Kenshi Mahou 9999 Chapter 10


There’s sometimes those that we just really can’t put up with. It’s not like we hate it that we want it to disappear, but we only want it to go away to a place that it wouldn’t bother us. It’s not like they don’t understand what we feel like, they just try not to. Continue reading

Kenshi ~ Mahou 9999 Chapter 9


I always liked flashy movies. But yeah, the memories of the past is beautified, and what I had felt as “high quality” a few years a go, cannot be compared to what there is now. Clinging to the past you can say, but really, I didn’t expect technology to be this good. Continue reading

Kenshi ~ Mahou 9999 Chapter 7


I’m watching right now Gate thus the JSDF fought there,  the fantasy is destroyed by modern weaponry. The premise was like that so I felt complicated. I didn’t want the mofumofus to die with guns. Being defeated with close quarters combats looked very interesting though. Continue reading

Kenshi ~ Mahou 9999 Chapter 6


Hey guys. Do some of you had watched olympics or some kind of tournaments. Yeah it’s all fun to cheer to your countrymen and watch them. More fun together with friends. There’s also amazing things that you’d see that  you wouldn’t have imagined that a human can do. Well they do train for that and their hard work is inexpressible with only words.  Continue reading

Kenshi ~ Mahou 9999 Chapter 4


Hey guys. Have you been ever forced to do something you don’t want. Not like a crime-like thing, something out of good will. People sometimes make you do things that they think are good for you. Well, it’s harder to refuse that way because its not like they’re going to hurt you right. Continue reading

Kenshi ~ Mahou 9999 Chapter 3


Hey guys. Have you woken up in a bed looking up to an unknown ceiling? Well, you might have. Making the matters worse, there might be a person you don’t know sleeping beside you. I hear a lot of things like passing out drunk and waking up in a place you don’t know. There’s even a movie about it. Continue reading