The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 4 Epilogue

Epilogue – Sakaguchi Sisters ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼






And just like thatーーthe B-Rank Selection Examination has ended.

As the result of the situation reaching to the point that the regional adventurer’s guild was destroyed, Junpei and Ami were subjected to a substantial investigation by a big shot from the Central.

And in the end, the incident was put on an end making it that Judy and the ruffian with abnormal strength both died after a duel.

Although it is different from the truth, under the situation where there was almost none that survived in the venue, the two’s testimony was the only answer with consistency, so the investigator could only be convinced with that.

And with this and that, Junpei and Ami are now officially B-Rank adventurers and finished their registration.

They received the proof of identities that was made and immediately went to buy things that are needed for traveling.




「What are you going to do from now on?」

「Probably……a journey without a destination. We’re parting here」


Ami made a dumbfounded expression.


「Parting? Why?」

「What do you mean by why……? You have things that you need to do right?」

「No, that’s why I’m saying……why?」



With a blushing face, Ami asked Junpei.


「……we’re……lovers, right?」




Ami looked at Junpei with a condemning gaze.

Junpei could not help but open his mouth.


「Yeah, well, that’s……」

「If so」

「If so?」

「Aren’t you terrible?」

「What do you mean?」


Ami grabbed Junpei’s collar and glared at him.


「We’re parting suddenly, right?」



「But, both of us have things that we must do. You need to meet your little sister, and I need to go to the royal capital and become an A-Rank Adventurer」

「Those things, they can be done at the same time right?」


「Achievements are needed to become A-Rank. If so, you can just take quests while traveling right? And It should be possible report the results of Regional Quests in the guilds in neighboring towns」

「……is that true?」


Ami rolled her eyes and smiled.


「Compared to your unbelievable strength……you really have no common knowledge huh?」

「I’m quite aware of that」

「I think it’s quite cute that you admit it honestly you know?」


Junpei was instantly flushed red and looked away from Ami.


「And so, what do you mean in the end? What do you want me to do so you’re satisfied?」

「I’m, going to meet my little sister. And also, I need to give thanks to the old couple that took care of us sisters since we were sent to this world. And……I want Junpei, to go with me in that journey」


Junpei thought for a while.

And after some thoughts, he shook his head.


「……I can’t do that」


「It’s because it’s you that I’m going to say this. I’m, in half a year……no, in five months……I would need to go to a faraway place. I cannot bring you there, and I would probably die 100%. That’s why……I can’t stay with you any longer」

「Why, what do you mean?」

「I can’t fall for you any more than this. Only regrets would remain」


Ami who heard that smiled happily and hugged Junpei burying her face into his chest.


「……I’m so happy」


「And also……it’s fine like that」


「I’m saying……even if it’s only five months, I’m alright with it」


Ami pursed her lips and pressed them to Junpei’s.

Their tongues entwined and exchanged fluids.

After a few minutes of embrace, Ami’s lips parted with Junpei’s and looked into his eyes.


「I’m saying……I want to be with you, even if it’s a little longer, you know?」


“I can’t……I’m no match for her.” Junpei thought.


ーーahh……damnit……I’m really, no match for her.


「……alright. However, as long as it’s not on the way of my goal okay?」


“Un”, Ami nodded and said.


「I also want to introduce Junpei to my little sister……Nazuna……too. I’ll behave and won’t trouble you that much」


Junpei’s expression clouded after hearing that name.

The dreams and reality within the labyrinthーーthe name of the girl that he met there was also, Sakaguchi Nazuna.


「I might have asked you this so many times but, how old is your little sister?」

「She’s 13 this year」


That’s right, ‘her’ age and appearance is different from Ami’s little sister Sakagami Nazuna.

“If, so……”, Junpei tilted his head.

The girl that Junpei met many times, wearing a sailor uniform and carries a katana with her.

That sixteen to seventeen years old black haired girl that looks very similar to Ami……who is she really?


ーー”this makes me more confused”, Junpei shrugged his shoulders.








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