The Simple-Looking Sword Saint is Nevertheless the Strongest – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Fate



The difficulty of the training I’ve thought, it was the otherworldly difficulty of the days I spent with Master Suiboku. But even that was lost after the first several years of training.

I gradually coped with the days of training, it turned into a natural thing for me.

Adding to the fact that there was no other choice I could take, I learned everything I could from Master’s guidance, spending every day and every night training.

Years passed and my school uniform turned into tatters and I started to wear the same kinagashi as Master……

Such clothes and the wooden sword I would use is now created by myself, turning myself skillful in making them.

I wonder how much time has passed? The rocks are eroded by rain, I do not know when it started, but I feel as if the speed of time that the raindrops flow through my hair, or the stars in the sky became different.


I am still clueless when I would be able to catch up to Master who is swinging his sword beside me. While I was feeling my own deficiency in training, one day, I felt that a foreign object entered the forest.

It really feels strange swinging my sword for more than a hundred years. Although I have yet to take a step away from Master’s cabin, I am now able to feel the changes within the forest.


“It has been a long time, my disciple. A visitor since you appeared in this forest.”

“I agree, Master……however, I feel like it was not summoned to this land just like me.”

“It must be a being of this world. Well then, every tree in this forest have changed, the kingdoms in the human world must have risen and fallen. It is not strange no matter what comes.”

“What a strange feeling. Honestly, I do not feel as if I came into a different world.”


After all, I was literally ONLY swinging my sword as soon as the sun rises and until the sun sets.

When the rain comes, I would be either making my kinagashi, making wooden swords, or meditate.

Although thanks to that, I am now able to use Senjutsu.


“Nonetheless……let’s take a look what it is.”

“I agree my disciple. Let us go together.”


Although it is just natural for five hundred years have passed, I have properly learned Qinggong that enables me to negate my own body weight.

From a Japanese person’s view, they should understand a bit if I say I could now stand on top of the leaves after training for five hundred years.

Nonetheless, Master and I jumped from trees to trees, heading towards the place we felt an irregular.

Although we would rarely walk around this forest other than gathering materials for making kinagashis and wooden swords, there is nothing we do not know in this forest.

While stepping on the tall trees that are younger than myself, we easily arrived at that place.


“……this is……”

“Umu, they are wolves.”


Seemingly afraid of us who had just arrived, the pack of wolves turned their tails and ran away.

And after that, we saw a half eaten woman, and a baby hidden using her body.

Honestly, from her attire, I could say that she is from a wealthy family, but she seemed to have run towards the forest, with her clothes sullied by her own blood and the dirt from the forest.

Nonetheless, leaving aside her relationship with the baby, she was still able to protect the baby from the wolves.


“We might’ve done a bad thing for the wolves.”

“I agree.”


Nonetheless, there is no distinction in life.

Being a predator does not equal being evil. Master and I know that that pack of wolves have their pups waiting for food.

But we got on their way. Even such creatures possess the same value as the woman’s devotion.

However, that is also not a reason to simply leave this baby here.


“Nonetheless, this is fate as well. It feels that they have their circumstances as well……what do you think? Do you wish to try raising it?”

“Ha? I do not feel immortal qi from the child though.”

“Umu, I feel magic powers from her so it is unable to become a sage. However, there is no need to raise her to become a sage. It is enough to raise it as a human in the human world.”

“I agree. In the first place, all we need to consume is air.”

“That is true, firstly, we do not have milk to feed it.”


Ever since I came to this world, I had never taken a meal. I have never drank water as well.

According to Master, one who possesses immortal qi and trains to become a sage does not require food as long as they live amidst nature.

At first, I was stunned hearing him say that, but I am completely used to it right now.

I even think that it’s good since there’s less trouble from needing to eat. Nonetheless, I guess that is impossible for a baby.


“And your skill is quite decent now……come to think of it, this planet has revolved five hundred times around the sun since you came. If that is so, umu, this is also destiny. You shall go down the mountains and raise this child to become an adult.”

“This is somewhat, a graduation all of a sudden.”

“Unlike nature, the world of humans is as such. Well, that is another way to train. As you have wished once a long time ago, go and test your own strength within the world of humans.”

“……got it.”


But, it is certainly a cliché development, with one saving a child on a crisis.

No matter what identity this child possesses, it is a fact that we had a chance meeting. I guess I should help.


“You will be carrying a person’s life. Until that child grows wings and departs from its nest, you shall not return to this land.”

“Yes, Master. I will definitely raise this child very well, not to sully your name.”

“What, don’t worry. It is nothing but an instant for us. Go now and raise the child well.”


Just like that, my training ended for the meantime, albeit being so abruptly.

I left the burial of the woman who protected the child to Master and departed towards human civilization carrying a baby.


After all, I do not have anything to bring even if I return to Master’s cabin. I could only hurry to the human civilization with just my kinagashi, wooden sword, and straw sandals.


“……although it’s a bit late, my life as well as this child’s life is finally beginning huh〜.”


Even so, although it might really be too late pondering about this, I wonder how strong I’ve become, I wonder what there would be in this world?

For me who was unable to see that for five hundred years, I carried the baby while feeling the curiosity I haven’t felt after a long time.



“Heh〜, your wife is ill huh〜.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened.”


After leaving Master’s abode, I sped through the forest and arrived at a farming village.

As someone who could use immortal qi, I quickly found out that there are women nearby who could produce milk, so I asked them for a share while mixing in a few lies.

It is not like I would be relying on them forever, so the farmer’s wife accepted quite easily.

‘The communities in the human world is unexpectedly kind’, I thought.

Even so, being able to find out whether a woman could give milk……is this a kind of sexual harassment?


“As you can see, I do not have any valuables with us. I am really worried about what to do from now on.”

“Well, that’s true.”


The motherly woman looked at my appearance, one that doesn’t look rich, and showed empathy.

Master’s attire was oriental, but those who were in the village had western style attires.

That was the same with the woman who was carrying a baby, so I could say that it is just natural.


“I’ll tell you this early. There’s no place to work around here.”

“Is that so?”

“It isn’t easy everywhere after all……”


After saying that, the motherly woman who was feeding the baby looked around.

It was quite a vast farmland including the dairy farm, but I could barely feel the nature’s power from the land.

I felt that the life force around this region lacks a lot. Probably, there would be a bad harvest around this area.

Nonetheless, the motherly woman looks like she has a lot to eat with her slightly plump body, so there would probably be no serious famine.


“From how you look, you’re still young. How about heading towards the royal capital? They say they’re doing charities around there.”

“The royal capital……”


I see, there is a kingdom around here huh.

I was quite surprised by the amazingly simple fact. I’ve lived around here for five hundred years, but I’m still clueless about many things that it’s troubling myself.

I haven’t learned anything that I could use to earn money too……


“You go towards that road there. Although it’ll take a few days, your legs look decently strong, so you should somehow arrive there.”


After saying that, the motherly woman gave me a canteen, one that looks like it was made from processing animal stomach.

I took it in hand and felt that it was quite heavy.


“There’s goat milk in it. Although it won’t last for long, you should arrive at the royal capital if you hurry.”

“How kind of you! Is it really okay?”

“What, don’t worry. I’d be more worried if you stayed around here.”


After saying that, the motherly woman passed me the baby she finished feeding.

She shouldn’t have it that easy too. I guess there is kindness to be found everywhere.


“Thank you very much. I will never forget this kindness.”

“What, it’s nothing much. Hurry up and go!”


She smiled and slapped my waist. The motherly woman saw me off.

She returned to her farm work while dandling the baby she’s carrying on her back.

Umu. I really hope I could return the kindness while she’s alive.


“Well then, please excuse us.”


After giving a bow, I ran like the wind.

I could feel the motherly woman surprised from behind, but that did not make me halt my steps.

In fact, the goat’s milk really won’t last that long since it’s not refrigerated.


“Well then……now what? It’s not like I could leave everything into kindness too.”


If it is said to be several days for an ordinary human’s walking speed, it would not take a day for someone like me who trained to become a sage. In the first place, I ran through the forest, a distance that would take be one week before I trained, within an hour.

Nonetheless, even if I speed towards the royal capital, the next problem would be what I should I do after arriving.

They have a monetary system at the very least and I know that money income is necessary. The problem is, what kind of jobs would there be and would I be able to do it.

As my master has said, living in the world of humans is another way to train. It should contain a different kind of suffering when compared to swinging my sword from dawn till dusk.

At the very least, I am confident that even if I was returned to Earth or Japan, I wouldn’t be able to reintegrate into the society.

If possible, I hope that there would be a simple job that I can also do.


“Even if I could leave out the food expenses for myself……it’s a baby after all〜.”


The road that only shows the bare ground, only maintained through cutting the grass, one that does not seem as if I’m heading towards the royal capital. I continued to run following that road.

While I did that, I was thinking. In the first place, even if it depends on the level of society, what kind of job would be suitable for me?

Honestly, I do not wish to stay away from this child as much as possible.

I myself, do have an identity of being recommended to train under Master’s wing with a single referral letter. Although the child was one coincidentally picked up today, it is too much of a pity if I let it die from hunger.


“The goat milk……uhh, even if I could buy it as long as I have money, the money is the problem!”


After five hundred years, I realized again how important money was.

Nonetheless, I do not need a huge amount of wealth. I only wish that what I need for expenses is not that expensive, that I could pay it by having a regular salary.


“W-What was that?!”

“A wind magician?!”

“It’s so fast!!”


As expected of the road leading to the royal capital, there were many passers-by’s.

Not to mention carriages, there are also quite a lot of people that look like peddlers.

I easily jumped over them and continued to run through the road.

However, thinking about it carefully, isn’t it already five hundred years since I ran through leveled ground?

Uhh, I’m really a recluse now.


“While I was thinking, I arrived faster than I expected.”


Before my trained vision, I could see a town that is surrounded by walls, probably the royal capital.

I could feel almost nil presence of nature. If I were to say anything, I could feel a huge amount of human presence.

Or rather, it was also five hundred years has since I’ve felt human presence.

Master and I are sages, so it’s difficult to say we’re “ordinary” humans.


“Raising this child as a human, huh. Although it’s too late now, I’m starting to become afraid>”


I continued my path, leaping with light steps.

For me who can control my own body weight through Qinggong, there is no problem to leap through high distances even while carrying a baby and a heavy canteen.

Or rather, it might be quicker by continuously jumping like this rather than running.

After all, there’s no trouble in passing by each and every carriage this way.




I suddenly felt a fierce killing intent from behind.

Something, or maybe someone is heading towards me?


“You there, stop!”


Although it’s the first time I’m seeing one, it’s probably a magician. There were unnatural winds whirling around, that person was using that to fly. Unlike me, she’s flying without touching the ground.

A golden-haired knight holding a rapier in her hand seems to be asking me to stop.

She has feminine makeup applied to her face, looking very young.

However, she seems to be angry about something.



“It does not matter even if you are carrying a baby. Whose carriage do you think you have “jumped over”!”

“Hah〜, I’m from the countryside, I apologize.”

“……how disrespectful!”


I landed on the nearby steppe a little bit away from the road and answered.

She continued to float using the powers of the wind and pointed her sword towards me as she looked down.


“Although it seems to be true that you do not look like someone around here, to think that you would jump over my liege’s carriage. You shall not be pardoned for being ignorant!”


For some reason, I made a commotion immediately after leaving the forest.

Knowing that I’m clueless about the world myself, I really feel sorry about it.

I probably crossed with a noble presence or something. I guess it can’t be helped that I’ll get scolded at.

Maybe I should’ve run normally?


“Originally, I must take one of your arms……but you are carrying a child. I understand your circumstances. As long as you admit your mistakes before my liege, thou shall be given mercy. Of course, I shall not leave you with a mere arm if you try to resist.”

“Oh, I won’t I won’t. I’ll apologize properly.”

“Good. Follow me then.”


After saying that, she began to move again.

Although this is the first time I am seeing magic. I see, just like Master has said, it is extremely “unnatural”.

Senjutsu is a skill that allows one to become one with nature. It does not allow you to conjure flames out of nothing.

However, her magic is creating wind from no wind, allowing her to fly.

I could tell those things by seeing the real thing.

After all, in my case, I would need to gather the wind from the surroundings. She’s probably faster than me when it comes to flying.


While thinking of that, our distance from the royal capital increased, and regrouped with a majestic carriage heading towards the royal capital’s direction.

Most probably, it’s a carriage I passed by half way.


“Come now, say your mistakes.”


After sheathing her rapier, the golden-haired knight stood beside the person inside the carriage.

The person who was looking at me from the carriage was a girl wearing a noble attire.

She looks a bit older than the golden-haired knight, looking a bit younger than my appearance’s age.


“Oh, I’m very sorry. Although I was clueless about it, I have disrespectfully jumped over your carriage.”

“Hey, you. Do you not know the family crest of this carriage?”


There was a family crest on the carriage, with a shield as the contours and a pattern that looks like an upward arrow.

Probably, it’s extremely famous. Of course, I don’t know it.


“I’m sorry, I’m from the countryside, so.”

“I agree, you look like a country bumpkin no matter how I look at you. Even a barbarian who does not know any courtesy.”


What should I do? I feel like she’s saying really unpleasant things, but I can’t say anything back. In the first place, we are of different race.

Also, looking at my clothes and jumping over another person’s carriage, I can’t say anything in rebuttal.

In the first place, my attire looks very rough.


“Alright. Although you do not know courtesy, you apologized. Listen properly, if you learned from this, you shall not act discourteously towards this family crest. Be grateful for the child you are carrying.”

“Yes, yes……”


It’ll be bothersome if I get into her nerves right now. I prostrated and asked for forgiveness. I’m completely in the wrong after all.

When I was doing that, I could feel a change from her presence.

How should I describe it. It feels like she was angry in the beginning, but even so, she was curious about us.


“You, show your hands to me>”


I carried the baby to my side, stood up, and showed her my hands without hesitation.

Although I’m quite old now, my hands are hard from continues swinging of the sword.

It is one of the few proof for changes I possess, for training for a long time.


“Oh my, oh my my〜……you do not seem that older than me……but this only means you have swung your sword that long.”


Not at all, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the oldest ones in this world.

Although I don’t want to lie, it’s not like she’ll believe me if I tell her I’m over 500 years old……

A mature choice here is to shut up.


“Hey, Blois. Even if it is a barbarian monkey like this, wouldn’t it be interesting if we let it wear clothes and raise it?”

“My lady?!”

“Have you noticed it? This monkey possesses magic powers. In other words……he is a holder of a rare magic.”


Rare magic.

Although I don’t know “that way” of calling it, I know what she’s trying to say.

According to Master, magic exists in this world, and it has spread widely. However, that does not mean anyone and everyone could use magic.

If there is a group of 1000 people, 990 of them possess a talent for magic, and the remaining 10 cannot use magic no matter how much they worked hard.

The reason for that is, the ability called magic consumes magic powers to activate, and the remaining 10 do not possess magic powers innately.

But if you ask whether they don’t have any talent, that is not true. It is said that they possess a different kind of energy other than magic.

Some of them possess Curse Powers needed to use Cursed Techniques, some possess Holy Powers needed for Thaumaturgy, and other abilities that enable them to do things impossible with magic.

Of course, the Senjutsu I possess is another example.

Probably, rare magic is everything other than magic.

Although there is no real “correct” way to express what it is, I can tell what she’s saying.


“From how he looks, while he does not have manners, he is not a fool……”

“But, allowing something like this to the honorable……”

“Blois. It is something I’ve decided.


“You, name yourself.”


Is this what they call, turning misfortune into fortune?


“I am called, Shirokuro Sansui.”

“Shirokuro Sansui……it is certainly an uncommon name. Alright. I’ll test you. From how you look, you have nothing left for tomorrow’s living, right? If you come to my mansion and pass the test, I can hire you.”


“Is that true?!”


“Yes. You are carrying a child too. It is not as if I could treat you badly. Also, I would need to test you first. It is not simple, so prepare yourself.”


What a good person!

I even jumped over her carriage, to think that she would want to hire a beggar-looking man!

Well well〜, I guess there’s truly kindness to be found everywhere!






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