The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2 – Dungeon Seeker 1 ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)






ーーin the end…… I was alone until I die huh.


I made myself a shut-in when I was in middle school because of being bullied because of my ossan-face……

I continued to be a shut-in until I was 22.

But when I noticed it, my parents have died.


Well, the house’s loan was already paid, so that helped.


I thought many times what should I do, but it was impossible for me to go to work.

In the first place, I wasn’t good at talking to other people…… that’s when it happened.

The event called isekai trip.


I was warped into a strange space and met a ridiculously handsome shota god.


He seemed to take a lot of liking in me who stuttered with all of my words.


According to him, it was like “Hahaha. You looked pretty disgusting that I like it”.


And so, I got the Super-Class【Appraisal Eyes】skill.


Using the full advantage of my sixth sense and【Appraisal Eyes】skill, I was able to reach S-Rank Adventurer in this world.


And, after remembering up to that, I let out a dry laugh.



ーーthey say that your life flashes back when you’re about to die, but it looks like it’s true.



Right now, a Cerberus is right in front of my face.

I can feel its warm and nasty-smelling breath, so I closed my eyes in resignation.



One second.


Two seconds.


Three seconds.


Four seconds.


Five seconds.






The pain that I was waiting for didn’t come.

Instead, I could feel a splash of stickiness drooping from my check. I placed a hand on my cheek and looked. My palm was dyed with red.

Soon after that, I heard something fell to the ground.

I looked around to see what’s happening.

I saw the Cerberus’s headless body and its chopped head. And, a girl wearing sailor-uniform was standing there.

The girl turned around and whispered annoyingly.


「Do you plan on complaining about getting your EXP stolen?」


Stolen? What the fuck is this girl saying?


「But, no matter how I look at you, I don’t think that you would survive so you shouldn’t need EXP anymore…… no, since you were able to reach this floor……」


*Pon”, the girl dropped a fist to her palm.


「I see, 【Mimicry】huh」


She nodded as if she was convinced about something.

And, at the same time, several Cerberuses attacked the girl.

In a blink of an eye.

She swung her katana with god-like speed and chopped the heads of all the Cerberuses that attacked her.


「Well, no matter. This floor is a bonus stage. I’ll be taking all of the EXP」


After saying that, she bent her waist, taking a slightly forward stance.






A shockwave occurred.

She must’ve moved faster than the speed of sound.

I was hit by the sudden wind and barrel-rolled several times.

At the same time, I could see the Cerberuses’ heads dropping to the ground.


「Oi, you……」

「Hm? Are you surprised by how sharp my katana is? This is called Bizen Osafune Kanemitsu…… it is a rare famous blade in the motherland I was raised, and a katana that was ridiculously cultivated and strengthened by this world’s mana」


She has black hair, Japanese……huh.

I mean, it’s true that many weapons that have the same name with famous weapons in Earth’s mythology exist in this world.

Like the Longinus Spear or Gungnir.

Bizen Osafune that is mysteriously powered up by this world…… well, it’s convincing after seeing its sharpness.


「Ah no, I didn’t…… not that……」

「Well, I don’t blame you for getting surprised. This is not an ordinary Bizen Osafune Kanemitsu. After all, it’s the Ultra-Rare within the Rares……only dropping in the deepest part of the labyrinth once every hundred or thousands of……」


……this girl, she’s definitely the type that doesn’t listen to others.

There was already no remaining Cerberus around us.

They’re either dead or about to die after receiving a fatal wound.

It means that safety was ensured.

Since that’s the case…… shouldn’t she start worrying about my wounds first?




「If possible…… can you…… heal me……」


“Hmm?”, the girl tilted her head.


「That’s just 【Mimicry】right? Don’t tell me that your…… organs are really spilling out? Even though you were able to reach this floor? You’re saying that…… you’re really about to die in this bonus floor?」


And here, I could feel that I couldn’t hold on much longer.

Although I could endure the pain with my【Resist Pain】skill, I can’t do anything my fatal wounds and loss of blood.

If we continue chatting like this, I’ll seriously die.


「Please…… save me……」

「What can I get in return? No, I guess I should ask you how you were able to reach this far?」

「…… I have…… the skill……【Past Peek】. I should…… be useful…… for you……」


The girl shook her head in pity.


「Unfortunately, that’s the most useless skill for me」


Damn it, my eyes are losing light. It looks like it’s finally the end for real.


「…… although it isn’t…… a skill or anything…… I have good intuition……」

「Good intuition? What do you mean?」

「When I sense…… danger…… I can feel…… an inch……」


The girl placed a hand on her chin looking as if to think of something.

And then, she slowly walked towards me, and whispered.


「【Perfect Heal】」


I could feel my organs returning to their proper places, I saw my peritoneum regenerating instantly. Following that, my muscles and skin regenerated instantly as well.

I rubbed my stomach and didn’t feel a scar. It was really a perfect heal.


「Perfect Heal…… isn’t that magic that only exists in legends?」


I let out a dry laugh.

“Nope,” the girl shook her head.


「Although it consumes MP, this isn’t magic. More specifically, it’s a type of skill」

「Skill……? But, no matter how I look at you…… Ojo-chan’s definitely a close combat job…… specialized in attacking even…… why do you have something like that?」

「Ahh, about that? I stole it from an enemy five floors before」

「Stole it……?」

「It’s very useful after all. If you have it, you won’t die easily as long as you don’t instantly die. If you put some points in HP…… you can fight indefinitely as long as your MP lasts」


It looks like she was really the type who’s hard to talk with.

I can’t understand even if she told me casually that she stole it.

No…… maybe she doesn’t plan on telling me about it from the beginning?

She has an aura like, there’s no point even she tells me, or she doesn’t plan on giving me a decent explanation.


「However…… how high is Jo-chan’s level? Although I know it’s ridiculously high……」

「Level? I wonder how much of a meaning would that have in measuring strength? Well, I don’t it’s meaningless though」


「Ahh, right. You didn’t come here by using your fighting prowess huh. If you fought alone, you would normally exceed 1000 level before you reach the 10th floor. At that point, you should’ve gained the qualifications……」


「The power to interfere with the physics calculation laws」


Physical calculation laws intervention?

Hm? This Ojo-chan, did she just casually mention a ridiculous thing?


「Oi, isn’t that……」

「This world that was made by the Creator. If you rated it as a game, it would absolutely be a shitty game, but well, it’s the power in interfering with the calculating method of the physical laws that govern this world」

「Don’t tell me……」

「However, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything with it. Well…… you can tinker with the coefficient or the multiplier, and the infinitesimal calculus just a tiny bit」


She means that it’s possible to somehow manipulate the law of motion by will?

That’s ridiculous.


「For example. If you were able to master interfering with the physical calculation laws…… when you jump to the sky with an initial velocity of 10km/hr(6.2mph), you can set that as the second cosmic velocity(escape velocity)…… then you’ll be able to jump out of Earth’s satellite orbit」

「Second cosmic velocity, shouldn’t that be at least 40000km/h?!」

「More specifically, it’s 40,270km/h(25,020 mph). That distance of 40000km is just about the circumference of Earth」


“Oi, oi……,” I let out a sigh.


「That ability, isn’t that too ridiculous」

「Yeah, I think so too」


She agreed so easily that I honestly don’t know how to react.

But I can understand one thing.

This is a one-in-a-million chance for me. The girl right in front of me is the thread hanging above to save me.

After all, it’s an encounter within the out-of-this-world labyrinth, and she’s someone who has strength out-of-this-world.

No matter how I think of it…… I can only cling onto her if I want to survive.




「Can you bring me with you? I’ll die either way if I stay here」

「I could bring you with me, but……」


「At least carry your own weight okay?」

「Yeah, you can count on my sixth sense」


“Un,” the girl nodded.


「I’m really counting on you. A special ability that doesn’t rely on skill or status value…… that’s what I’m needing right now. I don’t care if it’s fake. I guess this is what people call clutching even at straws」

「……what do you mean?」

「You’ll know soon. But leaving that aside……」


「Why do you want to follow me?」

「If I follow Ojo-chan, my chances of survival should increase」

「That’s simple up until tens of floors」

「You mean?」

「I think that it would be an easy ride if you follow me up until then, but……」

「It’s an easy ride for tens of floors? Do you know how many floors this labyrinth has?」

「Un. And so, the difficulty after the 50th would change drastically. If you follow the current me, you’ll definitely reach a dead and and die there you know?」

「What the heck are you saying? You’re speaking as if you’ve seen it for yourself……」


“Yareyare,” Ojo-chan shrugged her shoulders.


「Believe it or not, it’s up to you. Either way, it’s for sure that you’re going to die you know?」


“Well……,” I stared at Ojo-chan’s eyes.


「No matter if I die now or later…… Ojo-chan’s my only chance in surviving this labyrinth」


After thinking for a moment, Ojo-chan nodded.


「Do what you like」


“However……,” I whispered while rolling my eyes.


「Why is Ojo-chan that strong?」


After thinking for a moment, she said.


「There’s not many important things. Fighting is actually very simple」


She looked up to the ceiling as if to remember something and smiled while her eyes wavered a bit.


「The most important thing is」


「The way to use this and……」


She knocked on her head, then proudly knocked to her left chest.


「And whether the flames of your strong will burns here」



In other words, how to use your head and courage…… or maybe your determination?

I understand what she’s getting at, but it feels too abstract.

Ojo-chan made a fragile smile towards me who was making an indescribable expression.


「By the wayーーcan you swing a katana?」

「Hahha〜? I’m a Treasure Hunter y’know?」

「Hm? What do you mean?」

「I’m not bragging, but although I don’t have weapons I’m good in, I also don’t have weapons I’m bad with〜! Well, I’m what you call the jack of all trades and master of none!」


That’s actually the truth.

I can decently use all kinds of weapon, but no matter what weapon it’s, I’m not a master of any.

Speaking of it in skill levels, I have Skilled Class with many Weapon Techniques.

Well, this is what you call the bonus skill with my job aptitude.

Treasure hunters are those who would visit many kinds ruins and get many kinds of weapons and armors.

Within the weapons and armors you’d pick up, you’re being too positive if you think you’d get only those you’re good at using.

Inevitably, a skill that would make you use many kinds of weapons and armors is needed, and that’s why this Treasure Hunter job exists.


「Good then. I’ll give this to you」


After saying that, the girl handed me the katana she’s holding.


「Oi, what’s the meaning of this? This is Bizen Osafune Kanemitsu…… didn’t you tell me it’s a ridiculously rare item?」

「Within the Rarity Rank, it’s probably top ranked within the Mythological Class」


“Haha,” I let out a dry laugh.

Even though I’ve heard that rare rank in legends, this is the first time I’m actually seeing it with my own eyes.


「There are many other equipments within my item box. With your strength, within this labyrinth, no, in this floor, you’re worse than a trash. It’s better if you at least arm yourself with something decent」


The katana was handed to me.

I asked while feeling a bit overwhelmed by the weight of its pressure.  


「However, Jo-chan? If you give this to me, what about Jo-chan’s weapon……?」

「I have this」


She took out another katana out of her item box.

Its blade lit with a mysterious glow and its length exceeds two meters.


「That is?」

「……Muramasa. It’s the God-Killing katana that proudly has the worst sharpness. It’s a tricky katana that’s annoying to maintain, so I would use Bizen Osafune as a sub-weapon to wipe out mobs」


I said “I see” while nodding and used my【Appraisal Eyes】.

And, I let out a dry laugh that I’ve forgotten how many times now.


「Haha…… this is really……」

「What’s the matter?」

「This is the first time I saw an error in the item’s details」


The girl said with a slightly troubled expression.


「That’s anything but rare deep in the labyrinth」


She’s really mysterious, or rather…… this girl, she really doesn’t plan on explaining.

Seeing the girl shrugging her shoulders, I also shrugged my shoulders in return.






Appraisal Results by Sakaguchi Nazuna.




Item Rank   ▼ ▼ ▼ ???

Characteristics   ▼ ▼ ▼ The Legendary Demon Sword that became cursed because of its ties with the Tokugawa Clan. Its ability as a katana is its transcendent sharpness, slicing everything that it touches with or without the will of its wielder. It is also an excellent item as an artistic blade, making all that see its hamon(blade patterns) sigh in admiration.  

Attack Power+12000 / God Killer attribute / Anti-Undying attribute / Anti-Magic Beast attribute / Anti-Human attribute/ Anti-Insect attribute/ Anti-Bird attribute / Anti-Reptile attribute / Anti-Object attribute / Anti-Spirit attribute / Anti-Demon attribute



【Bizen Osafune Kanemitsu】

Item Rank   ▼ ▼ ▼ Mythological Class (top-ranked)

Characteristics   ▼ ▼ ▼ A rare and extraordinary katana classified as one of the finest swords. Although it is an item that must be classified as Important Culture Property, it has a frequent chance of appearing within the deepest areas of the labyrinth as a drop item. Unlike that of which displayed within the Japanese museum, by the chaos of the “Interstice Labyrinth”, the katana was endowed with the intense emotion of its creator towards blades, allowing the weapon itself use Physical Calculation Laws Intervention towards the coefficient of the target’s defense. Its sharpness could only be described as shocking. It enables even the worst beginner swordsman cut through Oricalcon like cutting through paper clay. However, it cannot cut through konjac.

Attack Power+4000 / God Killer attribute / Anti-Human attribute / Anti-Spirit attribute







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