The Dungeon Seeker – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Mammoth Beetle (The Giant Beetle) ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼





Haha! What’s up, brother? By the way, this note is only an imposition.


The wise gentlemen such as you, had succeeded running away from the No Life King, and was able to reach here somehow.


By the way, I am not still sure, but this labyrinth, it looks like……there’s a safety area placed in all floors just like this one.


And, this is the second floor, a huge jungle that is about a four-kilometer square.


Things like mammals and things like reptiles, there isn’t animal types like that, but, no, really, what the heck is this made of.


Thanks to the splendid plant called Light Moss, it seems like the plants in the forest can photosynthesis, though……


But, have you noticed? This floor’s jungle have a forest, but there’s no animals.


But, well, anyways……there’s a lot of insects you know.


Un……there’s insects right?


ーーthat’s right, there’s insects.


Eh, insect, insect, insect, I’m too insistent, you say?


That’s true, you gentlemen that haven’t seen would think of it like that〜. But, if it was the people who saw them, they would absolutely wouldn’t say I’m insistent.


After all, if you haven’t seen the insects, you’d be really lucky, that means.


Well, the preface is enough with that.


Anyways, I’ll introduce the crazy monster on this floor.


In the first place, you know? The thing called beetle, licks sap, it’s a kind bug like that.


Then, why would it attack with a gigantic body, you say?


Eh? Why is it that, whatever you do……it wouldn’t get a scratch, why does it have that kind of demonic armor you say?


You gentlemen that have already encountered them should be able to hear those kinds of voices!!


Then, let me answer!


Haha! The answer is simple.


ーーthat is, the Interstice Labyrinth. There isn’t a better answer than that.


No, it could only be answered like that.


Haha. Really, it puts you on a good mood right.


I cannot do anything about this living creature. No, normal guys cannot do anything.


That’s right, that gigantic living creature that has a body length of more than twenty meters is……it cannot even be wounded decently by normal adventurers.


Let’s talk about this honestly okay?


In this second floor, the adventurers that have entered, most of them had been annihilated.


Just since, it could be wounded even a little……different from the No Life King, most probably, they didn’t focus on running away.


The damage gets through or not, that difference is big.


Butーーthey are tough. Super tough.


And they’re not simple sand bags.


With our attacks……to kill it……it’s impossible.


A few hundred slashes, from someone around Level 200, it wouldn’t even give a shit.


Eh? Why do I know that, you ask?


ーーin fact, it’s because I tried it of course.


It’s easy to dodge its attack.


But, it’s not like it can be dodged 100%. And, if we received an attack from them, we’re instantly in the other world.


I saw it with【Past Peek】so I couldn’t be wrong, with that.


Any adventurer……with the attack it releases with its horn, on the other world instantly.


That’s right……only the ones who chose to only run away, the first floor, and the second floor, they’re the only ones who could clear it.


And, everybody who had seen this note, you’re really lucky. After all, you already know what to do.


And, with that, I would really like to recommend it to you.


In fact, these giant beetles move slowly. Really, they’re even slower than civilians.


That’s right, that’s a tank! Hard, Strong, Slow!


Those three were complete……that’s the most important point alright?


And……these guys, different from the No Life King earlier……they’re only moving around the safety area with a radius of about ten meters.


Whatever time it is, and whatever happens, it wouldn’t let the prey escape, that really shows it.


ButーーI who had seen with【Past Peek】.


This floor’s direct northーーthere should be the corridor of passage in there.


The wise gentlemen such as you, would probably dash using your full powers towards that. They wouldn’t be able to catch up with that speed.


After all……they’re slow as a turtle.


And with that, Adios!


If there’s the next volume, please take care!



Within the smell of gunpowderーーJunpei who was enduring his hunger, within the safety area where silver colored particles are flying, talked to himself.


「Run away, huh……if it was only passing through here, in only that point, I know that that is very important, imposition-san」


“But……”, he continued.


「If you only run away, somewhere……sometime……you’re heart would be gouged, that’s for sure……that’s why……」


And, Junpei pulled the trigger again after the thousands of time he did.


A gigantic beetle in front of Junpei.


Its body weight is probably tens of tons, or maybe hundreds of tons.


The broad-leaved forest……it tramples the trees, just like a tank, a living creature in a different level, with heights of five meters, lengths of twenty meters, with a very slow speed, it charged towards him.


But, the beetle couldn’t enter inside the safety areaーー*Don*, with that dull sound, it was knocked back.  


“Ma〜……”, Junpei spoke to himself.


「If it was a normal adventurer……they don’t have【Appraisal Eyes】so they wouldn’t know, after all, it has the intensity of a monster movie」


But, the writer of this, has【Appraisal Eyes】and【Past Peek】……meaning, he knew right?


Or maybe……he didn’t have a way to attack from long range?


Or……no, a guess is just a guess. At the most, until now, he……haven’t been lying.


He observed the beetle, the strings of characters that appeared in the back of Junpei’s eyes, their contents were the following.


【Mammoth Beetle】

Danger Specification ▼ ▼ ▼ A

Characteristics▼ ▼ ▼ The highest grade of insect type monsters. It’s massive armor, repels all kinds of physical attack and magic attacks. But, it’s brain is very small, and its head isn’t that good. Not withdrawing, not flattering, not caring. With its carrying fighting style, the one that it recognized as an enemy once, “it would charge against it until its life was spent”.


「It was correct to put it all on speed huh……if it was me before, I wouldn’t be able to endure that fierceness, and I would be on that side in an instant. And……other than that, it’s great that I found the safety area very quick」


Furthermore, Junpei pulled the trigger of the forty-one caliber magnum.


ーーit’s already been, more than sixty hours since he repeated that action.


The continuous charge of the beetle, and the nullification of the safety area.


All of the bullets he could reload, he shot them aimed at its head.


Taking around ten minutes, change MP to bullets, and, reload the bullets once again.


Finallyーーa crack was made in the Mammoth Beetle’s head armor.


「Even that is said……last time, the meaning of eating the Undead Meat last time……there was nothing, but anyways, it’s good news」


*Don”, the handgun’s shooting sound.


And there, it pierced through the beetle’s armor, and the bullet reached the giant beetle’s brain.




The weight of tens of tons, or maybe hundreds of tons, had collapsed to its side.


He observed that for about an hour, then shoot bullets towards the same place continuously.


And with that, he who confirmed that the beetle wasn’t moving, left the safety area, and placed his palm over the beetle.


「Well, what kind of drop item this time……?」


【Mammoth Beetle’s Horn】

Item Rank▼▼▼ Rare (S)

Characteristics▼▼▼ Its hardness is about half of Orihalcon’s. The highest grade weapon material that can be obtained on the earth above. A blunt weapon without processing.


【Special Armor】

Skill Rank▼▼▼ Legendary Class

Characteristics▼▼▼ Skill that increases defense powers by 2.5 times.


And there, Junpei only placed the horn material card in his item box, and threw away the skill card.


「……a miss huh. Defense powers for me right now……isn’t needed.……after all, every one level up……the 10 bonus point that can be gained normally……is only 5」


As an aside, skills, in the first place, isn’t something that has the characteristics of materializing.


Then, why is it, that it is existing as a card right now, it’s only simply, that in the succession of skills, it’s just that a process like that is needed. For that, Junpei ability as a skill hunter goes through its ways to affix it, materializing(skill card) it temporarily.


Originally skills are conceptual things or concepts, so it’s natural that it isn’t for materializing.


And it’s being affixed as a material forcefully, so naturally, even if he continued to keep it as a skill card, it would dissipate as time passes.


And, anyways, Junpei continued his words.


「It isn’t normal here. With one attack here that hits the head or body, it would be over……I’ll give my arms and legs……there’s a place to recover after all……and for that……I can only place it all in dodging」


And there, Junpei’s total 170 points on the 34 level ups this timeーーhe tried to put all of it in evasion, but he looked ahead, and laughed wryly.


*Doshin*, *Doshin*, together with those heavy sounds, he saw giant shadows that shine black.


「Ah〜I’m hungry……, I’m really hungry……the one earlier didn’t drop meat……but I’m expecting on you guys? The thing called insect, they said that it taste like shrimp huh?」


Junpei put all of his bonus points, not with evasion, but to MP.


「With this, the speed of reloading the bullets would probably increase, the power would go up too. The truth is……I’m so hungry that I want to run away as soon as possible though……」


And, he continued.


「Here……I cannot leave here」


Nine Mammoth Beetles that suddenly appeared.


While looking at them, Junpei gloated.


「After all, with no risk……a duck came bringing green onions with it……!!」


And, the one-sided massacre by the weakest boy, unfolds.












Chapter 2The Dungeon SeekerChapter 4

*Sponsored by Sean Emanuel-sama


Name : Takeda Junpei

Level Up : 178 → 312

Bonus Points Gained : 670


Job : Skill Hunter                                                      Level : 312

HP : 15                                                                          MP : 175

Attack Power : 5 5 (Junpei’s basic stat : 5)        Defense Power : 5
※Sub weapon equipped :245

Evasion Efficiency : 1390


Main : Mammoth Beetle’s Horn (National Treasure Class)

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Skill (Skill Slot: 9 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, its body ■■■■■.

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