A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – She’s unsuitable for being a pirate


Lunacia is watching the family who was now forced to live a miserable life because they were found out to be former World Nobles from a distance.

They are living in a lousy shack surrounded by a mountain of garbage.

Morgans intends to photograph what was happening from the side, but he didn’t plan on commenting on anything Lunacia would do.

Whether killing or protecting former World Nobles, it’s a piece of golden news either way.

Lunacia, on the other hand, doesn’t think she would kill them at the very least, although she doesn’t know what to do with them after taking them under her wings, she suddenly came up with something.


It was that time. A child suddenly jumped out of the shack while crying.


‘Let’s talk and listen to what they’re going to say――’


Lunacia thought and headed towards the child from a distance.


Lunacia approached the crying child, and Morgans recorded the two of them.

It was quite a strange situation looking from a third person’s view, but none of them took notice of that.


“If you cry in such a place, you’ll get kidnapped, you know?”


Hearing that voice, the child looked up and saw Lunacia.

Despite being a child, he was wearing sunglasses.

Her first impression of him was that of a mischievous child.


“For starters… can you tell me about you? What in the world happened?”


Lunacia said while reaching out her hand.

The boy looked at her hand with a confused expression, but she gave him a sweet smile.


“I’m Lunacia. What’s your name?”


“…Donquixote Doflamingo.”


He answered in a soft voice.


“Let’s take a walk.”


He nodded a little at Lunacia’s suggestion.


After taking some distance from the shack where he lived with his family, Doflamingo started to tell Lunacia what had happened.

The tragedy began when his parents suddenly said they would live among the commoners.

The rebound against all the evil deeds of the World Nobles until now had fallen upon their family all at once.

For the young boy, it was something helpless and unreasonable.

Lunacia thinks as she listens to his story.


‘Why didn’t his parents expect this would happen?’


She found it very strange.


“Doflamingo, would you like to come to my place? You can take your brother too.”

“…take Father and Mother as well.”

“Do you want to take your parents too?”


Doflamingo nodded to her question.

Lunacia still continued to ask something that she should’ve asked in the first place.


“What do I say, can you really believe a stranger’s words so easily?”

“No matter where it is, it must be better than living here! I don’t want to live in fear and scavenging in this garbage dump anymore!!”


Lunacia could understand what he was feeling very well.

Because she used to be like that.


“Okay, I’ll help you. I’ll let you eat delicious food, I’ll educate you, and some other things, etc… in return, you’re going to work for me in the future.”

“Whatever you say…!”


Lunacia nodded satisfactorily at Doflamingo’s powerful words.

Morgans was also very happy because he was able to take such a good piece of news.


And a week later, Lunacia once again appeared in the World Economic Newspaper, but the article was slightly different.


‘Lunacia helps a family living in the slums!’


The headline was as such, not a single word about the World Nobles was written.

It was an information manipulation by the World Government, and the newspaper company’s side couldn’t help but compromise this time.

Some people like Morgans thought it was a bit cowardly, but he thought he could force another article next time.


On the other hand, the Roger Pirates were surprised when they read the newspaper.

They received a message from Lunacia that she would bring the family she saved to her base, so she would be delayed in returning.


“Isn’t she really unsuitable to be a pirate…?”


After reading the article, Rayleigh lightly let out a sigh.

According to Lunacia, after the God Valley Incident, it took three years to find a suitable base, and she spent another two years hunting weak pirates.

These five years were very important.

During that time, Roger and his crew had fought against Golden Lion, Whitebeard, and Big Mom many times.

It’s exactly what Rayleigh said before, one could grow by gathering enough experience.

If Lunacia had joined their battles, she must’ve become a monster that even Roger couldn’t likely defeat for sure, especially because of her regenerative ability.

Perhaps she might have created a colossal power, leading Golden Lion, Whitebeard, and Big Mom as her subordinates.

But that was only an if story.

Time is irreversible.

Lunacia is desperately trying to catch up right now, but she would leave the ship just like this time, so there is still a considerable difference.

That includes what Rayleigh and others think of her as unsuitable for being a pirate. She probably even hasn’t noticed it.


“…maybe when the Rocks Pirates were still around, she would also leave from time to time.”


Rayleigh doesn’t know if that was good or bad.

If Lunacia wishes to do so, it’s just a matter of doing so. But it would inevitably create a difference in the growth of strength compared to others.

If she gets scraped off because of that, then it’s because she’s simply too weak.

Up until now, Lunacia has only shown her regenerative ability. It is clear from the information they got before that that was the limit of her ability.

It doesn’t matter if she has a regenerative ability that makes her nigh immortal. If such a person slacks on personal training, it would still be useless.


However, Rayleigh doesn’t intend to deny what Lunacia is doing.

Sure, her approach is steady, and there is a good chance that it will pay off over time.

It may be possible to build a large force in the future.

However, for pirates, strength is the most important thing.

No one will follow a weak pirate.

Lunacia probably knows about that.

This is just Rayleigh’s guess, but he feels that the reason why Rocks chose her as the vice-captain is because she has an amazing regenerative ability that is very unusual, and her character is easy to handle.


How was it actually? Since Rocks has left this world, the truth is unknown.

Anyway, that personality of hers might be popular with the civilians, but it was clear that it wouldn’t work for pirates.


“Since you have chosen your path, I hope you can accept whatever the result is.”


‘It’s better that we start with making her a little more intimidating,’ Rayleigh thought as he made a training plan for her.


Fortunately, he knows a strong opponent for that.


“Whitebeard should teach her well. That guy’s just like that.”


In the unlikely event that Lunacia dies, that would only show where her limits are. However, it was easy to imagine that Roger would do his best to stop it before that happened.

All the crew member knows that he cherishes his companions the most.

Even Lunacia, who is only temporarily joined the crew, will probably help her when she’s about to get killed.

To set up the match, Rayleigh needs to tell Roger and the other crew members beforehand, but they’ll probably agree that it’s the best way for Lunacia to grow quickly.


“The question is, where is Whitebeard… well, he’ll probably come out someday if we run around his turf for a long time.”


It seems that Rayleigh doesn’t really need to do so much, but although she’s only joined temporarily, she’s still a part of their crew.

It’s natural to help other crew members to get stronger.

No matter what the results would be.

With that in mind, Rayleigh headed towards Roger to settle the matter.


And three weeks after the article came out.

Lunacia, who didn’t know anything about the awaiting trials, returned to Oro Jackson. 

Rayleigh greeted her as soon as she returned quickly and said,


“We’ll run around Whitebeard’s turf.

Lunacia, you go fight Whitebeard by yourself.

We’ll set up the opportunity for you――”







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