The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 3

Chapter 5 – Honeymoon ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 3)






When Junpei returned to the cave, he saw a bonfire near its entrance.

It seemed that Ami has made a fire and cooked, there was a pot filled with soup.

When Junpei entered the room, he immediately sat down and placed his back against the wall.


「Welcome back. You were……fine huh」

「……yeah, somehow」


Junpei thought again about the long-haired man from earlier while scratching his cheek.

His body immediately tensed and sweated profusely.

He was all right in the end, but it was exactly like an escape from the jaws of death.

If the blonde man felt a whim, there was no doubt that he would have died.

And when Junpei was thinking of that, Ami worriedly peeked at Junpei’s face.


「Your expressions bad? Are you okay?」



Ami asked the silent Junpei with a troubled expression.


「Hey, you……no, you guys……………………what are you?」


Junpei shook his head lightly and made Ami listen.


「I said it earlier right? Don’t intrude too much……right?」



Junpei made a light smile towards Ami who became depressed.


「It’s good as long as you get it」


Did she regain herself? Ami opened her baggage and took out a dish after searching for a while.


「I made soup there, you want some?」


The light smell of consommé had reached Junpei’s nose from earlier.

He did not feel like eating because there was really so much that happened today, but it was different if it’s a light meal like soup. She probably used the dried meat and vegetables and boiled them.


「Yeah, I’ll have some」


Ami adds the soup and carried it to him.

Junpei slurped the soup.


「Is it good?」


Junpei said then after thinking for a while.


「It’s not bad」

「Not bad?……how arrogant……」

「Well, it’s not something that can be called delicious after all」


In fact, it was a common menu that is made from ingredients made out of emergency rations.

It is portable food for traveling and is not something that tastes good.

Not bad is rather a complement instead.


「Hey, do you want anything else? I’ll make it as long as there are materials?」

「Want anything else……huh. Nothing especially right now. I don’t have that much appetite」


And then, Ami smiled mischievously.



「Fu〜n……ah, that’s right, do you want a girlfriend?」



Junpei was petrified after receiving those words.

The two stared at each other for a while.

The frozen Junpei said quickly.


「What are you saying」

「Didn’t I tell you?」


「That I’ll make anything as long as there are materials」

「Yeah, you said that I think?」


And then, Ami made a mischievous smile again.


「A girlfriend material……there’s one here you know?」


“Well, what should I……”, Junpei got troubled how to react.







After a moment of silence, Junpei said as if to wring out his words.


「……I don’t need one」




At night.

The interior of the cave is being lighted by the faint light of a lamp.

Just expected from a thieves’ nest originally, the minimum accommodation is complete.

For example, the pot that Ami used to cook from earlier also came from here.

And right now, two rugs made out of deer skin and two thin blankets were aligned inside the room.

When Junpei was lying down in the simple futon thinking “It’s time to sleep……”, Ami suddenly said.


「Ne〜……? I have a suggestion?」


「Can I go there?」


“Yes, yes……”, Junpei turned his back towards Ami not taking her seriously.


「……stop saying stupid things. Let’s sleep already……okay?」

「I’m not……saying stupid things」


A very weak and ephemeral voice.

“What is it……”, Junpei turned towards Ami.


「Haa? What do you mean by that?」


The two of them stared at each other while lying down.

Looking closely, Ami’s cheeks were flushed red.

Her sweet breath has even reached Junpei’s nose, and……Junpei was a little nervous.


「……hey, you know?」



After fidgeting for a while, Ami made an expression filled with resolution.


「……I want you to have sex with me」


Junpei once again turned his face opposite to Ami’s direction after a light sigh.


「Enough of that, didn’t I told you I don’t need jokes like that……I’m going to sleep okay?」


Junpei took it as a joke or frivolous talk, but it was not the same for Ami.

She seemed very dissatisfied to Junpei’s attitude and pouted.


「No, it’s not like that……」

「Then what?」

「My job aptitude is Thief. And so, when doing such work, I think that……I’ll, for sure……get my virginity taken away by someone……get trampled upon」


Junpei said then after thinking for a while.


「……well, that’s probably true」

「That almost happened to me earlier too, but……isn’t that something……terrible to look at?」

「Well yeah, that’s probably true」

「And so, I just thought」


「It’s especially painful getting raped as a virgin, but if I was not, I just thought that although it might be painful, the wound would only be a light one」


“Hmm……”, Junpei thought.

There was logic in it, but he thought of what he should do.


「That’s why, I want you……I want you to take my first time」

「……why, me?」


Ami said silently after thinking for a while.


「I just thought that, if it’s you……I think it’s okay」

「I mean, why me?」

「……n〜. Probably……」


「I said it before, but you simply have a high favorability you know?」

「It’s going to be like that just having a high favorability?」


Ami rolled her eyes like she thought “what’s this guy saying” after receiving Junpei’s words.


「Do you really want me to say it all? In other wordsーーit means that I like you」


She told it casually.

She does not seem like she’s good at schemes and she is might really think like that.

Being told head-on with a serious expressionーーI can’t think of words to refuse her.

“This, I’m no match for her……”, Junpei thought.

He was following Ami’s pace without warning, and had his chastity in danger when he noticed it.

Being hit by affection at full force, on top of that, if it comes from a girl with great beauty……it might be impossible to resist it.



ーーno, that’s wrong.



And there, Junpei titled his head.

It was true that she is cute and lovely, but……isn’t a girl of great beauty too much?

No, it’s true that her face is pretty enough to have only one or two for each school year, but……

If I’m correct, thesaurus points or something echoed inside my head, and since then, I strangely thought that she’s so cute and……

From our first meeting to being together with our travel, it was as if, it was decided to become like that since the beginning……


「Ne〜, Junpei?」


「I’ll……turn off the lights okay?」


「……I’ll turn it off okay?」


Ami ignored Junpei and took the lamp closer to her.

And, she blew out and turn off the light.

The darkness that came.





They could hear each other’s breath because of the light disappearing.







That’s right, they easily found out that their breathing became rough.


「Hey, you know, Junpei……? So, then?」


Seducing, entangling, warm breath tickled Junpei’s nose.



「……I have a suggestion」


「Can I……go to your side?」


“It finally came……”, Junpei swallowed his breath.

He answered with the most composed and cool reply he could muster.


「What then if I accept that suggestion?」

「……in some case, the two of us might become lovers」



“Well, how should I answer……”, but Junpei did not have time to think calmly, Ami threw out more questions.


「……is it okay? I’m coming? It’s okay to……go there? Or is it not? Which is it?」


Ami asked with a sweet but weak voice.


「……just do what you want already」


Answering bluntly……was all that Junpei could do.

At the same time, he turned and faced his back to Ami.




The blanket’s sound.

Ami rolled into Junpei’s blanket together with an innocent laugh.

And, following that, she held Junpei’s hand.


「Oi, I said that you can come here, but I didn’t say you can touch?」



Ami raised a surprised voice.



「E〜to……Junpei’s already……checkmate right? You’re saying that in this situation?」



Junpei lost his words after thinking of what it means.

It was true, he could not say anything back.


「……I mean, you’re really a late bloomer huh」

「I won’t deny that, but the fact that you’re still a virgin……that’s what’s surprising」

「……muu〜……it can’t be helped〜」


And, the sound of clothes being removed.




Junpei’s dumb voice echoed throughout the room.


「I am currently, in my underwear both top and bottom」

「I fucking know that!! I mean, why are you undressing?!!」

「No, well, attacking from my side……it’s a little, you know?」

「No, no, no, what the heck?!」

「Ah〜, really……this blockhead……」


After Ami said that with a slightly irritated tone, she moved once again.


「Right now, I removed my bra too」



……Junpei was not able to even say any word.

Lying together in the distance where each other’s skin is touching.

Up until now, he had never touched with a female’s skin other than his mother.

But, an almost naked girl was closing in to his body.

He felt that his heart was pounding as if it would burst out.


「……hey, Junpei?」


「……the sound of your heart……I can hear it?」

「……shut up」

「You, you’re really cute」


After saying that, Ami blows air to Junpei’s ear.

It was sweet but sticky, a warm breath as if it entangled him.

When Junpei’s mind was completely melted, sounds of clothes being removed.


「……I removed my panties also」

「Hey……I’m also a guy you know?」

「Aren’t I telling you that you can put your hands on me?」


“Ahh”, there, finally, Junpei understood the meaning of Ami’s words from earlier.



ーーNo, well, attacking from my side……it’s a little, you know?



In short, she made it that Junpei would attack her instead.

Junpei became resolute. And, she held Ami’s hand tightly, saying half out of desperation.


「Ahh, damn it……don’t blame me if you regret this」



Together with those words, the two of them kissed.




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