The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 – Lowlife Subjugation ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 1)






At night.

Deep within the forest, there are several tents in a clearing.

The dry wood burning within the campfire snaps and echoes.

With that fire at the center, vulgar laughter coming from tens of men echoed.

These men who were clearly ill-bred, as well as unintelligent, were enjoying a banquet drinking from wine bottles top to bottom.

And within that vulgar laughter, there were two who were especially loud.

The huge bald warrior and muscular long-haired swordsman made a click, toasting using the cheap glass they were using for the nth time today.


「Haha, we really earned a lot today. The last time we earned this much should be when the armed band of thieves was created, right?」


The huge bald warrior laughed while chomping on the chicken leg that he is holding.


「We invaded and stole from a great noble’s mansion after all. Damn, I really felt my balls shrinking then……」

「Haha, that’s true. You really looked so freaked out. Well, when we started to win and the guards ran away, you were so carried away though」


The swordsman shyly laughed.


「Ahaha, yeah, well……I’ve shamed myself」

「But well, thanks to walking that tightrope, we have lots of treasures, andーー」


The huge man grinned and looked towards near the fire.

There were ten naked females from 12 to 30 years old over there.

Those females are surrounded by tens of men, without discrimination with their age and looks, without a single exception, they were equallyーーbeing sullied.

「Seven maids and two nobles. Well, it’s rare to fuck women with a great noble’s bloodline after all」


It is easier to count from the top to mention these two men’s status in their group.

Following that, they had already finished releasing their sources of lust inside the noble bloods.

That is why they are able to drink and eat without care, waiting for the alcohol to be served to them.

If they were waiting for their turn, they would have been carefully drinking, so that they would not be wasted when they’re about to taste the women.


「By the way, have you heard about it? About our brothers」

「Are you talking about Nautilus’s bandit group that got independent from the main group about a year ago?」

「Yeah, that’s right. It’s that armed bandit group that got half destroyed about two weeks ago. They said that the remaining members re-joined the main group」


After thinking for a while, the long-haired swordsman laughed out.


「Haha! They’re saying the reason they got half destroyed is because they met a mythological beast right? Was it Cerberus?」


「Well, that’s too ridiculous, even choosing a Cerberus for an excuse. I’m pretty sure they just failed completely in robbing……and their hideout got busted. And then, an A-Rank Adventurer or an S-Rank Adventurer attacked them and they got half destroyed」

「In this business, the greatest failure is to get someone finds your hideout and gets your treasures and the bounty heads of the members robbed by those bounty hunters. Even for that Nautilus armed bandit group……they probably felt it was a disgrace, so they made up something like that, or so I thought」

「Big brother? Why in past tense?」

「Well, actually, it was not only a rumor」

「Your saying?」

「Ahh, that’s……abhayha!」


The huge man made a weird sound.




Following that, the long-haired swordsman raised a stupefied voice.


「……a knife?」


Just as he said, a knife handle was growing from between the eyebrows of the huge man.




*Dosari*, the huge man fell to the ground.

His red blood quickly spread and died the ground.


「What did just……hya!」


Following that, *Pan!*, a dry sound echoed in the darkness of the night.

The bullet that exceeded the speed of sound breaks through the man’s skull, adding a spiral shockwave destroying his brain.




Following the sound of the long-haired swordsman collapsing, the sound of knives stabbing onto something echoed continuously.

*Zashu! Zashu! Zashu!*

Knives grew from the scums’ heads.

*Pan! Pan! Pan!*

At the same time, a red rose bloomed in the heads of their heads.

As if to use an insecticide spray on a bee’s nestーーthe humans fell to the ground one next to the other.

ーーall of them, critical attacks to the head.

One guaranteed kill with each of the knives thrown and bullet shot.  


「There’s about ten and some remaining huh. I’ll leave the rest to you. It’s useless for me to get experience points from this guys after all」


Takeda Junpei said so while pulling out a knife from a corpse.


「Got it. Darling」

「Tsk. I told you, stop that darling thing……」


Sakaguchi Ami answered with a wink after seeing Junpei roll his eyes.


「A-re? Weren’t we lovers?」




Ami pulled the trigger while humming and two of the men who were trying to escape collapse with their brains blew up.


「It just became like that, but this and that are different things」


Junpei said while shaking his head. After catching an arrow that suddenly shot towards him using his thumb and pointing finger, he threw it back with a snap with his wrist. With that, another corpse was made.


「Didn’t you say you’ll leave the rest to me……?」

「My bad. I got attacked so I instinctively killed him……」


“Haa……”, Ami sighed and approached Junpei.

Then, she started to fiddle with Junpei’s body from above his clothes. Especially, Junpei’s chestーーmore specifically, his nipple.


「Hey……what the fuck are you doing?」


Answering to that, Ami showed a mischievous smile.


「I’ll ask you instead, what are you imagining in your head? Really……you’re always thinking about that. Well, I can’t blame you since I’m so attractive, I don’t mind you being like that since its flattering too……」

「n? What do you mean?」

「Junpei? I’ll borrow this for a moment okay? It looks like I’m going to have a hard time」


From Junpei’s upper bodyーーAmi took out the Cerberus’s Canine from its sheath.


「I only have that one so be careful not to lose it okay?」

「I won’t make such a blunder. Probably, that guy’s their leader」

「I guess so. His movements are different from the others」


And then, Ami ran in a straight line.

She aimed for the small man who survived.

It’s the man who saw through and dodged the bullets that Ami shot.




As soon as Ami entered her range, she jumped.

She took the height advantage from the small man and swung the Cerberus’s canine.

The man grinned and took out a knife.


「From how you look, you’re a speed type……! Your status should be working best in making dexterous moves, right? Why the fuck are you jumping in the air? You’re too stupid, trying to throw away your own advantage!!」


The man dodged the canine Ami used to attack.

And, matching the timing Ami starts to fall, the man threw his knife to the air.


「But, actuallyーーI could also move agilely in the air!」


In the next instant, Ami kicked in the airーーchanging her path of falling away from the man.




The knife that the man threw slices nothing but air.

Once again, Ami kicked in the air and this time, she accelerated towards the man.


「Skill【Aerial Braking】……it’s like acrobatics right?」



The man’s throat was slashed open. His blood spurted out like a fountain and collapsed.

The man convulsed several times.

However, Ami was cautious, not moving closer and checking how the man looks for a while.


「After dealing a lethal attack on a strong individual exceeding a certain line, you must first check the situation」


She raised her gun aiming for the convulsing man’s head and pulled the trigger.


「And then, you must attack with a long ranged method and make sure to incapacitate the enemy」



Bodily fluids mixed with grey matter scattered in the surroundings.


「Use several additional attacks. Twice more after you’re sure that the enemy’s dead」




One shot to the head and one shot to the heart.

Ami confirmed that the man was completely lifeless.

After that, she clapped her hands twice and walked towards Junpei.


「Haa, it looks like its true that your level won’t really go up by defeating small fries. I only raised my level 7 times after destroying lots of bounty headed groups in this month. There’s even A-Rank class bounty heads just like that small guy from earlier too」

「I didn’t even level up, not even once. If we were only to talk about levels, you’re equal to S-Rank adventurers, so……it’s just natural」


Fighting together with Junpei and defeating Harada Ryouichi, Ami’s level went up to almost level 200. If we were only to mention her level, she is already at the S-Rank class.

When Junpei first subjugated the No Life King, his level increased up to level 178.

Harada is also one of those who is trying to clear the labyrinth in the deepest part, and the No Life King is a labyrinth monster as well.

Just by subjugating once, their level was raised to the S-Rank which is humanity’s strongest, so one could clearly understand how bugged the difficulty of that labyrinth.


「That means, the quest from the guild’s almost finished」

「Un. That’s true.」









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