The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 1

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This guy’s called Hermes McKinley! I’m what you call a master treasure hunter!

By the way, my Japanese name is Gouda Yohei, but that’s a secret for everyone in this world okay!


And so, well, leaving aside that confidential information, I’m actually quite amazing.

Why am I amazing, you ask? My face is thick enough to be naturally called by my name Hermes McKinley.

And I have a middle-aged man’s face.


I had this Ossan-face since I was in Japan, so I think a lot of people made fun of me.

When a clerk told me “Child’s fee……? Aren’t you embarrassed as an adult?” during my fourth year in grade school, it was so ridiculous it made me laugh out loud.

Well, I think being 168cm when I was fourth grade is quite amazing.


But, however, even though I’m already 28, I’m still 168cm.


Just where the fuck did my second period of growth go?

By the way, I look like I’m 35, unchanged since I was in grade school.


Oh, I’m digressing.


What’s amazing about me isn’t just about that useless thing.

I’m casually within the strong ones in this world.


After all, I’m counted as an S-Rank Adventurer and my level is also 270!

No matter what labyrinth it would be, it would be a piece of cake with my strength and treasure hunting skill!

Thanks to the countless rare equipment and items I got from visiting labyrinths, dungeons, and ruins from all over the world, I’m undefeated everywhere I go!

And so, there was really no one better than me, at least when it comes to conquering dungeons.

It was really a piece of cake.



ーーhowever, that only applies in the dungeons of the highest difficulty in the common sense.



I’ve told you this before, but I’ve conquered super-difficult dungeons one next to the other, playing solo too.

And so, this is about after I cleared the labyrinth that is treated as the most difficult dungeon in the surface.

I heard of rumors of the worst labyrinth in a pub.

According to the gossipers, they said that the world is vast and there’s still super-difficult labyrinths yet to be found.


In other words, for my, the strongest treasure hunter, the worst labyrinth is equal to the most profitable quest.

On top of that, a dungeon that was never conquered and unknown added to its charm.

After all, no one has ever conquered it, so I can take all the treasures sleeping within that labyrinth.



ーーand, right now……I’m in the 23rd floor of that “Interstice Labyrinth”.



The only ones I was able to conquer alone was the lower floors at the beginning, and one or two floors by somewhat taking advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses.

Other than that, I was only running away.

And so, right nowーーI’m in what you call a desperate situation, with my organs leaking out of my stomach.

In addition to that, more than a dozen of bloodthirsty Cerberuses are wandering around my surroundings.


Haha! This is really not a joke.

After all, it’s fucking Cerberus y’know! Cerberus!

A mythological beast, the fucking thing is walking around in this floor like a mob monster. It’s so ridiculous that dozens of them are walking around here and there that I can’t even laugh.

No, this is fucking retarded. They’re not mob monsters for me.


On top of that, this damn floor doesn’t even have a safety area.

This is only my guess, but this floor is adjusted like this those who reached this far probably won’t have any difficulties dealing with these guys.

That’s why there’s no safety area.  

I think that this floor’s one of the easy places for those super-strong guys to relax.


Anyways, in this situation where you can find lots of Cerberuses here and there, the mode is something like an annihilation game against mob monsters. I’ll repeat this. They’re not fucking mob monsters for me.

In fact, even if I used the ability 【Past Peek】, the guys who have conquered this floor either used the overwhelming difference between levels to brute force through them, or used a ridiculous skill to brute force through them.


Well, the only thing common is that all of them passed through this floor almost without breaking a sweat.

Although this sounds repetitive, the simple arrangement of an army of Cerberuses is simply a fatal configuration for me.

After all, I reached this 23rd floor by taking advantage of my【Past Peek】ability to pass through openings, choosing only to run.

My compatibility against simple power plays like mass enemy deployment is the worst.


But, well………… I myself thought that this would happen sooner or later.

That’s why there’s no use to moping about it. I decided to try and pass through this floor just how I did with the early ones before.


I dashed with my full speed heading towards the next floor’s door, but the fucking dogs caught me when I reached a third of the distance…… they got me in the stomach, getting me in a situation where my organs are fucking leaking.

At first, there was only four of them that chased after me.

And, the damn dogs smelled my blood one next to the other, taking their attention.

As a result, I could see at least twenty of Cerberuses gathering around me.


「Kahha……! My fucking large intestine is hanging out……」


Really, the tables turned on me.

The reason why I was able to be a treasure hunter for so long is because of the help of this【Past Peek】ability of mine.

But the biggest reason was the six sense, my sensor towards danger that I had even when I was still in Japan.

When I smell something’s fishy, my back would feel itchy.

That’s how I evaded airplane and bus accidents, and even after I came to this world, it made me evade quests that would make the even top adventurers of the Guild suffer casualties.

I really avoided everything that smelled danger.


But, for some reason, my sixth sense didn’t do its job when I heard the rumors about this labyrinth in that pub.

Why did it choose that fucking time to…… though there’s no use regretting it again and again.


「Well, whatever. It looks like this is finally the end for me…… tsk, how useless…… how ridiculous……」


The fucking dogs approached me, even though I’d die if they just leave me alone.

Their mouths opened wide, and their drools drooped to the ground.

I can see their large fangs and giant red tongue.

I then whispered while sighing.


「If possible, make it hurt the least……」










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