The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – The Second Visit



In the end, only three tomatoes were only a joke that came from Chris, and after that, I was able to make a potato salad with the potatoes Chris prepared.

I followed Chris’ instruction for the allotment of seasonings, and I also tasted it, but it was made deliciously without problems. With this, there should be no problem to give it to Wilhelm-sama.

If I would have a concern, that was Robert looking at me all the time while I was cooking like that.

It was a gaze filled with indecency, hatred, and feelings that I cannot understand. Frightening, is probably what this gaze is called. I wonder why he would look at me rather than Natalia. When it comes to attractiveness as a woman, Natalia should be overwhelming compared to me.

Honestly, it is scary.


After finishing making the bentou, I immediately went towards my room with Natalia.

Saying that I am scared towards a servant might be wrong as a noble, but, however, there is no change that it is scary. Since I was kidnapped by villains when I was still 7 years old, I am scared at males.


And to me who was like that, the next problem that came was.





I have taken out several clothes, but I do not have many clothes.

Of course, I would wear a dress when going to a banquet. Inside the house, I would wear clothes that are functional.

However, just like this time, I do not have clothes that I can wear for going out. The main reason for that is that, I have been enrolled in the academy until the other day.

Because of the days that a uniform would be enough as everyday clothes, my casual clothes did not increase.

Because of that, the outwear clothes that I have, most of them are ones that a 12 years old would wear. Even though I look younger than I am, I cannot wear clothes when I was still 12 years old.


What should I do.




「Natalia, I do not have clothes」


The dress that I would wear for a banquet, I cannot use that as casual clothes after all. However, wearing clothes that are easy to move in would be rude if I am going to meet Wilhelm-sama wearing that.

Well then, what should I wear going to the order of knights.

Yesterday, the one piece dress that Mother have given me, there was only one. They might think that I am unclean, wearing the same clothes for two days.


「Ojou-sama, I have a good suggestion」


「What is it?」


「Does not Ojou-sama have it. Clothes that men would like」


Clothes that I have, and men would like?

Men might like a night dress, however, is not that a little……


「It is a simple thing. You should just wear your uniform」


「……but I have already quit school」


Yesterday, I asked the butler Richard to process my drop out from the school. Thinking “I am sure that even now, Rayford His Highness and Lady Mary are enjoying their school life”, makes me annoyed; however, more than that, the time I would spend with Wilhelm-sama is more important.

That is why, should I be not allowed to wear the uniform anymore.


「All of the men in the world, they love school uniforms」


「Is that so?」


「Yes. Most of the men, would prefer younger women than old. The school uniform is, the clothes itself is a symbol of youth. Being with a young woman like that, is something that would be a status among men」


「Oh my……!」


As expected of Natalia. She knows a lot of things that I do not.

Natalia has also said that so, I am sure that Wilhelm-sama would also like school uniforms. Thinking of that, I should have also worn uniform yesterday.

I really like the one piece dress that Mother have given me, but. This makes me troubled.

However, it is resolved with this.


「I understood, I will go wearing the school uniform」


「Thank you very much, Ojou-sama」


「It is I who wants to give thanks, Natalia. Please continue to support me from now on」




I quickly wore the uniform that I have thought that I would not wear once again.

The academyーーFlarekista Royal Academy.

Through six years, the place where the nobility would practice basic academics and courtesy, physical fitness and academics. It is being said that is very difficult to graduate with high ranks at that place, where the talented people who would carry the country on their backs in the future would study.

The greatest reason for that is, the grade depends on the average of all of the studies.

You cannot be a person who is only excellent in studies, and you cannot be a person who only has excellent physical abilities.

Being able to do everything properly, versatility is important.

That is why, having extremely low physical abilities, I was not able to have good grades. I might need to train my body just a little bit more. At the least, I would want to have the stamina that would be befitting to stand beside Wilhelm-sama.


I wore the school uniform, and stood in front of the mirror.

It is an appearance that I am used to, but because I have thought that I would never wear it again, I feel that it is also fresh.

A blouse with a white base, frills that are added here and there. And with the big ribbon placed in the collar, it was that kind of cute clothes. In the bottom, a flare skirt with dark blue in color. As a lady, it might not be good to show my legs, but it cannot be helped since this is the uniform’s design. It is decided that even with the longest skirt, up to the knees must be shown.


With this, I am finished preparing. I wonder if Wilhelm-sama would be delighted.


「Let’s go, Natalia」


「Yes, Ojou-sama」


If I go just like this, I might wait for a little in the order of knights

However, thinking that it is for Wilhelm-sama, I cannot think of waiting just for a bit of trouble at all. Rather, I even think that the waiting time is something to look forward to.

*Hm〜, Hm〜*, I went out while humming.

And walking like that with Natalia following me from behind, I am sure that the people around us thought strangely. Around us, there were people who were whispering to each other while looking at me.

Maybe, they have already heard that I have dropped out from the academy.

However, the ladies who were making rumors of me did not call out to me at all. I cannot tell quite well, if they knew about it or not.

As long as I cannot tell, there is no other way than leaving them alone.


And, I have now arrived at the garrison of the order of knights.

They should be having intense training today too.

I went straight towards the general reception of the order of knights.

And there, there was a person that I have seen just yesterday.




「Good morning, Gyle-sama」


「Please do not add -sama for someone lowly like me!」


The knight that I have met yesterday, it was Gyle-sama.

It was a young man whose physique was not less or more than Wilhelm-sama. I am very sure, that he would be strong when it comes to fights.

Even in the order of knights, there is a despotism of the nobility. And being able to be successful within that with only his abilities, I think that he is just that strong of a person.

I wonder if there is no problem without training.

I was thinking of it completely, that the receptionist knight would be changing everyday.


「Uhmm……what is it for today?」


「Yes. I have come with errands for Wilhelm-sama」


「……I guessed so」


As if he had given up something, Gyle-sama let out a sigh.


「And then, what is……ahh, no, Captain’s visitor, let them pass without asking the reason, was it. Carol-sama, please enter」


「Is it really fine? Without checking if we have weapons」


Inside the order of knights, it is forbidden to bring a weapon.

That is why, asking what business do they have and, checking and leaving the weapons in this entrance, is usually done. It was not done yesterday because Elder Brother was with us, but people who originally does not have relations with the order of knights, when entering, a simple body check would be done.

For today’s case, like checking the contents of the basket I am carrying.

Even so, he is telling that it is not needed. I wonder why.


However, there, Gyle-sama’s body severely trembled.


「N-No, there is no need……」


「The professional duties of the order of knights, having negligence there, it would greatly affect Gyle-sama’s dignity. Carol does not have anything to be embarrassed for with her mission. Today, I have come to bring Wilhelm-sama his bentou. Ah, of course, although it is made by the House of the Duke’s cook, it is not lavish at all. A part of it is even made by an amateur like me, so it is really frugal. It is not something, that everyone should be envying for」




「Please, have a look」


Hearing my words until the end, carefully understood them, then Gyle-sama let out a very deep sigh.

And while looking upwards, as if to give up


「……a young wife, and a wife who lives elsewhere but regularly visits on top of that huh……Captain, you. I now get why for a while, I’m going to be the receptionist. Something like this, if he founds out, Captain might have a hole in his stomach……」


Oh my.

Gyle-sama, he saw me as a wife who regularly visits her husband.

It is not like I am already his wife, I am still in the middle of stepping on the stages. Even so, just being thought of that, it makes me very happy.









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Gyle-sama was fired in the light novel, then a girl named Claire had gotten his role.

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