The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 2 Epilogue

Epilogue – The Devil’s Right Hand ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼





There are a lot of difficulties.


ーーhowever, the worst of them, is when your body would not move with your own will.


Inside the world that seems to be heavy with a reddish brown filter, “I’m troubled……”, Junpei thought.


After he defeated the torturer, his right hand suddenly got pricked.


The itch rode the blood flow, the dark and deep black yet scorching thing reached his heart, and go through his body from there at once.


At the end, the instant that “that” reached his brainーーJunpei’s memory and the scenery, all of it got vague; the dreams and reality got ambiguous.


“From there……I had spent not a short time in exploring the labyrinth”, Junpei thought.


Inside the vague feeling, however, the only one thing that he clearly remembers was that his right arm was always hot.


At the pastーーno, was that a few days before, or maybe happening a few weeks beforeーーit seemed like there was already clouds inside his memory, but anyways, he remembered some parts of the memories that remained.


Along the way, if there were monsters, there were also psychopath humans. Or maybe, he felt that there were people who lived their lives righteously inside the labyrinth.


And to all of those that movedーーfeeling something like the feeling he had for Kido or Noriko, he could not help himself but throw his anger that he could not control upon them.


He does not remember it, but surely, he had killed all including women and children.


In short, he who was being controlled by the devil’s right hand, he ran throughout the labyrinth with tremendous speed.


Feeling as if it was not himself. He looked at the door in front of him without having any feelings.


It was a golden colored door. It was not like someone told him about it, but he instinctively felt that that was the path to the end of the labyrinth.


When he had placed his hand to the knob, a woman’s voice echoed in his head.


「ーー【Devil’s Right Hand】……what’s that? That abnormal ability, why at that time, you were able to easily accept something like that casually?」


A question that he couldn’t know how many times he was asked, it was an annoying woman’s voice.


When he kills monsters, or maybe flattens villages inside the labyrinth. The black-haired girl who shows in his mind’s voiceーーthat voice that could not help Junpei’s heart to feel things about it, she asked the same thing.


ーーinside the dreams and illusion of reality.


So delicate that she might get broken if touchedーーthat ephemeral girl asked.




Under his ambiguous consciousness, Junpei lost his breath.


The girl’s question, it’s not that thing that speaks to him in his mind.


ーーthis is……person’s voice?


When he noticed, at the same time, the commands that control his body was stolen by the thing that exists in his right hand.


He spun around and threw a back fist


But……the【Devil’s Right Hand】that seems to be able to destroy most of the things, it easily got caught by the girl’s left hand with a carefree expression.


「【Devil’s Right Hand】……isn’t that originally your power……with only once……berserk with only that activation huh……」


“Really……”, the girl who was wearing a summer sailor uniform that seems unfit to the labyrinth continued.


「There’s a limit to being useless. Even to eat……it should be a little more fat. You right now, there’s nothing useful at all」


The girl took distance from Junpei with a backstep for a few meters.


She drew the Japanese katana from the belt on her waist, and spat out.


「Well, whatever. It’s not like there are no replacements……」


The girl’s voice does not reach Junpei.




「With only one hit……with only one hit, I will let you do what you want」


A beast-like roar.


Heavy low voice that echoes coming from the lungs and the stomach, one that a normal beast would escape with its tails between its legs.


Just like that, Junpei sprinted, however, to destroy that girl, the【Devil’s Right Hand】grabbed the girl’s left arm.


ーーa blinding flash occurred.


*Botari*, the left wrist that was grabbed to destruction fell to the ground.


And then, the girl whispered.


「……is that enough for you? Takeda Junpei-kun? Destruction of molecules, barehanded……I won’t receive it more than this」


And, the girl casually slashed her katana.


Without resistance, Junpei’s right hand was cut away, *Botari*, it fell to the ground.


「I’ll collect this later……it returned with a different way from what I expected, but……well, it can’t be helped」


Together with a light, Junpei’s right hand that was cut off changed to a skill card.


「……law of physics intervention」


After the girl said that, the girl’s left hand returns to normal as if it was a video played backward.


The bones are formed, and the flesh, red and blue veins created. Her flesh was covered with fat, and it was coated with skin in the end.


When it was completely healed, the girl kindly smiled, and said this to Junpei.


「……well then……see you later okay?」


*Hyun*, a wind cutting sound.


「……until then……good night」


Junpei’s sight spins. As if he was thrown by a judo moveーーno, faster than that, the scenery in front of him turned.


And finally he collides to the ground. And collision.


The feeling of the ground from his cheeks. Even if he wanted to stand up, he did not have the strength for that.


Well, that should be the case, after all, his body, it is already……


ーーahh, this isn’t good……my head and body were cut apart.


Within his fading consciousness, Junpei calmly thought of that as if he was not the one who was concerned.


ーーI, who had speed and dynamic vision that can be said as ultimate……that girls slash……I couldn’t even……see its shadow……the end here huh……really……how stupid.


Kido, and Noriko appeared in his head, “Haha”, Junpei’s lips kindly curved up.


ーーno……but……this might be for the better……I guess. Even if I go outside……there isn’t something good that’s gonna happen……




And, his consciousness assimilates with the darknessーーTakeda Junpei’s 17 years of life ended.








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