The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 6

Chapter 5 – Honeymoon ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 6)






The sounds of the small birds crying *ChunChun* feels good.

Junpei woke up with sleepy eyes during the morning with a relatively cold atmosphere.

When he tried to raise his body, *Munyuri……*, a feeling of touching a soft thing around his right elbow.

When he turned to it, there was Ami’s face close up.

She is embracing Junpei under the blanketーーin short, both of them are naked, and Junpei’s right arm is touching Ami’s chest.

While scratching his cheek……Junpei thought of what to do.

In a simple explanationーー



ーーI couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help it for many times. On top of that, we did it many, many times nonstop until the morning came.



Well, it was that kind of situation.

Both Junpei and Ami was pretty sure to pass the fourth examination with their targets captured and tied with a rope.

The only thing that they need to do is stay in this cave and wait for the time limit of four days from now.

In short, they were very bored and had nothing else to do. And coming up to there, virgins who were completely naked.


Junpei was at a loss and could only let out a sigh.

This situation……it was really not good.

Thinking of this situation, if last night’s happening was Ami’s appeal, she is an excellent tactician.

Anyways, Junpei felt a bad feeling about the fate that he cannot escape.


And there, it seems like Ami woke up, she lightly yawned and stretched.

She looked around, and opened her mouth after she regains an understanding of the situation.


「Hey, Junpei?」

「n? What?」


She smiled sweetly with a slightly red face.


「Being both naked when it’s bright……it’s somewhat exciting right?」




The two of them stared at each other without saying anything.

Junpei covered himself with the blanket, unable to endure the situation.


「……I’m going to sleep」




Ami poked Junpei’s right chest from above the blanket.




「It’s exciting right?」




Junpei was silent and did not move under the blanket.


「……you, hate me?」


Junpei immediately answered to Ami who asked him seemingly lonely.


「I won’t be damn sleeping with you if I did」


Ami giggled.


「Well, after all……」


「It’s big after all. I can tell from above the blanket you know?」


Junpei who was sleeping on his back immediately regretted. He immediately turned his body to the side.


「Shut up. Also, it can’t be helped since it’s morning」


However, Ami replied with unexpected words.


「……if it’s energetic, let’s do it, once more?」




Junpei steeled himself and let out a sigh.


「It can’t be helped……only once, got it?」




And in a night three days after that.

In the endーーfor three whole days, the two of them spend their time mostly connected.

Sleep, meals, bath, and excretion.

They were connected at times other than those, as long as their stamina lasted.

Overflowing youth and burning libido.

They did it so many times and for a very long time that the guys tied up outside the door could not believe it.



ーーthey can probably be best described as early sex addicts.



Although, no one can blame Junpei and Ami.

In these five days that they had nothing to do, it is inevitable if a couple who had just started doing it stayed in one room.


「……after we sleep today, the fourth examination will be finished when we woke up. I mean……honestly……I got tired. In a lot of meaning」


Ami who had slightly thinner cheeks laughed in amazement.


「Yeah. It’s true……I’m tired」

「And so, how was it?」

「It ended on the first day after all……honestly, it was an easy win」

「No, I didn’t mean that」


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded.


「It isn’t bad」

「Isn’t bad?」


Ami giggled and said with a mischievous face.


「Hey, weren’t you……so into it?」

「……well, there’s nothing else to do after all」

「You’re still acting cool, after all of that?」


「That, you know what it’s called……? It’s being a sex addict」


Junpei shrugged his shoulders and made a wry smile.


「……I won’t deny that」


“But”, Junpei glared at Ami.


「Weren’t you so into it too」

「You seem like a late-bloomer, so of course, I was at the start? But, half-way……weren’t you the one asking to do it again and again?」



「……I won’t deny that」


Ami looked satisfied and nodded, seeing Junpei’s troubled face.



「What happened?」


Ami who was smiling sweetly answered to Junpei’s question like this.


「U〜un, it’s nothing」

「I’m curious, tell me」


“Un”, Ami nodded after thinking about something for a while.


「No, it’s just, I thought……you know? That you’re quite cute?」


“Yareyare”, Junpei sighed to Ami’s words.


「What the heck is that」


But, although he was saying that, Junpei’s cheeks were slightly flushed.

He was very used to having a poker face when it comes to life and death situations.

However, when it comes to love, he was easy to tell because he did not have any experience.

In other words, he is a trickster when it comes to life-threatening fights, but it can be said that he is a muscle-head power fighter on top of being a weak mob when it comes to that.


「Ah, your face is red you know? Were you embarrassed being called cute?」

「……shut up」

「Hehe, you’re really cute huh?」

「Leave me alone」


*Pan*, Junpei clapped his hands to gesture the conversation’s over.


「Let’s sleep already okay?」

「Well, it is already late after all」


And there, Ami made a cute devilish smile once again.


「I don’t mind either way, but……what do you think? You want to go for a fight before sleeping?」


Junpei shook his head.


「Tomorrow’s the end of the exam. We don’t know what would happen then. We should save our stamina for today」

「Un. I also think so」


And thenーーAmi smiled devilishly again.


「Since we don’t know what’s going to happen……you can also say that, this might be the last day that we’ll be together you know?」


「……good night」


Ami blew out the light and went under the blanket.






「……hey, Ami?」


「Can we……do it once? It’s……it’s the last time, so」


“Haha”, Ami laughed, and merrily answered to Junpei.


「I thought you’d say that」


Furthermore, Ami continued her words.


「But……it’s not the last time, okay?」


「……from now on, for tomorrow, and the day after that……we’re going to do it……many, many times, right?」


“Yareyare”, Junpei made a wry smile.

He was completely taken by Ami’s pace.

Ami got closer to Junpei and embraced him tightly.

And then, he answered by putting his arms around her, and when they both tightly held each otherーー

ーーtheir two tongues entwined.




During that night, Junpei saw a dream.

It was a dream when he is capturing the dungeon.

That place is a familiar place, it is the floor of lake and desert.

Junpei thought that, if he was correct……it was the Kraken’s floor where he met the Sword Saint.

However, what happening there was completely different from what Junpei knows.

In fact, when Junpei was conquering the Kraken, he took the means of drying up the lake’s water.

He carried out a large-scale construction, slowly lowered the water level so that it would not be noticed, narrowed the range that the Kraken could move in, and finally won.

However, the Junpei inside his dream challenged the Kraken head on, and……got defeated instead.

The Sword Saint Henry’s leg was also caught by the squid’s tentacle, and died with his organs being wrung out, coming out of his anus and mouth.

Junpei was also in a situation where his body was caught by its tentacles and was being lifted up to the air.

When he was about to follow Henry’s footstepsーーshe appeared.

Black hair up to her waist.

A summer sailor uniform, and a Japanese sword carried on her waist.

It was within a dream……but Junpei vaguely asked.




That word, did not reach the girl.

The girl jumped up and cuts off the Kraken’s tentacle that captured Junpei.

The pressure that tied Junpei up immediately disappeared, and he was thrown into the air.

And when he landed safely after rolling on the groundーー”as I’ve thought……”, Junpei thought.



ーーshe looks similar to Ami, but she isn’t Ami. Her age and height are about the same, they are so similar that it is not strange even if they were called as twins.



She approached Junpei and gave him a cold glance.


「……I’ll give you one chance. Don’t fail the next time okay?」


After saying all of that, the girl rushed towards the Krakenーー



ーーabout two seconds.



That was the time the girl needed to cut off all of the Kraken’s tentacles and split its organs into two.

She approached Junpei once again.


「But, I stole the experience points that you should’ve earned. With this, the possibility that you will ■■ and ■■■ is very high……no, it should be definite. As I’ve thought, maybe I shouldn’t interfere after all」

「You……what’s your name?」

「You don’t know me……huh. I see……your thesaurus points stayed at high huh……there is still a long way to go」

「Oi, stop saying damn gibberish?」


The girl turned her back towards Junpei, and whispered as if to spit out.


「ーーSakaguchi Nazuna」


「ーーit’s my name」

「Sakaguchi?……oi, you?!!」

「It looks like your memories are very confused. If it’s like this, as I’ve thought……I still can’t expect anything. Well then, see ya」


After saying just that, Nazuna left while waving her hand backward.




Junpei quickly sprung up.

Ami rubbed her eyes, thinking what happened with Junpei sudden movement.

Junpei lit the lamp and carefully looked at Ami’s face.


「……oi, Ami?」

「What is it? Junpei?」

「Uhh……what’s your full name again?」

「Are you still sleepy? It’s Sakaguchi Ami, why’d you ask?」


Junpei swallowed his breath.


「What about your little sister’s name……?」

「As I’ve thought, it looks like you’re still sleepy」


Junpei grabbed Ami’s shoulders and asked her forcefully.


「Whatever! Just say it!」

「Ow……! What is it so suddenly?!」


Ami slapped off Junpei’s hands.

Junpei noticed that there were red marks that remained on her shoulder, and bowed his head.


「Sorry……it looks like I was not quite awake」


Dreams, are only dreams.

It was a dream that felt very realistic……but that was all.




「Sakaguchi Nazuna. That is my little sister’s name」

「……how old is she?」

「Probably 13 this year? She’s quite little……I mean, it looks like her growth period is late, and her height is 135 cm. I also got more than 20cm taller when I reached 15, so I think Nazuna would be in that pattern too」

「……it’s doesn’t fit her height」

「n? What do you mean by that?」

「No, it’s nothing……and also……do you look alike?」


“Un”, Ami nodded.


「I think that we would look like twins if we were at the same age」


Junpei thought of something, and opened his mouth with a serious face.


「By the way, your little sister……」


「Does she has a big mole here?」


Ami answered in discomfort, seeing Junpei point at his Adam’s apple.


「There is, but……how did you know?」


「Hey, Junpei? What really happened?」

「No……it’s nothing. Let’s sleep okay?」

「Hey, Junpei?!!」


And, Junpei embraced Ami.


「I still can’t organize what’s in my head」


「About my identity, about the unknown phenomenon that I’m experiencing right now……when the time comes, I will absolutely, no, I will explain it only to you」


「That’s why……can you stop asking anything for today?」


Ami opened her mouth with a sigh.


「……well, that’s the only choice, right? Then it’s fine」

「You seem quite reasonable?」


Ami became silent for a while.



「ーーin short, I only need to make you fall to me even more right?」


“Ahh……”, Junpei thought.



ーーI really picked up a troublesome woman……。





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