The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – The Return From the Order of Knights



Even from the afternoon, together with Wilhelm-sama, I was able to see the order of knights.

The training could only be watched during the morning, but other than training at peacetime, knight officers would have strategy lectures. I was able to take a little look at that.

Only, taking a peek from behind to not be a hindrance.

The knights who were lecturing, had a terribly surprised face.


We went around the order of knights just like that, and when I noticed it, the sun has started to set.

It is probably about time, that these blissful moments would end. I wonder why is it that the happier the times are, the faster it would end.




「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」


「Uhm……taking a look at the order of knights where there are only brusque men, it was not something interesting right. Were you not bored?」


Oh my.

If it is time spent together with Wilhelm-sama, that is my happiest moments.

Besides of that, I was able to see everybody of the elite order of knights. I have understood that, it is because that they are undertaking such hard training everyday, that our peace is protected.

For me, it was a very fruitful day.


「Not at all, it was very fun」


「I see……no, you shouldn’t push yourself you know」


「Carol does not lie to Wilhelm-sama. It was really fun. I was also able to see Wilhelm-sama’s workplace that I had not known of, I am content」


「……I see」


Today, he guided me, so I was able to somewhat learn the structure of the order of knights.

Even if I come starting from tomorrow to bring lunch, I should not be lost.

I will able to bring Wilhelm-sama food for lunch everyday……just imagining that, I could not help my cheeks loosen. If it is like this, would not the other knights think that I am a wife who lives separately with her husband.


「Well then, I still have some work to finish. I will guide you to Albert’s place」


「Yes, thank you very much」


He had some work, huh.

For him to put aside his work to just guide me, I am very thankful for that. However, making Wilhelm-sama work after this, I feel a little sorry for him.

If he did not guide me, his work should have been finished a long time.


「Albert is, he should be in the third company’s resting place……」


「Come to think of it, Elder Brother had said that he is a second-class knight, does knights, have ranks as well?」


「Yeah. There’s third-class knight to first-class knight. Above that are officers. In the battlefield, a second-class knight would work as the corporal of 5 third-class knights, and a first-class knight would work as the platoon leader of 4 of those. Officers would be from company commanders and above」


Then, that means that on the battlefield, Elder Brother would have 5 subordinates huh.

And it is still not yet a year since he had entered the order of knights, how amazing. As expected of Elder Brother that I am proud of.


「Well then, in battlefields, what would be Wilhelm-sama’s role?」


「I’m the commander in chief. Grasp the whole battlefield, and give commands to the units. At times, there are cases where I run as a spearhead, but usually, I would only give commands from the backlines」


That means, Wilhelm-sama is really the in the highest position.

Since he is the captain of the knights, I thought of that.

But, I am relieved. If Wilhelm-sama would only be giving orders from the behind, the enemy’s blade would not reach him easily. I am a little worried about how he said that there are cases where he runs as a spearhead.

Wars, in the end, is killing each other.

If possible, I do not want Wilhelm-sama to go to such a dangerous place, that is my honest feelings.


「Carol What happened


「……no, it is nothing. Wilhelm-sama


However, I should not say something like that.

The strongest general who leads the elite order of knights, is the forte of the order of knights. Just because of the selfishness of a woman like me, I cannot make the national defense be dismissed.

That is why, at least, even if a war occurs.

I can only pray that Wilhelm-sama would come back alive.


「It’s here……oi, Albert


「Ah, Captain. Thanks for your hard work」


It looks like after walking for a while, we had arrived at the resting place of the third company.

Inside, there is no one other than Elder Brother. Originally, Elder Brother should be on his leave, so the other people in the company might also be in a leave.

This wide space, I think that it is a place where around a hundred people can rest in.

And with Elder Brother be by himself there, it would look very lonely.


「I finished guiding Carol. Albert, take charge and escort her to her mansion」


「I understand. Carol, let’s go home then」


It looks like Elder Brother was reading a book, he puts it into his waist. Did he not say that he had some work.

It looks like Wilhelm-sama also noticed that, but although he made a sullen face, he did not mention it.


「Goodbye then, Carol」


「Yes, Wilhelm-sama. I will come again tomorrow」


「……yeah. Just don’t push yourself」


At the end, as a lady, I raised the edge of my one piece dress, and bowed my head.

And, I left the order of knights together with Elder Brother.

If possible, I would be glad if Wilhelm-sama was the one who sent me, but it could not be helped.


Along the way, when I told Elder Brother that I am going to deliver lunch to Wilhelm-sama starting tomorrow, Elder Brother was very surprised.

And together with that, for some reason, he made a smile that was as if he was plotting something.

Elder Brother, since you have such a beautiful face, can you please stop making that kind of expression.


And immediately when we returned to the mansion, I went to the kitchen together with Natalia.




「naa? Ah〜, Ojou-sama, welcome back. Do you need something?」


「I have something to talk about. Can I have a moment」


I let Chris who was preparing dinner just as usual stop her hands, and called out to her like that.

Chris looked around restlessly for a little bit, and after looking at the situation of the cooks, she nodded reluctantly.


「I can’t take that much time. We’re busy」


「Yes. From tomorrow, I want to ask Wilhelm-sama and my lunch」


「……e〜to, Wilhelm-sama? That captain of the knights?」



Come to think of it, Chris does not know my relationship with Wilhelm-sama.

I had thought that someone had told her, but Chris is busy too, so probably no one has told her.


「Yes. The Knight Captain Wilhelm Aibringer-sama」


「Ah〜……yes. Well, it’s fine. And then, are you going to make something like a bentou or something?」


「Yes. And, if possible, I would want Wilhelm-sama to eat my cooking, so I want to make one of the dishes」


「Ah〜……by 62 years old, you meant it like that……」


Chris was, for some reason, holding her head with her hands.  

I wonder why. When I tell everyone about Wilhelm-sama and me, most of them reacts just like this.


「And so, after tomorrow’s breakfast, can you come to the kitchen then. For Ojou-sama, I will prepare something that you can easily make something with」


「Please take care of me」


「And so, I’ll instruct you at the beginning. Well, I’m also and as the House of the Duke’s head cook, I can’t let you make something clumsy. And so, if it isn’t good, I’ll throw it away with no mercy」


「I am alright with that」


It is also exactly as she says.

Just because it is filled with my love, I cannot let Wilhelm-sama eat something that is not delicious.

At that part, I should let Chris take a proper look at it.


「Ha〜……you know, well, Ojou-sama」




「How can I say this……Ojou-sama, up until now, I only thought of you like “what an obedient girl〜”, or something」




Is that really so.

Well, it is true, that ever since I had become Rayford-denka’s fiancée, I had hardly no times that I asserted myself.

What is it about that.


「But, right now……how can I say this, Ojou-sama’s like, super happy you know」


「Is that so?」


It is true that right now, I could not be happier than this.

Thinking that I would be able to spend tomorrow with Wilhelm-sama, by cheeks started to loosen.


「To think that……that target of happiness……is a 62 years old, huh〜……」


For some reason, Chris let out a very, very deep sigh.

Everyone’s like that, but, why on earth would I be told this much.










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