The Dungeon Seeker – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The S-Rank Adventurers ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



Interstice Labyrinth, 7th floor.


Predation of corpses and reproduction by slimes. Junpei who had ended that one series of tasks, he was taking his last break before going to the next floor.



The place where he is right now, was not the entrance to this floor, but near the exit.

Even if an unexpected accident happens, for it to be possible to escape immediately towards the next floor, he spent about one to two days with that place as the camp site.


Currently, it is night time on this floor, and the strange light that was shining the whole floor has completely disappeared.


Relying on the bonfire’s fire, he checked his status plate.


ーーlevel 818.


The level up bonus points, even if you deduct that it is one-third of an advanced job in Junpei’s case, it was clear that he entered the field that you might get overwhelmed.


The top Sword Saint in the continent is roughly about level 300.


Assuming that the average for S-Rank adventures is level 200, it was about time, his own strength should be already close to the top position in the outside world.


ーーwhat only remains, is to clear this labyrinth……and go outside. If I finished that……every one of them……


And after thinking around there, Junpei felt something and stood up.


He looked around, and clicked his tongue lightly.


He immediately extinguished the bonfire with sand, and from that placeーーtowards the sixth floor, he ran with quiet steps.






ーーit was a group of four men.


Once upon a time, the Interstice Labyrinth, including S-Ranks, it devoured an extraordinary number of adventurers. And because of its notoriety, in this hundred years, there were almost no new challengers that had appeared.


But, however, it is very come that the rumors would weather with time.


A handsome man with golden hair that was clad in a golden armor. A red-haired man, and a white-haired old man.


You can call them respectively as, Holy Knight, Dragon Knight, and Great Sage.


The remaining oneーーthe man clad with black clothes that wield a Jet Black Demon Sword lets out a complaint.


「But, it’s too disappointing huh. The skills as an adventurer are S-Rankーーeven though the four of us who are called the tactical weapons of the countries went to gather……」


「That’s true. I have expected a fierce battle from the first floor. But the monster wouldn’t appear at all……. but, it’s true, that it was a tremendous amount of corpses though……」


Together with a sigh, the Holy Knight with a long golden hair continued with a polite tone.


「But……we were not able to take items from those corpses. Most probably, it was after the person who went further took all of it」


「The treasures are……postponed huh. If it was from a high ranked adventurer……expectations would be high though」


「By the way, in the further areaーーlet’s assume that there was someone who took all the treasures. There, if that person is alive……it can be assumed that that person would not honestly give them to us. In that case, what are you planning?」


「Well, of course, right? We’ll kill him and steal them」


Other than the Demon Swordsman, the Sage, the Dragon Knight seems to have the same opinion, they hugely nodded.


「Then, in the case when we meet normal people who does not have treasure?」


「This is outside of the law……even if the enemy is human, you can level up you know? And, the guys who enter here……most of them are high-leveled. In the first place, in the outside world, because there wasn’t strong enemies, soーーour levels, more than this……it had gotten hard to increase. And because of that, we are……hey……don’t make me say all of it」


「Are you really planning to do(kill) that? Everyone, what do you think about that?」


The white haired old manーーthe sage nodded, and the red-haired Dragon Knight shook his head sidewards.


「ーーif it is a woman, I will not let you kill her」


The Demon Swordsman who was clad in black changed his expression.


He closed into the Dragon Knight, and lashes at him.


「What do you mean? Are you saying to throw away the enormous experience points? I mean, because there aren’t other ways for leveling up, that’s why we’re here right? I told it earlier, this is outside of the law. In a genuine meaning, strength is justice right?」


There, the Dragon Knight laughed humorously.


「That’s right. In here, justice is served where the strength is……then, if the opponent is a woman, she would be raped and killed」


There, the holy knight started to laugh while hugging his stomach.


「Well〜, everyone, you’re really pieces of shit」


「A? Shit you say? You bastard……what the hell do you want to say?」


The Holy Knight answered with a composed face.


「I will accompany you guys. But, I have one thing that I cannot yield to」


「You can’t yield to? If you start saying those damn commandment nonsense peculiar to that of the holy church, I’ll kick your ass?」


“No, not at all”, the Holy Knight said with a careless smile while shaking his head.


「If it was a woman……I’m going to do it first alright?」


And there, the group’s laughter echoed.


「Haha, this is great. Well well, what a tremendous holy knight exist……okay〜, okay〜! I’m fine with that……mister dragon knight, you alright with that?」


「It can’t be helped」


「In the first place, it has been a while since I have retired in those kinds of things. Do what you want」


And there, “Pan”, the Demon Swordsman hit his palm.


「With this, once again……everyone’s unity is in order huh」


“Even so……”, the Holy Knight looked around.


「This labyrinth, what is really going on in it? The monsters on this floor too……they don’t exist? Four who are S-Rank leveled……is it a very exaggerated fighting powers after all」






ーーwithin the darkness, near the entrance of the safety area.


Junpei who hid in the shadows of a tree lets out a deep sigh.


And, he made a ruthless conclusion within his heart, and took out his forty-one caliber magnum from the holster he placed in his clothes.


ーーahh, I see. In the first quick attack, I need to kill them, or else……I’m the one whose going to be killed for sure. Because……these guysーーthey’re the same with Kido, Noriko, and the rest.


In shortーー



ーーthey’re pieces of trash……



With his handgun on one of his hands, Junpei got ready to attack.


He showed his face out from the tree for a little, and observed the group’s appearance.


And thenーーnear the entrance inside the safety area, they started preparing for a camp.


After a while, *PachiPachi*, after the sound effects of the fat busting, the fragrant smell coming from the dried meat enveloped the area. Soup, bread, and dried meat steak.


ーーthese guys……they’re eating damn good.


The smell that reached where Junpei, it was mixed with the gentle fragrance of spices.


Just like the medieval Europe, spices should be valuable in this world.


The spices that are similar to pepper and red peppers, Junpei had heard before that it is being traded with the equal weight of gold.


Since he came to this world, it was a long time has passed.


In Japan, it is natural for chili peppers and peppers to be placed on top of the table, and there were a lot of foods, starting with junk foods, that has a lot of stimulants.


Thinking of itーーI wonder when was the last time I had smelled the fragrance of spices. Saliva overflows, and stomach starts to contract.


ーーwell, either way……I’ll take all of their things. That’s right, without leaving anything behind, I will take all of it……if I kill them before they eat all of it, it would be in my stomach……with this, I have one more thing to look forwards.


Junpei made a wry smile when he noticed that he had started to drool. And thought.


ーーthe difference with our fighting powers.


Generally, the average of the S-Rank adventurers’ level is more or less 200.


Within those, if there was one who is in a different dimension, about more or less 300.


And, his level right now is 818.


In simple addition, he has three times, so it would be an overwhelming win only looking at the level.


But, in this case, there’s one problem.


ーーthe level up bonus point’s, difference between jobs.


If it was a normal job, the point is 10.


In an advanced job the point is 15ーーit is good to assume that all of the S-Rank adventurers belongs to that.


Because Junpei doesn’t have a job aptitude, the point he gains during level up is 5, so compared to normal, he has a huge disadvantage.


For example, if he had a normal job, the point is 10, or maybe if it was an advanced job the point would be 15.


And now, it’s easy to assume that every one of the S-Rank adventures that he is going against right now has an advanced job.


Meaning, having a simple comparison with them who have an advanced job, it means that Junpei needs to have three times their level to have the total number of their status points. If it was like that, he loses the advantage of an overwhelming level difference.


On top of that, in Junpei’s case, his status is very distorted, so it would be really hard fighting normally.


And most of all, he desperately lacks the normal fighting experience.


Because of the drop items, most probably, his side has better weapons.


Thinking of that, or maybe in individual fighting powers, he might be able to overwhelm them.


But, that isーーin the situation of a 1 v 1.


In against several opponents, with only the level advantage and weapon advantage, to fight them head-onーーit was too unreliable.


That’s why Junpei returned his handgun to its holster, and took a very deep breath. And he crinkled his mouth, and used the muscles that he doesn’t use usually.


In other wordsーーit was a business smile.






「Ah, hello, hello」


While making a friendly smile, Junpei started to walk towards the S-Rank adventurers.


As he confirmed it, it looks like the source of light was only the bonfire.


And there, only in an instant, his fake smile became a real smile, but the adventurers doesn’t notice that.


Towards Junpei, they showed signs of cautiousness and doubt.


「Don’t come any closer」


The distance between them is about 10 meters.


The man with black clothesーーthe Demon Swordsman stopped Junpei.


「Who the hell are you?」


「Ah, me? I got thrown unluckily in this labyrinth, and……somehow, I was able to reach up until here……but traveling alone, you know, it’s too scary right……」


「You want to go with us huh?」  


「Yup. Big brother looks strong too」


「Wait there for a minute」


At the same time when he said that, the men started to whisper to themselves.


「What do you think?」


「For the meantime……he needs to be appraised first whatever he is」


After he said that, the white-haired sage’s left eye started to shine.


ーー【Magic Eyes of Measurement (Master Class)】


It’s a skill used against humans, it’s something that measures the opponent’s level.


And, the instance he saw Junpei, the old man dropped his jaws with a surprised face.


「That boy……he’s……more than level 800?」


「Haha, Gramps, that’s not a funny joke. This isn’t the time for saying jokes right? And……without joking, how much is his strength for real?」


The old man’s face colors exceeded blue, and got dyed with a pale color.


「OI……are you……for real?」


「I don’t tell jokes」


Seemingly grasping the situation, everyone got petrified in their places frozen.


「Level 800……that’s a damn level exceeding the Demon King」


And there, the Holy Knight interrupted.


「Maybe, that boy had killed all of the monsters up until this floor. However……it is suddenly, an unexpected situation……the Interstice Labyrinth, it might be too much for us……」


“Anyways”, the Demon Swordsman hit his palm.


「Let’s take that boy with us. Along the way from now on, we’ll make sure if we can be useful or not. If we decide that it’s impossible to continue without him, we’ll continue to use him as a bodyguard then」


「On the other hand, if we decide that it is possible to break through this labyrinth only with us?」


「Of course, right, if we kill that boy, we can have a huge amount of level up for sure. If we become comrades once, even if there was a huge different between levels, there are a lot of ways to kill him」


「Things like attacking him in his sleep, or putting poison in his food……huh」


「That’s about it……Let’s accept his suggestion. And……you’re the one, who is the most friendly within us. For the meantime, you go talk to him」


The Holy Knight that received those words nodded.


Heavy plate armor, *GachaGacha*, while making those sounds, the Holy Knight started to walk towards Junpei.


And, he reached out his right hand towards Junpei.


「Ah, can I take that that you’re going to accept right?」


「We also don’t have enough people you know, so let’s get along from now on」


「Ahh, also……I knowーー」


「You know? What is it?」


「What you guys, the things guys like you are thinking about!」


Junpei reached out his right hand, andーー


ーーwith the razor that he hid in his palm, he cuts his own thumb for about 1 cm.


Blood that instantly overflowed.


Godly speedsーーit might be proper to call it like that.


Junpei’s level up bonus pointsーーmost of them is placed into evasion, that only means, he had completely reached an inhuman field. One that can truly be called as Shukuchiーーit means that he shows abnormal speeds.


The Holy Knight couldn’t react to the movement of Junpei’s right hand, and the blood that spews out from his right hand, both of his eyes received them directly.


That instant, the Holy Knight held his both eyes, and crouched in his place.


And there, Junpei who took a deep breath, distorted further what his fake smile from the start was, and made a gruesome smile.


「……u……my eyes……my eyes……my body……it’s para……lyze……d」


Junpei cracked his fist.


ーーit’s true, that if I challenge them head-on, I might be damn weaker than you bastards.


ーーbut, I am, towards all the fate that surrounds me……I am going to fight it……this was the way I have done it, ever since I decided that.


ーーblessed with talents, advancing through the elite course……for well-behaved bastards like you, there’s no way that you’d understand the way I fight. And……if there were no rules, I who ate the Undead Meat……there’s no way for me to lose!!


While looking down at the Holy Knight, Junpei thought.


ーーthis guy, he got trapped with poisoning.


He glared at the remaining adventurers, dwelling in his eyes, were cold flames.


ーーwell then……the remaining isーーーonly three!! Let’s do it……let’s do this muddy battle!!






He took out a bloody magic beast’s canine from his waistーーthat was already covered with poisonーーJunpei, he ran towards the Demon Swordsman with speeds of a purple lightning.


For his speed that was reaching the area of subsonic velocity, the Dragon Knight and the Sage couldn’t even react.


……well that should be the case.


In the first place, a Dragon Knight shows its tactical weapon fighting power’s true value with its coordination with his dragon.


A Sage too, not for points like 1 vs 1 , but to suppress surfacesーーmeaning, it’s a kind of job that has standard moves for making a certain area into a scorched earth using wide-range magic.


They do not have specialized status for melee battles, so there is now way for them to be able to see through Junpei’s movements that had even reached inhuman levels.


In zigzag, with movements like side jumps, first, he closed the distance with the Demon Swordsman.


And, he thrusts the canine dyed with poison towards the skin that shows in the Demon Swordsman’s armor.


Butーーhis opponent is also a battle-hardened melee job.


All of Junpei’s movements……although it’s not like his eyes can follow them, but even soーーwith almost only with his instincts, the Demon Swordsman was successful to react.


From bottom to the top, he slashed back as if to pierce upwards.


The Jet Black Demon Sword, it was thrust upwards with degrees that would cut Junpei’s elbow.


And Junpei who was also able to react to that, twisted and bent the trajectory of his charge, and dodged with a jump 90 degrees to the side.


*Zuzazazazazazaza*ーーhe decelerated while sliding on the ground.


He slid on the ground for about 20 meters, “Tch”, Junpei clicked his tongue.


ーーafter all……doing it head-on……it wouldn’t be easy huh.


And, there, Junpei turned his head slightly to about 30 degrees behind him, and widened his eyes.




What was there wasーーa giant bird of fire flying.


Its body length is 40 meters, and combined with its wings, its width probably reaches 300 meters.


That, was the highest level of wide-ranged magic that belongs to the flame type spells.


ーーAncient Fire Phoenix.


That bird of fire, towards him without any gaps, it was closing in with no ways to evade.





A wall of flame that has 300 meters in widthーーit was a powerful flame that was suitable to prove that they, S-Rank adventurers, are overwhelmingly in a different dimension.


If this was a battlefield, at the point when this one attack had been able to explode, thousands of normal soldiers would be lost, and it probably would be the deciding the victor and the loser in the war for sure.


Overwhelming temperature, and wide-range magic that has no way to be evaded were closing onto him.


And, he thought.


ーーwell then, what would you do? Takeda Junpei……? You cannot evade this. You absolutely cannot evade this……thenーー


And there, Junpei, after he got out of the straight line trajectory of the Phoenix, he gave up and stood with a daunting pose, and covered his eyes, nose, and mouth with both of his hands.


Phoenix that passes through.


He was instantly enveloped by scorching heat, and slowly but surely……his skin, and his hair started to melt.


He got hot as if his veins boiled, and his consciousness starts to fade away.


ーーas I’ve thought……was it too absurd with only diverting it for a little?


After a few secondsーーin reality, it really only took that much time, butーーfor Junpei, he even felt that as infinity.


When his consciousness had almost faded out, the scorching heat that enveloped his body disappeared.


And, in the next instance, Junpei started to run again.


ーーyosh……I got through it! This was really scary. In this labyrinth……for example, I encounter a dragon. I’ll give up if I was hit directly, but……it would be terrible if I die from only the breath’s residual heat.


ーーthat’s why, I put a certain amount in my HP. My guess being correct or wrong……the problems before that……I can’t do anything about it……countermeasures against wide-ranged attacks.


While running, he took out the forty-one caliber magnum from his waist.


*Pan!* *Pan!* , *Pan!* , *Pan!* , the dry sound played from the consecutive bullets being shot.


What he aimed for was, the Demon Swordsman, the Dragon Knight, the Sage, two shots each for those targets.


ーーthe Demon Swordsman, with his Jet Black Sword, he slashes off the bullets.


ーーthe Dragon Knight, he changed one of his body parts into a dragonoid, and blocked the bullets with hard scales that were far more harder than steel.


ーーthe Sage, he constructed a physical barrier, and the bullets itself weren’t able to reach him within a five-meter radius.


“Hmm……”, Junpei thought.


At least one, well, I thought that at least one would hit thoughーー




With this, he had the calculation who he would kill first.


For the meantime, that Dragon Knight……his defense is too troublesome, I don’t have any other comments than that.


On the other hand, the Sage and the Demon Swordsman, normally, the forty-one caliber magnum, they couldn’t block it without special movements huhーーit means, they aren’t that hard.


“Then”, Junpei increased further the pace he ran.


And, “as planned from the start”, not taking a glance to the adventurersーーtowards a certain point, he threw his item box, and turned around just like that.


He fled at full speed.


And there, the Sage raised his voice.


「From the item boxーーa slime?!!」


And, the destination of the slimes, was the only light source in this current spaceーーthe bonfire.


One next to the other the slimes flocked towards the bonfire, and its flame, it extinguished it with its body.


In a blink of an eye, the veil of darkness fell.


Instant blackoutーーthe reactions of the adventurers, there was a few seconds that had opened.


*Hyun*, a wind cutting sound.


Inside the darkness where for them, they could not see anything, the Dragon Knight’s that scream echoed in that place.




That, that was the voice that resulted from the magic beast’s canine taking away the Dragon Knight’s aorta.


「……you bastard……you bastard……how……in this darkness……can you move?」


「Well, I closed one of my eyes from the start. It was also because I was aming for this from the start……but other than that……」


And, he continued.


「The Undead……they’re beings of the dark you know?」


And, Junpei ran away from that place, and inside the darkness, he watched the remaining two adventurers from far away.


ーーonly two remaining.






Perfect darkness.


The Dragon Knight’s screams echoing.


And there, the Demon Swordsman shouted with a voice near to a scream.


「Gramps!! Even it’s me, I can’t react to his damn speed in the darkness!! Light the surroundings with wide-ranged magic! Immediately!!」


The Demon Swordsman’s angry shouts echoed, and with also a tone that was like an angry shout, the white-haired Sage answered.


「You need not to tell me!!」


And, thereーー*Dosa*……the sound of the white-haired old man collapsing echoed.


「That’s right, that’s something you need not to tell. You need not to tell, that in this place……I who is the fastest, there was no way that I’d let go of the advantage of having sight in the dark. MeaningーーI won’t let gramps do his way」


Junpei’s words were thrown to the Demon Swordsman.


Already, on this floor, the only ones that can move freely is Junpei and the Demon Swordsman.


The Holy Knight had his eyes crushed by the blood poison, and was in agony raising voices that were not words in a far off place.


It looks like the neurotoxin had a pretty good effects, showing the whites of his eyes, *BikunBikun*, he convulsed from time to time.


The Dragon Knight wasn’t even given time to change his body parts to a dragon’s, within the complete darkness his aorta was slashed off from a surprise attack.


The poison had already gone through his brain and heart, and he already has no consciousness. Even if he’s let alone, it wouldn’t take that much time for his death.


And, the old manーーthe Sage, once again with the poison and the magic beast’s canine, the capillary on his wrists were cut.


From the first place, because he does not have the job that has good stamina, the effects were super effective.


At the same time that he fell to his back, his face colors were dyed with purple, his saliva started to drool, and his eyeballs turned to its whites.


「And with that, you’re the only one remaining you know? Dear Demon Swordsman-san」




Silence for a while.


And, the Demon Swordsman laughed dumbfoundedly.


「Surprise attacks, attacking in the darkness, and poison……goodness……if you’re this thorough, I can only laugh……you dirty bastard」


「Ha! In situations to kill or to be killed. To steal or to be stolen……fair and square, or maybe villains to be despicable huh? Those things……absolutely……have no room to enter right? What’s there, is just victory or defeat……am I wrong? That’s right, including life……steal or be stolen……. that’s all it is」


「……however, we’re also battered-hardened. We also have resistance for dirty plays, and I myself, can do dirty things. But, us who are like that……why are we……why were we easily……defeated by you? I can’t accept that」


After thinking for a while, Junpei laughed.


「You have strength. And you also probably have fame and honor. You’re working at a disciplined regular army outside right?」


「That’s pretty much, correct. But, in battlefields, we also often done skirmishes with no rules……」


「That’s right. And the result……you probably can do dirty tactics」


「……what do you want to say?」


「I am, different from you guys. In this labyrinth, I am the weak. That’s why, from the start……I had no plans on fighting properly」


「No plans to fight properly……?」


Junpei made a huge nod.


「In shortーーfrom the start, I was planning on deceiving you guys. I had no plans on attacking properly from the start. I was planning to choose and use most ruthless and dirty way that I’m able to think of after all. Meaning, I wasn’t planning on fighting you on the same grounds from the start……I’m not even thinking of this as a fight. But, you’re only thinking of this as a fight」


And, he continued.


「The difference between those are huge you know?」


“I see now”, the Demon Swordsman let out a deep sight.


「It’s true……it looks like you’re a dexterous man. But……in a meaning……a clumsy man, you are……」




「You’re still, in the latter of your teens right? How on earth……would you raise up like that……I’m saying that you’re too extreme」


「I don’t want to hear that from you. Things like rape, take all even killing is needed……I heard you?」


「It’s not that problem. For us, that’s correct in terms of our desires. But……in your case……」


“Well, whatever”, Junpei stopped the Demon Swordsman with his hand.


「And then, what do you think of this situation? Demon Swordsman-san?」


「I am self-conscious that I am decently skilled. And looking from your movements earlier, and the weapon you haveーーI have no chance to win on 1v1」


And, the Demon Swordsman made a stance with his Jet Black Demon Sword head-on Junpei.


ーーsword held straight towards the opponent.


Towards the man who had eyes prepared for death staring at him, Junpei started to laugh while hugging his stomach.


「Although you can’t win, really? Are you going to do it?」


「Even so……I am a martial artist to the bones. Most probably, this is the last moment of my life……if that is so, from when I was a child……I want to take care of the feelings of admiring the strong. Finally, my eyes had got accustomed to the darknessーーeven if I cannot win, at least a grave injuryーー」


And, there, the Demon Swordsman’s head shook as if he got dizzy.


And, his knees bent as if it was a serious case of anemia, and he kneeled in his place.


「……at? What is……happening……」


*Pan”, Junpei made a huge clap with his hands.


「That’s why I told you right. That I’m not planning to fight you properly from the start」


「……kaha?! Ku!……what……is……this」


「From earlier on, what I used to extinguish the bonfire was Pandemic Slimes. They have a large quantity of the worst virus inside their bodyーーwell, if they’re burned……various bad components, well really, there would be a lot coming out」


“Ugu……!”, his face crinkled in agony.


The Demon Swordsman struggled as if to scratch his lungs from the top of his armor.


But, his armor gets on the wayーーin the first place, it’s not like he would be able to scratch his lungs thoughーーand he could only scratch the metal with his nails.


“And with that……”, Junpei took out his handgun, and aimed at the head of the Demon Swordsman who collapsed.


「Experience points. Gochisousamadeshita」






And after a few minutes.


Junpei who had ended “completely butchering” the S-Rank adventurers let out a deep sigh.



  • Dragonoid Transformation (Master Class) ーーーーー boosts the defense powers by four times in an instant.

  • White Magic (Master Class)ーーーーー only about not being able to revive (it is only as a healer, so use is limited to others)

  • Black Magic (Master Class)ーーーーーonly about being able to use wide-ranged magic for a radius of a few hundred meters

  • Swordsmanship (Master Class)ーーーーーonly about mastering attacks that seem to be after the opponent’s but reacting first (後の先)

  • God’s Protection (Master Class)ーーーーー passive skill that makes the defense power and attack power x1.5 during battle.

  • Monster Tame (Master Class)ーーーーー only about to be able to command dragons(飛龍)



「All of them……so damn useless……. That’s why, I told you I won’t fight properly……the remaining skill slots, I can’t use them with something like this……but……gramps’s equipments is pretty decent, no, maybe it be lucky you can say」


After he ranted, he went towards the stairs that continues to the next floor.


There’s only one.


It was a faint strange feeling, but it was swirling inside his chest.



ーー”the unmatched poisoning is going all too well”.



In fact……it’s not like he ate a normal zombie’s meat.


The meat that he ate, was a No Life Kings’……that is why, you can think that it was poisonous that even have effects to Cerberus.




In this labyrinth, humans that did the same thing just as he did, how can he tell that there was not even one.


If they only have【Appraisal Eyes】and【All Status Ailments Resistance】……being able to think of this combination, the hurdle is not that high.


And there, he thought furthermore.


Certainly, the ones who walked the same path as him, there should be some of them in the past. And, even those guys, they should’ve gone further within the Interstice Labyrinth to clear it.


The numbers without any hope, once again, he remembered.


That’s right.


On top of thatーーthe survivors are zero.











Chapter 7The Dungeon SeekerChapter 9

*Sponsored by Shin Amazake-sama


Name : Takeda Junpei

Level Up : 818 → 908

Bonus Points Gained : 450


Job : Skill Hunter                                                        Level : 908

HP : 1385                                                                           MP : 175

Attack Power : 255 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 5
※Sub weapon equipped :245

Evasion Efficiency : 3000


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Infused with God Killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Mantle: Cloak of Evasion (Sage Equipment)
※Passive that increases the basic Evasion Efficiency to 1.5 times

Skill (Skill Slot: 7 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance
  • Butcher (Super-Class)
  • Monster Tame (Beginner Class)


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

Tamed Monsters

Pure Slime x  500
Pandemic Slime x 15000