The Dungeon Seeker – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – No Life King (The Undead King) ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



Advancing relying on the lantern’s light.


After getting through the hall that continues to the back, a door can be seen.


It was a wooden door, and it had an impression that it was a little old. Even though they said that it was there for thousands of years before, there was not a critical deterioration from aging.


*Gii*……, together with that heavy sounds, scenery that spread.


Although there was no light source, for some reason, the surfaces was illuminated by light. And, as far as it could be seen, there were numerous skulls that had scattered.


For the mean time, I stored the lantern to the item box……or the mysterious space called by that.


By invoking it, a one-meter cubic box appears, and disappears after storing. The capacity also, increases in accordance with magic powers. If it was a high-levelled court magician, it is easier to give the example that it has a storage capacity of a few Tokyo Domes.


ーーI wonder what theory is it working on……


Well, that, anyways.


Junpei was speechless.


Not to the skulls that are scattered all over the place, the reason why he’s surprised wasーーit’s wideness…….that’s it.


There was enveloped by a cold atmosphere, a place that was like a dome-shaped limestone cave that has a radius of 300 meters.


Until earlier, from the cave that he walked together with Kido and the rest, it is hard to think that it was directly connected there.


As expected of being called as Interstice Labyrinth, in the way earlier, there should probably have been a shift of dimension.


「That being said……what a numerous number of skulls……」


Everywhere you look at was white bones.


Their visual estimation is……it couldn’t even be guessed.


ーー0% Survival Rate.


I felt the weight of those words and understood. And at the same time, my heart tightens itself.


ーーNo Job Aptitude.


ーーLevel 1.


ーーShitty Status.


Andーー0% Survival Rate.


Within those skeletonized bodies, there should have been famous, and confident adventurers.


Most probably, even if Kido stepped into this labyrinth……the result would be……


In the data right now, however he thought of it, he could only imagine his doom coming, whether it will it be a few hours later, of tens of minutes later.


And, there, Junpei’s eyes widened.


ーーnot even tens of minutes later, or a few hours later……”that”, entered the room within a minute.


When he noticed it, “that” was there.


Green liquids overflowing from “that”‘s body.


Wearing a tattered mantle, flies all over “that”‘s body. Yellowish brown colored rotten meat, full of white maggots wriggling.


And, “that” raised up its scythe that was covered by blood rust. It’s mouth that was lacking its cheeks, looking ahead to him, he felt that it made a grin.


ーーActivate【Appraisal Eyes】.


【No Life King (The Undead King)】

Danger Specification ▼ ▼ ▼ SS

Characteristics▼ ▼ ▼ The gatekeeper of the Interstice Labyrinth. One that had resurrected by receiving the blessings of an evil god from the dead. Just as it has died already, its body is brittle, and its HP is very low. But regardless of that, this monster, to the attack that it had recognizedーーit means, it was granted of a deadly characteristic of physical and magical attack nullification, it is impossible to wound it by normal means. The parts that it was attacked will be converted to darkness particles, becoming a waste of efforts. In addition, even if it was defeated, that individual would only disappear, and after placing a cooling time of a few months, it would resurrect using a different corpse as a vessel.


“Oi, oi”, an unpleasant sweat ran through Junpei’s sides.


「SS Danger……if I’m correct……even the demon king is recognized as only S right……? No, in the first place, I had never heard of that rank……? I mean, what do you mean by attack nullification……”that”, from the start……what the hell is happening……in this labyrinth」


When he turned to his right, Junpei ran at the same time.


While crushing the skeletonized bodies, he ran using all of his strength.


After the running movement for a few seconds, when he glanced backーー


ーーin the very front of his face No Life King’s scythe was swung down.




A hot impact ran through his shoulders.


It hurts……rather than that, it was only really hot.


Fresh blood that splatters, chunks of meat that flutters away.


Junpei who lost his balance, *Zuzaza*, he slipped on the ground as if to slide head first.


While trying to fall safely, he made a front posture.


At the looks of the wound, from his shoulders to his chest, it was cut open for about ten centimeters.


In accordance with the pumping of his heart, the blood stream was gushing out like a fountain.


And, he looked up towards the attacker.


The No Life King, raised up its big scytheーーand the target of that scythe, was my head it seems.


ーーahh, it’s already……over.


A blink of an eye when he thought of thatーーthe floor collapsed.


This is something that he was not aware of, but, originally, that ground, had the death battles between numerous adventurers and No Life Kingーーit means, because of the effects of a wide-scale bombardment magic, it is full of holes.


For good or for bad, the place where Junpei slipped into wasーーa hole that was has a radius of about a meter that was gouged out from the ground by that small-scale bombardment from a long time ago, and it was a brittle ground made out of piles of bones.


The bones were crushed and destroyed, and just like that, fell in accordance with gravity.


Roaring sounds.


His back was hit a lot of times.


Underground space, with the collision of the ground there, from Junpei’s lungs, air was let out without caring for his will.


At the same time, *Mechari*, an unpleasant sound.


It was the sound of his a few of his ribs being broken.


The wound on his shoulder, and crushed ribs.


From his brain, the electrical signals that are being sentーーit could not any longer process the concept of pain, he was in that kind of situation.


When he looked up, the No Life King, looked down him from the edge of the holeーーand, after a glimpse, he saw its appearance of going away.


It was unknown why the monster left without pursuing an attack.


But, still, regardless whether there is the monster or not, it did not change the fact that his life was in danger.


ーーthe loss of blood……it’s the worst.


From his shoulder wounds, he could feel his quick decreasing body temperature.


ーーahh……it’s already……I am……


And just like that, Junpei’s consciousness blacked outーーit mixed with the darkness of the horizon.




When he noticed it, Junpei was surrounded by a space that was covered by silver colored particles.


The silver particles sway faintly, but it was basically a space that was surrounded by jet black darkness.


It looks like, this floor was constructed two-staged, and the ground that he was on is the upper stage, and the place where he is right now is the lower stage.


「It’s a limestone cave even below……」


The cool air felt good around his wounds.


And there, Junpei immediately checked his shoulder wound.


「Uwa……what……is this」


Under his tattered clothes, it can be seen that his wounds had closed, no, more accurately, it was closing.


His flesh, was wriggling that it can even be seen, and the pink colored skin system is being covered by a red color.


And, only around his wounds, that the silver colored particles that were flying around since earlier had a strangely deeper density.


He raised his upper body, and noticed further strangeness.


「My ribs……if I’m correct……earlier……it sounded bad……right?」


But, even though he raised his upper body, there was no pain at all.


「What is the meaning of this……」


The space where silver colored particles flew around, was a half dome that had a radius of around five meters.


When he looked around, he saw one piece of paper that almost changed into brown colored probably because of aging.




Junpei started to read that.



Haha! Hello, nice to meet you.


Welcome to this crazy labyrinth……would it be better if I wrote that?


To you who had come to enter this place……are you an adventurer that is confident in your skills? Or maybe, a very cute stupid lamb that was fooled? Or maybe again, just simply, a normal villager that was sacrificed?


Well, that doesn’t matter……after all, including me, we’re all going to die.


Weak beings, strong beings, they equally……die with everyone.


There’s, only the way to get crazy. Haha!


And, it’s really sudden though, my special skills are the【Appraisal Eyes】and【Past Peek】abilities.


My skills as an adventurer is……can you tell if I say around level 200? The continent’s sword saint, they say that he’s more or less level 300, so……well, I also pretty much had stopped being human.


And……I’m telling this myself, but I have the confidence that I can clear whatever labyrinth it was. No, I had the confidence.


After all, I can look through whatever trap there is using【Past Peek】, and I can also know the trends of monsters. And with that, my level.


If I focused on running away, I couldn’t lose, and I can’t die.


But, here’s a tiny bit……too heavy I guess.


I’ll honestly acknowledge this.


I underestimated it.


Anyways, you who had reached this place is very lucky.


After all, very quickly, you were able to reach this place that is a safety area.


By the way, there is absolutely no chance of monsters coming in this place, and it would also heal wounds naturally. Why this kind of space exists……someone’s, from somewhere, past time……I mean, mercy I guess.


Be relieved, or even while drinking a coffee, I want you to read this.


And, with that, for the adventurers that would come later on, I will leave this note.


The monster that encamps in the first stage……did you see it too? That’s crazy.


It’s like when you feel like other people’s misfortune tastes like honey, if you see “that” attacking a human from the side, you’d laugh your ass out while drinking something like whiskey.


After all, attacks doesn’t have any effect.


Whatever you did was only a waste, whatever you do doesn’t have an effect.


Even the Holy Sword isn’t good enough, even the highest level of lightning attack isn’t enough, even status ailment wasn’t enough.


Even the angry attack of Brave-sama couldn’t have an effect.


ーーliterally, all attacks would be devoured by the Undead King’s attack.


And, well, it’s really easy looking at it from the side, but the side that are being chased by that, is……they couldn’t stand that.


And……it’s no doubt since I saw with【Past Peek】. Really, whatever you do has no effects.


It’s exactly, the thing called a nightmare, hahaha〜.


That’s all, good luck!


……well saying just that, is you know, too much, so.


I’ll leave all information that I can.


Only in a few times, there was a time that it was subjugated.


That’s right, although attacks doesn’t have an effect……there was a case like that.


But, because it was at the end of the large scale magic after a huge battle with heat explosions, I couldn’t confirm the specific way to capture it.


What was common with them is, it was after bombardment magic that it couldn’t be confirmed of what happened, of in the middle of a melee……that’s about it.


The drop item exceeded rare rank S, it was national treasure class to mythology class. Probably, the experience points gained too……even I who had exceeded level 200, would probably raise by a 100 more. Well, it has that much difference in dimensions.


By the way, to the ones that are unrelated with adventurers……to the pitiful guys that were sent here, I’ll teach you this.


The difficulty of gaining items in this world is as it follows.




–Rare (up to Rank E – D – C – B – A – S)


–National Treasure Class


–Legendary Class


–Mythology Class


And, the drop items that comes out from No Life King are……all of them are irresistible items that you would be desperate to obtain, but, if you have confidence in your running speed……I recommend that you should honestly run away.


In fact, I am also planning to do that.


For start, as far as I was able to look at past examples, it has the average of one minute before he appears after leaving this safety area.


And within that time……run with all of your strength.


In the ends to the east, there are stairs that lead to the next floor. If you pass the door through there, it seems like it would be outside of his management, and wouldn’t chase you any longer.


That’s why, I recommend that you run away from this floor.


Well then, I really wish you good luck.


In the next floor, I’m planning to leave a similar note, but……if it wasn’t there, just because it wasn’t there, please imagine a lot of things happened.


Well then, Adios.


By the way, this place only heals your wounds naturally, but your stomach gets hungry so be careful!


Based on what I’ve seen on【Past Peek】……no, there’s no need to look huh. Those who died by hunger, well, it’s as you can see.



After finishing reading it, Junpei lets out a sigh.


When he looked around, there were around 20 skeletonized corpses in the silver colored space.


Even if you’d stay in this place that is a safety area, the end is the same.


「And……if it was like that……as this person had written……I should go towards the end to the east」


Very kindly, the writer wrote on the ground a sign of which way was east-west-south-north.


ーーIs he just a kind person, or, a person that is was in a good mood as he had written, or maybe……does he have a different aim.


“Well, that is good enough”, Junpei stood up.


「In the end, if it was clear that staying here will only lead to death by starvation, it’s better to move forward quickly」


He then walked to the end of the space that was covered by silver colored particles.


ーーas far as I was able to look at past examples, it has the average of one minute before he appears after leaving this safety area.  


Just by looking, it was still 300 meters before end wall to the east……if it was a normal person, well, it wouldn’t be time out, but my body figure isn’t great.


But, If I didn’t do it, I’d just die.


Taking a crouching stand position, when he was going to dash with all his powers.


「……wait a minute? The No Life King that I saw earlier with【Appraisal Eyes】……his abilities……nullifying damage, HP is very low……and……brittle?」


Standing on his place, Junpei started to think.


「Even though it nullifies attacks, why is it brittle?」


“And……”, he continued.


「Nullifies attacks……but……in a few cases……there was some case that it was subjugated, he said……it’s true……that there was really a case that it was defeated……right?」


And there, inside Junpei’s head, he remembered a feeling as if pieces of puzzles had fit, or maybe, entangled strings are unraveled.


……think……think……Takeda Junpei!! This is most probably the first crossroads on how you are going to survive from now on


ーーHP is low. Its body is brittle. But, it cannot die. Why is that? Of course……because it has an attack nullifying skill.


ーーbut……if I believe was is written in the note, to kill that……is possible. Why is that? One that cannot be killed by any attacks is killed……. that requirement is……explosion, and……melee……


And there, “Ah……!”, Junpei held his own breath.


ーーit’s true, that if it was just like how I guessed……within the situation of exploding magics and melee, that is possible.


ーーBut, I can’t use explosion magic. In an alone situation, plus……with my shitty status. I cannot create the situation of a melee.


AndーーI looked up to the ceiling.


From the ceiling holes that peeks from different places, there is light passing through. I remembered the monster that is clad with rotten flesh earlier, and my spine shivered even though I was in a safety area.


“But……”, Junpei’s mouth grinned a little.


ーーIt’s possible……it’s possible with this! If my guesses are correct……even if it was me……it is possible……I think.


ーーthe problem is, how brittle its body is……that is it. By the effects of the explosion magic created by adventurers, if that phenomenon happened, then……maybe it might be possible.


ーーeven if I created the same situation……how much would be the damage dealt? In the first place, it’s a gamble either my guess is right or not. Even if it was correct……it would be a gamble again after that……


ーーit’s true, that if “that” was defeated, I can look forward to a huge increase in levels, and if there was even a drop item……maybe, to advance from now on……I might be able to prepare though……


There, Junpei shook his head sidewards.


「As I’ve thought, I should stop……huh. In the next floor, maybe……a more simple……an easier way to do it even with me……there might even be a monster that even I can……」


If it continues like this, even if he stayed here, he would die of starvation……that is for sure.


And, in reality, even if he went to the next floor……he would only be, killed by the monsters there……


That is something, even Junpei understands.


But, still……if there was a ray of hope.


A simpler than here, a safer……levelling up, and, complete equipments and skills, and then……if there could only be a preparation he could do for advancing forward.


Even how low the probability it would be, even how optimistic of a view it was……that probability, as long as the possibility that he could do that on the next floor is not 0…….


At that instant, Noriko’s side face appeared on Junpei’s mind.


『But, you know? In what world, where your own butt is on fire, would a stupid person protect an incompetent? It just means, that it’s like that』


Junpei thought.


He didn’t know when Kido and Noriko started to go out, but at most, she was……she wasn’t a girl who wouldn’t throw me away that casually.


But, in reality……she threw me away.


Or maybe, Noriko had despaired to her own status, and used her weapon as a woman, to gain the protection of strong beings.


And……that is right.


It was truly right, and a choice that had an unreasonably good persuasiveness.


ーーweak people without any power……would only be trampled.


This is not Japan, it is a different world. If I do not change……I would only, be deprived of.


「To notice a very natural thing at this late……being thrown into this kind of place……on top of that……this “look”」


A scar on his shoulder that was deeply gouged.


The wounds in his body had closed, but probably because of the blood he lost, his knees were trembling as if to laugh.


“And……”, Junpei spread out his hands, and slapped his own cheeks with all his will.


「Oi, did your head rot? Takeda Junpei!! If it were the monsters in the next floor, maybe it might have an easier requirement, you say……there’s no damn way right?! This is ……0% Survival Rate you know?!」


And, he shouted.


「Level 1, on top of that……shitty status, in this situation without any skill or anything……even if it is very little……if there’s a chance to win……IT’S ONLY NOW!!」


And, he checked the bare rock that was like a spiral staircase that continues to the place where he got face to face with the monster earlier.


“Yosh”, he nodded.


It looks like he can go up using that.


And furthermore, he checked the faint light that leaks from one part of the ceiling.


And, the place where that light settles toーーthe terrain of the limestone cave right beneath it.


ーーI don’t know what’s happening above, that’s also a gamble.


“But”, Junpei heartens himself.


ーーtake a step forward!! Go over your death relying on a faint light……!! To survive……!!


And just like that, Junpei took a step out from the safety area.


What covers the surface around were skulls.


Junpei who dashed towards the top stage with the speed he could make, reached the position that he had simulated in his head.


Andーーwhen he noticed, it was there.


A rotting corpse clad in tattersーーNo Life King.


As the main perpetrator that made the dead bodies in this place, a monster that had a danger rank that was above the demon king, with its characteristics of not receiving any attack.


Normally, it is not something that Junpei who was level 1 and has a shitty status can do anything with.


ーーBut, I have a plan. Expectation and prediction, conclusion after conclusions. Stepping on many layers of thin ice, and not go through even so. An operation that wasn’t reliable as a spider’s web.


But, if I do not do it rashly here……not gaining the experience points from subjugating the No Life King, and not gaining its drop items will……they would be absolutely no way of moving forward from now on.


「Earlier, as soon as we met……you really did me something huh, you rotten fuck」


To Junpei’s words, the No Life King’s mouth distorted.


It raised its huge scythe that was thirsting for blood, and to gain new blood rustsーーthe rotten corpse moved.


「Come now! Straight ahead just like that!」


And, in the instance that the No Life King reached one meter before Junpei, Junpei shouted.


「It’s Bingo! You fucking bastard!」


Together with his words, the ground collapsed.


Earlier, just like the time when Junpei fellーーit stepped through the piled bones, and the No Life King fell.


Junpei raised his thumb finger upwardsーーand turned it at once, pointing his thumb finger downwards.


「You also……become a damn chunk of meat……!」


From the hole that was created, he checked what was happening below.


The place where the No Life King fell, was the terrain of the limestone cave, it’s characteristic, a blade-like, or maybe a thorn-like sword mountain was created there.


And, while the No Like King was impaled, *BikunBikun*, it struggles in its place while scattering green colored liquids, and finally died.


Junpei, lets out a sigh of relief.


Written in the【Appraisal Eyes】ability was that the No Life King nullifies the attacks that it recognizes.


But, only in the cases where there was melee or explosions, that it was subjugated.


It means, if it was an attack that it couldn’t recognize, it was impossible to nullify.


Being caught up by the explosive winds, and falling from that, or maybe, an unexpected attack during a melee.


That was most probably dealt a fatal blow.


And, right now, the situation that Junpei created, that wasーー


ーーfalling to death.


Even within the subjugated cases, most probably, during ridiculous fierce battles, or at the end of a melee, this situation had happened.


If it was like that, its body that was very brittle and has low HP, it would have gone to die just like this time with one hit.


Junpei who went down to the spiral staircase, touched the No Life King’s corpse.


And then, a warm feeling spread throughout his body.


The experience points, means to stealing the life power of the living being that you killed.


It means that this warm feeling was the No Life King’s experience points itself.


He took out his status plate, and checked.


「Haha……this is really ridiculous……seriously……it’s too much……but, thinking of it differently……raising by this much, this monster’s just that strong……huh?」


In that plate, Level 178 was written.


The remaining bonus points that can be used was 885.


And there, the No Life King’s body disperses, and scattered cards shining with light to the ground.


That is what you call this world’s drop item, and it is something very convenient that it would materialize if you invoke.


–S&W M57 Forty-one caliber Magnum (Item Rank: National Treasure Class ※Bullets are reloaded using magic powers)


–All Status Ailment Resistance (※It is only resistance, not nullification)


「Why is a handgun is in this world……well, as expected of an interstice world……there’s a lot of things in it」


For the mean time, he materialized the handgun and placed it in the pocket of his tattered clothes.


「【All Status Ailment Resistance】……what should I do……」


And there, Junpei picked up the last one card.


【Undead Meat】

Item Rank▼▼▼ National Treasure Class

Characteristics▼▼▼ Meat of the No Life King. Inedible. Because a human corpse was tinged by the fierce curses that the evil gods of the labyrinth emitted, the monster that sprung forth was a No Life King. Naturally, its meat is a block of curses, and the ones who devour it can gain a special ability. Specifically saying, the body composition changes, and as the same as an undead, your body ■■■■■.


There, Junpei grinned……and distorted his mouth.


「Status ailment resistance comes……and the next is this huh. This is yeah……the timing is too good. Well, the attack nullification ability of the undead not coming out……is really shameful……」


There, he made a sullen face.


「Although……if I eat this meat……probably……no……it would be relying pretty much on luck, but……”the possibility to escape this labyrinth” should appear」


And, while saying that, he materialized the rotten meat.


Full of white maggots wrigglingーーa meat covered with yellow liquid.


And, while hesitating, he took out his status plate.


The level up bonus point was 885……


「Even so……I don’t want to eat this……and……this is originally a human corpse right? Are you serious……this is……an ultimate choice……oi」


At that time, inside his head, just a gameーーhe felt like choices had emerged.


ーーWould you like to stop being a human?




Without saying anything, he put all of his bonus points into speedーーhe placed them to dodge efficiency.


And with that, to one of his only ten skill slots, without hesitation, he placed the【All Status Ailments Resistance】.


「But……really, with this strategy……would it have an effect? If it can be done properly……it’s possible, but……I don’t even know what kind of place the next floor is going to be……if one unexpected thing happens……it’s “The End” you know?」


“But……”, he gripped his fist.


ーーit is a paper thin chance, but……if it’s just like this, 100%, I’ll die in the next one……if that’s the case.


And, if it was a game, he had chosen his choice like this.


Yes ←



*Bi*, he felt like an electronic sound echoed in his head, and finallyーーhe started devouring the undead meat.


He drank the rotting blood.


Around his mouth, chunks of meat that was mixed with white maggots got stuck.


Coughing many times, but still, he continued to eat the rotten meat.


That’s right, in the next floorーーto survive.


ーーKido……Noriko……you guys, you fooled me. Knowing on top of it that I would surely die……you fooled me……if then, if it was to survive, rotten meat, human meat, whatever it is……I’LL EAT IT!!




While swelling tears of blood, he shouted in his place.


「ーーwithout fail……you guys……I’ll turn you into……chunks of meat……!!」












Chapter 1The Dungeon SeekerChapter 3

*Sponsored by Sean Emanuel-sama


Name : Takeda Junpei

Level Up : 1 → 178

Bonus Points Gained : 885


Job : No Aptitude                                             Level : 178

HP : 15                                                                  MP : 5

Attack Power : 5                                                Defense Power : 5
※Sub weapon equipped : 175

Evasion Efficiency : 890


Main : None

Sub : S&W M57  Forty-one caliber Magnum (National Treasure Class)
※Bullets replenished using magic powers. No strengthening

Skill (Skill Slot: 9 Remaining)

  • Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)
  • All Status Ailments Resistance


Undead King
※Changing Body Composition. Just like an undead, becomes ■■■■■.

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