The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 1 – Lowlife Subjugation ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)






Junpei and Ami walked towards the naked women who were being raped just a moment ago.

They are people who are abducted from a great noble’s manor, so the level of their appearance is quite high.

Junpei called out to a silver-haired woman in her twenties who looked the most beautiful within them.


「Before anything, wear this」


The silver-haired woman bowed her head towards Junpei who threw a coat on her.


「Thank you very much. Are you two sent by the Guild to eliminate the band of thieves?」

「Yeah, that’s right」

「Although it is after we were slightly sullied……thank you for saving us. For your fast rescue……I must thank you in behave of my father who passed away because of this incident……I thank you in the name of Duke Marcilis」


The woman teared and bowed her head to Junpei.

However, Junpei shook his head.


「And so, the true objective of this time’s subjugation quest is you」


「After all, our employer……it’s your father called Duke Marcilis」

「……employer? Father died at the hands of the thieves……」


Junpei shrugged his shoulders at the silver-haired woman who had a dubious expression and answered.


「Well, he’s completely fine you know? The one who died during the attack is his double」



Junpei continued his words at the woman who widened her eyes.


「Trying to elope with a young male servant but failed. The man was killed and you were taken back to your family. And, after that, you were driven to desperation they say? Well……you played too much with fire. Organizing a drug orgy using Mandragora, going on a sexual debauchery day and night……」


「All of them were revenge against your father……you did it to tarnish the name of Duke Marcilis’s family right?」


The woman seemed to be unable to endure Junpei who stared straight at her……and looked away.


「……in the end, what is really going on?」

「You who had your most beloved man killed, could not forgive your father no matter what. Even by taking stupid actions that would tarnish the name of your family……you still couldn’t release your resentment」


「You took the worst action. To kill your father……you messed up the security of your mansion, and invited the band of thieves inside」

「……t-t-that’s false accusation! I was violated by these men……」

「That’s right, you got caught by the bandits. However, the truth is that you’re going to be released later. Am I right? After all, no one would think that the true mastermind is the victim. By doing that, you can succeed your family inheritance, and just live how happily later. But, think about the case if your actions were all seen through……don’t you think that there are too many strange things happened in this incident?」


And there, the woman sucked her breath.


「It’s true that that day, the security is too loose……also……also……there’s still not even a day had passed, for the Guild’s emergency quest should be made……it is difficult to think that the rescue would have already arrived at this stage」

「Good reasoning. Since before the bandits attacked, Ami and I were watching from start to finish. All of that, to gather all those who are involved including the mastermind in one place, and kill them all at once」


The woman said very silently, closing her eyes.


「……but……there’s no proof……」

「Proof? I have a Skill related to scouting. I know that you opened the back door of the mansion before the bandits attacked……that’s enough for proof」

「……in the end……what’s……going on?」

「You, you got set up by your father」


「You are a virus that spreads the Duke family’s bad name. On top of that, for the Duke, who knows when you’d try to kill him……if that situation goes on for a very long time, anyone would wish to kill that individual, even if it’s their own child. For the honorable great nobles, daughters are mere pawns used for political marriage. This is a world where the children they made with their mistresses are counted by the tens right?」


「Despite that, the Duke still carries with him his noble name. He could not kill you publically. So, for that, the settings of this incident was made. Andーーyour executioner is me」


And there, the silver-haired woman shook her head in resignation.


「I understood. However, I want to ask you one thing」


「You are that powerful, but……but are you fine being just the Guild’s……father’s dog? Will you kill a person, with their command?」


“Haha!”, Junpei laughed.


「It really disgusted me, so I thought of refusing this quest. But, I changed my mind after seeing the information」


「Your drug party, it was conducted like the black magic’s mass right? And the standard when you do so……is to abduct street children and burn them, conducting a demonic religion ritual」


「For me, that’s enough of a reason to kill a person」


The silver-haired woman let out a deep, deep sigh.

At his timing, Junpei received his handgun from Ami.


「Joachim……I will reunite with you soon……I will reunite with the kind and noble you……finally」


“Unfortunately……”, Junpei said while shaking his head.


「If your words are to be true; then he’s going to be in heaven. And you’re going to drop in hell」



After that, Junpei raised his left middle finger to the silver-haired woman.


「Go repent for your boyfriendーーin hell」


ーー*Pan!*, a dry sound echoed.


Following that was……the sound of a human collapsing to the ground.










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