The Dungeon Seeker – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Interstice Village’s Katrina ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼





Haha! Brother! I’m happy we’ve met again!


I mean, both of us……really, it’s nice we’re in a good mood!


Really, to be able to survive against Cerberus, let’s both celebrate having the devil’s luck!


Eh? How was I able to run away you say?


Actually, the one called Cerberus, it’s a bizarre eater, on top of that, it has a huge appetite. Basically, its head isn’t that bad, but if it was about meat, it looks like it becomes a stupid dog.


And, actually, my hobby is being a gourmet alright.


Saying it simply, there was a stock of the high-grade class dried meat that I put in my item box before going to this labyrinth you know……


And, using that properly, I was able to barely reach the next floor’s door, it was like that.



ーーmy right arm got eaten though!!!!



So, with that.


I’ll introduce the floor this time yo!!


ーーas you can see, this time, it’s a village without monsters! People are also living in it!


In the south ends, there is the stairs to the next floor!


Just like the guys in here, you can live forever in this village if you like, or you can go to the next floor if you like.


But, though, brother. I think like this.


The outside world, and this village……I thought what’s the difference between them.


It’s a little inconvenient, and it’s only a little bit small scale.


It looks like the residents, they don’t even reach a hundred. Well, really, there might be a lot of inconveniences.


But, the safeness is important.


If that is assured, I know the logic that you can close your eyes to many things.


And just like that, the ones who says they want to live here……the guys that also swayed with that……well, it’s not like I don’t understand them.


I mean, normally, you’d sway with it right〜.


Especially after breaking through the hurdle called Cerberus……really excessively.


By the way, I decided to not live here, and aim for the next floor……why you ask?


I’m a solo player. When I was in Japan, a jobless NEET. MeaningーーOf course I have communication disorder! Don’t let me say it, it’s so embarrassing!


Well then, see ya later brother! If you’ll aim for the next floor, deciding not to live here……also look forward to the next volume!





To the tip of Junpei’s nose, a breeze had brought the spring’s fragrance.


Although it was inside the labyrinth, abundant mountains that were surrounded by hilly terrains.


The light source that is provided from the ceiling covered by light moss that you can see from far away.


Small river with a slow current that flows gently from the valleys.


And, the thatched log houses that scattered, and surrounding itーーthe golden colored wheat fields.


While gazing at that scenery that reminisces the farmlands somewhere on Swiss, Junpei thought.


ーーahh, un. This is the Interstice Labyrinth after all. Up until now……there were already a lot of things, something like the limestone cave, broadleaved forest, grasslands, etc. That’s why, I won’t tell anything about the very rich natural environment. But, even so……right.


The silver particles, that envelopes the surface of the floor.


It’s density was very different to up until now, they were very faint, and thin.


Because of its light density, the silver light could be only seen at least, so if it wasn’t focused at, you can even feel that it was the illusion of your eyes.


“Hmm”, Junpei placed his hand to his chin.


ーーI mean, the whole floor is the safety area……was there something like that.


Well, anyways, Junpei, he confirmed his current status.


That was mostly, the meaning of how he looks.


Up until now, he was desperate to live, so he didn’t mind it.


But, although, finally, he was able to reach a really safe place.


There’s the words “Well fed, well bred”, but in this case, it would be probably the life’s safety is gained first, and then the food and clothes was he get after.


Firstly, he somehow noticed it, but even with the meaning of body weight, he was getting thinner at a very fast pace.


His height was still 162cm, the same as before.


But, his body weight had become 56 kilos.


It was not something he was aware of, but it was the effects of his fat and calories being consumed because of continuous large injuries, and also, putting all bonus points to his evasion efficiency.


Thinking of it very carefully, even if he was small, from the words “fatty”, there wasn’t an image of being fast that emerges.


In Kung Fu movies, it’s true that there were fatties that were able to move, but still, after all, with the ability called evasion efficiency, being a fatty is not an advantage.


With those circumstances, it’s the story of Junpei, although the time that had passed ever since he was in this labyrinth was not that long, before he can notice it, his body modification had finished.


Well, in reality, the components of his body itself, had become neurotoxin, soーーhe was an authentic modified human, and it wasn’t a laughable thing though.


He continued to look at his own clothes intently, and let out a sigh.


The tattered clothes that were his best clothes……were literally in tatters.


The left hand’s sleeves were torn too, it was the mark where his shoulder were slashed, and Cerberus made a scratch to.


And other than that, it was dirty with blood, mud, and dust, and it even stinks.


Once again, a very deep sigh.


Also, when Junpei was still in Japan, he did not care about his looks.


But even if that is said, during weekends, at times when Noriko forcefully made him accompany her, it’s true that he was conscious of what his clothes were.


It was sloppy, but he abides the least of TPO, well, he had that kind of personality.


And, why did he suddenly start thinking about how he looked.


The answer is simple.


Because in front of him, there was a tremendous beauty.


「Haha, you, you look amazing! And because……a person that I don’t know is here……that you are, from the lower floor……you came from there huh!」


From her flaxen hair that only barely reached her shoulders, a boyish impression could be taken.


Wearing brown colored layered tunics, her age was the same as Junpei, the later teens.


She is thin, but her breasts were pretty big.


She was a beautiful girl that has a thick and unyielding eyebrows that leaves an impression that suits the word gallant.


She had a deep blue eye color that would catch one’s attention, and while wearing a pleasant smile, she had her hands crossed in front of her chest, making a daunting pose in front of Junpei.


「……you are?」


「I am Katrina! A resident of the Interstice Village! Born on this floor, and raised up on this floor」


「……Interstice Village?」


「Originally, it is said that this settlement was founded by the adventurers that came up from the lower floors. And the result of breeding, we were the ones who survived」


Junpei made a little bit disgusted expression.


「Breeding……that’s a little bit implicit way to say that, but well, I understand……. and then?」


「Because of that, I have something to ask you」


「Ask of me?」


“Un”, she nodded, and Katrina made a very wide smile.


「I want your “seed”!」




A silence, for a while.


For Junpei, he didn’t know how to understand that declaration.


「You……what do you mean by seed?」


「You’re also a man who doesn’t know huh, or, are you playing dumb……yosh, well then……it means that you want me to say clearly alright?」


「What are you saying doesn’t know……and, say it clearly?……what of?」


「I want your semen」


Just like that, Junpei turned to his right, and ignoring her, he started walking.


「I haven’t had a good sleep recently……to think I’m feeling so bad that I see illusions……I mean, to the point that I am seeing such ambiguous illusions……am I that frustrated sexually?」


Towards the next floor, Junpei started to walk to the stairs that was written in the Ossan’s pocketbook.


「Wait!! Wait!! Wait Wait Wait Wait!! I’m here! I exist properly!! I am really here okay!!」


While having a headache, Junpei turned to the girl.


「No, is your head that sick that you’d say you want semen from someone you met for the first time?!!」


「Yosh, I somehow succeeded to make you stop! But, that’s true, suddenly saying semen, it looks like I was wrong too. Those words aren’t fit for people you met for the first time……I know, well then, should I change it in other words?」


「In other words?」


「I……with you……」


「With me?」


「I want to have sex with you!」


“Fuu”, Junpei let out a deep sigh.


「It looks like it was really an illusion. After all, I haven’t slept properly recently……」


Junpei, he once again turned to his right, and towards the next floor, started walking to the stairs.


「Wait!! Wait!! Wait Wait Wait Wait!! I’m here! I exist properly!! I am really here okay!!」


She grabbed Junpei’s shoulder, and the girl named Katrina made a serious face.


「I……no, we need seeds. I want you to hear me properly. Also, my name is Katrina! Don’t call me “you”!」


While raising one of his eyebrows, Junpei answered to the girl.


「We……ne. It looks like there’s some reason behind it」


「That’s right, there’s a proper reason, why I am wanting your seed」



Inside the forest, a dim space that is surrounded by tall grass.


Katrina recommends to have seat in that place, and they faced each other sitting with legs crossed.


「It just means. There were originally seven people who founded our village……. And, right now, there’re about fifty residents. And like that, after generations……inevitably, there was continuous marriage between relatives」


While making a serious face, Katrina suddenly stood up, and pushed down Junpei who was sitting in front of her.


A sweet fragrance from her hair had drifted, and tickled Junpei’s nose.


「……I see. Marriage between relatives……huh」


She nodded pleasingly to Junpei who didn’t resist, and Katrina’s palms made voluptuous movements.


On top of his clothesーーtouching as if it would reach with one part of his crotch or not, her fingers, traced a line.


「This is the words of one of this village’s founders……. because of the recessive gene……when the blood had gotten to thick……there is a high possibility of being born with inborn illnesses and disordersーーhave you heard about that?」


「Well, even though I’m like this……although for a little, I am someone who came from a world that advanced sciences. I understand what you’re trying to say」


「It means, I want your seed! The adventurers that comes up from the lower floors are treasure! All of the women in this village……I won’t ask for that much! With me, and……at least one more, if you plant your seed, that should be enough! In anyways……your seed……give me your seed!!」


And there, Junpei’s fist hit Katrina’s head.


「Okay, I understood. For the meantime, stop touching my crotch, okay?」


*Gotsun*, he hit using his fist with a dull sound.


With tears swelling in her eyes, Katrina made a duck face.


「I’m telling you, I……want your seed……」


“Hmm……”, while looking around, Junpei made an amazed look.


Just like a little ecchi love romance, that skit was being played, but honestly speaking, his surroundings were enveloped with a very stinky air.


「So, why am I surrounded by fully equipped guys? As far as their clothes look, they are your comrades right?」


As if to surround Junpei and Katrina, people were hiding in the shadows of the trees.


Clothes that had similar civilization level with Katrina’sーーmore than ten men and women who were apparently the residents of the Interstice Village.


As Junpei had said, every one of them was equipped with bows and spears.


To Junpei’s dubious expression, “Kakka”, Katrina laughed innocently.


「We were in the middle of hunting you know. And when we were on the way, luckily, we found you. The food is also important, but the seed is more important. And so, the one who was the most beautiful came to have sexual contact with you, that’s how it is」


「A type that says to herself she’s beautiful huh……I mean, sexual contact……can’t you choose your words better. You’re really entirely, a pity woman」


「For the meantime, are you going to the next floor immediately? If it was possible, we want you to stay in our village for a while. And the provision of seed also, can be thought while you’re there」


Reaching out her right hand, Katrina made a sweet smile.


He thought about if for a while, then Junpei nodded.


「If it’s with good conditions, it would be helping if you can share with me things that are for labyrinth exploration」


Together with those words, Junpei gripped back Katrina’s hand with his right hand.


「If it was possible, I want to go to the village immediately, but……」


To Katrina who drops her eyebrows, Junpei answered while making a wry smile.


「You’re in the middle of hunting right? I don’t really mind, if you’re returning to the village in the end, I’d go with you」






The time was about two hours.


Walking as if to sew the jungle, they reached that place.


Silentーーwith that air, no one was saying a word.


The forest birds making chirping sounds, the wind bustling, and the breath of humans were all that was at that place.


Over ten fully equipped men and women, as if they were waiting for something……gazing at one point.


That’s right, including Junpei, everyone’s focusing on the same place.


In that open place within the trees, there was a geometrical figure that was faintly shining.


That means, a magic circle that had a radius of about ten meters.


Junpei asked Katrina who was keeping her breath down beside him with a small voice.


「And……Katrina……why are we inside the bushes, only waiting for something to appear?」


「In this floor, the distinctive deadly labyrinth monsters don’t appear」


「Well, it’s a safety area after all. If something like Cerberus that was on the lower floor was walking as if it was his house, in the first place……you wouldn’t live here」


「But, if it was normal monsters, they appear rarely. I explained earlier that we’re hunting right?」


And there, Junpei was petrified for an instant.


「No, I heard that you’re hunting……but I thought it was normal animals……I didn’t hear about monster subjugation you know?」


「Normal animals, something like those doesn’t appear on this floor. But, from time to time, there are monsters that got lost into the Interstice Labyrinth that appears……that’s why, to intake meat, we could only hunt monsters that appear from time to time. And, when the mana had filled up in that magic teleportation circle……exactlyーーjust right now. Look」


With Katrina’s words, from the middle of the magic circle, with the height of about 130cm, a small oniーーthe so-called goblin appeared with seven of them.


Goblin, defines as the weakest of the weakest monsters at popular RPGs.


The goblin that appeared right now probably is also the same, its appearance was not that different from a human elementary student.


Well, it really is muscular, and if it opens its mouth, sharp deadly fangs could be seen……but anyways.


At the same time as the monsters appeared, a storm of arrows flew from all directions.


After the sound of the wind being cut that was made by arrows, *DosuDosuDosuDosu*, a dull sound.


One, and another one, the goblins had collapsed.


All of the goblins had collapsed, and after seeing that they had only become objects convulsing on the ground, they exchanged their bows with spears, and pierced them.


As if to make a minced meatーーthey were stabbed many times.


Blood splashed and meat chunks flew, and the organs were scattered greatly.


After the figure of the corpses had disappeared, cheers were raised from here and there.


Katrina nodded very contently, and opened her mouth.


「It’s the thing called victory comes to the one who hits first」


「……you guys……how can I say this……you’ve no mercy……」


And, once again, the magic circle started to shine.


With that as the cue, the men and women who had spears, ran from that place, and hid once again in the shadows of the trees.


With a light emitted just like a lightning, *BachiBachi*, the atmosphere trembled.


And, after the flashing light dissipatesーーthere was a giant oni there.


With a height of more than three meters, dark red skin. Its arms were very muscular, it has the width of adult women’s waists.


With its upper body naked, and grass skirt……in addition, horn.


Ultimatelyーーit is an Ogre(Oni).


Looking at that appearance, Junpei who that something was a little bad, he activated【Appraisal Eyes】




Danger Specification ▼ ▼ ▼ D

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼ Synonymous to Oni-type monsters, as a monster that appears near the human world, its danger is quite high. Because of that, it is on the top five ranking of the subjugation quests that the Guild releases. Attacks with its large mass of muscles. And the toughness it has with its huge stature, is the target for fear of rookie adventurer parties. On the other hand, if you are able to hunt this monster with ease……maybe, you will be treated by the Guild’s lady receptionists as fully-fledged.



Just like earlier, towards the ogre from afar, shots were fired from their bows.


But, it looks like that they’ve used their stock of arrows with earlier, so the shots ended immediately.


While pulling off the tens of arrows that hit throughout its body, with a vicious grin, the ogre ran towards the man who was the closest.


Even though the man ran away while screaming, with its physique and strength……it means, the speed were different.


He was immediately captured, and got his shoulder grabbed.


「Oi, Katrina……is that okay? Looking at that monster……」


Without waiting for Junpei’s words to end, the man’s shoulder that the ogre grabbed, was crushed.


*Bakyu*, together with that ridiculous sound, his crushed bones pierced through his skin. The man’s shoulder, bloomed a great blood flower.


「Oi, is it really alright?」


To Junpei’s words, Katrina answered with a calm expression.


「That wound……if it was about if it would heal or not……it’s okay」


「It’s okay since it’s going to heal, you say……that is……it isn’t that problem……」


「Even though its density is thin, this is a safety area! One or two arms, even if they are cut off……they’ll return to normal in two weeks!」


「No, I’m not saying that that’s the problem……before saying it would heal or not……isn’t he almost dying……that person……」


As Junpei had said, the ogre was laughing very contently grabbing the man’s face.


If the ogre wants to and started gripping its fistーーit isn’t hard to imagine that the man’s head would blow off just like a crushed watermelon.


「That’s right, dear husband……it would heal if he doesn’t die. It means……it’s alright if we make it that he doesn’t die」


「No, what do you mean by dear husband……why so sudden……?」


When Junpei said that with an appalled face, Katrina threw a stone towards the ogre.


It looks like the interest of the ogre was changed completely to them.


As a proof, the man who had his head grabbed was thrown away.


And, with that……Katrina looked at Junpei, and mischievously smiled.


「……what would you do? Dear husband?」


And there, Junpei shook his head sidewards, and smiled faintly as if to give up.


「……my goodness. When I thought that you’re only an idiot……when I noticed it……it looks like that the one who was being played……was me huh」


「After all……if seed was going to be taken, a strong seed is better……the one you used to come up from the lower floor……let me see your power」


“Ha〜……”, he let out a deep sigh.


「Well, even if I’m going to kill Kido and the rest……how much is the strength of the common monsters in the outside world……it would be better to know it」


And, he continued.


「The me right now, fighting normally……how is it really……well, it’s true that I want to know」

Saying only that, Junpei took out his handgun from his waist.






The conclusion was, it was Junpei’s overwhelming win.


Thinking of it very carefully, in the earlier floor, he was able to deal with Cerberus’s speed.


To that Junpei, there was no way for the attacks of normal monsters to hit.


The details are the following.


First, he dodged the fierce attacks of the ogre many times.


And with the Cerberus’s canine, he wounded the ogre’s wrist and neck greatly.


After the opponent colllapsedーーusing his forty-one caliber Magnum, he made it explode with its brain, well, it was like that.


Using the Magnum from the start before it closes in, and destroy its head is probably the smartest choice.


But, clearly saying, the fight this time was only a confirmation for Junpei.


ーーKido, and his cronies……if he can change them into chunks of meat right now or not.


The result, it was yes.


Subjugating a monster with danger specification D, you can say that it is the proof of being a full-fledged for adventurers.


Most probably, even Kido……it should be a difficult opponent to hunt.


But, for Junpei whose evasion efficiency had reached inhuman levels, its movements, its attacks……it was not different from a snail’s movements.




The monster subjugated, was one ogre for Junpei.


And, the residents of this floor huntedーーseven goblins.


And all of those corpses are scattered outside……it’s that situation.


Before, as the God had explained, this world’s rule is different from Earth’s.


When animals and the like lose their lives, after time has passed, the substances that composes it mass returns to light, and returns to mana that fills the atmosphere.


Because of that, food meat and the like, after butchering that has a different meaning, it is changed into item cards.


And, their purpose of hunting monsters, is hunting for meat.


「Katrina! We’ll leave this to you!」


Voices that sounds like that were showered to Katrina.


And then, she touched the goblin’s corpse, and one next to the other, their corpses changes to the card drop items.




In reality, it was something that Junpei was doing, but that scene……after all, it made him felt something was strange.


If you say butchering, peeling of the skin, draining its blood, and divide the meat into its parts……it should be a very graphic routine.


“But……”, Junpei changed his mind.


After all, it was something that he had done himself……and even if he feel something strange about it, that was, after all, the rule for butchering in this world was like that, so it is something that he needs to recognize.


And, with this and that.


After a few minutes, all of the monsters with Katrina’s hands have changed into drop item cards……no, specifically saying, all of them changed into “meat” drop item cards.


「……oi, Katrina……they’re all……meat? And in addition, several drops each……total……thirty-five cards of meat……? Until now, I have defeated many monsters, but the drop rate of meat is only about 30%……」


“Ahh, about that huh”, Katrina lightly laughed.


「It’s butcher skill. Didn’t you hear what I said first?」




「That’s right. 【Butcher】skill, that isーーSuper-class」


「Super-class……if I’m correct……that’s the ridiculous skill proficiency level right?」


To Junpei’s question, Katrina answered melancholically.


「Grain agriculture is abundant on this floor. But……both animals, and maybe plantations, there’s almost no source of protein」


「There’s no source of protein……human living with that……」


「That’s right, that’s why……it’s super-class. Specifically speaking, the residents of this floor, to be able to survive, there was a need to train it up to this dimension」




「If it wasn’t super-class……the drop item……you can’t aim for it to come out. In addition, it’s also possible to gather many times of normal. For example, things other than source of protein……yes, not meat, if goblin skin came out as drop item, it would be disastrous」


And, she continued.


「I……was trained with this skill ever since I was young. That is my reason to exist, and it’s good enough that I’m able to do that. The source of protein in this floor is only about monsters……and in reality, it is very rare for monsters to emerge. That’s right, if there wasn’t a skill owner with this, this floor’s residents, from nutrient deficiency, it means that we will be annihilated before long」


“Anyways”, Katrina looked at Junpei with shining eyes.


「To kill ogre in an instant……that tremendous speed……as expect of my dear husband」


「I’m saying, why is it “dear husband”」


His right hand was embraced forcefully by Katrina, and they looked like they crossed their arms.


「There’s no need to be shy……after all, tonight, you’re going to be a slave to my great techniques」


「I’ve been continuously saying this, but, can’t you sugar-coat it at least? Things like bashfulness, I think that they’re important」


“Fufun”, Katrina declared.


「A straightforward approach is the best!! Something like a roundabout game……is something I can’t do!!」


「……well, you……that’s probably true」


And there, Junpei made a carefree smile as if to give up.


ーーthinking about it carefully, even in my time in Japan, or maybe even when I came to this worldーーnothing good has happened.


There wasn’t any time that I was needed, and I never even dream that that time would come.


It’s true, that things are really bad genetically, they want Junpei’s gene, something like that……although it was that kind of inevitable reason.


But, even so.


ーーbeing liked by someone doesn’t feel bad huh……. no, to be able to think of that……maybe, it was because……she was saying this straight……that she needs me……huh?


While thinking of that, Junpei’s mouth loosened, as if he does not feel bad about it.


And there, the over ten men and women who were looking from far away approached Junpei.


Their age was about latter teens and early twenties.


Very curiously, one of them talked out to Junpei.


「That movement earlier……that’s really amazing huh? How many is your evasion efficiency……?」


「Ahh, its 3000」


And there, fear ran through the group.


「3000?! What did you do to make it that much?!!」


「Well……I’m over level 600 after all……」


「Over 600?!! That level……is it possible?」


And there, the bearded man that seems like the oldest of them raised his voice.


「Before, it is said that the adventurers that came here were also over 500. After all, the floors before……as the legend says……it’s hell」


And to Junpei who seemed to went through that hell, as if to be impressed, the group sent him respecting eyes.


「They’re really amazing……the adventurers that come from the lower floor……for Katrina to receive the seed of a person like him……strong genes are treasures for all of the residents of this floor」


「No, that’s why I’m telling you……」


When Junpei acted as if he had no intention of doing that, grim and discouragement ran through the group.


And there, Katrina lowers her eyebrows sadly.


「Hey……to you……am I that much……unattractive?」


The eyes that looked up to him had faint tears swelling up.


And there, Junpei thought.


ーーwell……for the meantime, for only a bit……it wouldn’t be that bad to stay in this place.


And there, Junpei asked Katrina.


「By the way, specifically, how does your status look? I heard that your evasion was 3000 though……」


「Ahh, that is……it’s faster to show this than explaining it with words huh」


Junpei took out his status plate from his waist, and passed it to Katrina.


「……this is……a very irregular status huh」





【Takeda Junpei】

Level ▼▼ 637

HP ▼▼ 30

MP ▼▼ 175

Attack Power ▼▼ 255 (Basic stats 5)

Defense Power ▼▼ 5

Dodge Efficiency ▼▼ 3000





To her who was narrowing her eyebrows, Junpei answered with a wry smile.


「On the other hand, if it wasn’t like this……it was impossible」


「By the way……I want to ask you」




「The attack power’s basic stats if 5……that means, your strength originally is……maybe……」


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded.


「Normally, I’m weaker than the guys over there」


“I see”, Katrina nodded, and both of Junpei’s wrists, she grabbed it strongly with her both palms.


「My basic attack power is at 80. You……in normal contests of strength……it means, that it’s not wrong that you can’t escape this situation right now?」


Junpei made a dubious expression.


「Hey……it hurts……why……are you grabbing so strongly……」


Katrina’s mouth raised at once.


「Following the lessons that had been told until now……during the banquet, I was thinking of letting you drink something, but it looks like that isn’t needed」


At that instant, Junpei felt a strong blow to the back of his head.


The brain inside his skull was shaken like it was pudding.


When he noticed it the earth and sky had reversed, and the lights also reverses.


Within the slowly dimming scenery, Junpei somehow succeeded to look behind.


And, he saw.


Holding a blackjack (a bag filled with iron or coins as a blunt weapon)ーーhe saw the man who was talking to him with a peaceful tone earlier.


“No way”, he thought, before Junpei’s consciousness completely fell, he activated【Appraisal Eyes】.


ーー【Appraisal Eyes】does not activate against humans.


That is, one thing that he found out while living, before he came to the Interstice Labyrinth……


The conclusion was, 【Appraisal Eyes】ーーit properly activated against them.


That means, they do not belong, in the category of humans.


The result of the appraisal skill, he read what was shown in the back of his head.


ーーbreeding……huh. Ahh, this……wouldn’t be something good……


Understanding up until there, Junpei’s consciousness completely fell into a slumber.


【Interstice Village’s Resident】

Characteristics ▼▼▼ Spring forth when the adventures lived within the labyrinth making a settlement. Bred from the few ancestors. To avoid recessive inheritance, they use all means to gain new genes(adventurers). As genetics goes, there is no doubt that they are human, but their disposition is closer to that of a monster rather than humans. They are moving with different rules and morals compared to normal humans. They are barbarians. They are a race that raises their【Butcher】techniques to the limit to not waste the protein that is gained from animals that they rarely obtain. Because they are raised in a special environment where consumption of protein is very difficult, they have a culture of “cannibalism” and “breeding”.


When he woke upーーJunpei was inside a room that has a moldy smell.


It has a breadth of a ten-meter square, and a door made of iron bars in the entrance stairs.


It was a room that really fit the word underground prison.


But, in the corner of the room, tools that have shapes inappropriate to an underground prison was placed.


As wide as a double-size bed, and its figure was closest to a surgery table with restraining devices.


The faint smell of a rotten stink and death.


The metal table’s surface probably was cleaned and sanitized properly, but it might’ve been difficult to wipe off the stinking smell that seeped to it from many years.


In that kind of room, both of Junpei’s arms and legs were affixed with a leather belt.


「……this is?」


To Junpei’s question, Katrina answered while looking down on him.


「It’s the factory」




「Yes, that’s correct. The processing factory……of cultured meat」


A deep, and unpleasant sigh. Thinking of the situation, it was the worst thing that could happen.


Exceeding a bad feeling, with giving up by half, Junpei asked while having a cold sweat.


「Cultured……you say?」


*Kokuri*, Katrina nodded.


「This floor’s food situation……the grains……they’re enough. Vitamins and minerals too……they’re also enough」


“Just”, she added.


「For a long time……to live here……we……hopelessly need protein. There isn’t beans, and there isn’t even bugs or animals. What’s there……was the monster meat that appears sometimes……but even with that, the amount is hopelessly not enough」


「No……but……cultured……what does that mean? Is is about breeding humans and eating them?」


「Nope, that’s wrong. Doing that from the start is very inefficient」


「Then, breeding……how……?」


「This is a safety area. I don’t think that any more explanation is needed with that though?」


And there, Junpei lost his breath.


It reality, Junpei had experienced that with his own body, and earlier, Katrina herself was also saying that.


『Even though its density is thin, this is a safety area! One or two arms, even if they are cut off……they’ll return to normal in two weeks!』, she said.


And, the word breeding.


He didn’t want to recognize it, but he couldn’t help himself but to confirm.


「Don’t tell me……from losing limbs……repeating recovery……are you going to get meat with that?」


「Recovery in the safety area. The thing needed with that is only calories……. It means, with only over intake of calories with grainsーーit’s possible to produce meat. Our ancestors, came up with that conclusion」


「……but, with that……are you okay?」


「With that, we are able to live, and we don’t know other ways to live other than that」


「But……you know」


And there, Katrina looked up to the ceiling with eyes looking far away.


「I’ll say this clearly. Probably, your life would only take 2-3 years. It’s not your body……but your mind will get bad」


「……what do you mean?」


「What’s going to happen from now on, I think you can figure it out」


Katrina said up until to that, smiled deprecatingly, and shook her head sidewards.


「No, running away from explanation isn’t good……right. I’ll explain it in detail. In a regular pace, you’re going to lose your limbs, and your mind will slowly wear down」


「Well……you’ll really get broken with that. But……when I die……no, before I came here, the regular provision of meat……how did you do it?」


「If there are adventurers, we use adventurers. And……when there are no adventurers, we use ourselves. And, up until earlier……the one who was undertaking the production in this factory……is my little brother」


And there, *Pan*, Katrina clapped her hands.


「The rule is simple. You’re going to be confined. And, your semen would be gathered regularly. And lastly……your limbs will be cut down regularly」


To Junpei who had shut up, Katrina continued further.


「That we’re saying ridiculous things……we know. But……other than those rules, we will……treat you with the utmost respect」


Together with a very deep sigh, in Katrina’s eyes, tears swelled up faintly.


「I’m sorry. This village……please save it. There isーーno other way」


And just like that, Katrina took out a machete with one-meter blade length.




She then swung it greatly, it fell towards the base of his right leg.


「I’m sorry」


*Hyun*, a wind noise.


And following, *Zushin*, a dull sound.


And, Junpei screamed silently, similar to a beast’s roar.


It passed over the pain, instead, he could only feel it as hot.


Blood splashes spew like fountain, but even so, it looks like it was not enough to severe his right leg from his torso.


After the scream, he immediately wasn’t able to say anything anymore, “Hyu, Hyu”, to Junpei who was breathing with his shoulders with tears, Katrina opened her mouth very apologetically.


「……I’m sorry. I’ll severe it completely with the next one」


Together with those words, once again, the machete was swung down.


Together with the high-pitched metal sound from the metal which the machete is composed with, and the metal that the bed was composed with touching each other, Junpei lost one of his four limbs.




While Junpei was raising a scream as if he has gone crazy, Katrina immediately took care of the base of Junpei’s leg.


First, direct pressure hemostasis using a cloth. She did hemostasis by tightly tying up his leg.


One next to another, Katrina treated him.


And in addition, Junpei’s right let was enveloped by silver particles.


A combination move of a first aid from a human, and the recovery from the safety area.


From the pain getting weaker and weaker, Junpei smiled wryly.


ーーit’s true, with this……I wouldn’t die that easily.


And just like that, time had passedーーwithin an hour, his bleeding has completely stopped.


For once after the loss of blood and pain, towards what Katrina holds, he looked at the thing that was once his right leg.


「And……you’re going to eat that, right?」


「Today’s the banquet for your coming. Your meat will……not one bit of it is going to be wasted, today, this will be placed on everyone’s dining table……」


He tried to say something, but Junpei shook his head sidewards.


「n, what is it?」


「No, it’s nothing. And then, I want to confirm something……」


「What is it? If it was something I know I’ll answer」


「……that door made with steel bars, you’re not going to lock it?」


「Yes. For the meantime, until your feet grows back, I’m thinking of waiting and see without restraints until then」


And, Junpei raised his upper body, and while shaking both of his hands, he asked.


「While recovering, the restraints are going to be removed huh……is it okay……for you to not……tie me up?」


「I have told you before. We will treat you with the utmost respect. That’s why, we won’t restraint and confine you unnecessarily. In the first place, when you go up through the stairs, it is our living space……even if you plan on escaping, you cannot run away with that leg」


“I see”, Junpei made a wry laugh.


「And……also. The reason that your restraints are loosened……that is with the utmost respect, but it isn’t only that」


「And so?」


Blushing slightly, Katrina smiled.


「I am……a woman. And, not only your meat, it’s true that your seed is also needed. Maybe our relationship is already so distorted that it is difficult to repair, but even so, if possible……not forcefully……I am thinking of making a more proper relationship with you」


And there, Junpei’s consciousness started to become distant.


Katrina, even after doing things up to this, she wants to have a proper love relationship, she said that with a serious face.


Right now, to the man, who she took one of his limbs to eat it, she blushes……and said that.


That’s right, that is the common sense of this village, and most probably, they were really able to reproduce with that.


This isーーthe natural shared awareness here, Junpei understood, and got nausea.

ーーthey’re completely……damn crazy……they’re not normal……


Even so, Junpei thought.


In Japan, of maybe in the world outside of this labyrinth, those morals might be abnormal, but for them who raised up on this floor……it was inevitable with the sequential flow.


And, even seeing it with a rational point of view, at least, he is thinking that this sequential flow is not good for them.


Giving up on everything, and accepting everything, and on top of that, doing all that they canーーyou can think of if just like that.


Thinking up to that, Junpei once again, as if to say something, no, as if to warn her, looked towards Katrina.


But, before Junpei started talking, Katrina opened her mouth first.


「It’s about time, I’ll return upstairs. Everyone should be anticipating for the meat」


As if to carry Junpei’s, severed right leg in her shoulder, she raised it.




「Well then, tonight……after the banquet……I’ll come to see you, tonight’s our bridal night」


While shrugging his shoulders, Junpei whispered as if to throw it off.


「Romantic or damn whatever, no shit……the word bridal night, there isn’t a more inappropriate situation to say that」


「Hmph……say what you want」


When she turned around, “Nevertheless……”, to warn her, Junpei tried to call her to a stop.


But, however, he had heard.


While rubbing what was Junpei’s right leg, the words she whispered.


「……………itadakimasu」she said.


That’s why in the end, Junpei stopped the words that he was going to call out to her.






And the next day.


Junpei who walked up the stairs with the improvised crutch that he made, and whispered with an appalled expression.


「……well……that would……happen right」


That was a hall that had the space of a thirty tatami room. Looking at the interior, it looks like it is usually used as the dining hall.


As Katrina had said the day before, it’s probably the main space where the settlement lives together.


With a very deep sigh, Junpei looked around his surroundings.


In the long table that is placed in the dining hall, food that seems to be a stew was distributed.


It looks the same as a beef stew, but in this case……


Anyways, the cold stew was remaining in each of their plates, and all of them were eaten.


That’s right, they were eating a human meat stew.


The result, one of them fell over the table, one of them rolled down to the floor, and collapsed.


Their numbersーーa total of 50.


All of them were covered with vomit, and some even vomited blood.


While walking, he checked all of them who were currently in rigor mortis. And, Junpei stopped in front of a specific person.


That’s right, almost all of them have changed into unmoving corpses, but one within them, was still, from the neurotoxinーーthere was a girl’s appearance that was still convulsing.


Katrina turned her face with a desperate expression towards Junpei, and opened her mouth with the foams of blood.


「……why, what……what happened, for something like this to……?」


「I’m sorry, Katrina. My meat……it’s poisonous」


It looks like she had already guessed it, without doubting it, Katrina shook her head sidewards.


「……I see. You’re a person who came from the lower floors after all……it’s not strange even if you have a characteristic we don’t understand……huh」


Looking around once again, Junpei made an expression as if he had bitten off a bitter bug.


「Well, this is what you say suffering the consequences huh. It’s wrong person if you’re having a grudge to me?」


「……suffering the consequences? That is outrageous. I want to ask for revision of those words」




「……we……are doing this to live. If you say that we’re suffering the consequences, it would be as if it’s our fault. But, this is……something this is not a disposition that……」


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded.


「That’s right, you’re not wrong. But, you’re suffering the consequences」




「I don’t know what’s the natural requirement for this floor, but your choices probably aren’t wrong. I won’t blame you for that」




「The story is very simple……and you were just deceived by me」




「You deceived me first, and I deceived you after. Well, what I only did, was the effect after eating……I just didn’t say anything about it」


「To eating a human, it means that you don’t think of it as anything huh. I see……more than us……it means that you are in a place where ethics had transcended good and evil huh……」


「By the way, where is my weapon hidden? In either way, you’re not going to be saved……I’ll let you rest」


「Inside that drawer……」


He followed the direction Katrina pointed to.


He walked to the corner of the room, and searched the drawer. He immediately found what he was searching for.


He took out his handgun, and looked towards Katrina.


「And, well……what I’m trying to say is. The deceived one is the idiotーーit’s only that simple」


And, he continued.


「That is what you callーーsuffering the consequences」


「……I’ll get killed by the man who is going to be my husband. Well……that might be suitable for a cursed blood relative like me……huh」


「Nope, cursed blood or whatever, it’s not that problem. I mean, that’s really something that doesn’t matter. I’ve learned with this time. First, people that are weaker than me, that there are already many of them. And, just like I have done in this labyrinthーーthe strong who leaves his guard down, will lose to the weak, that……that exists」


Inside Junpei’s eyes, she confirmed that there was no color of emotions within them.


Together with resignation to her fate, Katrina smiled sweetly, and closed her eyes as if to give up.


「It’s my honor to have been your help, dear husband」


And, Junpei placed the handgun’s aim towards between Katrina’s eyebrows.


「Well then, 【Butcher】skill」


Together with pulling the trigger, he continued.







「For the meantime……resupply huh. When I was thrown here, I had no money so I wasn’t able to prepare decently, but……」


While using a crutch, he left the dining hall full of corpses and went outside.


It was a place that was like a round plaza paved with cobblestones.


As far as he can see, there were six buildings that had second floors.


In the middle of those buildings, it was shaped so that the dining hall earlier was placed in the middle.


「Most of them are probably living spaces. But……most probably, there should be that facility……」


He went towards the closest building.


He opened the door, and when he looked around, “Un”, Junpei nodded.


「Yosh, it’s bingo from the start」


As far as he can see inside, tons of sacksーーmost probably, bags of grains.


The number of sacks were over two hundred.


From its feeling, each one probably has more than twenty kilos.


He called out his item box, and Junpei puts inside the bags one next to the other.


……it’s a pretty much, hard routine work.


Because he’s in a disability where he has only one leg.


And, because he is genuinely lacking stamina, he dropped the sacks many times.


In the first place, HP has, other than endurance against attacks, it also have the meaning of stamina and toughness.


And……Junpei’s status, other than evasion, it is lower than normal people.


Junpei spoke to himself as if to get fed up with it.


「It’s about time……I should stop putting it all to evasion, and also put some in HP……. It’s directly affecting the stamina too, and after fighting from now on also, I mean deceiving, there would be persistent routine work after, so of course……with this much of a paper defense……I’ll die with one simple attack. Dying an unfortunate death just like the No Life King, is well…」


Probably because of continuous work that uses the body, as if it was the signal to rest, he dropped his waist to the piled up sacks.


A very deep breath.


He sighed lightly, and blanklyーーobserved his lost right leg.


「Well……she said that it would take two weeks for a leg to grow, so. It’s not like, I need to hurry the supplying work too……」


After ending a small break of about two minutes, he once again, stood up relying on the crutch, and started to work.


In the end.


In the three days after that, Junpei accommodated the following contents in his item box.


– Grains (250 bags) – 5 tons

– Water (Leather bags x 500) – 2500 liters

– Daily necessities – clothes – all that he could get

– Tools – all that he could get

– Simple medical supplies – all that he could get

– Metalwares – all of them


And, a large quantity of oil pots.


Honestly speaking, he had forcefully packed the food and water in the assumption of getting ready for it to rot.


In reality, there might’ve been no need to bring that much.


But, however, just like there were humans here, there is the possibility that there are also humans in the other floors.


And during that, it’s not wrong that food and water can be used for bartering, and in any ways, he could just throw it away if it rots.


The daily necessities and the like also, he packed all that he saw in the living space into his item box.


You can say it as a poor person’s mentality, but after getting out of the jaws of death for many times, Junpei had noticed something.


ーーthat there is no useless thing……for surviving.


With one piece of cloth, or maybe, with one needle……depending on the strategy, it might become a weapon that pierces the mythological magic beast.


For an example, just like subjugating Cerberus with firewood, oil pots, and flash points.


Junpei who had finished his work, to the place where he last talked to Katrinaーーhe returned to the dining hall.


He sat down on the table, and ate.


Wheat kneaded with water, food that was like Nan.


While chewing that, Junpei’s face frowned unpleasantly.


The reasonーーis that, this sour or maybe a bitter smell. The bad smell that fills inside the dining hall faintly, but, in a level that it cannot be ignored.


It was the rotting smell of the corpses that filled inside the dining hall.


Since there was a lot of people who died, it is a very natural thing that you can say, you can see flies here and there lured by the bad smell.


Normally, Junpei thought that he should hurry up and butcher them, and change them into skills or meat or whatever drop item.


The skill he stole from Katrina.




With this skill that had reached super-class, if it was an item that was possible to drop from a corpse, it means that he could aim for anything to make it appear.


And, the target this time is not a monster but a human. You can think that they have various kinds of skills.


That’s right, that’s the reasonーーwhy Junpei had postponed butchering the villagers.


To carefully select the skill that would be useful for his limited skill slots after completely confirming the situation completely.


「Well, I should stop thinking around here. If it completely rots, there wouldn’t be butchering it or shit……」


And there, Junpei walked towards the middle-aged man’s corpse, and reached out his hand.


「Confirmed the death of the target. Use Hunter Skill【Butcher】」


Its body was immediately enveloped with light particles, and it changed into some materials.


Those became a shining card, and fell down while fluttering in front of Junpei.


【Human Meat】

Item Rank ▼ ▼ ▼ Normal

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼ Usable as an emergency food.


The instance he saw the human meat card, Junpei’s face frowned a little, but immediately reconsidered, and puts that in his item box.


On the other hand, he took the skill card that came from the target, and threw that away.


「Cooking skill……there’s something like that huh, well, whatever……next, next……what I want is that skill……」


One next to the other, the corpses changes into cards.


The meat card into his item box, and throws away one next to the other the trash skills that he got from the villagers.


And, after butchering the sixteenth person, Junpei’s face finally loosened.


【Monster Tame】

Skill Rank ▼ ▼ ▼ Beginner Class

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼ Will be able to tame a monster with very weak powers.


He placed that new skill in his skill slot, and spoke to himself.


「That’s right……in this facility……”that” I saw on the first day……it would be strange if they weren’t anyone who didn’t have this kind of skill」


And just like that, he stood up with the support of the crutch, and started walking towards outside the dining hall.






The building Junpei went to, was built alone in a distant place from the settlement.


The dining hall that seems to be the core of the village’s common facilities, and the buildings that seemed to be the dormitories, storage warehouse, and clinics surrounding that in a circle.


But, only that, was in a separate place from those facilities with a distance of one kilometer.


Battered exteriors, and interiors.


Here and there, to the numerous furniture, they were pretty much decayed.


But even so, only the core of that facility that makes it what it is, in the underground rooms, those were the places that were different.


A very sturdy metal floor, walls, andーーthick metal bars that are placed as partitions. You can’t see any corner cuttings there.


Well that should be the case, if even one of them were able to escape into the village, there is even the possibility of human lives to be lost.


ーーthat only means, it was the experimenting station for breeding monster meat.


The smell of feces, that filled the underground room.


It was an underground room that has a breadth of a twenty meter square, and divided by the metal bars, goblin, kobold, and slime were squirming.


In other words, the showroom of weak monsters. The monsters seem to be on the edge because the provision of food had stopped.


Why, does this breeding grounds exist inside the village.


Katrina……they were, really desperate after all.


After doing all that they could possibly do, and deciding that even with that it was impossible, they walked to the path of the Shura.


Thinking of that, he became sentiment, but even so, Junpei thought.


ーーthinking purely of only living, and living as human with morals, those are very different things, and a story in a different dimension.


“That’s right……”, Junpei thought.


ーーI, have no leeway of being sentiment, and caring for other people. In my brain’s CPU’s memory……that shit that doesn’t do a damn thing doesn’t exist.


Now, is what’s important for Junpei.


And, there was only one thing, that he should thank Katrina and the rest.


「……Pure Slime. To this surprising degree……to not let it alter it in this form……it’s amazing that you were able to raise it……」


While being moved, Junpei activated【Appraisal Eyes】.


【Pure Slime】

Danger Specification ▼ ▼ ▼ None

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼ The slime, is in the first place, a monster that has a low level of danger specification. This slime is it’s origin, and is placed as the weakest slime. All of the slimes that are currently confirmed, all of them sprung forth for Pure Slime. Pure slime, food diet – atmospheric temperature – hygienic environment, it has the ability to adapt in all kinds of environments. It is the weakest, but therefore, it has no colors, and therefore, it is the only slime that has the characteristics to be easily dyed.


“Un”, he nodded, and Junpei said.


「That’s right, this one……is the same with me. Skill hunter……this power also, the weakest, therefore, can change into anything. And, it is colorless, therefore, the width of strategies are also free and unlimited……」


“That’s why”, Junpei continued.


「Without being bound by preconceptions, I was able to live up until now, and, I will also continue to live from now on. That’s right, using this slime……」


Junpei, recalled in his head the characteristics of the undead meat.


【Undead Meat】

Item Rank▼▼▼ National Treasure Class

Characteristics▼▼▼ Meat of the No Life King. Inedible. Because a human corpse was tinged by the fierce curses that the evil gods of the labyrinth emitted, the monster that sprung forth was a No Life King. Naturally, its meat is a block of curses, and the ones who devour it can gain a special ability. Specifically saying, the body composition changes, and as the same as an undead, your body fluid, blood, and meat will become a very strong neurotoxin.


“And……”, he reconsidered.


For it to be neurotoxic, there is a process.


As a result, poison remains in cellular level, no, it could be only like that.


And【Monster Tame】, which is specifically beginners level that it is needed, Junpei thought.


In the first place, slime is something that if nutrients are continuously given, it is a living creature that reproduces infinitely.


And of course, it also has the meaning that it is a living creature that can live even inside the item box.


「Well……within this environment……I wonder how will these grow? To be sure, I’ll also be raising Pure Slimes though……」


Just like that, Junpei succeeded to place the Pure Slime as his enslaved subordinate.











Chapter 4The Dungeon SeekerChapter 6

*Sponsored by Sean Emanuel-sama


Name : Takeda Junpei

Level Up : 637 → 638

Bonus Points Gained : 5


Job : Skill Hunter                                                      Level : 638

HP : 35                                                                          MP : 175

Attack Power : 255 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 5
※Sub weapon equipped :245

Evasion Efficiency : 3000


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Infused with God Killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Skill (Skill Slot: 7 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance
  • Butcher (Super-Class)
  • Monster Tame (Beginner Class)


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

Tamed Monsters

Pure Slime x 4500
■■■■■■ Slime x 1500


TL comment: If you find some typos or find the grammar weird, I’m sorry. It’s just I’m not good with human gore things, well, thinking what happened while TLing was probably not the best way to do it. I read the story before TLing it so my mind really got blown up… if there were only mofumofus… no, not ed…ward, that’s no mofumofu   ( ゚ Д ゚|||) . But yeah, I’ll try to do better on the next chapters.

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