The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: To the Order of Knights



While we were along the way towards the garrison of the order of knights, my heart would not stop pounding.


I can meet Wilhelm-sama, I am very happy with only that, but all the more that I would be able to see his gallant appearance while he is working. I am sure that I would be charmed by it.


The garrison of the order of knights is near from the mansion of the House of Ambrose, Big Brother and I went there by foot. As expected of Big Brother I can say, the looks from the ladies on the way was amazing.


「Is Big Brother, always going to work by foot?」


「Well yeah. It is not like I can go to the garrison very nearby using a carriage right」


To the store owners that have started to open their businesses, Big Brother walked while greeting them lightly.


I am sure, that they have interaction like this everyday. When I go to school, it was always with a carriage so it feels very new.


「Carol-sama, please be careful where you step」


「Yes. It is alright」


By the way, Natalia is of course, following me as I go out today.


Normally when I go out, Natalia must accompany me. I really wanted to meet Wilhelm-sama by ourselves, but Big Brother and Natalia will also be there for sure.


Walking for a while with Big Brother, and finally, to the garrison of the order of knights.


It seems like it is also being used as a training center, so the area of the site was also very wide. Even though it is at the edge of the capital, I am surprised that it has this much area.


「Good morning」


「Good morning」


Big Brother greeted like that to the man who seems to be the receptionist. He is most probably Big Brother’s senpai.


I followed with that, and made a greeting. It is natural for a lady to give greetings.


「Ahh, good morning, Albert……n?」


And then, the man narrowed his eyebrows as if he had seen a weird thing.


「You, isn’t today your off?」


「It is my off. Last night, I received a summon from Captain with a fast horse」


「He〜. Did you do something?」


「I do not remember anything though. And with that, while I am on attendance during my off, I thought of bringing my little sister for a field trip. Carol, say your greetings」


「Yes. It is nice to meet you, my name is Carol Ambrose」


Being prompted by Big Brother, I lifted up the edges of my skirt and greeted.


And then, the man stood up as if he was surprised.


「Oh no! Albert, what are you thinking?!」


「Ahh, the one who is accompanying her is Natalia, she is a maid of our house. She is Carol’s exclusive maid, so I took her with us」


「I’m not saying about that! Ah, uhmm, Carol-sama, please raise your head. I’m only a humble member of the order of the knights after all, so I’m not someone whose a daughter of a duke should bow her head to」


The man was very flustered. I wonder if there was something wrong with my greeting.


「Oi, Albert!」


「Carol is my little sister. And Gyle-san is my senpai. For Carol, Gyle-san is the senpai of her Big Brother. Is it not natural to greet with respect」


「……that’s why you’re being told that you’re not noble-ish」


“Ahh, my goodness”, while scratching his head, the manーーGyle-sama, bowed his head towards me.


「I am called Gyle. I am born as a commoner, so I do not have a surname」


「Yes, Gyle-sama. Please take care of me」


「No no, please do not call me with -sama! I cannot live if it was found out that I was letting the daughter of the Duke call me that!」


I wonder why.


I was like this since I was in the school. It is true that I am a member of the Ambrose House of the Duke, but that is all.


I am only a young girl, and I do not have anything more superior than anyone. Compared to that, Gyle-sama is a person who is affiliated with the order of knights, he should be a person who is good at fighting. A person like that, the meaning for him saying that much towards me, my honest feeling is that I cannot understand.


Now that I think of it, even the friends that I was close with when I was in school, they often say that “Carol is weird”. I do not have any idea what is weird.


「Ha〜……goodness. And, Albert, where would you take Carol-sama to?」


「Basically, most of it, I am thinking. Of course, I will not let her enter confidential places」


「……it’s fine then. Say at least a word to the Captain alright」


「Of course Rather, I am being called by the Captain, it is natural to go greet Captain first after all」


Oh, it looks like I will be taken to most of it.


I am very happy. The order of knights where Wilhelm-sama usually spends his time, my heart pounds just being said to able to see that.


Most of all, I can meet Wilhelm-sama before that.


I am already, too happy that I might collapse, is what I think.


「And also……Albert, you should make Carol-sama fix her way of speaking」


「Why is that?」


Gyle-sama, said that about my way of speaking to Big Brother for some reason.


My way of speaking, is there something wrong with it.


「You, really……. If you say Lady Carol of the Ambrose House of the Duke, isn’t she a famous person. She is His Highness Rayford’s fiancée, and the future Queen right? Teach her that a person like that, doesn’t need to modest to commoners like me」


「……is that so」


To Gyle-sama’s words, Big Brother made a light wry smile.


Thinking about it carefully, my recognition is generally like that. A lot of things had happened last night that I have forgotten, but my fiancé was His Highness externally.


Even Chris who was inside the house did not know, so there is no way for a person from the order of knights would know right.


「Please be relieved, Gyle-sama」


「Uh, using -sama to me, is……」


「I, Carol Ambrose and His Highness Rayford’s engagement, was canceled last night. The one who will be my husband, is Knight Captain Wilhelm. I am pleased to make your acquaintance」


「Ha〜, Knight Captain……Captain?!! Haaa?!!」


I was surprised of as I have thought.


I wonder why. Every time I say this, everyone is surprised.




「Yes, Big Brother」


「Well, I am, told by Father to not say a word to anyone though」


「Do you not think, that it is not that bad? It is the truth after all」


Hearing the fact that my engagement with His Highness was canceled, is there any problem with it. Rather, for His Highness, he would be able to have Lady Marie as his official fiancee, is it not a delightful thing.


Regarding my reputation, it is enough for me if Wilhelm-sama would at least know after all.


「……well, if Carol says that, then it is okay huh」


「Yes. Well then, Gyle-sama, see you later. Please excuse us」


Lastly, I bowed my head towards Gyle-sama who seemed absent-minded for some reason.


Even though I just only said facts, I wonder why everyone, say “No way……”.


Climbing the staircase of the garrison, my distance from Wilhelm-sama closes.


My heart thumps. Thinking that beyond this staircase, Wilhelm-sama is there, my heart would explode with only that.


Big Brother was, silent since earlier. That should be the case. This is the place where Big Brother’s work after all, he is most likely bracing himself.


That is why, *KatsuKatsu*, only the sound of climbing the staircase echoes. Maybe, the sound of my heart pounding can be heard, I even worried about that.


Big Brother, he stopped in front of one room.


The words carved to the metal plate placed on the top of the door was, “Captain’s Chamber”.


Beyond that door, Wilhelm-sama is thereーー.


「Please excuse me, Second Class Knight Albert Ambrose, I have come for the Captain’s invitation」




From beyond that door, a low voice.


There is no mistake, this is Wilhelm-sama’s voice. Although I only heard his voice, my heart could not help itself beat very fast.


I wonder if my face is not red. I wonder if my hair is not messy. It was right now, that I started to get worried about it.


Even though it is in front of Wilhelm-sama, I wonder if I am not having a shameful appearanceーーand while I was being worried about that, Big Brother, he opened the door.


「Please excuse me」


「Ahh, it is good you have come. Albert……eh」


I took a step forward, I lifted the hem of the dress a little, and bowed my head just like a proper lady.


My beloved Wilhelm-sama, looked at me with widened eyes.


「Wilhelm-sama, please forgive me for the sudden visit. Your loving Carol has come」




Wilhelm-sama was very surprised for some reason, and Big Brother was grinning with that for also an unknown reason.











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