The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 2 Illustrations

9 comments on “The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 2 Illustrations

  1. iamviruz says:

    Yeah~ more new characters~

    Thanks ~~


  2. Black Snow says:

    Women in this story…….Uhm no comment
    ( ==)


  3. Is he finally out of the dungeon?


  4. zerocoolkh says:

    I Love This~~~

    I can’t wait any longer…!!! 😀


  5. Nyamsus says:

    Make Loli Great again!!! yay!!! she look like a yandere BTW


  6. midoyashii says:

    Thank you very much.
    Please keep up the good work.

    Can I know the names of characters in pic. 3


  7. can someone make a translation for character name?


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