A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – You want strength? If you want it, you can have it…!


“Don’t kill me… please don’t kill me…”


A big man pleads in tears while being lifted from his neck with one hand.

He’s a captain of a pirate crew. They had several islands as territory, and he had dozens of people under him.

As expected from a pirate in New World, he has a certain level of strength, but――the opponent he chose was too bad.


“It’s okay if a girl says it, but if a muscular man says something like that…”


It was Lunacia who was easily lifting the big man.

She was fortunate to discover this pirate crew doing looting activities, so she landed in a place where no one could see her, then beat them up head-on.


“I’ll do anything… please…!”


The big man said while his face is messed up with tears and a runny nose.


“Mm? Did you just say, you’ll do anything…?”

“Yes…! So please, spare my life…!”

“Then, from now on, you’re my subordinates. Pledge allegiance from the bottom of your heart. If you follow me, I’ll let you profit as much as you work. But if you run away and betray me… you know, right?”


The big man nodded several times to Lunacia as soon as he saw her fierce smile.


“Umm, thank you very much. The Marines simply couldn’t reach our small island, so…”

“It’s fine, no problem.


Lunacia waves her hand in response to the mayor.

The mayor then asks.


“By the way… excuse me, but are you Lunacia-san…?”

“I don’t know which Lunacia you’re talking about, but if it’s the Lunacia that appeared in the newspapers a while ago, that’s me.”


The mayor’s expression quickly turned stiff after hearing Lunacia’s answer.

She has a bounty of 500 million belly, while the captain of the pirate crew that had attacked them earlier has a bounty of about 70 million belly.

Lunacia is overwhelmingly more dangerous in terms of risk, and the mayor is terrified of what she’ll ask in return for saving them.


“So, in exchange for saving you…”

‘It really came’, the mayor thought and quickly spoke.


“We’re only a small island, so we don’t have much…”

“Oh, I don’t need any of that. As long as you agree with this.”


Lunacia answered while taking out a piece of paper from her pocket.

It was an advertisement.


‘We protect your town from pirates!’

‘Consultation fee can be negotiated. We also accept payments other than money!’

‘Not only special products but also wheat and timber are welcomed!’

‘Mass recruitment of settlers!’

‘Giving you a chance to make a fortune!’

‘Would you like to trade with us?’

‘We give reasonable fee in advance!’

‘We do not demand unreasonable price cuts!’


The mayor who read that looked at Lunacia suspiciously.

However, she was already used to being under such eyes.


“Actually, I’m developing an island, so… I hope you can help me.”


The mayor felt troubled after he saw Lunacia suddenly bow her head while saying that.

It’s hard to see her as someone who has 500 million belly worth of bounty.


“Well… how do you exactly protect us from pirates?”

“I’ll declare this island as part of my territory. I’ll also send patrol guard ships regularly to ensure the safety of surrounding waters.”

“…are you really a pirate?”

“I’m often told that I’m really not like a pirate, but… since I think I’m a pirate, then I AM a pirate. Probably.”

“In what sense are you a pirate?”

“I want 5000 trillion belly.”

“I think everyone wants that.”

“That… huh? Am I really a pirate…? But you see, my bounty of 500 million belly should be proof that I’m a pirate…”


The mayor completely let his guard down, seeing how confused Lunacia was.

It would be amazing if she’s acting, but it doesn’t sound bad for their town.

From how she beat up the pirates earlier, her strength is certain.


“I will discuss it with the residents, so please wait for about an hour.”

“Oh! Yes… please do so.”


The mayor couldn’t help but smile seeing Lunacia bow her head another time.


“This is the result of my overwhelming negotiation technique… isn’t it amazing? It’s 100% successful until now.”

“No, I think that that’s totally wrong.”


Bakkin couldn’t help but point out to Lunacia, who was triumphantly showing her the contract.

The same thing happened, always.

She would find pirates who are looting the island, and make a contract with the residents while receiving their gratitude.

But for Bakkin, she felt worried that the residents might look down on her.

In what world are there pirates who bow their heads and ask for a contract?

Shouldn’t it be like, more overbearing? Saying ‘I save your lives, so accept this contract’ kind of thing?


“You, how about quitting being a pirate?”

“Eh~… no.”

“I don’t think you’re suitable to be one…”

“That’s not true at all. I’m always acting as freely as I can. I also kill lots of people.”

“That may be the case, but…”


Bakkin felt somehow annoyed.

After receiving so many benefits from her, she would like to respect Lunacia’s opinion. She can be a pirate if she wants to――though Bakkin really thinks that she’s not suitable to be one.

She doesn’t have that kind of intimidation big names would usually have.

Bakkin felt that it was strange that she was able to use Haoshoku Haki while having such a personality. But recently, she felt that some people may be willing to follow her because of that personality.

Immigrant settlers are slowly arriving at the archipelago Lunacia designated as her base camp, and the necessary supplies are also beginning to arrive.

The settlers are amazed after hearing about Lunacia’s plan when they arrive.

They expected that she would eat the big meat while they would drink her leftover soup. But the immigrants were shocked when their expectations were overturned.

Lunacia places the lives of the immigrants who actually came as first priority and proposes a development plan that will allow them to lead a prosperous life.

All of that was based on her experience working in Wano Country.

In addition, she is willing to work on revising her plans when consulted by the immigrants.

Bakkin had heard Lunacia saying something about what’s called ‘Domestic Affair: My Best Plan Ever’.


“How about doing something more pirate-like?”

“I’m thinking of gathering orphans to raise future executive candidates.”

“…no, why do you have some weird idea again?”

“Education is important. One’s life can change depending on it.”

“That’s true, but… isn’t there something more, like, attacking the Marines or something…?”


Lunacia was inspired after hearing Bakkin’s words.

It was something that even Rocks couldn’t do.


“It will take a long time to prepare. I also need to get stronger… I even doubt if I can return alive.”

“What are you going to do?”

“It’s a secret. But, I can turn the world upside down. To do that, I have to bring Shiki to my side somehow…”


Bakkin wondered why Golden Lion’s name suddenly came out, but since it’s something Lunacia wanted to do, she would respect her decision.


“You can do anything, but remember that if you die, I, Amande, and the others will become homeless, so don’t you ever die.”

“That’s why I love Bakkin.”


Lunacia hugged Bakkin with a big smile.

Being embraced, she sighs lightly and strokes Lunacia’s head.


“Bakkin, I’m going on a training trip starting tomorrow. I’ll be back in a few months.”

“I understand. By the way, where are you going?”

“I’m going to beat Roger up.”


Hearing Lunacia’s words, Bakkin thinks.


‘Won’t you be the one who’d end up getting your ass kicked…?’


However, she was kind enough not to voice it out loud.


Two weeks after the conversation with Bakkin.

Lunacia found the island where the ship of Roger Pirates was staying.

Landing away from them at a distance, she appeared in front of them, who were drinking.

Unsurprised, they seem to have already felt her presence.


“Lunacia! You’ve finally come! Join my crew!”


Lunacia smiled at Roger, who cheerfully proclaimed such a thing while holding a bottle of rum, and pulled out Yoru that she was carrying on her back from its sheath.

She points its tip straight toward Roger.


“Roger! You guys should become my subordinates! I lack manpower right now!”

“That’s impossible! Fine! I’ll kick yer ass!”

“Bastard! I’mma kill you!”


Lunacia ran towards her opponent while Roger also pulled out his weapon from its scabbard.


A terrible shockwave occurred when the two of them collided, but the members of the Roger Pirates found it just right to accompany their drinking.

Because they knew that although Lunacia was strong, she wasn’t as good as Roger.

In fact, Roger was laughing in the fun while receiving Lunacia’s fierce attack.

It’s clear that he’s quite composed.


“Hey Lunacia! I’m telling you, shouldn’t you be a little more graceful? You’re stronger than any common Sea King out there!”

“Sea King is just too weak!”

“Well that’s true!”


The crew members laughed as they watched their exchange.


“You can only stay composed right now! I’ll definitely surpass you in the future!”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

“Fight me every day and train me!”

“If you join my crew!”

“I don’t want to!”


While talking about such things, the clash between Lunacia and Roger continued until dawn.

It was basically Lunacia attacking and Roger defending, but Lunacia became clear about how strong Roger was.

No matter how she attacked, he would not lose his form, and his counterattack that came from time to time was fast and heavy.

The deciding factor for the battle was Roger’s declaration that he was hungry, and Lunacia agreed with him, so their battle ended.


“Eat some food.”

“I’ll eat!”


Invited by Roger, Lunacia answered immediately.

Rayleigh and the others who were accustomed to this kind of development had also prepared Lunacia’s share.

She thanked Rayleigh and the others, and gratefully ate her meal.


“Lunacia wins in politeness, Roger.”

“I lost…?”


Lunacia couldn’t help but laugh, seeing Roger seriously get depressed when Rayleigh told him that.


“By the way, Lunacia. What is your goal? It was mentioned before in the newspapers, but…”


Lunacia answers Rayleigh’s question with a smug face.


“I’m developing an island I found recently… I’m gonna win at the end…!”

“I really don’t get it. Did you quit being a pirate?”

“…if I did, I won’t be here.”


Rayleigh tilts her head.

Suddenly, Roger asks.


“Are you imitating Rocks?”

“I won’t be that radical… but, it’s a way that won’t fit Roger. You love freedom the most, after all.”

“Right, that’s me.”


Lunacia sighs at Roger, who laughs heroically.


“How should I say this, I feel worried without having any background. I want to have a base where I could rest, a place where I can have enough supplies, and one that the Marines can’t easily act against… I want to be that kind of pirate.”

“Isn’t that an army?”


Rayleigh and the other listening crew members nodded to Roger’s question.


“I guess it’s difficult to be a pirate huh…”


Lunacia drops her shoulders, but Roger taps her back.


“Don’t care about what others say! If you think you’re a pirate, then you’re a pirate! Your method is different from mine, but I think that’s also good!”



Lunacia felt moved by Roger’s words.

But he continues to say.


“Though I’ll crush you if you stand in my way.”


Lunacia sighs deeply at those words.


“Although it’s in a different direction, you’re very similar to Rocks…”

“That’s not true at all! I’m just adventuring!”

“You’re the same, especially that part where you are too unrestricted.”


Rayleigh asked Lunacia, who was rolling her eyes.


“But Lunacia. Why do you want to get stronger again?”

“I’m thinking of doing something interesting in the future. The world will be surprised, but I need to get strong enough to do it.”

“Is it treasure?”

“There may also be treasures, but the most important thing is for a pirate to reach that place.”


Hearing Lunacia’s words, Rayleigh placed a hand on his chin and thought――





‘It’s difficult’, Rayleigh said with a wry smile.


“If you want to get stronger, join my crew! I’ll make you stronger!”


Lunacia makes a reluctant look at Roger’s invitation.


‘Sure, that might be the quickest way, but what should I do?’


It’s not because he’s one of those who killed Rocks. Lunacia just felt she would have a hard time being under Roger’s command.

It was sad that Rocks died, but she thought five years ago that given what he was doing, she felt it was also strange to have a grudge against the Marines and the Roger Pirates. She had already gotten over that.


“I mean, why are you so fixated on me in the first place?”

“Well, of course… because you’re interesting. Your ability is interesting, and the way you think is interesting… yosh! Join my crew! It’s a natural thought, isn’t it?”


‘What ye say’, Roger asked with his attitude, and Lunacia shrugged her shoulders.


“I might betray you.”

“Impossible. My intuition says you won’t do that.”


Lunacia was a little surprised by Roger, who was so confident.

Rayleigh also tells her.


“Give up, Lunacia. Roger is this kind of guy.”


‘Oh well’, Lunacia says.


“I also have things I want to do, so I will leave from time to time. If you’re okay with that.”

“I don’t mind!”

“Isn’t this too casual? Rayleigh, are you sure this is okay?”


Rolling her eyes at Roger, who answered instantly, Lunacia asked Rayleigh.

He only shrugged his shoulders as he answered.


“Well, it’s good since the captain says so. However, you must follow your orders.”

“Does accepting interviews with a reporter I’m familiar with alright…?”

“…do that somewhere else. It’s fine saying that you joined our crew, but just don’t talk about our inside story…”

“I won’t. In exchange, you should ask only a few things about me. Are you fine with that?”


Rayleigh nodded to Lunacia’s question.

Seeing that, she asks.


“Hey, Rayleigh. Why don’t you come to my side? It seems like you’re having a lot of trouble…”

“I’ll refrain from that. Who knows what Roger will do if I leave him alone? And, it’s fun hanging by his side.”


Seeing Rayleigh smile while he says that, Lunacia looks at Roger.

Sensing her gaze, he smiles fearlessly.


“By the way, Rayleigh. Has Roger ever taught anyone about anything?”

“Not as far as I can remember.”

“Can you just tell me what should I do to get stronger…?”

“That depends on you.”


Lunacia made a bitter face at Rayleigh, who answered so.


“…fine, I got it. You should take a look at my strength!”

“Yosh, we’ve eaten, so let’s start fighting to the death!”

Lunacia’s smile felt a little stiff, hearing Roger suggest such a thing as simply as if he was saying he was going out for a walk, but she forced herself to inspire her fighting spirit.


“Lunacia, you will grow more with experience.”


Rayleigh stood up while saying so and took out his weapon.


“Roger, the newcomer deserves a welcome party… what you say?”

“Yeah, of course!”


Tears started to appear in Lunacia’s eyes, and she shouted desperately.


“All of you, come on together! I’ll be your opponent!”


After that, it goes without saying that Lunacia was beaten into a pulp――although they did not deal fatal wounds against her――and the banquet continues as the fight ended.


Just like that, Lunacia joined the Roger Pirates pirate in search of more strength, but after two months after she had joined the pirate crew, she received an interview from Morgans.

She responded to Morgans’ interview away from the ship, just like how Rayleigh told her.

In exchange for accepting the interview, Lunacia also received a piece of certain information.

It is said that a family of former World Nobles has migrated to a nation unaffiliated with the World Government in the North Blue.

He added that he had not seen them with his own eyes.

Lunacia smirks.

Seeing her smile, Morgans was thrilled by the premonition of a golden scoop.

Lunacia immediately asks Roger and Rayleigh for permission, then proposes her close coverage to Morgans, who immediately agrees.

And so, the two of them quickly hurried to North Blue.







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