The Dungeon Seeker – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Mythological Beast ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼






Well then, brother? This is the moment of truth?


After all, an enemy which is impossible to defeat however you think of it……is in front of you, you know?


ーーIt’s the so called, boss fight from the start. Honestly, the one’s names of those until not, were species name or something like that right?


But, this time it’s different, it’s an individual name.


I will say this honestly, when I also used【Appraisal Eyes】, I was disgusted.


I mean, that’s impossible.


Why in a lower floor (It’s a lower floor, probably?), is something like this……well, just that, I thought.


But, un, it can’t be helped.



ーーafter all, it’s the Interstice Labyrinth. Whatever tsukkomi it is, it wouldn’t have an effect.




Well then, brother? Both of us……what should we do? What will happen to us?


Well, yeah, as you have noticed……the enemy this time is bad. Super bad.


Well, that should really be the case.


I also said it earlier, but……I mean, even if there isn’t【Appraisal Eyes】, you can tell from how it lookedーーit’s the hound of hell, Cerberus.


To the gentlemen that couldn’t figure it out even with that, I’ll explain.


This level of demon……in the first place, they wouldn’t appear in the human world.


The ones that appear in mythologies, it’s that kind of monster. And compared to thatーー



ーーthe Demon Lord(LOL) in the land above. Just like that, well, something like that.



Un, I think you know how bad it is already.


And then, it’s head isn’t stupid too, it understands the safety area, and even if we attacked with long-range from here, it escapes very quickly.


It observes us from far away, and the instance that we stepped outside, we’ll be devoured and killed in that instant.


And its speed, it’s ridiculous you know? Somehow, its max speed exceeds the speed of sound.


The speed of sound yo……speed of sound?


Explaining it to people who wouldn’t get it, just like a fighter jet, well, it’s that level. Well, yeah, explaining that to people who didn’t come from Earth, you wouldn’t get it though (lol).


I saw many things with【Past Peek】, but to defeat this……it would be out of the question unless you bring the self-defense forces.


Maybe, if it was quick-fired with Tomahawk Missiles, that should do it.


Well, leaving the jokes aside, to defeat this, an adventurer who is oven level 500 that wields a god-killer weapon, grouping with others, somehow……it’s about that.


By the way, I’m solo-play.


That’s why, I’m thinking of using my special Ultra-C to escape this floor.


Even if I did it properly, it’s a broken game. That’s why, I’ll run away seriously. Maybe, 「Too bad!! My adventure had ended with this!!」, the possibility of something like that happening isn’t zero. Un.


Even though I said that, well, I have a chance of running away. After all, it’s Ultra-C you know?


……but, it’s probably impossible for brother〜.


At least, I’ll teach you the exit of this floor.


It’s the end to the south. It looks like, the exit, it can be completely said with this whole labyrinth, but it’s placed in a place that is easy to find out.




It’s the safety area as soon as the door opened. So you can die of hunger if you want, or make up your mind and get devoured and killed if you want……that’s about it.


And, with that……well then, cheerfully, let’s go〜〜〜〜!!


If, I was able to write the next volume.


And furthermore, if brother can see that……I will respect from the bottom of my heart the brother that survived from this jaws of death!





A dome-shaped space with a radius of about one kilometer.


Junpei was there.


Inside the labyrinth, it is unknown what natural phenomena would happen. But it’s true, right now, as if a gust of wind spreads waves on the water surface, he was able to see the grass rippling.


Right now, behind Junpei was the door to the third floor from the second floor.


The place where he is staying was a safety area that was enveloped by silver particles……or so it was.




In a distance of about twenty meters ahead, there was a gigantic dog of body height  that was easily four meters before him.


Three heads. Each of them large enough to swallow a whole human.


*Potari*, *Potari*, drool drooping continuously.


Sharp canines that were long enough as survival knives were lined up, eyes filled with hostility, were gazing towards him, seeking for meat.


Junpei checked the monster before him with【Appraisal Eyes】.



Danger Specification ▼ ▼ ▼ Mythology Class (Lower)

Characteristics▼ ▼ ▼ In the mythology, it is being told to be the son of Typhon and Echidna. Also, often called as the Hound of Hades, it is well known as the Hound of Hell. It has the intelligence of about a human, but it cannot talk human words. It is a typical attack style of brute physical attacks, and what’s noteworthy about it is the power of its bite attack with its sharp canines. That one attack, can even make holes through armors that is made with Orihalcon. And also, its thick fur and fat, will not let a normal person’s arm strength, with, normal weapon pass through. And furthermore, its speed reaches the speed of sound, and it can run with a baffling variety of variations in speed. Because it is a huge spirit mass, it almost never appears in the human world, but if it does, the leaders of the countries will have great worries for its countermeasures. It has a strong appetite, and it is always hungry for blood and meat in the Interstice Labyrinth.


After looking at that, one of the heads of the gigantic dogーーhe met his eyes with it.


「Long-ranged attacks have no effects. And this has……unlike the No Life King’s……roundabout ability. It only pushes with brute force……it’s that type……of orthodox power fighter……」


Junpei fell down as if he lost his strength on his waist.


He sat down in his place, hunched, and trembled.




His trembles had gotten stronger.


*PikuPiku*, his back moved as if he was convulsing for a little, and heーーstarted to laugh while hugging his stomach.


「Hahaha, kuhaha!」


Something seems to be ridiculous, he rolled around the safety area while he hugged his stomach.


「What the heck is danger rank mythology class? I haven’t heard of that damn rank? I dunno. I really don’t know〜」


And, he wiped his laugh tears with his left hand’s little finger.


「I mean, for it to be boss-class……the experience points and drop items should be also amazing, right? On top of that, the opponent is a doggy that rushes headlong……yosh, yosh, luck’s on my side……luck is on my side! I can do it! With this, I can do it! Finally……I finally saw the light that can surpass this place!」


And there, Junpei suddenly kept out his laughing voice, and stiffens his expression.


「The problem is……my evasion efficiency……would either be of use against that Cerberus something or not. And……if I can do that with my own hands, if I have the resolution……or not」


He gazed at his own left hand, and blatantly scowled.


ーーbut, to not do that……I will absolutely have no ways to kill it.


And, he shook his head sidewards, and made a do or die expression.


ーーit isn’t whether I can do it or not right? If I won’t do(kill) it……I’m going to get done(killed)! In the first place, why the heck did you eat the meat of the No Life King……you? You want to live right? From the start……you’re convinced with that right?


The handgun that he had placed in his waistーーhe confirmed its metal feeling over its holster.


Andーーfrom the safety area, he took one step out.


At the same time Junpei walked one step forward, Cerberus lowered its body slowly.


A fantastical beast, its back leg’s muscles contracts.


At a blink of an eye, or maybe, less time than that.


Leaving behind the sounds, with speed that is enough to be told as teleportation, the gigantic mass charged towards Junpei.


It looks like the three-headed giant dog had reached its top speed instantly.


To its proof, *Pan*, a dry sound echoed throughout the grassland.


It was a sound that was similar to a gunshot.


That was the sign of exceeding the speed of sound, for example, the cracking of a whip, it was a sound that is released when it is pulled strongly.


Generally said as the sound that made by shockwaves.


A battle that had exceeded the speed of soundーーthere, Junpei had a grin on his face.



ーーI can see it!!



The path where the doggy comes towards me, its stupidly honest straightforward movementーーalthough barely……I can see it.


「This is the evasion efficiency 1390……!!」


Literally, the result of placing all level-up bonuses, he, with only that point, gained the ability that can compete against the monster before him.


One of its three heads.


Large opened jawsーーas if to swallow him whole from the head, it closed in.


Five meters, three meters, one meter, fifty centimeters.


Inside its jaws, sharp canines that have blade length of survival knives were lined up.


When he could already feel its warm breathe and the smell of its drooping drool, Junpei moved.


As if he was a matador, he stepped to his side and twisted his body.


Andーーhe passed through the side of the giant dog’s straight path.


A sharp pain ran from his shoulder side.


Looking at it, the tattered clothes were torn, and from the gouged flesh for thirty centimeters, blood overflowed continuously.


「It’s my best clothes……what the heck did you do……. Well, with only this status, after all, continuing to dodge isーーnot going to be easy huh……」


“Anyways……”, Junpei gripped his fists.


ーーit’s possible……with this……it’s possible! I can see through its attack……I had cleared that hurdle……!! The only thing left……if I can dodge a fatal damage once……the requirements will be all complete……! Remains is……if I could do it or not……!!


On the other hand, Cerberus seems to be surprised.


Normally, whoever it is, with its speed and canines, they would not be able to do anything.


It probably had the confidence of the absolute strong.


And to think that it’s own charge……was dodged by a human child.


To the too much of a surprise, its eyes greatly widened, and the giant dog slides its feet to the ground, and decreased the speed of its charge.


*Zuzazaza*……! Together with a resonating explosive sound, Cerberus came to a complete halt, and turned towards Junpei once again.


ーーdistance between them, about thirty meters.


As if to provoke it, Junpei beckoned towards Cerberus.


「Come now, doggy……bring it on! With the next one, it will be your end!」


And, Cerberus that faced towards Junpei, took a very deep breath, andーーroared.


Or maybeーーthat was the level of roar that can be called as an explosion.


Low heavy sounds that echoes even to the bottom of his stomach. The atmosphere trembles, his skin was covered with bubbles.


And in the next instance, this time, Junpei’s eyes widened.



ーーmy body……wouldn’t move.



In reality, with the situation of standing in his place, even his finger wouldn’t flinch.


Junpei who got in a panic, activated【Appraisal Eyes】, and checked his current condition.


The reason……was simple.


That, was the effect of the skill Cerberus had.


【Dead Howling (Magical Beast’s Roar】

Skill Rank ▼ ▼ ▼ National Treasure Class

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼ The roar released by the King of the Magical Beasts infused with magic powers. Without going through the eardrum, it directly affects the part of the brain that governs fear, and makes the target fall to fear status. Paralyzes the target’s nervous system temporarily, and literally make it paralyzed. ※Only works on weaker beings. A huge level difference is needed to activate with decent effects.


“Well……”, Junpei thought.


ーーI can’t move……this is unexpected. To think that【All Status Ailments Resistance】wouldn’t workーー


Because the【Dead Howling (Magical Beast’s Roar)】was effective, confirming that Junpei was, after all, a very weaker being than it was, Cerberus drooped its eyes.


Andーーit started walking towards me slowly.


With body height of a clear four meters, and ten-meter body length. that was probably more than ten tons in weightーー*Dosun*, *Dosun*, it approached with very heavy steps.


ーーmove, move, move……!!


To his hands and feet, Junpei’s brain sends commands, but there was a confusion with his nervous system, and the electrical signals wouldn’t go through to below his head.


One step, and another step, the giant dog slurped with its tongue while approaching.  


Remaining, ten meters.


ーーeven for once, even for a few seconds……, please move!!


Remaining, five meters.


ーーwhy the hell, for what the heck of a reason did I eat that rotten meat? A former human……I ate its meat?! If I stay standing here……nothing will happen!!


Remaining, three meters.


One head of the giant dog opened its mouth widely.


Even so, his body didn’t flinch, it wouldn’t move.


Instead, an impulse that as if it had gripped his heart, or maybe, it was looking down on him to infinity, that was coming.


That was, the clear vision to the inescapable death, which was similar to fear.


He closed and opened his mouth.


It looks like, from the top of his neck can move.


To the fear that crawls throughout his bodyーーJunpei instinctively let out a voice




Ahead of the remaining two meters, the thing that materialized death closed in.


The mythological monster was closing in.


At that instant, in the back of Junpei’s mind, his past memoriesーーthey appeared like a flashback.


He remembered Noriko, when they were young and carefree. That when they were a child, he was always with Noriko.


That during their elementary days, he saved her, and patted her head.


After they entered middle school……their positions have shifted when he noticed it……and always, for all the time, that she worried about him.


Cerberus approached furthermore, there was only one meter remaining.


And there, inside Junpei’s memories, the last appearance of Noriko was shown to the back of his head.


『Ne〜, you know? Being kind is……ーーwith a bad meaning, and a meaning without salvationーーis only stupidity you know?』


“Ahh”, Junpei nodded a little from with only above his head.


「That’s right. Noriko……you are correct. Being kind is……only stupidity without salvation. It is very simple. If your right cheek is slappedーーreturn it with a straight punch!! It’s only something that simple!!」


And, he continued.


「That’s right, I will for sure……Noriko……Kido……everyone of them……I will change them to chunks of meat!!」


The【Dead Howling(Magic Beast’s Roar】, by affecting the brain that governs fear directly, it shows its effects.


“If it’s like that……”, Junpei largely opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue with full strength.


ーーa shock treatment with the tongue’s pain……how about it?


*Gachin*, while sticking out his tongue, he closed his teeth with full strength.


*Buchari……*, together with that disgusting feeling, blood overflowed inside his mouth.


With his tongue being almost torn off by half, to its extreme pain, he shouted without any voices.


But, even so, without caring about Junpei’s situation, Cerberus did not stop moving.


Already, the distance between Cerberus’s head and Junpei’s , were only at hands reach.


AndーーJunpei roared.




Junpei’s left straight, was shot towards Cerberus’s side face.




That Junpei was able to escape the【Dead Howling】, only in an instant, Cerberus narrowed its eyebrows dubiously.


But, it seems like it regained itself instantly, *Pakun*, it closed its huge mouth.


The left straight that Junpei threw out did not even make it as an attack, it justーーgot devoured with his whole left hand.


Its canines tore through meat, crushed bones, and blood spew.


He was being bitten from all of his left hand from his elbow.


And there, with Junpei’s remaining right hand, he took out the handgun from his tattered clothes.


「……hehe, you’re hungry right? That’s okay……with something like an arm……I’ll give it to you……eat it deliciously okay? But, it’s checkmate with that……」


Together with his words……using his handgun, not towards Cerberus, but to his left hand’s shoulder, he placed it a little below, and pulled the trigger.


*Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*.


Firing three consecutive shotsーーhe fired at his body at zero distance.


Because of the consecutive shots from the forty-one caliber Magnum, his left hand was completely detached from his body.


It meansーー



ーーmy left arm, was bitten off……that’s what it means.



And just like that, he jumped towards the side, to the area that was covered with silver particlesーーhe entered the safety area as if to collapse.


The giant dog who did not understand what happened petrified for a while.


Butーーseemingly hungry, it started chewing Junpei’s left arm that remained in its mouth.


The crushed meat chunks spew around, and the blood stains were scattered from Cerberus’s head.


And, Junpei was, he was suffering inside the safety area.


「It hurts……It hurts……It hurts..……」


Firstly, the loss of his left arm.


And next, the wound of his half-torn tongue.


The silver particles gathered to his left arm and mouth, and softens the pain, but still, it is not something that a normal person could endure.


Junpei, in the light novel that he read before, he had read once about a gore, entering a needle inside the fingernails and mess it up inside.


And that time, he imagined that and narrowed his eyebrows.


But, compared to that, it was literally in a different dimension.


The damage Junpei received.


If this were not the safety area, body recoveries, and if he was in a place where there is no recovery blessing……it was a wound that clearly leads to death.


He couldn’t help himself anymore, a shrieking shout was let out from his mouth.




While he rolled around on top of the grass, his tears were flowing.


To the too much pain, he almost let go of consciousness, but every time, the sarcastic thing about itーーwas that his consciousness was awakened by the pain.


And there, he saw the appearance of Cerberus eating his own meat deliciously.


And its expression, had overlapped Noriko and Kido’s smile that were probably living carelessly around right now.


Inside him, hatred and murderous intent were in a spiral, and it was accelerating in every second.


While he was in the hell of suffering that doesn’t show its end, while he was rolling on the groundーーthere was, only one thing that he was thinking about.


ーーwhy should something like this……why did something like this have to happen to me……!


ーーthe monsters in this labyrinth, Kido, and Kido’s cronies, all of them……and……Noriko……!!


ーーI’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you!!


ーーI’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you !!


ーーI’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill youーーI’LL KILL YOU I’LL KILL YOU I’LL KILL YOU I’LL KILL YOU I’LL KILL YOU I’LL KILL YOU I’LL KILL YOU I’LL KILL YOU!!


Together with Junpei’s murderous impulse accelerating, the light of the silver particles that enveloped his mouth and left hand were getting stronger.


The blood flowing out of his left hand had completely stopped, and from his wound, pink colored flesh was emerging.


As if it was an explosion, from the situation of being lostーーit was recovering towards its original form.


ーーI will kill you all!! That’s right……all of you……I will make you into chunks of meat……!!


And from there, a few minutes.


It was covered with body liquid, but, it had completely returnedーーwhile opening and closing his left hand’s palm, “Un”, Junpei nodded.


And, ahead of him, was the Hound of Hell, Cerberus.


A film of air that separates the safety area and the outside world.


And twenty meters ahead from thereーーCerberus were observing him from far away.


If it was for its side, the separation of Junpei from the safety area once again, meaning, he was aiming for a reckless re-challenge……something like that.


But, for Junpei, right now when his wounds had fully healed, he can only, make a make a smile with his expression.


But, right now, because it is within the distance where he could see it……when the “work” started……he did not have to go out his way to find it, and it is not troublesome.


*Niyari*, Junpei who smiled while sitting, towards Cerberus from far away, called out calmly and composedly.


「Hey, doggy……!」


To Junpei’s words, Cerberus’s threeーーall of its head tilted dubiously.


「……you, are you okay just waiting there? The hunter, and the prey……that their positions have reversed……haven’t you noticed?」


Once again, Cerberus tilted its head.


「What are you doing……you’re already……checkmated you know?」


The next instance it heard that voiceーーCerberus started to tremble.


Cerberus who noticed the change, entered the position to literally run away with its tail between its legs.


But, it seems like it couldn’t gather strength to its feet, after walking with a questionable paceーー*Dotsuuuun*, the sound of its collapsing body echoed.




It was a very weak gnarling voice.


Immediately, all of its six eyes on its heads, turned to its whites, and got silent after foaming its mouth.


“Finally huh……”, Junpei stood up, and started to crack his neck.


「With that amount of meat……with its huge body, the time until there was an effect……was really long huh」


And, he took out his hand gun, and pulled the trigger towards Cerberus’s head.


*Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*.


All bullets, hit almost the same spot, but there wasn’t any trace of damage to Cerberus.


But……this was already expected.


ーーwell, that should be the case. If there wasn’t a weapon infused with God Killer attributes……it’s said that it can’t be wounded decently.


Anyways, rather than that, right now, what he wanted to check wasーー”that”……meaning, how much would a neurotoxin……would have an effect.


「Yosh, as expected……it’s not budging an inch right? It’s called neurotoxin……probably……it’s something like the【Dead Howling】that I received before……conscious but unable to move」


He went out of the safety area slowly, and went towards Cerberus’s head.


After seeing how it was, seeing that Cerberus was not budging at all after all, Junpei made a half-smile.


While looking down at it from a high place, Junpeiーーcontinued his words towards Cerberus.


「Hey, doggy? Earlier……when I wasn’t able to move, our places had completely reversed, right? Being done the same thing……how do you feel right now? Hey, how does it feels?」


【Undead Meat】

Item Rank▼▼▼ National Treasure Class

Characteristics▼▼▼ Meat of the No Life King. Inedible. Because a human corpse was tinged by the fierce curses that the evil gods of the labyrinth emitted, the monster that sprung forth was a No Life King. Naturally, its meat is a block of curses, and the ones who devour it can gain a special ability. Specifically saying, the body composition changes, and as the same as an undead, your body fluid, blood, and meat will become a very strong neurotoxin.


And, the skill Junpei chose there wasーー【All Status Ailments Resistance】.


It was because there was that skill, that he was able to eat the Undead Meat without hesitation.


That’s right.


From the start, Junpeiーーhe had already accepted this plan.


ーーliterally……the plan of ruins, of severing his bones, and letting them eat his flesh.


Junpei walked towards Cerberus, and grabbed its upper and lower mouth with both hands.


「This is……damn heavy……」


Somehow, he succeeded to open its mouth.


And, he held his handgun with his right hand, and shot towards the back of its throat.


Shot, reloaded the bullets with his magic powers.


Shot, reloaded the bullets with his magic powers.


Shot, reloaded the bullets with his magic powers.


After repeating that for ten minutesーーa total of, more than two hundred shots.


But……there was no signs of wound inside Cerberus’s mouth, there wasn’t even a single drop of blood.


「……this, wouldn’t do it……. what the heck is this……the thing called danger specification mythology class……I mean, what the heck is God Killer attribute……I really don’t damn know……」


And, Junpei called out his Item Box, and made a hideous smile.


「……then, how about this?」


From the white box that Junpei carried on his waist, he continuously took out oil pots.


Andーーa tree branch……no, something thicker than that……firewood.


「After all, this place, it looks like a cave from outside right? Well, in the end……that was unfounded though. Looking at it from the side……however you think of it, there is no source of light inside. And because of that……I……when I self-candidacy, for a while……anyways, I gathered trees. And, the result of working seriously from coming in this world……I bought a lot of oil pots with my little savings. Food was, they wouldn’t last after all……so I only brought the minimum. Well, for the meantime, I just thought that I would make a torch」


Firewood, Firewood, Firewood being piled up.


After a while, it was almost on a condition that you can call it a mountain.


Their numbers, were a few thousand.


The enemy already cannot move with paralysis. There was no need to hurry.


With a slow movement, he further divided the firewood from the mountain.


As if to envelope Cerberus, he fixed the firewood’s position, poured oil, and sparked.


As if to roast Cerberus as a whole, he made a campfire surrounding it.


Flames and smoke that fiercely stood up.


While looking at that, Junpei was making a smile.


But, after about ten minutes, there was only a small burning smell from Cerberus’s fur, but damage from burns cannot be seen.


「Un, it wouldn’t burn…… But, that is expected. Maybe, if it is roasted for twenty hours……it might be killed though. But, I don’t know if the paralysis status would last for that long. So, for my side, I need to hurry up as quick as possible……」


And, he took one firewood that was lined up in the fire.


「That’s right, I knew from the start that you were tough……so there……you know. How about something like this in addition?」


He opened Cerberus’s mouth, and took out the longest firewood that was not yet on fire.


Just like a supporting bar, he fixed its mouth open.




Burning in flamesーーhe took one of the firewood that has half of it enveloped in flames, and placed it into Cerberus’s mouth.


Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.


One next to the other, he threw firewood inside Cerberus’s mouth.


After that, the numbers were over a dozen, so there was no more place to push it in.


So there, Junpei took out the Mammoth Beetle’s Horn that he got from the floor earlier, and held it with his both hands, and stuck it out as if to push it through the back of its throat.


From Cerberus’s mouth, to its esophagus, from its esophagus to its stomach, he pushed in the firewood.


And to the emptied space, he placed more burning firewood.


「Fuu〜……, for the meantime……this should be enough」


He took out an oil potーーhe poured it inside Cerberus’s mouth.


*Bowa*, the flames and smokes were strengthened.


ーーthe direct incineration, of its internal organs.


And there, the work for one head was complete. Meaning……more than that……there was no more place to stick in firewood.


“Un”, Junpei who nodded, checked the condition of Cerberus.


Meaning, the remaining two heads……


「Well, I’d do it of course?」


The same routine work, Junpei did to the remaining two heads.





ーーand, after an hour of sticking in firewood in all of its mouth.


「How tough are you really……」


While smoke and flames were spawning from its mouth, even so, Cerberus was still continuing to convulse a little.


Since its convulsing……it means that the effect of the neurotoxin had weakened.


Seeing that the light from Cerberus’s eyes was weakening, it shows that these attacks have an effect.


But……even so, if Cerberus escaped from the effects of the neurotoxin, it is for sure that Junpei would be minced in an instant.


The problem that Junpei is facing right now, the recovery from the neurotoxin and the death from burning, which one of them would be first.


In the situation in which you can’t tell which one would happen, normally, it would not be strange if he got in a state of panic.


But, there was no sign of impatience in Junpei’s expression.


「All of its three heads, I stuck firewood in all of them, more than this, I can’t put anything in its mouth……. so, the poison that makes you suffer……you’re also gradually recovering from it. So……doggy……I have a suggestion. If I’m correct……you have one other……hole in you right?」


And, Junpei took a flaming firewood with his hand, and started walking around Cerberus.


From where Junpei was looking……it somehow had understood somethingーーCerberus’s expression, was obviously flinching.


The destination of the flaming firewood wasーーCerberus’s anus.


「Doing things up to this……you’ll die right. If you don’t die, I’ll be very troubled」


To Cerberus who was begging for something with eyes like a pet dog’s, Junpei answered calmly.


「Don’t hold back……there’s still a lot of firewood and oil pots. After all……you ate my arm. You shouldn’t be picky you know? Don’t tell me……you’re not saying you can’t eat firewood with your mouth below right?」


And, after thirty minutes.


Together with the smell of burnt meat, Cerberus became a shining card and dissipates.


And taking one which was a meat……Junpei spoke to himself.


「Skill Card……【Dead Howl】……something like this……that can only have effects on weaker beings, I don’t need that damn it, stupid!!」


And, he took the next card, Junpei smiled happily.


「……a mammal finally can huh……I mean, I wonder what does dog meat tastes?」


【Magic Beast’s Canine】

Item Rank ▼ ▼ ▼ Mythological Class

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼ 200 attack power. Cerberus’s canine. It is a material that has the same hardness as Orihalcon, and has the attribute of God Killer. If processed, it would become a level of weapon that would be impossible to obtain the human world, but a blacksmith that could process that material would not exist anywhere you find.


【Dead Howling(Magic Beast’s Roar)】

Skill Rank ▼ ▼ ▼ National Treasure Class

Characteristics ▼ ▼ ▼  The roar released by the King of the Magical Beasts infused with magic powers. Without going through the eardrum, it directly affects the part of the brain that governs fear, and makes the target fall to fear status. Paralyzes the target’s nervous system temporarily, and literally make it paralyzed. ※Only works on weaker beings. A huge level difference is needed to activate with decent effects.  











Chapter 3The Dungeon SeekerChapter 5

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Name : Takeda Junpei

Level Up : 312 → 637

Bonus Points Gained : 1625


Job : Skill Hunter                                                      Level : 637

HP : 30                                                                          MP : 175
※Placed odd number of the Evasion Efficiency

Attack Power : 255 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 5
※Sub weapon equipped :245

Evasion Efficiency : 3000


Main : Magic Beast’s Canine (Mythological Class)
※Infused with God Killer attribute

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Skill (Skill Slot: 9 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body fluid, blood, and, meat would become a very strong neurotoxin.

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  1. The title should be: How to do a cerberus lantern.
    Perfect item for halloween

  2. wow this is much more gruesome and painful than what the manga shown

  3. thanks for the chapter!

  4. so is there any reason why he raised so much evasion?

    • edagami says:

      Evasion here is amolst tge same as agility, the reason he put all his points on it was to evade letal damage, instead of wasting on health, Magic or strength, because neither whould help him as much

    • bosc12 says:

      Game with broken enemys
      Your health can be 5 or 1000, if the enemy can make 50000 of attack you die……
      You have played dark souls?
      This is more or less that but in nightmare mode

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    I’m dying inside from those notes at start of the chapter -.- Its totally unnecessary.

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    It is kinda funny how something like cerberus is killed with normal flames.

    It does bug me a bit about the gun though, ”changes magic power into bullers” the MC has 5 MP but he can use it non stop for 10 mins shooting 200 bullets with appearently no problem. I would believe that a weapon that is the second highest class would need a bit of MP for it’s bullets. Also with his super low hp and def why is it that the first enemy the undead didn’t cut him in half instead of just injuring his shoulder, or cerberus didn’t simply rip his arm of instead of himself having to shoot it multiple times to lose it. I mean a normal human has about 50 hp and 20 def while he has 15 hp and 5 def so his body is litteraly 3-4 times weaker, taking more dmg and unable to take as much.

    These two parts makes no sense at all to me.

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