The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Chapter 6 Part 4

Chapter 6 – Final Examination ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 4)






Harada had possessed many bodies and gained their memories as well. But it would seem that he had exceeded his capacity, and main personality, Harada, is unable to control the other personalities.  

Junpei rolled to the side and took distance from Harada at maximum speed.  

No……more specifically, Junpei ran away from the stage.  

And, he rushed towards the Examiner, Judy, as fast as he can.  


「Where can I do it?!」  

「Do……? What?」  


Junpei continued with a furious expression while grabbing Judy’s shoulders.  


「The rights of a B-Rank adventurer! Changing class once! I can do it in the Guild’s Regional Headquarters right?! I had already passed the examination itself……I should have that right!!」  

「……what? What do you mean?」  

「I’m Jobless right nowーーthat’s the only chance I can get, to defeat that monster!!」  

「Eh……?! Jobless? You defeated me instantly……but little boy’s……Jobless?」  


Judy was shocked and petrified and seems as if she could not utter a word.  

“Pashiiin!”, a dry sound echoed.  


「Tell me quickly! There’s no time!」  


Junpei shouted once again after slapping Judy’s cheek and making her return to reality.  


「That guy is targeting me! I’ll get killed if I don’t kill him……now’s the only chance! If that guy’s left alone, everyone who hasn’t escape will all die! That’s not good for you too right?!」  


It would seem that a considerable number of casualties have been made, and the venue was enveloped with panic and chaos.  

The audience rushed towards the exit with their livesーーbut【Vacuum Blade】was shot, as if to declare that they cannot escape.  

An explosive sound. And, chunks of meat had scattered, the smell of blood and viscera had enshrouded the venue.  

Those who were late to escape despaired and screamed.  



ーーit was in complete chaos.  



Judy told Junpei with a resolute face.  


「It’s in the main building’s second floor, at the innermost roomーーhurry up and go」


And, she started to walk towards the stairs that lead to the stage.  


「Hey, you……what are you planning to do?」  

「Don’t mind me……just go! I’m telling you to go raise your status!! I’m telling you that……you’re the only one who can do something about that monster!!」

「No, but why……why are you going up to the stage?」  

「I don’t know what I can do. ButーーI’ll buy some time!!」  



Judy shouted furthermore.


「The only one who can bully rookies……the only one who can destroy rookies, is me! And that……why the heck are you destroying them with the audience?! Don’t mess with me!! If commoners can be killed, then I’d killed them a long time ago! To let that unknown thing……destroy the matches that I held……there’s no way I’ll let him do that! I’ll give you a taste of my fist!!」  


Junpei rolled his eyes and smiled wryly.  


「You’re, as usual huhーーbut, I’ll be indebted with you this time!」  


Junpei ran and Judy went towards the stage.

She took out a cigarette case while walking and took out one.

She lit it using beginner magic and took in a huge puff.

Her instincts as an S-Rank Adventurer was releasing its loudest alarm.


「……ahh, this, I’ll probably die」


When she came up to the stage, Harada did not mind her and showed the white of his eyes, continuing to attack the audience seat while drooling.

After Judy finished smoking one stick, she smiled deprecatingly.


「Really……this isn’t like me」


Judy took a deep breath while whispering and walked towards Harada.




Once upon a time, the God that made this world created monsters, and created superhumans to subjugate those monsters.

Those superhumans trained themselves to subjugate those monsters that threaten the world, and finally grouped up.

That is the Adventurer’s Guild.

Furthermore, the God gave the Adventurer’s Guild the rights to operate the job system that greatly interferes the rule that governs this world……the concept of Status.

The class change system that gives B-Rank adventurers the right to change their class once is also a part of that, and even the right to class change towards advanced class that is only given to A-Rank adventurers and above is included as well.

The class change towards advanced classes could only be done at the Guild’s Main Headquarters, but normal class changes can be done on regional headquarters.


Junpei who have reached the second floor of the Guild Branch’s main building opened the door in front of himーーthe door that leads to a sacred area.


「This is……they probably spent a lot of money for it」


A room made out of marble. Thin water could be seen on the floor.

Rays of light coming from the sun passed through the stained glass window and looked very sacred.

In the center of the sacred area was a Goddess Statue that stretches out its right hand as if to answer those who have the qualifications.


「……do I only need to shake its hand?」


Junpei carefully reached out his hand towards the Goddess’s handーーand held it.



ーーlost child, walking through an odd destiny……what aptitude job do you wish for?



A voice directly echoed inside his head.


「……I only wish for one thing. Give me the job that has the greatest chance of surviving……give it to me right now」


And then, a certain phrase entered Junpei’s mind.



ーーUnique Job: Skill Collector



After an instant of passing, Junpei felt changes throughout his body.

Overflowing vitality……no, it was as if life energy had enveloped his whole body.

He took out his status plate, and saw that the level up bonus up until now was corrected, adding remaining 5800 bonus points into it.


「The problem is, whether I can do that or not……but there’s no help thinking of it. Distributing my status pointsーーto do that……this is the only way」



After a moment of hesitation, he placed all of his bonus points in his Evasion Efficiency.


「With this, my evasion efficiency is already over 25000 with full equips and【Idaten】huh…… haha, this is exceeding ridiculous. Well, if I still lose to speed like this, there’s nothing that can be done」


Junpei lightly nodded, turned around, and ran.


「As I’ve thought……it is whether I can do that in this situation…… I didn’t think that the Examiner would risk her life after all……really, how troubling」



Name : Takeda Junpei                                              Thesaurus Points : 50

Level Up : 1161

Bonus Points Gained : 5800


Job : Skill Collector                                                       Level : 1161

HP : 1840                                                                           MP : 180

Attack Power : 300 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 425 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)

Evasion Efficiency : 10200 (Junpei’s basic stat : 9655)


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Infused with God Killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Armor : Sword Saint’s Light Armor (Rare : Rank S)
※Defense Power +145 / Attack Power +45

Shield : Aegis’ Shield (Legendary Class)
※Defense Power +250 / Evasion Efficiency + 300

Mantle : Cloak of Evasion (Rare : Rank A)
※Passive that increases the basic Evasion Efficiency to 1.5 times

Shoes : Tenma no Tabi (National Treasure Class)
※Defense Power + 30 / Evasion Efficiency + 245

Skill (Skill Slot: 5 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • Trash Box (Ultimate)


  • All Status Ailments Resistance
  • Butcher (Super-Class)
  • Monster Tame (Beginner Class)
  • Mimicry (Super-Class)
  • Acceleration (Special)
  • Rise of the Herculean (Heroic-Class) / +650 Attack Power
  • Explosive Strong Body (Master-Class) / +350 Attack Power and Defense Power
  • Idaten (Job) / +75% Evasion Efficiency
  • Throwing (Master-Class)
  • Limit Cut (Super-Class) / +750 Attack Power and Defense Power


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

Tamed Monsters

  • Pure Slime
  • Pandemic Slime
  • Sand Slime



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