The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 5 – Honeymoon ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 1)






Junpei is thinking of this and that while going towards the cave.

Ami’s pair is a member of John’s group……the man with missing teeth, so with that, the two of them have completed the requirements to pass the fourth examination.

If they hide in some place for a few days, the two will pass with just that.

It looks like the cave that John’s group were using was a hideout of mountain bandits or something.

It can be used without problem for blocking wind and rain, so it is good to take advantage of it.

“Leaving that on the side……”, Junpei let out a sigh.

First, what to do with Kido’s henchmen.

During the fourth examinationーーit is exactly the best opportunity to take revenge.

On top of that, he is from Earth.

Thinking about the【Acceleration】that Junpei got from Sakakibara in the elf’s forest, a special skill that controls time, and the Skill Hunt ability that Junpei has himself, there is a high possibility that Earthlings gains strong powers when coming to this world.

Well, looking at Ami, it does not seem that it is absolutely like that……

No, there is the possibility that maybe Ami herself has not noticed her skill.

Thinking up to that, Junpei saw the entrance of the cave.

“And also……”, Junpei thought.

He had gained so many skills in just a few hours, and his battle strength increased very quickly.

On top of that……it was all without risk.

As expected of having the name of Extreme Skill,【Trash Box】was not simple.

Thinking of that, this place is the best place for skill hunting. The five-day period until the examination ends, there should be an opportunity to gain a stronger skill.

“But……”, Junpei shook his head.

Right now, there is Ami, a partner that Junpei had alliance temporarily.

Just expected of her saying that she had passed through life and death situations, Ami is not a small fry at all.

However, just like the situation shows, she was quickly taken away when Junpei was not around, it is a clear fact that she lacks the ability to break through this examination.



When Junpei entered the cave, he stopped in front of the room earlier and called out.


「Oi, Ami? Are you there?」

「……un. What about John?」

「I nullified him. He’s currently tied up with a rope without consciousness outside」

「……you really took care of him huh……in this examination, you might be the most monstrous」


While making a wry smile, Junpei asked Ami.


「Can I enter?」

「n? Why are you asking something like that?」

「You, you were half naked, right? I gave you my cloak, so it shouldn’t be a bad situation even if I entered, but……」

「Ahh, I took some clothes from those guys tied up there, so it’s alright」


The one that Junpei took with him and another that was blown away together with the door.

The both of them have their limbs tied up caterpillar style and thrown near the cage’s entrance.

When he looked at them, the man with missing teeth had his outerwear taken off just as Ami said.

Confirming up to that, Junpei entered inside.


「……I see. You did it like that huh」

「It looks good on me right?」

「It’s a little……shows too much skin」


Maybe, described as amazon style.

The green colored man’s outerwear was processed simply by tearing it with a knife and needle and thread, but it is only barely hiding her chest, from her waist to her thighs, so the amount of skin she is showing is too high.


「I think that it’s made well although it’s just a lash up〜. Well, we’ll return to the place where I lost my consciousness later right? I have my change of clothes and baggage there too……」


After thinking for a moment, Junpei nodded.


「No, let’s go now」


「You have a change of clothes right? That shows too much skin……I don’t know where to look at you」


And then, “Fufu”, Ami laughed.


「You, don’t you have some cute side?」

「Shut up」

「E〜to, uh……I want to ask something」


「Ne〜, you……what’s your……name? You’re blonde, but……you’re Japanese right? The nickname JP doesn’t fit you too……well, it looks like you like having your secrets, so……it’s fine even if you don’t tell me」


Junpei shrugged his shoulders.


「The reason why you got caught, is because I showed foolishness. Sorry about that」

「……what is it, so suddenly? I mean, it’s not your fault at all right?」


Junpei became silent for a while and narrowed his eyebrows thinking of something.

And, he said.


「It’s Junpei(順平). Jun of 順調(Junchō), and Pei of 平和(Heiwa)」


Ami widened her eyes.




*Kotsun*, Junpei dropped a soft fist on her head and made a smile.


「And, Takeda Shingen’s(武田信玄) Takedaーーthat’s right, I’m Takeda Junpei」


And then, he looked away from Ami and gestured her to go out.


「It’s like that, so let’s hurry up and go. I really don’t know where to look at you」




When they returned to where Ami was taken away, there was still Junpei and Ami’s baggage on the ground.

The two collected that and Ami immediately wore her outerwear.


「By the way……Junpei?」


「I know that you have things about you, but……you, what in the world are you?」

「What do you mean by that?」

「Those ninja-like movements that you show in the forest, and John’s henchmen……you probably……defeated them with one hit right?」


Receiving Ami’s dubious gaze, Junpei shrugged his shoulders awkwardly.


「……no, it was quite a tough fight」

「Do you really think I’ll believe that?」

「Well, anyways, I’m just saying don’t make unneeded inquiries. Since I said that it was a tough fight, whatever you think, you must not intrude about that, and the opposite is the same」


Junpei clapped his hands to signal the end of the conversation.


「If you, intrude more than this, it’ll be the end of our cooperation」


Ami shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.


「Okay. I got it」


At that time, Junpei felt a cold shiver on his back.



ーーa person’s presence a few meters behind.



It was something impossible.

Junpei turned around with a pale face.

In the first place, Junpei’s five senses who proudly has an overwhelming evasion efficiency is already beyond human levels. The reconnaissance ability he has when he gets serious, it is no different from a high-performance radar within a radius of several hundreds of meters.

Adding to that, he did the failure of letting Ami get taken away, so thinking that there might be other people targeting them other than John’s group, he is not letting his guard down at all, pressing the switch of his reconnaissance ability on, although it is not at its fullest.

Just as mentioned earlier, the burden that this ability presses on Junpei’s brain is big, but he is using although he is aware of that.

That is why Junpei lost his words.

His self who should have an absolute reconnaissance ability had his back taken in an instant.


「Hey, you brother?」(TL: I’m really sorry for not being able to translate kansai-ben.)


Asked by a unique kansai-ben intonation, Junpei thought “What should I do……”, and got stuck with his words.

Long pierces with mixed gold and silver, a host-style appearance.

It’s the man Junpei marked as a person to watch out for together with the red-haired girl.



「I’ll be troubled if you don’t say anything……」


「Hey brother? You’re from the labyrinth right?」


The man said with a casual expression.

Junpei immediately looked towards Ami.


「……oi, Ami? I need to talk to this guy for a bit. In the worst case, I might not be coming back but……can you go first?」

「It looks like, you have many things about you too……huh. And, probably……you won’t tell me even if I ask, right?」

「It’s good that you understand quickly」

「Don’t push yourself too much okay?」

「Be on guard until I come back. I won’t come and save you if you get taken away again……protect your own self」


Ami lightly nodded and ran from that place.

Confirming that her footsteps faded away, Junpei looked at the host-style manーーhe looked at Harada Ryouichi head-on.


「How did you know I’m from the labyrinth?」


“Haha”, while laughing with his nose, Harada answered.


「If a middle-schooler is together with a group of kindergarteners, well, you’ll know in an instant right?」


“Well……”, Junpei thought.

He himself noticed the two foreign matters immediately when the examination started. So it was probably the same for them.


「And so, who the hell are you?」

「Well, if you little bro is a middle-schooler, then I’m a college student. And……I am……from the group that clears the deepest floors……and, so, little bro has heard about it too, right?」


Junpei has heard about that many times from the shota God.


「……and then?」

「The dragon species……I mean, it’s about that red-haired girl. I couldn’t see her at the third examination but……do little bro know where she is?」

「Yeah, I know」


Junpei judged that it would be more troublesome making him angry with a bad lie, so he told the truth.


「If so, it’s good then. Do you know where she went to? My purpose of going out is that little girl」

「I’ll say it. But, there’s a condition」


“Hmm”, and there, Harada places his hand on his chin.



「I’m clearing the labyrinth……no, I’m forced to clear the labyrinth. So there, I have a suggestion for you」


「What’s in there in the deepest part of the labyrinth? Give and take……it’s proper to tell some information first if you want information right?」


And then, Harada approached Junpei.

And, *PonPon*, he patted Junpei’s shoulder and said while smiling.


「I thought of this from earlier but, little bro has a very stiff expression? I don’t know what you’re carrying but, let’s take it easier」


Junpei did not know how to answer to Harada who said words with a leisure expression and tone.

Towards the faltering Junpei, Harada smiled again and took something from his pocket.


「You want to eat candy? It’s Osaka’s famous pineapple candy」


Pineapple candy……?

Come to think of it, it is said that the Obachans from Osaka carries it with them with a super high probability.

Although the truth is unknown, the Osaka’s Obachan’s way of saying is “Ame-chan ageyoka(You want some candy)?”.


「Does it have poison or something?」


Junpei received the wrapped candy dubiously.


「Ohh, poisoned huh……how did you know?」


Towards the man who winked with a light tone, Junpei said as if to demand an explanation.


「Is there really poison inside? Well, I think that poison rarely works on me」


He could not let himself be killed by poison just like that.


「That’s right, that’s right; actually, it’s a specially made candy you know? This is my signature move. I mean, I survived in the labyrinth with this you know? I gave the Cerberus and Dragon candies for greetings, and they were insta-killed…………wait, what?!」(TL: Nandeyanen)


It was a beautiful nori-tsukkomi.

Junpei who saw that live for the first time made a dumbfounded expression.


「No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Ame-chan Poisoning Incident? That’s impossible alright?! 」

「For the meantime, I’ll thankfully receive it」


Junpei removed the wrapper and placed the candy inside his mouth.

A subtle sweetness and sourness spread in his mouth.


「Well I mean, in the first place, I don’t have any merits from killing little bro right now right?」

「Well, that’s true. You haven’t heard any information yet after all. Also, this candy tastes good. Thanks」










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