The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – The Knight Called Zack



It was when I was around 6-7 years old when I frequently snuck out of the House of the Duke, and play with the group of commoner children that had gathered.

At first, I could not call out to them, and all I could do was watch the children play from afar. At that time, the one who let me in their circle was the『Boss』at that time which was Zack.

A red-haired young man that has a traces of facial features at that time.

I did not think that he has joined the order of knights.


「It has been a very long time since I was called like that. How many years has it been? Ten years?」


「It has been 9 years. It was when I was 7 when I was almost fooled by you」


「It’s that long huh. However, you haven’t changed a lot huh. Although it has been a long time, I knew it was you with a look」


“Kuku”, lifting the corner of his lips, Zack looked at me.

Am I really not that really different from then. Thinking of that, I felt very sad. Compared to those days, I think that Zack’s height has grown so much.

The other knight-sama was confused because of the air between Zack and me.


「O-Oi?! Zack?!」


「Ahh, don’t worry. I’m a little acquainted with this girl from back then」


「No, wait you idiot! She’s a daughter of the Duke you know?! She is not someone that people like us can talk to so easily?!」


While Zack was treating the other knight-sama like that, he does not however, looked away from me.

I think that, he does not have good feelings for me after all. However, I am not the one who is blamed for it, so there is no need to apologize. That is why, I let Natalia be on guard with just a look.

And I also dealt Zack with a dauntless attitude.


「Heard him? Though, do you want me to be humble? Dear Lady of the House of the Duke」


「If you believe that you should do so, please do what you like」


「Ha! How cheeky, you called me “Boss, Boss” and followed me everywhere back then」


「I have not forgotten that you have fooled me」


I glared at Zack with all the bravado I could muster.

Even though as a result, I was saved by Wilhelm-sama, it cannot be changed that it was because of Zack that I fell into a dilemma. I feel it weird that he had joined the order of knights, but if I had said it to Father and Mother, he would not have kept his life.

And to my answer, Zack let out a deep sigh.


「Well, whatever. Nothing can be done if I say excuses」


「If you want to say excuses, please do. Although I would not be necessarily hearing it」


「No, I won’t do that. I’m not thinking of getting an enemy of Wilhelm-sama after all」


“Mu”, I furrowed my eyebrows.

Why does Wilhelm-sama’s name come out here.


「Don’t you feel it strange that I’m in the order of nights?」


「It is strange. I have completely thought that you were hung」


「Originally, I was living with my little sister. In the slum that is. My little sister was taken by them, and I was threatened that if I wanted to save her, I must bring the daughter of the duke that I usually play with. I……my little sister is important to me after all. Well, the result is exactly how you know it though」


I do not know the specifics, but I have heard that his little sister-san was already sold away.

That is why, I completely thought that he hates me, but.


「After that, it was the order of knights who saved my little sister」


「She was saved?!」


「Yeah. In the first place, human trafficking is illegal. That’s why, after that, Wilhelm-sama mobilized the order of knights, and exposed the organization that was doing illegal human trafficking. At that time, my little sister was also saved……well, she was not “completely” alright though」


It was like that huh, as expected of Wilhelm-sama.

Maybe, he had found a connection with the villains at that time with the organization that was doing illegal human trafficking.

That must be why, Zack felt grateful.


「That’s why……」




「……I’m very, very sorry」


Zack knelt with both knees, and bowed his head to me.

The courtesy as a knight is to kneel on one knee and bow one’s head. It is said that it is the greatest courtesy done towards someone who has higher status than their own.

However, if it is kneeling with both knees, it would be an entirely different story.

One could always stand up with kneeling with one knee and bowing their head.

Compared to that, one cannot stand up if they are kneeling with both knees. In addition to not being able to move in an emergency, it implicates that the one who did it does not mind that their head would fall on the spot.

It means, that Zack.

He had bowed his head in front of meーーwith the resolution of being cut down by me at this place.


The knight-sama beside him was terribly panicking.

I could only be dumbfounded with the sudden situation as well. What in the world does he mean by this.


「Please forgive me for rudeness until know. Carol Ambrose-sama」


「……Zack, what do you」


「It was the Knight Captain, Wilhelm-sama who have saved me, who had fooled a daughter of the duke, and assisted the kidnapping of the villains. Although all of it was my fault, I was allowed to enter the order of knights at 10 years old, without being reprimanded. And, they let me trained from the bottom of my heart. I have pledged to Wilhelm-sama once, as soon as I become a good knight, both physically and in mind, I would Carol-sama for forgiveness」


What is this.

This completely turning of attitude, what, is this.

I could not find the words to say, to what Zack has said.


「Myself is merely a first-class knight, and myself is still immature. Nonetheless, I shall swear my allegiance to your ladyship」


「……uhm, that is」


「It’s my rite of loyalty as a knight. Just take it obediently」


Zack raised his head with a grinning smile.

Thank goodness, it is Zack. I thought that he might have been possessed or something.


「Why, are you pledging your loyalty to me? Is it not Wilhelm-sama who have saved you」




Zack stood up, and tapped off his knees.

It looks like Zack’s『Knight-sama』has ended.


「But, you didn’t tell anyone, what happened……right?」


That is true, I have told Father and Mother that I was almost taken away by villains as well. That was the reason why Natalia was hired.


It is also true that I did not tell anyone about Zack.

After all.

At that night, I could only think of Wilhelm-sama.


「The generosity of forgiving one who has exposed you to danger, although that one has lost their little sister. I am, it can be said that you saved my life. That’s why, I should at least bet my life on you」


「……it is not like, I have meant it to be like that」


「The only thing that I can do, is to compensate for my sin. Tell me anything. I’ll do anything if you’d just forgive me」


What an extreme change. This exceeds surprise, and feels disgusting.

When I glanced at Natalia, it looks like she had released her guard.

The knight-sama on the side, he was panicking after all. His mouth was foaming.


「Well then, Zack」




「You will get hit, for once. I shall forgive you with that」


「I got it」


I sent the signal to Natalia with a glance.

I am not hitting you. After all, I do not have such strength.

Playing the ruffian is Natalia’s job. Also, it would not be a compensation for his sin with my weak strength.


The intelligent Natalia understood everything with just that.


「Well then, please excuse me」


Natalia, with her frail looking arm.

She pulled back just like a bow.

And with all the momentum, her fist to Zack.






Zack, he was blown away.

Humans, they could be sent away to the wall with just one hit huh. He is bleeding from the nose. His relatively handsome face was destroyed.

As expected of Natalia.


「I’ve kept you waiting, Carol! Sorry, I was suddenly called to the palace, and……」


And there, finally, Wilhelm-sama arrived.

The situation was variously chaotic.


Knight-sama was releasing foam from his mouth from too much confusion.

Zack who lost his consciousness with his body leaning against the wall.

Natalia who have released her fist with all that she had.


「……this, what in the world?」


「Wilhelm-sama, I have waited for you. Where should we take our lunch?」


「Can you explain it to me before that?!!」


Wilhelm-sama’s face that begged for an explanation from me while panicking, was as dauntless as it was.  










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In the light novel, Zack was introduced earlier on, and his ass was also kicked by Carol’s Onii-sama. There’s also Zack’s “Lucky Sukebe”(the ‘lucky’ thing that happens in To Love-ru), feeling the softness of Carol’s cute little bunnies then get KO-d by Natalia after that. Confused Knight-sama didn’t appear. He was probably fired as well.

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