


Kishin answered with a dumbfounded face.


「……I can’t understand what you’re saying. I am……only seeing him off. No, I want to see him off」


「Oi, I told you to stop! Don’t go near that man……!」


Not listening to the bewildered old man’s words, Kishin ran after Junpei just like that.



「So, why are you following me?」


「……to see you off」


They were already about five kilometers away from the settlement.


While walking in the grassland path, Junpei made an astonished face to Kishin who was following him just like a dog.


「Then, I’ll ask it in a different way. Why do you want to see me off?」


While walking, the girl that marked him and stuck with him within a meter’s distance, said this while shyly blushing her cheeks.


「……it’s the first time……someone was kind to me. Is that not enough of a reason?」


Together with those words, Kishin grabbed the hem of Junpei’s mantle.


About that, he didn’t say anything back, instead, he made a guilty expression.


Kishin blushed a little more since Junpei didn’t dislike it, and nodded very happily.


And the two walked silently just like that, and finally reached the end of the floor.


The end of the path, there was the usual wooden door in the boulder.  


Going through there, the usual hell is going to continue most probably.


ーーhonestly, if it was only going to the front lines, I might’ve not refused their request.


If he’s going to be a member of the group that aims to clear the labyrinth with proven strength, it probably has a higher survival rate compared to continuing this path in solo.


However, Junpei thought that most probably, if he was convinced with what they said and went to the front lines……


“Anyways”, Junpei asked with a very deep sigh.


「As I’ve thought, your daily life, uhmm……was it terrible?」


*Kokuri*, Kishin nodded.


「I have no time to rest in the day’s chores. The food are also only ones that livestock eats, and the men’s liquid that I can intake during the night’s work. On top of that, I don’t have much of sleep」


More than that, Junpei couldn’t ask her anything anymore.


She’s also walking the Shura’s Path.  


ーーbut that is a problem that she needs to overcome herself, and I don’t have words to say to her.


It is in the middle of the night right now. Her silk silver hair that was faintly illuminated by the light moss, was ephemeral just like the sakura blossoms in a spring’s night.


Junpei held his breath to that beauty.


Even so, there’s nothing that he can do in this situation. If he cared about this girl more than this, it would be a very troublesome thing……, Junpei had that conclusion, and opened his mouth.


「So……I’m going now……」


「……wait. I have something to say」


「I guessed so」


To Junpei’s expecting words who shrugged, she continued.


「……I want you to take me with you」


「The reason is?」


「……I hate being treated as a slave. I hate hairy gramps. I hate doing it with the men in the village……and most of all……I hate that……no one would treat me kindly here. I, who was treated kindly by you……am very happy」


Being illuminated by a faint light, there were tears swelling before one notices.


「Well, I didn’t need to ask the reason huh」




While huge tears fell to the rocky road, she answered.



ーーthat was a happening in an instant.



Junpei used all of his speed to go around behind her, and while placing the Cerberus’s Canine to her neck, he said this.


「That’s why, you left the village to kill me right?」




The edge of the canine that is being thrust to her throat.


And there, Junpei said as if to joke around.


「You made a surprised face again. That’s a bad joke you know? You were really on doing(killing) it in the first place」


And to that, Kishin made a crinkled smile.


「……I can really see how terrible of a path that you have walked up until now……to think that you would even doubt me」


「Even if I’m like this, I had a lot of thoughts about killing each other you know. I have a proper reason to doubt you, you know」




And there, Junpei kicked Kishin’s back.


Her stomach was probably stimulated from the back.


“Ughu”, as if her stomach fluids had gone up, she crouched there while holding her mouth.


「Raise both of your hands first. And kneel there. That’s right, drop down next. Lastly, place both of your hands behind your head」


He mounted Kishin from her back, and Junpei placed the canine to her carotid artery.


「Why do you think, that I noticed that those food were full of drugs?」


「……I don’t know」


「That’s the reason for your defeat……it’s【Appraisal Eyes】. And I used that skill when you followed me」


「……【Appraisal Eyes】?」


「Other than inorganic matters, this skill also activates on monsters and animals other than humans」


And there, blood drained from Kishin’s expression.


Junpei told her with a voice mixed with a little sadness.


「Hey……Kishin? No……Homunculus?」


She shook her head sidewards as if to completely give up.


「……it’s all over, I can’t do anything anymore. Then, the reason why we’re made beautiful……do you know?」


「Yeah, it’s a side-effect that you were so popular with the villagers. Really……there’s nothing good huh? After all, the real use that you were sent to this floor……is to be a decoy woman with death」


The result of Junpei’s【Appraisal Eyes】are the following.




【Oroboros Homunculus】

Danger Specification ▼ ▼ ▼ B+

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼ Homunculus is, an artificial life made by a high leveled magician, or one that is called as a spirit. Using an adult male’s sperm and an adult woman’s period’s cocktail as a vessel, it has similar characteristics to the undead, but unlike the undead, they have the characteristics to grow.

However, during this individual was created, the DNA taken from the Oroboros Serpent’s ovary that has the strongest poison within the Interstice Labyrinth. Meaning, they have the strongest neurotoxin, Palytoxin(ParitoKISHIN) inside their body.

They are hermaphrodite, and their genitals are camouflaged very well, and when they decided the target they’re going to kill, they will secrete poison in the form of semen if they were in male form and sexual fluids if they were in female form, it is their usual trick to kill their target during intercourse.

They can kill someone who is very stronger than them if they induce a certain amount. And because of that, their battle strength is very low, but their danger is specified as B+.




A very, very deep sigh.


「Homunculus huh……well, it’s a difficult being huh. And, including you, those in that group that they said aims to clear the labyrinth exists as a sacrifice. And that’s not wrong since drugs are being sent as a luxury item. And, even they’re a sacrificial pawn……the settlement needs defense at least. Many adventurers……I mean, well, the adventures that are able to reach here are eccentric psycho bastards. There should be more violent ones in them……and that village also has a reason to exist. It’s also troublesome to make it again if it’s crushed」




“And”, Junpei said as if to spit out.


「Even so, there’s no way that they can leave someone who has the strength that’s effective in the front lines her. So there, you’re the one who’s sent as the defense powers. When the adventurers who came here started to massacre or pillage, you who’s the most beautiful is going to be raped first. And sending semen, or sexual fluids……the opponent will die」


「……correct. It’s already over. Do what you want to me. Kill me if you want」


「And there, I have a doubt」




「The village’s chief, he ordered you not to come to me. You ignored that and followed me」


「……what are you saying?」


「The reason that you’re going to kill me. The village’s chief order, it’s really an emergency if someone like you go against that. Well, that’s……the start of the bad luck though」


Mixed with sobbing, a voice difficult to hear overflowed there.


「……in a place like this, in a life like this, I hate to end my life with only that. I’m not an object. That’s why, I……didn’t care if I’d die……I wanted to be sent to the front lines. And I……wanted to win my freedom on my own. To reach the place that is not here……I wanted to fight. I wanted to struggle」




「That gate is impartial to all creations……even humans, even homunculus……if my level was enough, I can get through」


「In short, you wanted to level up killing me?」


In a face down position, while trembling, the girl said the same line again




「It means, you……?」


「Iーーwanted to go to the outside world. I wanted to know the outside world. That’sーーall of it」


And there, Junpei stood up, released the Cerberus’s Canine from her neck, and went away from that place slowly.


Not knowing what was happening, she stood up with a dumbfounded face.


Junpei thought .


“Ahh, she’s really the same with me before……”, No, compared to himself who didn’t do anything until he was sent to this labyrinth, she was way better.


That’s whyーー


「……I’ll let you off」


With a dumbfounded expression, she answered.




Releasing her, and while Junpei was walking to the next floor’s door, he waved to Kishin with his back.


「There’s no merit for me killing you……leave before I change my mind. And, haven’t you noticed?」


「Haven’t noticed……?」


「It’s a shitty story that you’re going to be used for clearing the labyrinth in the front lines just like pawns, but as you wished, if you’re really going to be used as a pawn, you’d still be saved. But……even if you were sent there, do you know that there’s no guarantee that you’re going to participate in the front lines? In short, your value as an experience points itselfーー, oi!!?」


And there, Kishin took out a knife that has 10cm blade length from her waist and charged towards Junpei.


That knife, it was drenched with the sexual fluids that she secreted earlier, and even in its freshness, it has enough poison to have an effect.


Junpei’s skill is only【All Status Ailments Resistance】, and it is not nullification.


To the real poison, if that precious thing was sent inside his body using a knife, he wouldn’t be able to walk away with no damage.


That’s whyーー



ーー*Pan* a dry sound.



That was the merciless shooting sound of the 『S & W M57』forty one caliber magnum.


Junpei who had an experience killing a mythological beast, and her who had only lived as a slave in the village, it was very clear that there was an unparalleled gap between their battle strengths.


「You stupid idiot……why……to that much……」


「……I understand what you’re trying to say. Being sent to the front lines with dimensional teleportation, after that. I thought of that for many times. But……even so……, I……to a place, not this village……」


Leaving those words, having her left chest pierced with a bullet, she made a pool in her place with the blood that gushed out like a fountain, and stopped moving after a few seconds.


In the blood pool that spreads in the ground, Junpei embraced her.


Andーーdownheartedly said as if to spit.


「In the end……even if you attack carelessly in your current situation, this will happen if you don’t have the strength……huh. Hey, Noriko? That day, at that time, before we came to this world……what should’ve I done? Being weak……even if I did something to Kido, would’ve something, really changed?」


And, he continued.


「I don’t fucking know………」











EpisodeThe Dungeon SeekerChapter 2


Name : Takeda Junpei                                              Thesaurus Points : 81

Level Up : 999 → 999

Bonus Points Gained : 0


Job : Skill Hunter                                                        Level : 999

HP : 1840                                                                           MP : 175

Attack Power : 255 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 5
※Sub weapon equipped :245

Evasion Efficiency : 3000


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Infused with God Killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Mantle: Cloak of Evasion (Sage Equipment)
※Passive that increases the basic Evasion Efficiency to 1.5 times

Skill (Skill Slot: 6 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance
  • Butcher (Super-Class)
  • Monster Tame (Beginner Class)
  • Mimicry (Super-Class)


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

Tamed Monsters

  • Pure Slime
  • Pandemic Slime

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