The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Chapter 3 Part 3

Chapter 3 – Fourth Examination 1 ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 3)






“Well then……”, Junpei looked around.

Kido’s henchman is not resting here. Junpei had already confirmed that he is in another group.

And there, for a while, Junpei fell into deep thoughts.



ーーit’s easy to kill him lurking in shadows.



But, he does not plan to kill that fucking bastard at all.

Of course he will kill him, but it needs to be in the way where he would regret that he was alive.

“However……for that, I need to strengthen first”, Junpei thought.

Because he gained the【Trash Box】that allows him to throw away skills, Junpei’s surroundings right now could be described as a bonus stage.

There are many decently strong people hereーーin other words, there are many decently useful skills here.

And the Skill Hunt ability was polished, that he could steal the skill cards just by neutralizing his opponents.

However, skills can be said as the lifeline of the adventurers. For example, those who have swordsmanship or hand to hand combat techniques took them years or tens of years to gain that kind of skill. So, in the case where the opponent is a righteous person, he would feel some guilt.

Although, it is very different if the opponent is a bastard. For example……if it is the lust murderer from earlier, he would not feel anything even if he steals his everything.

John Burg’s face passed through his mind.

ーーI mean, it might be better for humankind if hurt him to the level where defects remain to his limbs after stealing his skill.

“But well, that would depend on the situation……”, he thought.


「But first, how will I find the target……or the pair」


Finding a target within an area with three-kilometer radiusーーnormally, that would be a very difficult thing. And at the same time, in this examination, those who finds their targets first would have an overwhelming advantage. After all, their strategies that they could take would increase, be it launching a surprise attack or creating a pit hole.

“However……”, Junpei made a slight smile.

If Junpei uses his clairvoyance-like scouting ability that is a side-effect of his inhuman evasion proficiency, he would be able to find the opponent easily. After all, it is like a high-performance radar where he could tell the situation within the radius of hundreds of meters.

However, there is a weakness.

This ability does not have the characteristic of being able to be used consecutively.

……or rather, it is very tiring to concentrate his senses to its limits.

Because of that, Junpei……he is planning on activating that scouting ability once every few hours, and find the enemies with that information.


「……about that」


Ami who had an expression full of confidence raised her hand and suggests.

No, rather being full of confident, it is a prideful face.


「n? What is it?」


She puts down the knapsack that she is carrying, and started to search inside.


「……what are you doing?」

「Hey, JP? Do you know about this item?」

「A magnet?」

「It’s a magic compass……this is my treasured item you know」

「S-Rank rarity huh, it’s true that it doesn’t match with you」


Ami was surprised and widened her eyes.


「How did you know?」

「I have a high level【Appraisal Eyes】technique. Do you need any more explanation?」

「Really……you’re a guy whose existence itself is a cheat」

「And then, where did you get that?」

「When I was doing my job as a thief, just a bit……I got very lucky and gained it」

「And so……it will show the place or rather the direction of person who was marked for just 24 hours……huh? It looks like it’s mostly equipped in large prisons. By the way, how will you place a marking?」

「If I touch the opponent while holding the compass, the marking’s finished. By the way, I have already marked my target and yours too」

「When, and how did you mark them? You have met your target directly, but my target too……when did you do that?」

「That’s well, I’m a Thief after all. It’s very easy to touch an opponent without getting noticed」


Junpei sighed in amazement.


「Honestly, I thought that you’ll be only baggage but……you might be somewhat useful」

「You, you have a bad personality right?」

「No, I’m just a type who says what he thinks straightforwardly」

「How can I say this, you’re cheeky, or something……」


While talking like that, they walked through the forest with the compass as a guide.

Walking for 10 minutes, Ami whispered while looking at Junpei’s feet.


「……this is, I’m a bit……shocked, I think?」

「Shocked? With what?」

「You, that way of walking……it’s completely silent but, it’s not like it’s another skill right?」


“Ahh, about that huh”, Junpei nodded.

Junpei’s physical abilities have already reached a different dimension, so it is very easy for him to walk completely silently just by being conscious of it.


「It’s not like you can completely erase it, but……well, I think that you’re hiding your presence in a passing grade?」


After getting silent for a while, Ami let out a sigh.


「……it’s already like this using my Thief skill though…… it looks like you’re saying it as if it’s nothing, but that makes it very hurtful instead……」


And, there, Junpei who had noticed something placed his pointing finger in front of his nose, and Ami followed that.

While looking at a far away place, he talked to Ami.


「I found him. That’s……my prey」


There are two men in Junpei’s vision.

They are walking slowly and carefully while observing the surroundings.


「……what will you do?」

「Let’s watch for a while」

「Is it something like……countermeasure if it’s a trap or a surprise attack?」


To Ami’s words, Junpei shook his head.


「Before taking them down or not……I want to know what kind of guys they are. Are they bastards, or a decent fellow……」

「What kind? Why are you doing something like that?」


Without a doubt, Junpei is currently the strongest usurper, and it all depends on Junpei whether or not the examinees that he attacks would be able to continue on being an adventurer.

And there is no doubt that the most efficient way to strengthen himself, is for Junpei to attack examinees indiscriminately, steal their skills, and equip in his skill slots the useful skills.

However, he is reluctant on doing all of that as he desires.

For example, he got acquainted with a Sword Saint during the Kraken subjugation inside the labyrinth. If Junpei wishes for the most efficient way to strengthen himself, there is no doubt that it is to kill the Sword Saint, steal his skills and experience points.

However, by doing that, he would not be different front Kido and the others, and the trash that abuses their powers both inside and outside the labyrinth.


「Is it that……it they’re decent guys, you aren’t planning on using surprise attacks or traps? You, are you that naive?」


Ami said while rolling her eyes, but that is a view wide of the mark.

Just the level of the examinees here, with Junpei’s strength, there was no way that he would lose no matter how what he do.



「We found the opponents first, so isn’t doing a surprise attack reasonable rights? In the first place, those who are victorious in battles are right. But, well……if it’s not as the adventurer me, but the individual Sakagami Ami, I don’t like those kinds of things」

「You’re quite off, but……well, I don’t like those kinds of things too」


Not minding Ami’s words more than that, Junpei glared ahead.



ーーwell then. About whether it’s better to steal from these guys or not……



The two has not noticed at all that they are being followed by Junpei and Ami.

Well, it is very natural because the ones following them is a professional Thief and Junpei who has better skills, while hiding their presence.

One of the two. The young man wearing a white robe opened his mouth.


「Thank goodness that I was able to partner with you just before the examination started. It is very different doing it alone rather than doing it with two people after all」


The white-robed man is looking towards a plump middle-aged man.


「However, John Burg huh……we really participated in an exam with such a troublesome guy」


The plump man is carrying a large axe on his back. His equipments, gauntlet in his right hand and torso armor. By the way, Junpei’s target is this plump man.


「Yes, there is no doubt. The rumors says that it is unknown how he is living after getting expelled from the underground guild, but……」

「It should be robbery with rape and murder. He looks like his head is lacking, but he’s surprisingly smart」

「You are quite informed?」

「Yeah, I have the same hometown with that guy……」


The plump middle-aged man took out a leather canteen from his pocket, and took a sip.

And he passed the canteen to the white-robed young man.


「It’s water with squeezed fruit juice and honey. It will be a prolonged stage……replenish your nutrients」

「Ahh, thanks」


The white-robed man who received the canteen started to drink while sounding his throat.


「Well, well, this is really good. The sweetness of the honey and the sourness of the fruit really matches well. What fruit is it?」


And there, the plump middle-aged man smiled and answered.


「It’s the fruit of the carnivorous plant Kumacorori. It’s called Kumakorori, because even bears would fall like *Korori* if they eat it. If humans drink it, they will die instantly. It’s just, preparing it properly, it’s not like it can’t be used as anesthetic……by the way, that is a special juice made very well so, you won’t die」



At the same time, the white-robed man’s knees weakened and fell to the ground.



「I told you that I have the same hometown with John Burg right? I mean, honestly, we’re childhood friends. Well, it’s true that I don’t want to get involved with him though」


「We did a deal」


「First, John will not kill me, and would not target me. But instead, I’ll take you to where John is」



The plump man took off the hood of the white-robed man, and showed the man’s hidden face.


「Beautiful slender young men, they’re John’s favorite……well, of course……he would also attack women, but John likes guys like you, better」


「It is already decided that John will pass to the fourth examination. And the things that he does in this examination……is to search for men and women, rape them, and destroy them」


「And then……there’s a time lag before they get destroyed after getting raped. So I can have a good time too, I can taste the women before they get destroyed」

「……what do you……mean……?」

「If things go well, there might be my prey within those guys that John caught. In that case, he will still destroy them, but has the promise that he will not kill them」


The white-robed man dyed his face with despair.


「It means, the one who’s I’m partners with is not you but John Burg. And you are an offering to John」


The plump man took out a rope. And after turning the white-robed man into the ground, he started to tie him up.









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