The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 6 – Final Examination ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)






In the Guild Regional Headquarters’ inner courtyard.

There are more than a thousand people moving around the quickly made special stage.

Merchants are allowed to open stalls in the condition of paying a certain margin to the guild, and it became a festival.

It just shows that from at all times and places; all ages and countries, whether it is on Earth or a different world, hand to hand combat events are one of the most popular events.

Common people are also allowed to enter by paying an entrance fee, but the capacity of the venue has been quickly exceeded, so the tickets are already sold out.


There is a reason why a mere B-Rank examination is this popular.

People gather to watch the martial competitions that were held by regional Lords or the Kingdom itself, butーーthose official tournaments were too high-class. On the other hand, the examinations held by the Guild has no specific rules except not to kill the opponent, so it is preferred by the mass.

Although it might be an accidental death, it is still a death match where people die. Inevitably, it would just become an exciting and thrilling entertainment, and in this world where there are only a few entertainments, it would get really lively, as it would make the masses relieve themselves of their stress.


And the gaze of those mass had gathered on a large man wearing a full armor equipment and a petite girl in her teens, who are about to start their first match.


「Well, well, I’m quite lucky. Little missy’s a Thief right? I’m a Warrior」


From the audience’s perspective, it only looks like a beautiful girl served as a sacrifice, and a violent man who would persecute her.

The audience’s dark temptations made them even excited because they knew that they were going to see a cruel show.



「I’m a Warrior. A job which is the large shield and melee member of a party……by the way, my defense powers, adding up my equipment and skills, is 750. Little missy could only tickle me I guess」


Hearing those words, Ami was unable to hold back her laughter and laughed out loud.


「Fufu……! Haha! Hahahaha!」

「Hey, Little missy……what happened?」


Ami continued her laugh hearing the man dubiously ask.


「Lucky you say……? You’re saying that in front of me?」


Ami continued while placing her hand on her pocket.


「If there is a status called LuckーーI probably have four, or maybe five digits」


What Ami took out was an S&W M57 41 caliber magnum.


「This, it seems like it’s a National Treasure Class item……, no well, I really feel so bad about this……seriously」


Because the bullets can be reloaded using MP, it was a good fit for Ami who has a decent amount of MP.

Most importantly, it was that guns are treated as throwing weapons.

With the multiplier bonus, Ami’s attack powers right now have exceeded 700.


ーーvictory goes to one who makes the first move.


“Pan!”, a dry sound echoed. At the same timeーーa small hole was opened on the unarmored shoulder of the large man, and he let out a short voice of suffering.

Following that, Ami pulled the trigger, aiming at the man’s chest.

This time, a small hole was opened, but it did not seem like it worked against the man.

“I see……”, Ami thought.

It would seem that her opponent’s defense is quite something. She was unable to deal fatal damage with one shot.

It looks like she was only able to deal effective damage on her opponent’s body that is only lightly protected.

However, even so, an Attack Power that exceeded 700 would still be a heavy body blow, even if the opponent’s role in a party is its shield.

The man who was showered with pain charged towards Ami while raising his large sword to counter attack.

Ami giggled towards the man who rushed towards her just like a tank.


「I’m a Thief you know. There’s no way……a slow Warrior can catch up to me」


After Ami had started to run with light steps, there started a one-sided massacre.

While running, Ami aimed the gun behind and pulled the trigger many, many times.

On the other hand, the man could only chase after Ami while enduring the pain.

Each of the attacks is not fatal. However, those attacks inevitably piled up, and deal damage.

And just like that, Ami finally shot her gun as if to put an end to him, then returned the gun to her pocket.


「Well, I should say, what a person needs is the best boyfriend huh. There’s that, which is guns are really suitable for Thieves as wellーー」


A bloody man had collapsed at Ami’s gaze.

Ami puffed out her chest once, and sent a flying kiss towards Junpei who was watching.

Junpei made an indescribable expression, closing his eyes while slightly hiding his face.


「Please stop it, it’s embarrassing……」


“But even so……”, Junpei thought.

As long as it is not an extraordinary opponent, he was sure that Ami could win with the S&W M57. However, adding to that, Junpei also gave her the best combination of throwing knives and his blood, as a last resort.

“Yareyare”, Junpei laughed deprecatingly.


「Well, this……it isn’t being overprotective, right?」




「Hmm……it’s my turn」


The first match ended with Ami’s overwhelming win.

And following that, the second match.

As a result of the draws, the match cards were Junpei and a slender swordsman.


「Be careful, Junpei?」


Although Ami said that, she was not worried at all.

After all, she said those words while eating yakitori that she bought from the stalls.


「Hey, what’s with that treatment, your boyfriend’s going to a dangerous place right now you know?」


After swallowing the meat, Ami’s eyes sparkled.


「Right now, you said it?」


「You said your my boyfriend right?!」


“Oh damn……”, Junpei made a sour face and let out a deep sigh.


「And so, I’ll be going」


Ami replied with a beautiful smile while eagerly waving her hands.


「Be careful to not kill your opponent okay! Hold back! Holding back is important!」


Ami seems like……she has quite an open personality.

I mean, she is really standing out.


「……even so, those words are too reckless」


Junpei went to the stairs connecting to the stage with cheers without concern behind him.

And, as Junpei stood on the stage, he was shocked.


「What……the hell? What do you mean by this?」


Junpei could not be blamed for being surprised. It is because, it was the Examiner, Judy who was standing in front of him.

And beside her, was a slender warrior lying down while foaming.





「Ara? Is it really that surprising? Me, the Examiner, appearing on the stage. Is it really that weird?」


Junpei continued to ask Judy who was smiling pleasantly.


「Tell me the conclusion. What the heck is this」

「Ufufu……you know……little boy’s a little tooーーoverpowered you know」


「That’s right. In short, it is too unfair if this tournament continues and you pass. Well, it’s only Onee-san’s arbitrary decision though」

「Hmm……I see」


Junpei drops a fist to his hand and grinned.


「In short, harassment huh? And I’ll be getting an exhibition match or something against the honorable Examiner……of course, I would fail if I lose……is that it?」



Judy answered with a casual smile.

On one hand, an S-Rank Adventurer, on the other, an examinee of the B-Rank examination.

The chances of winning were clear, and was nothing else but bullying.

Those who are ranked S-Rank has just that ridiculous strength. It is normally impossible for those who have such strength, or strength that exceeded that, to fight against an unknown warrior.


「Well……with this, little boy would fail unsightly. But, don’t worry. I won’t kill you. And……」


「I’ll let you off with a light loss of consciousness, so come to my place after the match……although I did this and that, I recognize your skills. That’s why there’s this exhibition match right?」

「What do you mean by that?」

「As compensation of this exhibition match, I’ll share a good, profiting deal with you. I lack some pawns you know?」

「In the end, you are only going to use me in some way? Well, that doesn’t matter. And so, you said it? You’ll let me off with a light loss of consciousnessーー」


Junpei shrugged his shoulders while making a wry smile, and continued.


「I’ll also let you off with a loss of consciousness. You’re lucky? I’m kind, so my policy is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Even if the opponent’s an atrocity, I won’t attack with excess strength」

「Haha! Little boy’s really confident huh? Are you saying that knowing that I’m an S-Rank Adventurer?」

「Yeah, I know? And so, can I treat this as the match had already started?」


At the same time as he finished his wordsーーJunpei had already taken Judy’s back.




The Cerberus’s Canine was placed on the petrified Judy’s neck.


「That’s right. I know. I know very well that you’re just a small fry? Ahh, I don’t need to say this, but it’s checkmate」

「……what did you do? Was that a trick?」


Judy immediately jumped to the side and took distance from Junpei.


「What what……? I just moved normally though?」

「It means that it’s an illusion or something huh……」


Judy convinced herself.


「Well, whatever. I’ll show you thenーーa real illusion!!」


A white aura enveloped Judy’s body.

Finally, the aura left Judy’s body and started to circulate in the surroundings.

Adding to that, the aura changed its shape into a knife.


「Oi, oi, seriously……?」


Their numbers were ridiculous. It easily exceeded several thousands, and might even reach ten thousand.


「nfufu? Well then, what will you do? Little boy?」

「As expected of S-Rank, I guess……」

「Skill【Ten Thousand Darts】……its Heroic Class. It looks like you’re proud of your speed, butーーdodge these thousands of blades if you can!!」


And, the blades attacked Junpei at once.


「Hehe……this is quite a thrill, after a long time」


Junpei happily charged towards the thousands of blades that attacked him.

If it were to be described, it was a whirling barrier of blades.

Normally, one would think, there is no way that one could escape getting hit once captured by such thing.





Judy could only lose her words seeing the scene in front of her. And in the next instant, she shouted as if she was half crying.




She could not be blamed. Junpei who was swallowed by the wave of blades made of battle ki……with a technician’s, no, with a godlike speed and movement, dodged, parried, and blocked all of the blades that attacked himーーand broke through.


「Impossible! This is an illusion……just a fake reality. It is true that even if all of the blades made out of battle ki lands, there wouldn’t be that much damage……no, it’s because of that……it’s because of that bluffing numbers and appearance, and total number……but……」


“And that……that……”, Judy screamed with a crazy voice.


「Why can you dodge all of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」


Junpei was only able to find out the characteristics of Judy’s skill only after hearing her scream. In short, it was after he broke through that curtain of blades. Furthermore, he was just about to land a chop to her neck after standing behind her again, soーー


「Ahh, that……it was alright to get hit by it?」


Before Junpei finished saying that, Judy had received a chop to her spinal cord, and lost her consciousness.

And, silence came. The surroundings were governed by only the breaths of people, and was covered with an abnormal atmosphere.

Junpei looked around, but every one of themーーeven Ami was petrified with an unbelievable expression.

In this world, S-Rank adventurers are Heroes without a doubt, skilled people who can pick a fight against state power, and a super overpowered VIP.

And thatーーwith one hit.

With just, one, hit.

It was even more impossible for them not to get stunned.


「Junpei! Junpei!! F-F-For the meantime!! Raise your fist, it’s okay not to say something, but declare your victory!!」


Ami who had already accepted Junpei’s out of the world strength had regained herself from the unreal scene faster than the surrounding people.




Just like Ami had advised, Junpei slowly raised his right fist.


4 seconds.


5 seconds.


6 seconds.


And in next instantーーbrute sound violence.

The surroundings were enveloped by loud cheers that echoed even inside Junpei’s body.

It was the greatest cheer towards Junpei’s battle that was too unreal.

And while hearing those ridiculous leveled cheers, Junpei muttered while raising his right hand.



「Ahh, damn……it looks like……I was too overboard?」



“Anyways……”, Junpei thought.

With this, he had won. He was able to obtain the rights to become a B-Rank adventurer.

In other words, he is now able to get an advanced job.






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