The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Misunderstanding and One Ending





To let Wilhelm-sama see such a pathetic appearance, what should I do. I did not want to let Wilhelm-sama know, that I am an ugly girl that despises my own self, and got jealous of Natalia by myself.

But Wilhelm-sama, to me who was shedding tears pathetically.




*Ba!*, just like a storm wind, Wilhelm-sama moved, and as if to protect me, he embraced me with his sturdy arms.

I cannot understand the situation. But, there is no doubt that Wilhelm-sama is embracing me in his arms.

My heart would not stop pounding.

I am very happy, that you wanted to touch with me that much, but even I need to prepare my heart you know, Wilhelm-sama.


「You!! What did you do to Carol!!」


But for some reason, with a strong tone of voice, Wilhelm-sama said that.

And the one he said that to, was Natalia.

Even if it was Natalia, she got confused to that action of Wilhelm-sama


「N-No. I did not do anything to Ojou-sama……」


「While Albert was away, you were planning to do something in that chance! If you lay a single finger to Carol, I will send to the bottom of hell!」




Apparently, Wilhelm-sama had greatly misunderstood.

Natalia is my maid, and it is not like something was done to me. Rather, it is more like I had my own delusion and destructed on my own.

That is why, the misunderstanding should be cleared quickly, I thought.


「I-I did not do anything!」


「I do not know who sent you, but how stupid to have a rampage on the garrison of the order of knights! Albert! Capture that woman!」


「……Captain, uhmm, please listen to her. Carol, you should say something too」



I returned to myself with Big Brother’s words.

I was too happy being embraced by Wilhelm-sama’s sturdy arms, so my time had stopped.

I even thought, that if it was possible, I want to be in these arms forever.


「Wilhelm-sama, uhmm」


「Dear Carol, be relieved. Right now, Carol is in the safest place in the world」




To those words, my cheeks could not help but blush.

Is it okay, for me to be this happy. It is like, I would melt just like this.

I am too happy, that I might lose my consciousness This experience, is the first time since I was born.

But, thinking of the situation, it would be really bad if it is not stopped quickly.


「U-Uhmm, Wilhelm-sama」




「Nothing has, been done to me. Natalia who is there, is my exclusive maid. It is not like, she had done something of harm to me」


「Mu……is that so?」


Wilhelm-sama looks at Big Brother, and Big Brother nodded as if he was dumbfounded.

That the misunderstanding was finally cleared, Natalia let out a sigh of relief.

And there finally, Wilhelm-sama lets me go.

For me, it would be really alright if he would continue embracing me.


「I am sorry, Lady Carol. Uhm……you were crying after all. I thought, that something has happened……」




*PoriPori*, Wilhelm-sama have scratched above his beard as if to get shy.

But, I am very happy.


「Wilhelm-sama, please, please call Carol my her name」


「Mu……no, that is」


「Did you not call me by it earlier. When Wilhelm-sama had called Carol’s name, she was very happy」


「T-That is……I could not help it」


I was called as『Lady Carol』up until now ever since, but earlier, he called me “Carol” very strongly.

I was very happy, since I thought that my love has finally reached him.


「……haa〜.  Captain, I will go to work first」


「O-Oi, Albert!」


「Captain. I am, right now, shown the appearance of how much the Knight Captain likes Carol clearly, and feel very complicated since the target of that is my own little sister. Can you just guess how I feel」



It is embarrassing being told like that, Big Brother.

But, Wilhelm-sama, just because I had shed my tears, he made an enemy out of Natalia in a hurry.

There, I really felt loved.




「Yes, Big Brother」


「Just earlier, Captain, he consulted me about the case with Carol」




Was that so.

It was a talk with Big Brother who is a knight and the captain of the knights, so I really thought that it was concerning the defense of the country. To think that the topic was me.

If the topic was about me, I wonder if is it not alright if I was there.


「Captain, this engagement with Carol……he said that he was planning to refuse」




「Albert!! More than that……!」


I felt that the light, all went out of my eyes.

Wilhelm-sama, is everything for me right now. If it was for Wilhelm-sama, I would do anything. If Wilhelm-sama would say become a suitable wife, I am willing to do everything that I can.

His Majesty the King also, he recognized the engagement with Wilhelm-sama.

Both Father and Mother too, they recognized the engagement with Wilhelm-sama.

The only thing remaining, is when I would be marrying Wilhelm-samaーーthat was, I have thought.


I am, once again, going to be thrown away.


This time, by the person I love.


「Carol, but……」


「Albert! Don’t say unnecessary things! I-It’s not like that Carol! That……」


I am.

Once again.

Going to be, thrown away.


When I noticed it, I was running with my back towards Wilhelm-sama.


Last nightーーsince the cancellation of the engagement with His Highness, I have been only able to think of Wilhelm-sama.

To the point that it was unlike of me up until now, I have actively courted Wilhelm-sama.  So much, that my heart could not be suppressed.

Because, I really, really like Wilhelm-sama so much.

That is why only by Wilhelm-samaーーI do not want to be thrown away.

If I am going to be thrown away, I would rather, go away myself.


「Ojou-sama! Please wait!」




And there.


*Don* , I have collided to a soft wall.




It is of course. I am not good at exercising. I am very slow at running.

With me who is like that, it is natural for Big Brother or Wilhelm-sama to catch up.

In front of me, the one who was standing, was Wilhelm-sama.


It looks like my sight, was blurry with tears.

I do not know, what expression Wilhelm-sama is having right now.


「Wil, helm, sama……do you, hate, Carol……?」


「No.  I am sorry. My words were not enough」


「But, I am……going to be thrown away, right……?」


Only by Wilhelm-sama, that I do not want to be thrown away.

That is why, I do not want to hear the continuation of those words.

I simply, connected my words.


「Carol is, longing for……WIlhelm-sama. Not anyone, it is Wilhelm-sama, that is good……」




「If you would say that I am not suitable, then I will show my efforts. If it is not enough, I will do my best. So please……just, just let me be by your side……!」


While wailing, I begged Wilhelm-sama.

And carefully, Wilhelm-sama, he brushed my hair.


「Dear Carol, I am already 62. Even how long I would continue to live, I will die before Carol」


「Then, to your side until that time……」


「After I die, what does Carol plan to do. Are you going to live alone. I am Dukeridd’s best friend. If I do something that would make Carol sad, I would be scolded by him in the other world」


「Then, after Wilhelm-sama dies, Carol would swallow poison. I will come with you together to the other world」


「……!! I will never forgive that!」


To my words, Wilhelm-sama roughened his voice

And while saying “Ahh, my goodness”, he scratched his beard.




「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」


「I still, have not organized my feelings. The will to receive Carol as my wife……uhmm, I still, do not have」




But, if you do not hate me.

At least, if you are going to let me by your side.

I am, satisfied with that alone.


「That is why, you know……」




「……can we start, with being friends」


I, Carol Ambrose, 16-years-old.

Became friends with Wilhelm-sama.












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