The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – For the Afternoon From Now On



「Fumu……bentou, huh」


「Should I have……not?」


「No, it is not, it is not like that, but……」


“Mumu”, Wilhelm-sama is afflicted.

For me, I thought that if he would agree to my suggestion, it would be the best. If I do this, it would also lead to the improvement of Wilhelm-sama’s lifestyle habits, and I would be able to meet Wilhelm-sama everyday.

That is why, if it is possible, I hope that Wilhelm-sama would accept.


「Uhm……I really, you know, do not get hungry during lunch」


「But, eating three meals properly would lead to Wilhelm-sama’s health. If there is something I can cooperate with, I will not spare no effort」


「Mu〜……I’m troubled」


I wonder, what in the world is troubling him that much.

I only, want to be of help of Wilhelm-sama who is still on the stage of friendship. Ulterior motive……it might be true that I have some, but even so, I honestly want to be of his help.

And if I am told that I cannot do that, it would be sad.


「Is it……an inconvenience?」


「Mu?!! N-No, it’s not like that! Uhm……we’re still, Carol and I are still friends right. And doing something like that, sparing your time for me……」


「Carol’s happiness, is to be of help of Wilhelm-sama. If it would become of the help of Wilhelm-sama, whatever effort would it require, I will accept. And as one of that, to prepare Wilhelm-sama food, is also my happiness」




Wilhelm-sama, why does he deny me this much.

Honestly speaking, it is a deal that Wilhelm-sama would not lose anything. I am the one who would bring the bentou, so no one would collect money from Wilhelm-sama for that. I might ask him for how it tasted, but that is all.

There is no financial burden on Wilhelm-sama’s part, and he would even become healthy. It is a wonderful suggestion.


「Even I, am not in the order of knights everyday. There are also times when I would attend the court. I would also go for provincial inspection. At worst, I would go to battlefields」


「If that is so, if you would let me know beforehand, I will refrain from bringing it. On days other than those mentions, you would be in the order of knights right?」


「……well, that’s true though」


I wonder.

I feel like, Wilhelm-sama is only thinking of excuses to refuse. I wonder why.

As I have thought, is these feelings of mine heavy.




「No, it’s just……ugh……」


「If Wilhelm-sama says……that Carol is a nuisance……」


It is the kind Wilhelm-sama, so he might just made me his friend.

With a little lass like this, something like a marriageーーmost probably, he is thinking like that.

Being friends, he had just matched it with what I said, and my feelings, he might be thinking that it is only an impulsive mistake……thinking of that, I feel that my tears would fall out.

My feelings, it has never changed for already near ten years.


「Mu, a n-nuisance you are n……」


「……Carol will bite her tongue and die」


「No, lunch right! Lunch is important! If Carol would prepare it for me from now on, it would be the best, and I would be healthy! Don’t be impulsive, Carol!」


When I was looking at Wilhelm-sama about to cry, I was told that in a hurry.

Even though I am a lady who is already 16, tears still easily fall from my eyes. If I am a woman this weak, I am sure that I am still a long way from becoming strong like Mother.

However, it looks like Wilhelm-sama accepted my suggestion.

As I have thought, health is important after all. It looks like he changed his opinion, so it is really good.


「Well then, Wilhelm-sama. Everyday, I will prepare it before lunch」


「U-Umu……that is good. If possible, entering the order of knights covertly, would be great……」


「No, what is there to exist obstructing Carol’s duties. Even though this is for Wilhelm-sama’s sake, entering the barracks of the order of knights stealthily, will that not lead to tainting Wilhelm-sama’s name. I will come following the proper procedures」


In the first place, I cannot do something like entering the order of knights secretly.

If that would happen, if I were to be captured by a knight-sama by chance, what should I say. If it were to be known that Wilhelm-sama was initiating smuggling like that, his status as a serious and strict knight captain would fall to the ground.

I will never, do something that would trouble Wilhelm-sama.


「……is that so」


「Yes. I shall also learn to cook from Chris, and make Wilhelm-sama’s tongue satisfied」


「……no, you do not have to push yourself」


「If it is for Wilhelm-sama’s sake, I would kindly accept whatever penance it is. Carol is only a friend of Wilhelm-sama right now. I shall overcome this ordeal; I will surely, and dedicatedly become Wilhelm-sama’s wonderful wife」


Wilhelm-sama, he is having a face that is hard to describe.

It was like a frowning face, but looks somehow happy at the same time, and adding a bit of resignation there, it was that kind of expression.


「……I got it. I will, tell the receptionist about it. I will notify them not to say anything when Carol comes to visit me」


「Is it not enough telling them I have brought Wilhelm-sama lunch?」


「No, that is……please spare me that……」


I wonder, what is he worried about.

I am troubled. I cannot tell at all.

However, there should be a problem for Wilhelm-sama if I tell the receptionist knight-sama, “I have brought Wilhelm-sama lunch”.  

If that is so, should I follow that.




And there, I finally understood what Wilhelm-sama’s concern was.

The ones who usually use the cafeteria, they are common knights. Officers and Wilhelm-sama who is the knight captain does not use it. He had said that the taste is not bad, but as I have thought, was it that the contents are simple.

And there, if there were rumors about the bentou made by the cook of the house of a duke comes to Wilhelm-sama who is the captain everyday, it would lead to losing the trust his subordinates have for him.

“Eating lavish cuisine by himself”, they might think of that.


But, it is alright.

I, I am not planning to prepare lavish food at all. Because, using many high graded ingredients and oil would rather be bad for health. That is why, the contents of the bentou will be simple.

I should just, tell that properly to the receptionist knight-sama.

That is right.

Rather, by telling them that parts of it is made by an amateur like me, they should think that Wilhelm-sama is being used for testing like a guinea pig. If I do that, will it not let Wilhelm-sama lose any trust.

If that is decided, the rest is easy.


「I understood, Wilhelm-sama」


「……you did for me?」


「Yes. I have understood your concerns, so starting tomorrow, I will bring food without problems」


「Ahh……well then, I’ll leave it to you」


Just imagining it, my chest would not stop pounding even starting now.

I know. After today ends, I should immediately learn to cook the ones to place inside the bentou from Chris tomorrow. If possible, it would be great they were simple ones that even a beginner could make.

And when Wilhelm-sama would eat them, and would say that they were delicious, I might explode from too much happiness.


「Today, what a good weather……」


「I agree, Wilhelm-sama」


Today, tomorrow, and the next day from that.

Just like this, I would be able to spend lunch time with Wilhelm-sama.

Just thinking of that, my heart beats, and I am now worried if I would be able to sleep after I went back home.


For some reason, Wilhelm-sama beside me was saying how clear the sky is, but he was not looking at the sky, but rather, he was holding his head while looking at the ground.

Did he drop something?










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