The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Love Rival



「L-Lady Carol……why are, you here?」




While Wilhelm-sama was being dismayed, he asked me. Although I just saw him last night, I cannot look directly at him because I am dazzled.

I placed a hand on my cheek, and looked at Wilhelm-sama just a little from below. He also looks very dauntless today.


「Oh, so formal……please, please just call me as Carol」


「Albert!!! What’s the meaning of this!!」


「Uh, I am purely, thinking of letting my little sister have a field trip」


A loud voice came out from Wilhelm-sama, and Big Brother answered to that while pleasantly smiling.

Somehow, his narrowed sight looks like he is planning something bad.


「I have heard the story from Father. If that would happen, Carol is going to be the Knight Captain’s wife in the future. If that is so, is it not natural to let her see the order of knights」




「Oh, Knight Captain Wilhelm……I know that this is absurd, but you are not saying that Carol’s visit, is a nuisance?」


Big Brother said, and sharply asked Wilhelm-sama.

Seeing how Wilhelm-sama seems, it looks like I am not welcomed after all. As I have thought, is it better for a woman should protect the House with chastity, and wait for the husband’s return.

But I want to understand my beloved Wilhelm-sama’s work, that is my real feelings. I might not be able to do anything, but even so, I might be able to support something.


「Ghu!……I-It’s not like that, though」


「Well then, I will guide Carol through the order of knights. Oh, before that……with last night’s call, I have heard that you had something to tell me」


Know that I think of it that was true.

Today is Big Brother’s off, and he had come because Wilhelm-sama has something to talk about.


「U,mu……that’s true, but……」


And there, Wilhelm-sama took a glance at me.

I was very happy with only that, but unfortunately, it seems like this look had a different meaning.

Wilhelm-sama is the captain of the knights, and Big Brother is a member of the order of knights.

There might be, confidential matters that is concerning the national defense.

I wonder if it is something that I am allowed to hear.


「Big Brother」


「What is it, Carol」


「If you have an important thing to talk about with Wilhelm-sama, Carol will leave the seat. If it is important things concerning the national defense, it is not something that I should hear」


「……that’s what she’s saying though. Captain」


If it was possible, I really want to be together, but the captain of the knights has the duties for the order of knights. With my selfishness, I cannot interfere with such an important thing.

To my words, Wilhelm-sama crossed his sturdy arms with a gloomy face, and nodded.


「That is, right……can Lady Carol, leave the seat」


「I understand. Oh, I just thought right now, is it not Captain’s off today?」


「n? Ahh, that’s right. There is no urgent duty」


Does Wilhelm-sama, come to the order of knights even if it was his off. For someone to have such motivation for work, it is a wonderful thing.

But in the future, when we have a family, I will be troubled if he would come to the garrison of the order of knights during his rest days. I want to have a date during rest days if possible.


And there, Big Brother showed the most villainous face he had today.


「Well well, that would be helping. I am also off duty today, but I just thought that I should finish some work……so even if I wanted to guide Carol, I am too busy with my work」




「If it is Wilhelm-sama who is the captain of the knights, I can entrust Carol to him. On top of that, what I have heard from Father, last night, he said that your engagement was recommended by His Majesty the King. This is already, a marriage that the country has recognized. If it was with Wilhelm-sama who have that kind of relationship she has with, even Carol would not refuse for an escort」



What a delightful suggestion that is. I am already happy being able to see Wilhelm-sama’s workplace, but for Wilhelm-sama himself to guide me.

As expected of Big Brother. He knows exactly what I want.


「Mu……T-That is」


「Are you fine with that? Carol」


「Yes, Big Brother. Carol will be waiting outside」


One again, I picked up the hem of my one piece dress, and made a lady-like bow. A lady, should behave elegantly even when they leave.

I opened the door, and to outside. It is very boring while Big Brother and Wilhelm-sama are talking, but if I am going to be able to spend time with Wilhelm-sama from now on, there is no happiness more than this.

I hope that Big Brother and Wilhelm-sama’s talk would finish already.




「What is it, Natalia」


「That person……is he, Knight Captain Wilhelm?」


「Yes, that is right. Have you not met him before?」


「Yes. During the time when he had come to the mansion’s party, I was working behind the scenes」



I instinctively noticed, and looked at Natalia who was standing beside me.

Wilhelm-sama is a wonderful man. His Majesty said that he did not have relationships with women at all, but I think that he is a very wonderful man.

That Wilhelm-sama, to think that Nataliaーー!


And *Hau*, Natalia let out a sigh of amazement.


「He is a wonderful person」


I cannot believe itーー!

To think, that Natalia who is the maid that I trust the most, would have such a feeling for Wilhelm-sama. This is, a betrayal against me.

But, Natalia is an unmarried 27-years-old.

She is seen to be late for marriage publicly. That is why, both Father and Mother, had introduced a good marriage for Natalia, but they said that Natalia had declined them.

They said, at that time, she said 「I am a maid of the Ambrose House of the Duke, and Carol-sama’s maid. I am resolute to give all of my life to Carol-sama」, but maybe, she is only avoiding them because she did not have anyone she liked.

And, if the one that she likes, is Wilhelm-samaーー.




「I can feel that Ojou-sama is very loved. He is a wonderful gentleman」




I compared Natalia with me.

Natalia has a tall height. She is much taller than me. Even if she stood beside Wilhelm-sama who is taller than normal, it is enough. Compared to that, no matter how much I made myself taller, I can only reach about Wilhelm-sama’s waist.

Natalia has a huge chest. I am flat. There are not many undulations. It would not shake even if I run. Natalia is very bouncy.

Natalia is beautiful. They said that she came from a different country, but her brown colored skin is well-treated. She has an overall chiseled face. Compared to that, no matter how you look at me I am a child. My age also can be seen three to four years younger.

Young and small me.

Beautiful and big Natalia.

Comparing us, it is very clear, My only strength, is only my descent.


*Poro*, from my eyes, tears fell without my will.


「Most of men, they look at my chest when they talk to me. Wilhelm-sama’s case, even if he looks at my face he does not look at my chest at all. I think that he is a wonderful gentleman. If it was a shitty gramps who has a lowly thinking, I have thought that I would report it to Elizabeth-sama……eh, Ojou-sama?」


「I-I am……to Natalia……」


「U-Uhmm, Ojou-sama? What has happened? Did you step on a nail or something?」


「Does Natalia……think of Wilhelm-sama……as wonderful?」


「Eh, ah, yes. Uhmm, It is not like I said that with that meaning. I have known that it is the man that Ojou-sama yearns for, and I just thought that he is a suitable man for Ojou-sama, uhmm……?」


Somehow, different words to what I had expected came out.

Maybe, Natalia had fallen in love to Wilhelm-sama in that moment’s encounter, I have thought.

But it looks like Natalia, she was praising that the man that would be living with me until the end is wonderful.

I am surprised.


「O-Ojou-sama. Please calm down. I, think that there is no more wonderful thing than Ojou-sama and Wilhelm-sama to be together. I am sorry for saying it in a strange way」


「Gusu……I am sorry, Natalia. I have misunderstood」


Really, thank goodness.

If my love rival was someone who is wonderful like Natalia, there is no chance for me to win.


And there, it looks like it finally ended, and the door of the captain’s chamber opened.

I am troubled. I could not help, to shed a tear without my will. I cannot let Wilhelm-sama, look at something like my crying face.



With the face that I had shed my tears, with Wilhelm-sama who came out of the captain’s chamber.

Our eyes, have met.












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