A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Lunacia’s ability


Edward Newgate couldn’t believe it.

That was the case when he found out that Lunacia joined Roger’s crew, but he also felt the same when he found out that Lunacia’s strength hadn’t grown as much as he had expected.

Newgate could remember that she fought equally against Sengoku, Zephyr, and Rayleigh in God Valley.

However, Newgate has yet to suffer any injuries up until now.

Despite that, an average person is impossible to deal with Lunacia’s speed and power, but unfortunately, he was not within that standard.

However, he knows that there is no point in injuring Lunacia.

She has a ridiculous ability to regenerate infinitely unless you use weapons made out of Seastone.


Zoan Mythical-type Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire――


During the time of the Rocks Pirates, Rocks Pirates described the Devil Fruit Lunacia ate.

He asserted that she has an invincible ability that allows her to be unkillable by anything other than weapons made out of Seastone when he introduced her to the crew members.

On the other hand, he also said that because of its atrociousness, that was all Lunacia could do.

She wasn’t there when Rocks said that, but Newgate remembers that he shouldn’t have any reason to lie to them there.

Above all, if she had abilities other than regeneration, there was no reason for her not to use them in God Valley.


“Hey, damn brat… what the hell were you doing the last five years?”


Newgate reached out to choke Lunacia’s neck as he asked.

Although her wounds would regenerate, causing her pain and suffering like that was effective against her.

Grabbing Newgate’s hand with both of her arms, she desperately tried to escape from his grasp while he continued to ask.


“Hey, you… no one will follow you if you’re weak… you should’ve known that the best.”


After finishing saying that, Newgate let go.

He tells Lunacia, who was coughing after she fell to the ground.


“You might have some ideas… but everything depends on your strength in the end!”


Newgate glared at Lunacia dauntingly while she could only look up at him.

He thought of beating her up a little more if she showed fear or dread, but none of those appeared in her expression.

The only thing there was anger being defeated without resistance.

Newgate noticed something was wrong.

He could hear the voices of his crew member that he called as his sons said that Lunacia was no big deal.

Some even say she was just using the glory she had in the past.

He looked at Roger and his crew, but although there was no one who voiced such things, they also had a difficult expression.

Rayleigh was one of the most noticeable.

Maybe he was just even more disappointed by the current Lunacia because he had fought her before.


‘Since could’ve fought me, Sengoku, and Zephyr all at the same time, you should be stronger――’


It may be natural for him to think so.

However, Roger was smiling.


‘He knows something――

No, knowing that guy, he probably sensed something――?’


It was when Newgate thought so.


“Well, that fucking hurt. Bastard.”


It wasn’t a wailing voice that echoed on the battlefield. It was a voice full of anger.

She slowly stands up and pats the dust off her clothes.


“Are you going to say that I’m unsuitable to be a pirate too?”


Although she asked, she didn’t mean to hear any answer.

Lunacia knows very well that personal strength is very important.

But she wanted to hide her abilities unless she was in a situation where she would definitely get killed.

That’s what Rocks taught her.


‘The Devil Fruit you ate can do so many things that it’s impossible to think that it’s a Zoan-type――

That’s why, it’s better that you do not use it too much. You should only use it if you’re confident enough to erase all of those who had witnessed you using it――’


She asked if it was better to use it in God Valley regardless of such conditions, but Rocks refused.

He judged that even if she used all of her powers, they would still be overwhelmed with numbers, and it was not good thing that the Marines could collect information about her.

However, the truth was that the Roger Pirates suddenly intervened, and she couldn’t use it even if she wanted to because she was stabbed by weapons made out of Seastone.


‘Haki, physical strength, tactics during battle――I came to Roger’s place to train that, but since it’s come to this, it can’t be helped.

Rocks, they’re just simply too annoying, so I’m gonna use it――’


After Lunacia whispered within, she felt as if she had heard telling her, ‘do as you like’.

And, the air around her changed instantly.


“I didn’t want to show this hand, but. I don’t care anymore.”


Her beautiful face was filled with wrath, and her voice was full of anger.

Haoshoku Haki leaked out of her as soon as he glared at Newgate.

Because of that, he couldn’t help but take a step back.

She was completely different than before.

Haoshoku Haki was not only attacking him, but also all of the spectators without mercy.

It’s not that Lunacia can’t control her Haoshoku Haki.


‘I’ll kill everyone in this place――

Leave no witnesses――’


With that kind of spirit and attitude, she used her ability.


“Hey, Rayleigh. What do you think?”


Roger asked Rayleigh with a laugh.

He felt strangely excited since the battle between Lunacia and Whitebeard started.

For some reason, he had the expectation that Lunacia would do something.

And as it was revealed, it exceeded his expectation.

Rayleigh answers while scratching his head.


“It looks like we were all tricked… I guess I also lack in training.”

“Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire. The only ability is immortality… there’s no doubt that that information must have been deliberately disseminated by Rocks. That guy’s really annoying even after his death.”


Roger laughed at Rayleigh, who shrugged his shoulders as he said that.

The two had agreed on something even without putting it into words.


‘Lunacia is strong enough――’


Right now, they can’t see Whitebeard with their eyes.

Because the entire battlefield was suddenly covered in thick fog, covering everyone, including Roger Pirates and the crew members of the Whitebeard Pirates.

However, Roger and the others knew what was happening as they sensed with Kenbunshoku Haki.

The fog is Lunacia herself, and they can feel her presence coming from all over the fog.

If the fog has the nature of Logia-type ability, Busoshoku Haki should work against her, but her abnormal regenerative ability makes it meaningless.

No matter how much she was attacked, Lunacia’s state didn’t change. On top of that, Lunacia would materialize and attack from the front, back, side, up, down, literally from all directions.

The troublesome thing was that the fog seems to block even the sound of the target it wraps around, and you can’t tell anything unless you use Kenbunshoku Haki.

They could tell using Kenbunshoku Haki that the weapons Lunacia and Whitebeard were colliding, but they couldn’t hear anything.

On the other hand, Roger and Rayleigh can talk normally, so it may also be possible for her to choose which sound to block.


“It seems that I’m weak after all.”


Suddenly, Roger and Rayleigh looked to their side where the voice came from.

The one standing there was Lunacia, who said that sarcastically with an annoyed expression.

However, they could still feel Whitebeard fighting her.

The two showed a wry smile upon hearing her words.

They were convinced that Lunacia only had a regenerative ability.

Not only them, but probably many others think so as well.

Even if it can’t be helped because she didn’t bother using her other abilities in the first place, no one could say she’s weak after showing such an astonishing ability.

It was not difficult to imagine that the battle would’ve ended instantly if the opponent was not been Whitebeard.

Rayleigh asks.


“Can you even make clones of yourself within the fog?”

“Well, you can think so. I am the fog itself, so I know what’s happening inside… even the fact that Newgate’s lackeys are frightened.”


Lunacia answered Rayleigh’s question.

Roger then asks her next.


“Why didn’t you ever use this?”

“Why in the world would you show your backhand so easily? Only Rocks and I knew about it.”

“Shouldn’t you use it in God Valley? You could’ve covered all the marine soldiers in range.”


Lunacia answers Roger.


“The Marines’ ability to cope and their numbers cannot be underestimated. Even if I could kill all the marine soldiers in a certain area, the marines from outside the fog would definitely deal with me. Seastones are simply too annoying.”


Lunacia pauses there, and continues after taking a breath.


“There were irregulars, you guys, at the time, so while I was indecisive, Zephyr stabbed me with a spear made out of Seastone so that I couldn’t use it in the end.”

‘That was the case’, Roger nodded, and Lunacia turned her gaze to Rayleigh.


“Rayleigh, I don’t participate in the current battle of hegemony, and I’m not like a pirate boss.”


Pausing once, Lunacia continued.

In a blink of an eye, she surrounded Roger and Rayleigh.


“But, does that matter? Anyway, the World Government and the Marines are hostile to me. No matter what I do, they could only see me as a criminal…”


Roger laughs while listening to Lunacia’s words of not caring and says.


“You’re doing what you want. And so, you’re a pirate. I can guarantee!”

“Getting Roger’s guarantee makes me somewhat worried…”

“Alright! Let’s fight!”

“Why does it turns to that…”


Lunacia sighed at Roger, who suddenly declared while laughing.

Rayleigh then tells her.


“Apparently, I was pushing my thoughts too much.”

“It’s fine. It was also my fault bothered by being pointed out by others that I’m unsuitable to be a pirate… I should learn more from Roger and run wildly without any worries.”


Roger proudly says, hearing Lunacia’s words.


“Yeah! You should treat me as your role model!”

Seeing him like that, Rayleigh and Lunacia looked at each other with wry smiles.

She then tells the two of them.


“Oh, by the way, this isn’t my only ability. I’m supposed to erase all witnesses, but… I’m part of your crew right now, so I’ll let you go.”


Lunacia did not have the recognition that they had become companions.

She only temporarily joined their crew, because they have the same interests.

However, she is a part of their crew on the surface.

Even if the inside story is different, telling others would break her promise with Rayleigh――about not talking about their inside information――so she won’t do that.

Listening to Lunacia’s words, Roger asks with sparkling eyes.


“Do you still have other abilities? Let me see!”

“No way in hell. By the way, should I continue and defeat Newgate? If I continue fighting him enclosed in the fog for a while, I think I could exhaust him physically and mentally, so I guess we can win against him, even including all his crew.”

“He’s also outrageous, so who knows if you can defeat him with just this… you also know that, right?


When asked like that, Lunacia couldn’t help but nod.

She knows very well that Newgate is not only physically but also mentally strong, and extremely tenacious.

Even at this very moment, he is still rampaging, and although she has injured him, he does seem that he could do this all day.

Lunacia was a little unsure if she could beat him, even if she turned it into a long battle.


“But it was true that our eyes were blind… you are strong!”


Hearing Roger’s declaration, Lunacia asks.

Somehow she guessed.


“…you want to fight? I mean with Whitebeard.”

“Actually, I do… can’t I? It’s strange to say this since I ordered you to fight him alone, but, you know…”

“No, I don’t mind. It’s too much trouble, and it’s not like I have grudges or anything against Newgate…”

“Let me go then!”



Rayleigh asks as they finish their conversation.


“What did you come for to train, since you have this kind of ability? Aren’t you strong enough?”

“I want to train my strength that doesn’t rely on my ability, such as Haki, battle tactics, and movement in battle. My goal is to defeat enemies with just Haki and physical prowess. I think that if I show my ability frequently, countermeasures will definitely be made.”


Rayleigh nods, understanding Lunacia’s intention.

Lunacia was no match against Whitebeard when it came to her strength that doesn’t come from the Devil Fruit.

And, that part is the foundation of a person’s strength, and also the most important part, so she probably wants to train on that.

He became aware of Lunacia’s goal of being ‘strong without using her ability, but much stronger when used.

He felt regretful being unable to see through that.

But he continues to ask without showing it on his face.


“You said you can keep him in the fog for a while, but how long is the longest you can keep that state?”

“It’s a secret. Maybe a day or two, maybe longer than a week.

“During that time, you also need to rest, right?”

“I’m a vampire, so I’ll be fine drinking the blood of my enemy. Also, I’m a little confident with my endurance.”


From her statement, Rayleigh could tell that Lunacia was a Devil Fruit User who had gone through an awakening.

However, it is unclear whether she became able to use this fog-like ability because of awakening.

He also guessed one thing.

The fog is Lunacia herself.


‘Then, is it possible that she could suck the blood of all the creatures within it?’ Rayleigh thought.

It is unknown to what extent she could use her ability, but there is no doubt that she is one scary vampire.


“I’m gonna clear the fog then. Roger, I’ll leave the rest to you.”


Lunacia said and cleared the fog.

The thick fog quickly disappeared, and she stood beside Roger and Rayleigh.


“It’s your turn.”

“Leave it to me! let’s go, guys!”


Roger shouted and ran faster than anyone else.

The crew members followed behind him in a hurry, but Rayleigh called out to Lunacia, who was returning to the ship.


“Why don’t you follow? I think you’ll be better trained if you go.”


Hearing Rayleigh tell her that, Lunacia, who was entirely in the mood for rest, thought about it for a while, then immediately showed a warlike smile.


“I guess I’ll have fun with Roger this time.”

“Yeah, that’s great… just don’t start stabbing me from the back, okay?”

“There will be no betrayals, don’t worry. But I’m going to say this. I only joined your crew temporarily.”

“I know. We’re fine with that.”


Rayleigh wryly smiled and nodded at Lunacia’s words.

And the two also headed to the battlefield.







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