The Dungeon Seeker – Epilogue

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Right now, the place where Junpei was, was a white mysterious space.


And in front of him who had an amazed face, that Shota God was standing.


「Hey, Takeda Junpei-kun. Originally, this floor is full of homunculus capsulesーーa sickening scenery was continuing, but let me skip on that. So, instead, I exchanged it to a space where you can talk to me」


「I don’t really get what you’re talking about, but……well, it’s been since earlier, Kami-san yo」(Kami=God)


A golden-haired boy that appeared in front of him when he noticed.


From his appearance, about 12-13 years old, a boy that has a very androgynous face opened his mouth.


「Hahaha!! Well, that’s really true, but being called as God face to face, as I’ve thought, it’s a little embarrassing」


The God put his middle finger and thumb finger together excitedly, and *Pachiri*, made a snapping sound.




Junpei instinctively shrunk his body, and crouched in his place while hugging his head.


ーーbefore, Kido was turned into meat chunks by the God’s that action, and he even recovered.


He looks like a normal handsome boy……but he is an incarnation of transcendental, cruelty, and innocence.


On top of that, he is ill-natured since he wouldn’t have any feelings of guilt on whatever he does.


To Junpei that seemed to be frightened, the God nodded very satisfied.


「Whether that defensive action has a meaning or not, you can be relieved though」


「Relieved……you say?」


「You can think of it as a privilege. For me right now, you are not a pebble beside the road? That’s right, from beside the roadーーyou have the value that is a little pretty pebble that has the worth to be picked up. At the least, if I were to kill you, there would be at least a reason to do so」


「To the fact that most of the cases are killed without reason, I’m rather surprised though」


To Junpei’s sarcasm, the God tilted his head as if he did not care.


「So, your level almost reaches 1000 right?」


「Ahh, aren’t you informed?」


「Well, that is whyーーfrom now on, to you, I can use godly powers, and be able to interfere with your body itself to some extent」




With a suppressed smile, the God laughed wickedly.


「Well, those circumstances are too early huh. In the festival in this time lineーーCarnival still hasn’t started, so. By the way, have you already met her?」


「Saying damn things that couldn’t be understood since earlier……so, why, for what reason did you appear?!!」


「Ahh, that, that, it’s about that. And so, the reason that I’m siding with you……is simply, there’s something that I’m very curious about」


「Curious about……?」


「ーーI want to see your revenge play. That is the thing that I have most interest on right now」


Junpei who had a dumbfounded expression, opened his mouth greatly.


「……revenge play?」


*UnUn*, the God nodded a lot of times.


「Honestly speaking you know. I don’t really mind if you die. Even if you die in the labyrinth, even if you die in the Carnival, or even if you get killed by the guys outside. If it was fun, whichever of those is good. But, you who have reached inhuman level right now, to your classmates once before, and the common people of the outside world, on how you would treat themーーjust thinking of it, it really is exciting you know!」


「It’s up to you if you want to get excited, but, unfortunately, I’m a resident of this damn labyrinth. I can’t go outside」


「Un, that’s right. But I want you to rampage……is that how you say it, well, I want to see how you would go to a rampage」


「That’s why I’m telling you, I’m a prisoner of this labyrinth……you’re the one who knows that the best right」


「Un. That’s right. But, I want to see」


「That’s why I’m telling you that’s impoーー」


The God stopped Junpei who almost said that with his hand.


「I’m saying it on top of that?」


「Meaning……what do you want to say?」


「Hey, you?」




*Nikkori*, the God laughed with a very innocent smile.




「Do you want me to let you out?」











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