The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 3

Chapter 1 – Lowlife Subjugation ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 3)






Afternoon at the road that extends towards north and south.

It is a huge trade route said to be twelve thousand kilometers from start to end, connecting the east and west of the continent.

It is said that if one were able to bring a wagon full of spices from the east to the and sell it to the west, one would be able to spend their whole lives with a little luxury from the profits.

Nevertheless, if one would dare to do such feat individually, they would only be preyed upon by thieves and monsters along the way.




Junpei muttered while eating a light meal while walking on the road.

By the way, the food he is eating is a sandwich made with white bread and stir-fried orc king’s ham.

It is seasoned with salt and vinegar, and a salad dressing similar to olive oil. It is a somewhat a differently flavored sandwich made with lots of spices.


「n? You’re frowning for a while now, what’s the matter?」


Ami who was eating the same thing as Junpei asked.


「Did you hear what they were talking about earlier?」

「Ah〜, they were saying something about Cerberus or something right?」


Junpei got silent for a while.

It is a Magical Beast that exists in the mythology in Earth.

Even in this otherworld, it was still a super rare monster that only exists in legends.

However, it appeared in “that” labyrinth as if it was natural.

For Junpei who got his arm eaten by such existence, he could not remain calm just hearing rumors about such being.

No, more than that, what he really feels is that he does not want to remember anything about “that” labyrinth.




Seeing Junpei getting silent, Ami felt dubious and asked.


「What’s really the matter, Junpei?」

「n? Ahh……I was just thinking about something」


Junpei said silently while looking far away.


「Cerberus……huh. I really don’t believe it exists in “this side”, but…… well, at that time, I had a trash status so I couldn’t do anything……but what about now?」

「n? At that time? This side……?」

「Ahh, don’t mind me. I was just talking to myself」

「That’s why, I’m……asking what’s the matter?」

「Well, it’s nothing really」

「That’s absolutely not true, right? Things like at this side and that side, or at that time……can’t you tell me about it?」

「I think it’s useless even if I told you?」


And there, Ami pouted and made her cheeks puff.


「……I feel unpleasant now」

「Ahh, well, sorry about that」

「……you really won’t tell me about it? Why are you always hiding things from me?」

「I’ll repeat this although I’ve said this many times before, it’s because it’s useless even if I told you. The circumstances around me is too special」


Ami once again puffed her cheeks.


「If you really insist that you won’t tell me, I won’t force you. If Junpei is really saying that much, then I guess it’s true that it won’t matter even if I knew. Instead, it would only be a disadvantage for Junpei, right?」

「You got it」

「But, I feel unpleasant now. I will have you take the responsibilities for that」


She mischievously smiled as if she came up with something, puckering her lips while looking at Junpei.





She said once again while puckering her lips.



「What is it really」

「……you know, right?」


While rolling his eyes and smiling, Junpei kissed Ami.

They wrestled their tongues for a while and their lips parted while making a thread after tens of seconds.


「Are you satisfied now?」


Ami answered while smiling cheerfully.


「Umu. I am satisfied」

「Are you a lord now?」

「Well, leaving that aside. Let’s hurry up to the next town. The sun is about to set」

「With just this month, we completed seven quests from the Guild while traveling huh. The incident with the Duke Family from a while ago seems to have affected it quite a lot. After we finish another quest or two……we should become A-Rank adventurers then」


“Un”, Ami nodded and said.


「Let’s hurry up to the next city and get our reward from the Guild. And after that……」


“Yeah”, Junpei nodded and continued.


「Let’s go drink」


And there, Ami’s eyes widened.


「We aren’t going straight to the inn……and do lots of “action”?」

「What the heck are you talking about」

「It’s been a while we did it on the bed, right? Although we’re doing it everyday……in the camping tent, my butt and back hurt so I can’t concentrate……」


*Gon!*, a fist was dropped on Ami’s head.


「You should have more delicacy you know?」

「And then? What are we going to do?」

「What what?」

「Are we rushing to the inn after we arrived in the town? Or are we not?」

「Isn’t it fine after eating a meal?」

「I’m quite, “hungry” you know……I’ll give you lots of service okay? Is Junpei not “hungry”?」


“Though it’s true that she’s not that active recently, only letting me do the action……it’s because of the hard ground huh”, Junpei nodded as if he was enlightened.

And just like that, after thinking for a while, he said the following while looking down a bit.


「……we’ll rush in」


Ami nodded with satisfaction.


「It’s good that you’re honest」


“But……”, Junpei sighed.


「In the next town, it will be the end of the road to the west right? And from there, was it two days going through the mountain pass」

「Un. There’s the Daamas Village that me and my little sister stayed after coming to this world」

「Sakaguchi Nazuna……was it?」

「Un. We’re four years apart so she is 12-years-old right now. She’s a beauty just like me you know?」

「Yeah, if she looks similar to you, then she should be a beauty……I mean, what are you making me say!」


Junpei lightly smacked Ami’s head.

And there, Ami showed a surprised face for an instant, froze for a while, then laughed out.



「n? You find that funny right now? The level you’re thinking things as funny is quite low huh」


Ami shook her head.


「That’s not it. How should I say this……」


「I just thought that……Junpei does that too huh?」

「What’s “that”? What do you mean?」

「I mean Nori-Tsukkomi」


「n〜. You don’t get it huh〜……how should I say this, it’s just that Junpei seems a bit different compared to when we just met」

「What’s different about me?」

「It’s just……you started to show smiles naturally now, so. Before, you were always so tensed up, and……」


Junpei got silent for a while, and shrugged his shoulders.


「Well, I guess so?」







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