The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – This and That in the Kitchen



After returning from the order of knights, I immediately took a bath after dinner, and went to sleep.

Thinking that I would be together with Wilhelm-sama during lunch, my heart would not stop pounding and I could not sleep at all, but I fell asleep without noticing.

And while hearing the chirping of birds, I woke up from the bed.




There is no special reason or need to wake up early.

I do not have the need to go to school anymore, and speaking of errands, I only need to deliver the bentou to Wilhelm-sama up until lunch. I do not have anything other than that.

And it is not like I am going to be guided throughout the order of knights just like yesterday, so I would need to return after the lunch has finished.

It is sad, but it cannot be helped.


「Good morning, Ojou-sama」


「Good morning, Natalia」


Just as usual, Natalia came to wake me up. It must be already time for breakfast. It looks like I have overslept a bit.

I changed into clothes that are easier to move with, and went towards the dining hall. After this, I will need to make Wilhelm-sama’s food while receiving instructions from Chris. So, Chris would be angry if I was wearing a gorgeous dress.

I have higher status; however, the kitchen is Chris’ sanctuary. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, desu.


「Ojou-sama, today’s schedule is?」


「I will make Wilhelm-sama’s food before it is lunch. After that, I will visit the order of knights」


「I understood. I will accompany you」


“Un”, I nodded.

Basically, I would need Natalia to come with me when I am going out. It might be troublesome for Natalia, but it is decided to be like that so it cannot be helped.

Although, I think that in a close place like the order of knights, being by myself is fine too.


And while we were talking like that, we have reached the dining room.


「Good morning, Father, Mother」


「Good morning, Carol」


「Good morning」


In the dining room, Father and Mother have already taken their seat.

The thing that I am curious about is that, Father’s right cheek is swollen considerable. I will not ask what has happened. Most likely, with that body of his that is clad with a dark black suit, more “amazing” things are inscribed.

Mother, she cannot be underestimated.


「Where is Elder Brother?」


「Albert has left earlier. He said that he needs to go early today」


「I understood」


It seems like Elder Brother’s absence is something that cannot be helped, so I sat in my usual seat.

The ones that are placed there, was the usual simple breakfast. However, as I have thought, the tastes are first class. If Chris would make a simple meal like this, it would still be this delicious.




「Yes, Mother」


「What are you planning for today?」


「I will be together with Wilhelm-sama during lunch. Other than that, I do not have any other errands」


「Is that so. Well then, be with Mother later in the afternoon」


「I understood」


I obediently nodded to Mother’s words.

Mother has the most authority in the Ambrose House of the Duke. If I do not have anything else to do, and Mother has needed something from me, I cannot refuse.


For some reason, Father who was beside her was trembling.

It would seem that yesterday was so frightening for him.


Elder Brother is not present, but we finished breakfast with our family together, and firstly, I went towards the kitchen. Of course, Natalia is following me from behind.

Natalia is usually cleaning the mansion during the day. However, she said that as long as I am present, following me has the most priority.

The thing that welcomed me when I reached the kitchen.

It was an angry loud voice.


「I’m telling you, what are you standing there for! How many years have you worked in here!」


「I-I’m sorry……」


「Are you thinking that “I’m sorry” is enough! The ingredients that you burned, how are you going to take responsibility for it! Oh really……you don’t have the passion, you also don’t have the skill, I have told Danna-sama to fire you a lot of times you know! Think of my position being told to “calm down” every time I did that! Even the newest hired Michelle, she had exceeded your skill a long time ago!」




「You can’t even say anything back you stupid bastard!」


*Gan!*, a metal sound echoed.

Most probably, the one who Chris was scolding was the man called Robert who had the longest time for being our House’s cook after Chris.

I have not heard specific details about it, but it looks like there were reports to Father that his work attitude is bad.

Even Chris would not scold anyone this much, but I have heard that it is different just for Robert. It seems like he does not have the efforts that much, and his attitude is also bad.


「AHH?! If you have excuses, I’ll hear you out so tell me! I ordered you, to peel the skin of these vegetables right! And so, why the heck are you the one grilling and Michelle’s peeling the skin?! On top of that, you’ve even burnt a simple grill!」


「……why the heck, would I be peeling skin」


「It’s because you don’t have the skill you dumb ass! I’m telling this to Danna-sama! The ingredients that you’ve burnt, I’ll deduct it from your salary! If you got it, hurry up and go back to skin peeling!」




「AHH?! Did you just click your tongue right now?!」


She is angry.

She is very angry.

Chris is also in a very good mood during the days when Robert does not go to work. She is normally a very hardworking head cook.

I also understand it.

I am only looking from afar, but Robert was always, just making a discontent face. That face does not have the hint of reflection. He would even click his tongue irresponsibly because Chris was always shouting at him.


I also, cannot like Robert that much.

I have come to Chris to ask her to teach me how to cook many times, and during that time, he would look at me with a weird, indecent eye.

That was me who was only about 12 years old at that time.

It would seem that yesterday was his rest day so he was not there, so that means, for today, while I am being instructed by Chris to cook, he would be there.

To the feeling of disgust, I instinctively shivered.




「It is alright, Natalia」


Natalia called out to me like that after the shouts have ended.

That is right. Robert is also a man. If Natalia and I were standing beside each other, I am sure that he would look towards Natalia. Especially to that voluptuous chest of hers.

That is why, I feel bad for Natalia, but please be looked at instead of me.




「Hurry up and quit! Damn it!……ah〜, Ojou-sama」


「Are you alright? If you are busy, I will visit later on then」


「……it’s alright. I was just doing unproductive things like shouting at an idiot who wouldn’t grow up at all. Robert, I’m talking about you. You’re in the way just being present, so go out and bring out the trash」




With his unchanging attitude that lacks reflection, Robert turned his back, and started to arrange the garbage.

I wonder why Father does not fire a servant who has that bad of an attitude. I am sure, that there might be a discrepancy in information with Chris.

Next time, I should say a thing towards Father.


「And so……you’re going to bring today’s lunch to the Knight Captain if I’m correct」


「Yes. Please prepare Wilhelm-sama and my part, and also prepare for Natalia too. And I would not mind if it is just one dish, but please let me make it」


「I got it. And so, this one for Ojou-sama」


The thing that was passed to me, they small tomatoes inside a bowl.

It has a small stalk end. Each of them looks very fresh. I am sure that they were bought in the morning from the market.


「Yes. What should I do with this then」


「Well then, please remove the stalk end」




I removed the stalk end from the tomato. Was it because it was fresh, I was able to remove it even without using that much force.

And that, I did it three times.


「I finished it」


「Well then, please align that on the basket’s side」




I aligned them.

Two on Wilhelm-sama and my basket. One on Natalia’s basket.

The bentou where food of various colors, was almost complete. It looks delicious.

Instead of sandwich like yesterday, today was a baguette and different kinds of dishes. It could be probably be eaten by either placing the dishes on the top of the baguette, or as is.

I finished aligning them.


「I have finished」


「Okay. Ojou-sama, thanks for your hard work」



I certainly said, “please let me make one dish”. “Something that is very simple”, I said.


But is this not too simple?









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