The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Lunch



Wilhelm-sama and I, for a while, we were watching everyone’s work in the order of knights.

From the first fight that was called melee practice, next to that was the unfathomable charge of everyone, and against that strong charge, interception using shields, I was able to see their techniques in their daily training.

I am sure that if I were within there, I would have probably died quickly.


As if I was watching a play, I was very excited.

Saying that I am getting excited by the appearance of men who were half naked fighting, you might feel that I am a woman who lacks grace, but it was that powerful.

Rather, it is not something like an act of a play, but a serious training. That might be the reason for it being powerful.

It is probably because of these strong order of knights protecting our country, that we have our own lives.


And after doing that for a while, my stomach, *Kyu*, it created an embarrassing sound.

It looks like, it is already near lunch.


「Already lunch huh. It is also about time for the order members, they would enter their break. We should leave here」


「What are you planning for lunch?」


「There is, a cafeteria, but……I don’t, want to go there that much」


Site that is this much, and knights this much are training here, so I have thought that there was possibly a cafeteria.

However, it seems like he does not want to go there that much. I wonder if the food there is not that delicious.

If it is not that delicious, I think that it is not rewarding the knights who had done these severe trainings to protect our country.


「The taste is not the problem」


But, those thoughts of mine, they were denied by Wilhelm-sama.

And, *PonPon*, Wilhelm-sama patted my head lightly. It feels like he is treating me like a child, but I am happy with it so it is troublesome.


「I am the captain of the knights」


「Yes, I am aware」


「As the one who commands the order of knights, I need to be strict against the ones below me. Of course, I think that I have decently gained their trust, but……they would not think that they want to share their meals with me」


「……what does, that mean?」


Do not tell me, is Wilhelm-sama being disliked.

It is true that strict people, they are prone to be hated. However, that strictness, it is something that comes from caring about others. People who hate them, they are wrong as a person.


「If I am present, the people of the order cannot rest leisurely. Places to take their break, should be a place they could relax. In that place, a superior is not needed. And also to officers, we are working, making them not to use the cafeteria」


“I see”, I nodded.

If it was me, on my side where I am taking a break in the school, there is an instructor there. It is true, I might not be able to rest there that well. I do not know if when they are going to say something to me after all.


「Well then, where do you eat lunch usually?」


「Umu……usually, well, it’s not like I am hungry, so I don’t usually eat」




That is bad.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, eating three meals, it is very important for health. Skipping a meal, only that takes a toll on the body.

I want Wilhelm-sama to be healthy forever, so I need to encourage him to improve his lifestyle.


「Wilhelm-sama, please have lunch with me」




「I am worried about Wilhelm-sama’s well-being. Even if you are healthy, we do not know where sickness would come out. Improving your lifestyle is important」


This is what Grandfather taught us.

If it is Wilhelm-sama who is a friend of Grandfather, he should understand it.

And most of all, I am worried about him.


「Well then, a place that we can eat nearby……」


「Nearby, there is not many places like that here. And also, if there is a place nearby, the knights that are fed up with the meals in the cafeteria would go there. That is why, I do not want to show my face there that much」




Well then, what should we do.

If it is like this, it might be the best to make Wilhelm-sama follow me to the mansion, and ask Chris to make lunch for us.




「What happened, Natalia」


「Thinking that something like this might happen, I have received bentou from Chris」



I wonder why in the servants of the House of Ambrose, there is a lot of excellent people.

Rather, I am bad for not considering lunch although I would spend a whole day in the order of knights. I am really, grateful for Natalia’s tactfulness.


「Thank you, Natalia」


「Ha. Please forgive me, for intruding on the conversation with Wilhelm-sama」


「Y-You do not need to be that formal towards me you know, Natalia-dono. I had just an embarrassing misunderstanding just earlier……」


「No. Wilhelm-sama is the person that is going to be Ojou-sama’s companion. If that is so, it means that you are my master. As long as you had not disagreed with Ojou-sama, I will serve as a maid」


Natalia is a great maidservant, but it is her bad point that she is a little stiff.

Wilhelm-sama is also confused.


「Well then, Wilhelm-sama, is there a good place to have lunch?」


「……hmm. If that is so, we should go to the rooftop after a long time」




That is very pleasant.

Even in the school, I have been longing to take meals on the rooftop. But in the end, my closest friend, she refused saying「It’s troublesome going to the rooftop」, so I was not able to go with her.

It means, it is my first rooftop lunch. It is my first time.

“I had my first time together with Wilhelm-sama”, just thinking of that makes my cheeks red.


「Well then, let’s go. Is there no other knights on the rooftop?」


「Ahh. Only I have the key to the rooftop」


That is excellent. It is really a conversation with just the two of us. Natalia’s also there though.

Come to think of it, I wonder what would Natalia eat for lunch.


「Ojou-sama, please do not worry」




「My meal, I have prepared it separately. In the basket there, it only has Wilhelm-sama and Ojou-sama’s part. I will take my meal in a place not that far away」


I wonder why.

My servant is so excellent that it is scary.


For the meantime, Wilhelm-sama and I, and also Natalia, we went towards the rooftop.

Because the area is very wide, the rooftop of the order of knights is not that high, although there is still three floors. We climbed up the stairs, and we finally reached it.

I am the only who is out of breath.

Wilhelm-sama, your strides are too long…….

Along the way, he had matched it with me, but at that time, I was already out of breath.

My lack of stamina is very depressing.


「Let us do it around here」


「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」


Natalia spread out the cloth that she had brought, and I sat beside Wilhelm-sama. Wilhelm-sama who sits for about more than half of the cloth, he is really big after all.

After opening the basket, there were colorful sandwiches placed inside it.

It is Chris’s sandwich that I really like.


「Please, help yourself. It is made by our House’s cook」


「I will have some, excuse me」


「No. Not at all」


I also, while saying that, I ate the sandwich. As I have thought, Chris’s sandwich is very delicious.

The perfect balance of salt, it is very hard to copy.


「Hmm, delicious」


「Isn’t it? Chris is very good at cooking」


「Before, when I was invited to your home party, I had thought that it is delicious too……had your cook not change?」


「Yes. At that time, she is not the head cook though」


「Hmm. I had really not shown my face there that long huh. I had not shown myself since……」


「It has been four years, three months, and twenty-one days」


I remembered the days that I had longed for him, unable to meet him, and could not help but saying the date.

I, had taken count of it very well.

Wilhelm-sama had lost himself for a bit, and after that, he slightly nodded.


「……I had not gone, that long huh」


「Yes. Uhmm……Wilhelm-sama, I have a suggestion」


While holding back my pounding heart, I said that to Wilhelm-sama.

I want to have a connection with him somewhere. If this continues, I think that the days that I would not be able to meet Wilhelm-sama would continue.

If that is so, I want to have a connection with him here.


「Starting tomorrow……Wilhelm-sama, can I bring you lunch?」


For at least, during lunch.

I want blissful times to pass.











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