The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 2

Chapter 4 – Fourth Examination 2 ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)








Junpei asked while glaring at John.

Leaving the cave, there is the deep forest.



「Wrong? What is?」

「AY!……I-I am……JOHN BURG……! I-I AM J-J-JOHN BURG!! D-Don’t call me……just John!!」


John had his face red, started shouting to show his anger.

Just like Ami thought earlier, Junpei also thought “this guy, is he on drugs or something?”.


「By the way, you……I heard that your hobby is rape and good at killing?」


Asked by that, John vigorously shook his head vertically to nod.


「T-T-That’s right! I! LOVE WOMEN! LOVE MEN TOO! A-A-And……d-destroying those who……d-do not follow……I LOVE IT TOO!! Uhi, uhihi……」

「You……how many have you raped?」

「He?!……hehe……hey, hey! Y-You! Y-You you!」


「H-H-Have you it……e-eaten cheese?」

「Yeah, of course?」

「I-I-Is it your f-favorite?」

「I don’t hate it」


When Junpei answered, John grinned.


「Y-You, d-d-do you r-remember how, how m-many cheese y-you h-have eaten?」

「No, I don’t remember」


“That’s the answer”, John deepened his already distorted smile.

Junpei made two fists, and made a boxing stance.

Seeing that, John nodded in satisfaction.


「You! T-The guy you d-defeated……h-he hit in the face. P-Probably, l-l-lost in o-one hit……」


“He〜”, Junpei took a breath.

He thought that John is very stupid, but……he does not have a bad point of view when it comes to battle.


「T-T-That’s why……you!……thin, but……martial artist……fufu! I-I don’t use w-weapon too……o-our affi-affinity……the best!!」


「I-I, ph-physical strength A-Rank, high-class adventurer l-level……kufuf. UHYA……hyahya! D-Don’t g-get surprised! M-MY skill……」


「Skill【Limit Cut】! S-S-Super, SUPER CLASS……!! KUHAHA! Attack power, defense power……a-addi-additional……750……s-s-status!! UHI! UHIHI! The best……I-I……the best! T-The, I, I the strongestーーーーー!!」


Junpei approached John using light steps.

On the other hand, John just stood in his place without making any stance.

Junpei made a feint using a left job movement and threw a straight with full strength towards John’s nose.

The fresh blood scattered like petals.

However, John did not falter.


「I thought you look stupid and dull, but……」


His nasal bone should’ve been crushed.

The instant his blow landed, Junpei felt an unpleasant feeling on his fist.

However, John did not show any expression of pain or suffering.


「……you, is your sense of pain numb?」


John made a pleasant smile and grabbed Junpei’s right wrist above his gloves.


「Fuhi, I caught you……I caught you……!!」


Overwhelming arm strength attacked Junpei’s wrist.

Sweat from Junpei’s forehead fell because of the pain coming from being grabbed.


「I see. This is amazing……a complete power fighter. My attack powers right now is 1000 even without a weapon, so I thought that it would be a decent fight even with a simple fist fight……you, the added bonus is 750 right? What the heck’s with your base status?」

「Uhihi……my level is 120……HP is 500 and defense powers is 50……my evasion efficiency is 50, everything other than that is all into attack powers. M-My attack power i-is over 2000!……fuhi!……fuhihi, fist f-fighting……strength co-contest……you can’t win……!!」

「Fist fight?」


Junpei snorted and suddenly loosen strength on his right hand and took it off from his glove.

And like that, he got away from John’s grab after removing his glove from his hand.



「ーーwho and when, did anyone say I’ll fight you on the same grounds?」


Junpei immediately took a back step, taking distance from John.


「OI! W-W-Wait! D-D-Don’t run!!」


After taking a 20-meter distance, Junpei stopped.


「You’re quite off……who the hell would run away from a ‘great customer’ like you」


Junpei took a knife from his waist.


「I completely understood that it’s bad to have a handicap against advanced classes, although there’s a difference with our actual strength. I’ll say thanks to that honestly」


The number of throwing knives that Junpei has around his torso is only 4.

Unlike the one-use throwing knife that he has in his cloak, the use of this 4 that is hidden in his upper clothing is different. It has a 10-meter wire, and he can bring it back to his hand even if he throws it.


「Well then……shall we start?」


*Hyu*, a wind cutting sound.

As if it cuts through the air, the knife flew towards John.

Finally, a small falling sound was made.

John looked at the ground and had a dumb expression.




It is John’s right ear that was cut off that fell there.

*Shun*, a wind cutting sound once again.

This time, John felt heat from his left ear.

And, another sound of something that has fallen.

*Shun*, John’s right little finger fell from its first joint.

*Shun*, John’s right little finger fell from the second joint.

*Shun!*, Junpei threw his knife and removed one part of John’s body.

Junpei reeled the wire and recovered the thrown knife.

*Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*.

The knives got thrown one next to the other.


「【Throwing】that I stole from that missing teeth guy. I see, this is quite usefull」


Up until now, Junpei throws his knife with a very accurate aim.

However, that is only at the level of being outside of common sense from a human’s view.

It could be said that it had a 100% accuracy.

However, this time it’s different.

The best way to describe it is that, he could control it within millimeters.

Although, originally, the【Throwing】skill does not have such performance unless it is Super-Class. And in fact, the proficiency of the skill that Junpei stole from the man with missing teeth is only Master-Class.

But on the contrary, because there is the added accuracy bonus from Junpei’s super evasion efficiency, an absurd level of precision throwing became possible.

Currently, with the effects of the【Idaten】skill that Junpei stole from the Ninja job man, Junpei’s evasion efficiency is already over 7000. Those skills and status had both effects on each other, creating a godly throwing ability.


「……it is really useful. The knife and throwing skill……it is really useful, just like this……cutting off disgusting creatures. It’s the best combination」


Once again, Junpei threw his knife.

Junpei is also planning from now on when he is going against those that is stronger than him inside the labyrinth, he will use a knife coated with blood and poison. With that in mind, this kind of control should become a strong ally.

But leaving that at the side, John’s nose got cut off and fell to the ground.

John who seem to have finally grasped the situation charged towards Junpei in a hurry.


「You! You You! T-That’s unfair, UNFAIR!」

「I’ll take that as a compliment」


Knife thrown together with those words.

Fresh blood scattered from John’s cheek.

John charged without taking that in mind and finally, Junpei is finally within his reach.


「Y-You, you you! I-If we’re close……y-you onlyーー」


John moved his limbs at amazing speed and released attacks towards Junpei.

Right hook.

Left upper.

Left low kick.

Right middle.

There was no combination at all, they were only thoughtless attacks.

With a red face, John shouted towards Junpei dodged all of that with leisure.


「You! You you you! D-D-Don’t m-m-move!!」


John releases full swings of telephone punches with anger.

And then, Junpei suddenly jumpedーーand stood on John’s fist.


「Really……even flies might stop in your attacks」


John lost his words.

He could not be blamed, an impossible phenomenon just happened in front of him.

Not only his attacks got dodged by his opponent, he even jumped and stood on his fist.

It was as if a child against an adult, no, it was an adventurer against a baby.

Finally, reaching this far, John understood the difference between their strength.

And in the next instant, John’s heart was completely dyed with fear.

Junpei who jumped from the top of John’s fist landed on his head.


「Is that your full strength?」


John was frightened by the taunting words, andーーhe thought.

He thought that he is in the completely same stage as those women or men that he trampled one-sidedly.

The same stage with those guys that he raped, destroyed, stole, and killed using overwhelming violenceーー

ーーJohn understood that correctly.

That’s why, he shouted in his place.




He swung his arms around, shed tears, and while dirtying himself with blood, snot, all kinds of liquidーーhe ran away.

He ran away using all his strength, he ran away.

However, *Hyun*, a wind cutting sound.


「Oi, oi, we’re just getting started? If the main character runs away……it will get boring」


And in the next instant, John tremendously collapsed forward. And the reason for that is, Junpei completely sliced off John’s right Achilles heel.

Following that, Junpei threw two knives.

With just those to knives, all of the toes on John’s left and right feet got torn off.



ーーat this point, John’s future as an adventurer, or as a combat personnel was completely severed.



The toes have an important role in balancing a human’s body.

John might be able to walk depending on how his rehabilitation goes, but he would not be able to sprint.

For people whose lifework is to battle, it is a too much of a handicap.




Junpei walked towards John who collapsed with a casual expression.


「Hey, earlier, I asked you how many you raped right?」



*Hyun*, a wind cutting sound.

The knife pierced to John’s ass.


「And well……about that question from earlier? I thought of throwing knives at you just the number of people you had raped. So, with that answer of yours, I got amazed」


And then, John screamed with all the voice he could muster.


「TWO!! Only……ONLY TWO……I-I-I only……I ONLY RAPED TWO!!」


A wind cutting sound without delay.


「Who’d believe that, you dumbass!」


A knife removed a part of John’s thigh.




However, the merciless knife did not stop.

*Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*.

As if to say “the next after toes are……”, knives flew one next to the other towards John’s fingers.

If they lose their thumb or little finger, humans would have difficulties in holding things. Leaving aside light things, it would be impossible to make a full swing using a large weapon.

Although this does not need to be said, it is a fatal fault as a combat personnel.

John had already lost most of his combat ability and will to fight and became an existence that could only curl his body in his place like a turtle.




But even so, Junpei did not stop throwing his knives.

*Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*.

It was as if he is removing John’s body parts one by one.




And there, Junpei stopped his hand.


「Hey, you?」


「Have you been told the same line by women……or maybe men too?」

「T-T-They said earlier!!」

「They said? What did they say?」

「T-T-The s-same number with cheese!!」

「Although I don’t need to ask this, did you listen to them at all?」


John made a huge nod full of confidence.






Junpei emotionlessly stared at John who said that confidently for a while.

And then, he narrowed his brows and made an expression of rage.


「AAhh, damn it, all, all, All, ALL OF THESE GUYSーーwhy are you, so, honest to yourselves? Why are you faithful to your desires?」


Shouting at a loud voice, Junpei continued throwing his knives.


「WE ARE HUMANS! We are not animals!」


*Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*, *Shun*.

The fresh blood scattered and wounds that got engraved.


「Hey, answer me! Why are you so trash?! Hey, why? Tell me why?」


While continuing his turtle posture, John continued screaming in delirium.


「F-F-Forgi, Forgive me!! P-Please……please for……forgive……」

「On top of all of those fucking things, you’re begging for your life! Damn itーーwhat an annoying bastard!!」

「F-For-Forgive me……f-for……forgive……」

「Oi, hey fucktard, answer! Why do guys like you……why are you fuckers living as you like outside, and I, I am going through all this……damn it! Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT!」


After saying all of that, Junpei shook his head.

The blood-soaked John was already convulsing and became an existence that is just waiting for death.

Junpei approached John and reached out his right palm to him.

When Junpei did that, a faint bright green light was released from his palm and enveloped John.


「I see. This is useful」



ーー【Recovery Magic】Master-class.



It’s the skill that Junpei stole from the man that was guarding John’s group’s hideout.

Junpei had only sliced John shallowly, but because he got excited, the number of wounds was too much.

In short, he got carried away.

Junpei, although without intention, wounded John to the verge of dyingーーbut the effect of【Recovery Magic】was more than expected.

All of John’s wounds stopped bleeding within tens of seconds and got covered by the dark red plasma of scabs.

However, scabs are only scabs. John’s wounds will open if he moves even just a little.

But, it is a perfect score when it comes to first aid.


「This is really useful. For tormenting people alive or stealing skills without killing……there is nothing that is more useful……well, my skill slot is full so I’m going to throw it away here though……」


“Well then……”, Junpei double-checked.


「Skill【Limit Cut】. Adds 750 attack powers and defense powers, huh……」


And, he nodded satisfied.


「With this, even inside the labyrinth……it might be slightly, good enough」









C4 Part 1The Dungeon SeekerC5 Part 1


Name : Takeda Junpei                                              Thesaurus Points : 100

Level Up : 1161

Bonus Points Gained : 0


Job : Skill Hunter                                                        Level : 1161

HP : 1840                                                                           MP : 180

Attack Power : 300 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 425 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)

Evasion Efficiency : 4405 (Junpei’s basic stat : 3855)


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Infused with God Killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Armor : Sword Saint’s Light Armor (Rare : Rank S)
※Defense Power +145 / Attack Power +45

Shield : Aegis’ Shield (Legendary Class)
※Defense Power +250 / Evasion Efficiency + 300

Mantle : Cloak of Evasion (Rare : Rank A)
※Passive that increases the basic Evasion Efficiency to 1.5 times

Shoes : Tenma no Tabi (National Treasure Class)
※Defense Power + 30 / Evasion Efficiency + 245

Skill (Skill Slot: 1 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • Trash Box (Ultimate)


  • All Status Ailments Resistance
  • Butcher (Super-Class)
  • Monster Tame (Beginner Class)
  • Mimicry (Super-Class)
  • Acceleration (Special)
  • Rise of the Herculean (Heroic-Class) / +650 Attack Power
  • Explosive Strong Body (Master-Class) / +350 Attack Power and Defense Power
  • Idaten (Job) / +75% Evasion Efficiency
  • Throwing (Master-Class)
  • Limit Cut (Super-Class) / +750 Attack Power and Defense Power


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

Tamed Monsters

  • Pure Slime
  • Pandemic Slime
  • Sand Slime

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